The call for help arrived after the runt passed away 💔
The rescue technique by our JoAnn Wiltz worked beautifully! We are posting more frequently on the #HopeForPaws channel, so please make sure to subscribe and don't forget to press the notification bell 😉👍
To adopt Nefertiti or one of her babies, please contact our friends at:
Thank you so much for helping us save so many more lives! If you can, please join us with a small donation here:
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  • Ana Mae Tolentino
    Ana Mae Tolentino

    operation of his family and the death penalty was the most important thing for him pijhumb😥🐆😊😘

  • Ana Mae Tolentino
    Ana Mae Tolentino


  • Ana Mae Tolentino
    Ana Mae Tolentino

    typically they do have to be used to

  • Ana Mae Tolentino
    Ana Mae Tolentino

    huth was a good player Kabul and a man

  • Mar Tina
    Mar Tina


  • XXusmanxx the beam
    XXusmanxx the beam

    They’re adorable 😊

  • Funda Cicek
    Funda Cicek


  • Elana Siegal
    Elana Siegal

    Honestly, it just makes my day when I see the animals getting rescued. Hop everyone stays safe during COVID!

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this cat❤️❤️❤️

  • AZIZ18691

    I could barely watch this...🥺

  • Oumar Diane
    Oumar Diane

    Awwwwwww so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 to cute

  • Robert Greene
    Robert Greene


  • Xander Caranto
    Xander Caranto

    God bless.

  • Mauvisty

    its been a long time since I saw this chanel again

  • M Monarez
    M Monarez


  • auttie

    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Olifoxy_ night
    Olifoxy_ night

    Mom cat green eyes

  • Flurpy Jack
    Flurpy Jack


  • Barrett Davis
    Barrett Davis

    Y does it say the runt dies....they all made it

  • Айдар Айдар
    Айдар Айдар


    • Айдар Айдар
      Айдар Айдар


  • الغلا الاحبابي
    الغلا الاحبابي


  • Adan Azeem
    Adan Azeem

    Pls don't Separate the mom from her babies it will be so heart breaking for her just imagine you being in the place of the cat and think

  • Карлыгаш Койтанова
    Карлыгаш Койтанова


  • oscar gallardo
    oscar gallardo

    So cute

  • Lorna Lake
    Lorna Lake

    That Mama-Cat has the most amazing eyes! I'm genuinely curious as to why 118 people 'disliked' this video?? What is the fault they've found?? I've just watched a homeless family find love and homes - what could be better than that??

  • Le Thanh Tuan
    Le Thanh Tuan

    so cute

  • Kirsty Townend
    Kirsty Townend

    aw poor cats l am sad😭

  • Raynn Madlangbayan
    Raynn Madlangbayan

    sdeka mkio💖💖💖

  • Ben S.
    Ben S.

    Great job!

  • Ann M
    Ann M

    Mama cat is beautiful and the babies are all so pretty! I loved how they were rescued so gentle for them. ❤️💕🐾

  • Emmanuel Santos
    Emmanuel Santos

    God bless

  • syn has fun Buchanan
    syn has fun Buchanan

    plz can i have a dog plz

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton


  • Mutombo Mabombo
    Mutombo Mabombo

    That was the 'smoothest' rescue I ever saw from you guys. 😼

  • Yanhua Zhai
    Yanhua Zhai

    I love animals because they are super cute and I love being kind so I liked this video



  • Yanhua Zhai
    Yanhua Zhai

    Awww 😍 the kittens 🐈 are so so cute

  • Zahir Abbas Mogul
    Zahir Abbas Mogul

    Normally i am dog person but these kittens melted my heart

  • Emon Sadhukhan
    Emon Sadhukhan

    Can you give me one

  • Sarah Ashraf
    Sarah Ashraf

    Pls don’t tell me they all past away😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😪🐱

  • sxvxge stxrmclxud
    sxvxge stxrmclxud

    Guys I can’t believe it! 19,000 dollars were raised and donated and there goal was 20,000 I’m so proud of you all! Keep donating :)

  • Jimikey Sage
    Jimikey Sage

    The mama cat has a pretty face!!!

  • Ruwaida Sarhan
    Ruwaida Sarhan


  • minecraft tutorials
    minecraft tutorials

    them saying donate to jpoe for paws also me:watching there vids so the get veiws so youtube give tgem money

  • Lucian Alexander Villahermosa
    Lucian Alexander Villahermosa

    i hate those who dislikes the video they are animal trator

  • Emilie May
    Emilie May

    omg you guys are getting better on filming!

  • Valerie Douglas
    Valerie Douglas

    please donate, I have with a $5 month from my visa card

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams

    When I first saw the momma cat when the rescuer approached her, she wasn’t frightened., just the look on her sad eyes tells me she needed help I’m so glad Help cane Quickly. Mommy is so Cute & her baby kittens.

  • Nature Silhouette
    Nature Silhouette

    Aww that look mama cat has at the end c:

  • C Mee
    C Mee

    Help, anyone. My cats get sick, they stop eating, sometimes vomit, then loose body temperature and die. Have lost kittens to this. I have taken them to the best vets, all they say that's its a disease or a virus they get and can't recover. I give them Ampiclox and paracetamol, it works sometimes. Please tell how to cure this. IT'S HEARTBREAKING TO SEE THEM SUFFER AND DIE. DESPERATE WITH 3 KITTENS SICK. 3 DIED IN 3 DAYS.

