Mama cat chases a rescuer away as we tried to save her whole family! (Please watch until the end).
This rescue is cool because it has a cool new trick I never used before. It turned to be a little dangerous as we didn't know the mom was stalking us!
We are happy to do these rescues during these crazy times, and we just need the support of more people so we can do even more. A $5 donation is equivalent to 17 cents a day... think about it, it's 3 nickles and 2 pennies to save lives!!!
Please visit our website and join us as a monthly donor:
Please let me know who is your favorite cat or kitten in this video and PLEASE, watch until THE END so all your questions will be answered... I know many will ask questions that are answered if you are patient like I was over there ;-)
We posted NEW rescue videos on our channel - dogs, cats, skunks, possums - it's time to catch up!
If you would like to adopt this special family, please contact our friends at the Kitty Bungalow:

  • Minh Hiền
    Minh Hiền

    The first kitten was like: " R u my mommy?"

    • Nakeiya Eason
      Nakeiya Eason



      I hope their are not anymore ingred animals out their that makes me sad knowing their are.


      @*Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_ sry i laugh 😶

    • *Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_
      *Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_

      ...and then found out he was adopted.

    • Michael Burger
      Michael Burger

      And the other was like: "Where is my dinner???"

  • Jeffery Hall
    Jeffery Hall

    5:40 OMG that heart butt ! ! ! !

  • janet dutton
    janet dutton


  • Laura Tiernan
    Laura Tiernan

    That kitten is so cute

  • 이인옥

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  • Micheline Lamboley
    Micheline Lamboley

    What a great rescue, just precious!! Thank you!!

  • Denise Jeronimo
    Denise Jeronimo


  • Mike Hoar
    Mike Hoar

    Вы пахители катенка.вас разыскивает интерпол за пахищения катовых детей.

  • maria magalhaes
    maria magalhaes

    Deus vos abençoe 🙏 obrigada 🙏

  • CatS

    All three are sooooo cute! Even mama is beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • NeverNotBG

    Why every day makes me cry all day and who dislikes are a hater

  • iScriptZ PH
    iScriptZ PH

    what about the mother 🥺

  • Laura Banos
    Laura Banos

    So sweet 🥰💓💓💓

  • therofthew

    9:55 “ While Hedgehog and Shrew started getting used to being pets,...” Please forgive me, but I wouldn’t say “getting used to being pets,” I know this is actually the right term, but since this is an animal lovers channel and you guys do so much for all these little angels, I would rather say: “While Hedgehog and Shrew started getting used to being part of a human family” as I said earlier, forgive me please, I don’t wanna sound like a troll or come across the wrong way, I just think that saying “part of a human family” shows all the animals all the love and respect you guys and we the viewers have for all of these beautiful creatures!!

  • Marilda Morais
    Marilda Morais

    Obrigada irmã que universo te abençoe fantástico maravilhoso 👋🙏🇧🇷👍😘

  • sehnaz jasmine
    sehnaz jasmine

    separation from her mother is very cruel

    • Estoruss

      sehnaz jasmine For all they knew the mother was dead

  • Vera

    Muy buen rescate, con todo y mamá gata, en verdad ayudan a los gatos

  • Loaf Da Loaf GingerCat UwU :3
    Loaf Da Loaf GingerCat UwU :3

    *Thumbnail : beautiful cute kitty* *Me : who would throw out beautiful cute kittens ;-;*

  • IT guy
    IT guy

    thats how slavery started 400 years ago..

  • ayla1990 ayla1990
    ayla1990 ayla1990

    you guys are amazing keep saving lives and being awsome

  • Lima Mathew
    Lima Mathew

    I love you all for doing this great deed

  • anthony orcio
    anthony orcio

    can i adopted 2nd baby u catch shrew,and i promise i well take care of her,i have have 3 cat in my house there name orange, potato and flappy.

  • Rita Marita
    Rita Marita

    Thank you for your kindness and loving them ❤️

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey

    The people who love their pets they love animals and care for them they love you all thank you for sharing this love for them all thanks

  • mallu fish keeper
    mallu fish keeper

    so cute kittens

  • Songul Guney
    Songul Guney


  • Nakeiya Eason
    Nakeiya Eason


  • Mariam MURADOVA
    Mariam MURADOVA

    you soo good

  • Crooked Halo
    Crooked Halo

    No reason to wear a mask outside. Or in the car. Or just about anywhere.

    • Crooked Halo
      Crooked Halo

      @diecast jam The overwhelming evidence shows that the virus is being transmitted almost universally indoors., not outdoors.

    • diecast jam
      diecast jam

      It's to stop him from passing on or catching covid, if you don't think masks do anything the next time you have surgery make sure you insist that the surgeon and all the other medical staff performing the surgery don't wear masks.

  • cake isyummy654
    cake isyummy654

    "Its just a bottle of corona" *Heart beat skips really fast*

  • Ios Drippy
    Ios Drippy

    Why would you do that, bring back the first kitten you took and reunite the family

  • RussianGuy1

    Mothers love

  • xau Tak
    xau Tak

    You could invest in a cheap thermocamera adapter for your phone, could make it way easier to find the little kids hiding

  • Sibling cat
    Sibling cat

    The leopard colour is so happy to reunite with mom.

  • Wazz

    My dad don't like a cat 😢

  • akheera meshal
    akheera meshal

    Joan: arent we friends kitten: I NEED TO KNOW FIRST IF YOU MY MOM HOOMAN?! me: ;-;

  • Dhany Alcantara
    Dhany Alcantara

    Why every cat's at here so cute in my home doesnt like those🤣

  • Rachid Semahi
    Rachid Semahi

    Il ne les sauvent pas ils les enlèvent a leur mère dégueulasse

  • Julia Glasson
    Julia Glasson

    Omg when she had the kitten trapped in the towel it was so cute!!!

  • Majid Tak
    Majid Tak

    damn 2 of my favorit persons on the planet and i am so sorry not being able to donate right now but im sure i will another day , thanks alot i did so manny cry and so many smaile with you guys , keep do what you dointg guys please

  • Elizabeth Beber
    Elizabeth Beber

    It’s a burrito cat 🌯🐱 3:01


    All your videos at first are so sad but at the end their happy

  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos

    Fantastic. So happy everything worked out perfectly in the end with your patience and effort.

  • gwg5640

    Bravo to Hope for Paws. A happy ending. Scared about the end too.

  • Christine Bate
    Christine Bate

    I watch this rescue often but truly too old too help, sorry ,good Luck ,Canada

  • Scatachiel -
    Scatachiel -

    Mama: *sees babies again in safety* Eh, I guess murder is not needed..

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada

    That kitten was so happy to see her mama

  • Zero The Blox
    Zero The Blox


  • shot Johnny
    shot Johnny

    Hm... why wouldn't Eldad allow the kitten to nurse at the end? She clearly needed to comfort herself after being away from her mom for a few days. ... Glad he changed his mind and let them do their thing.

  • Sonja Bina
    Sonja Bina

    It a pity that I live in Australia and I can’t help out

  • Clarita Bailon
    Clarita Bailon

    Thanks. 😊 It's the best way to clean or bathe your small pets. You all deserve medal for saving water and cat 🐈 family

  • Lupe Ramirez
    Lupe Ramirez

    What a beautiful job you have . 💞❤️🕊😍

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  • Zigblat

    That music in the last part is trrible.

  • Silvija Varat
    Silvija Varat

    The kitten you guys didn't catch was really cute though...

  • Rubina Sami
    Rubina Sami

    I would love to adop this cute family

  • Leo M
    Leo M

    5:35 The brother was like... Dude... it's a trap !!!!

  • Logan Fright
    Logan Fright

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    Syafiq Suroo

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  • rosa blanca valenzuela
    rosa blanca valenzuela

    srs es importante qustedes traduscan ok yo tengo discapacidad y no leo ingles ok no entendii nada ok soy fan de estos videos ok hasta luego


    They are so cute 💕🤩

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    Zetty Zahra

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  • Adnan Nadir Gafarlı
    Adnan Nadir Gafarlı

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  • Dianne Mackenzie
    Dianne Mackenzie

    Did they ever get the Mom cat is what I meant to say?

  • Dianne Mackenzie
    Dianne Mackenzie

    DOD they ever get the Mom?

  • DIY Sarai
    DIY Sarai

    Kitten: *MAMA HELP* Mama: You called- Hooman: has kitten captured Mama: *Omae wa mou shindeiru--*

    • JamestheGamingEngine


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    Xx Ty


  • Saflora

    you need 50 mil subs

  • Sean Jacob Legaspina
    Sean Jacob Legaspina

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  • Jerry Humphrey
    Jerry Humphrey

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  • Ileni Salomão Machado
    Ileni Salomão Machado


  • maria teresa
    maria teresa

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  • maria teresa
    maria teresa

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  • hicham semmari
    hicham semmari

    cats are fierce not like dogs who tend to trust human,it is so hard to do the rescue for them,god bless all the rescuers

  • Bella Bella
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  • Aya Kasalih
    Aya Kasalih

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  • Aleyna Doree
    Aleyna Doree

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    andreas kramer

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  • Vickie Tracy
    Vickie Tracy

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  • Vickie Tracy
    Vickie Tracy

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  • Kate RH
    Kate RH

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  • Heiress Watcher
    Heiress Watcher

    Is it safe to feed cats tuna straight from the can? I had fed it to my cat for years every so often, he was 19 and 1/2 yrs, but he's gone and wonder if I shouldn't have. He died of liver and kidney failure.

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  • ARAN020412


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    Videos Of EverYthinG

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    John Connor

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    Su Yiean

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  • Lydia B
    Lydia B

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    Mark Bass

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