  • Dr. Green
    Dr. Green


  • Skyler james Lilly
    Skyler james Lilly

    :) ):😎i'm happy your kids are grown up and they got a good home

  • QueenNeptune

    These cats are the gods of Egypt lol

  • Morgan Burge
    Morgan Burge

    I subscribed then I put the bell on all for you guys being so nice to amazing animals great work! 😺😸

  • Carol Fotógrafa
    Carol Fotógrafa


  • Diana Bajdechi
    Diana Bajdechi

    3:53 Such big kitties!!!! :3

  • Violett Bellerose
    Violett Bellerose

    The mom's just gorgeous

  • when the door looks like dis RUN LOL
    when the door looks like dis RUN LOL

    😢 😢 😢 😢😥😥😥💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🤞🤞🤞 Hope for all Animals

  • Mieraa Serene
    Mieraa Serene

    I loves cat so much but I have allergy 😭 I keep asking my parents when will we have a cat but they’ll be like you have allergy So sad


    I'm pitty that all the people are beleiving these fakers


    Hey this is fake how could a mother cat beleive a stranger

  • Andrea Walker
    Andrea Walker

    So glad Nefertiti and her surviving kittens are doing so well. I wish I lived a lot closer, I would love to have one. The mother looked so young, I wonder if she was even a year old?

  • b o r e d m e
    b o r e d m e

    What a cutie 💔

  • Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx
    Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx

    Sooo cute! I wish I could have one but my mum says I have to much pets ;-;

  • Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx
    Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx


  • Pearl Castillo
    Pearl Castillo

    I hate to see animals die cuz they are like our children too we need to take good care of them , God we'll be happy for taking good care of his animals like the video Stay home and stay safe God Bless you all

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff

  • nosadsongs

    What an easy rescue. How sweet it is. If only they were all like that.

  • Ungrateful Bastard
    Ungrateful Bastard

    That mama has beautiful eyes

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    It is so cute💔💕💝💗

  • Daphne Loose
    Daphne Loose

    I love how all of the beautiful cats were given Egyptian god names!! I know that they will all find homes real fast. good job JoAnn at rescuing these adorable furbabies!!

  • gadija abrahams
    gadija abrahams

    The people who disliked this is very selfish, rude, cares only for themselves,and disgraceful.

  • gadija abrahams
    gadija abrahams

    A new sub!

  • OriginalNethead

    You has been cat-ched Mamacat! That's no feral cat. You will now be a housecat again.

  • Eve Ronan
    Eve Ronan


  • rockybudgeboa

    I believe these little treasures were all adopted. :)

  • Clifford James
    Clifford James

    Lion king @1:56 😂

  • TexFN

    Is anyone going to talk about the cats name “king tut” people moved his tomb and that’s why 2020 is so bad

  • Marcia McGrail
    Marcia McGrail

    That video was cut waaay too short at the end...cuda watched those lil' cuties playing for hours (well, covid's given me loadsa spare time...)

  • Adventures of TinTin
    Adventures of TinTin

    One of them is a tiger cub for sure

  • Herry Gani NGO Save Fauna
    Herry Gani NGO Save Fauna


  • Solène C.
    Solène C.

  • Cathy Scott
    Cathy Scott

    Easiest catch ever. Wish they could all be like that!

  • tamara beinlich
    tamara beinlich

    Pretty momma kitty. She was lucky someone cared enough to call for help.

  • JAYDA KISS jaydean
    JAYDA KISS jaydean

    This was a domestic cat once u could see by her eyes and body actions how chill and trusting she was

  • Travis Wolken
    Travis Wolken

    I hate one of them died or more. BAD JOB

  • Dibora Asrat
    Dibora Asrat

    so cuteeeeeee

  • Heidrun Schwartz
    Heidrun Schwartz

    what a nice rescue. i think that cat allready has had good contact to people. i hope they all find good homes!

  • roberttump11

    Eldad and his much more enjoyable to watch the rescue videos than all the world and political crap. Thanks to all of you for the rescue work you do. There will be a place in heaven for all of you.

  • dilmin cosar
    dilmin cosar

    So cute 😍

  • Gagan K
    Gagan K

    I always wonder where is Papa Cat.

  • Tony Hiskey
    Tony Hiskey

    Thank you.

  • Imlowkeytrashyt

    i love there littel fite


    so cute!

  • lunar

    Mama indeed detected her positive aura/ energy.

  • The Shadow In The Corner
    The Shadow In The Corner

    Id take one but my mom won’t let me :c

  • Marilyn Hodgkinson
    Marilyn Hodgkinson

    Hi Eldad what beautiful little kittens and mama cat. So glad you rescued them , now they will have a much better life. xx

  • Serina

    Poor itty bitty. Happy they were saved :3

  • дмитрий рейсфельд
    дмитрий рейсфельд

    Спасибо за маму и малюток.

  • daban yaseen
    daban yaseen

    We all should care and love our innocent animals

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