Homeless dog told us to leave her alone or she WILL BITE!!!
Maddy told me and Loreta to leave her alone, but we didn't listen!!! This was seriously dangerous and the result is something you'll just have to see for yourself: www.HopeForPaws.org
We try to post more blogs these days, so please check those out as well: www.HopeForPaws.org/Blog
This rescue kind of reminded me of this #HopeForPaws rescue video: uzload.info/fun/l6qtZp_Kk2md0JM/video
Thank you so much for helping us by sharing videos from the @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel - it really helps us out!
During this #COVID19 mess, please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.
We are already working on the next video... the next one is of a wild animal.
Let's see if you can guess what it is (there is a hint in one of our blogs).

  • Kaylee Orellana
    Kaylee Orellana

    I like it when you help animals that are big or small

  • Kaylee Orellana
    Kaylee Orellana

    I love your video

  • Wayne Chirnside
    Wayne Chirnside

    Had my guy his 12 yrs. Came to me attack trained, well a bath took care of that. Treated with much affection, walked mostly off lead and never an issue. Got into the kitchen waste basket 5 times and that's the extent of his lifetime with me bad behavior. No I didn't chew him out for it, how could you?

  • Amanda Parks
    Amanda Parks

    Fill her up on cheeseburgers until she falls asleep.

  • Quinn Hen
    Quinn Hen

    She's beautiful!

  • christine maddy
    christine maddy

    Such a sweet black girlie.. Love her hugs..Patiences so we can help to save many more lifes. WE are there voices. Help those who rescued animals. These are beautiful people. Thank you Hope Of Paws. God Blessings.💌🙏

  • Shine like a Star - Aarna
    Shine like a Star - Aarna

    me reading the description and thinking whos maddy

  • Shine like a Star - Aarna
    Shine like a Star - Aarna

    DOG : growns him : stop it be NiCe to mE DOG : why should i him : trying to command the dog dog : doesnt even care

  • Juju Lipz
    Juju Lipz

    You gonna get yo ass bitten one of these days lmmo

  • MysticPlayz


  • Denise Littieri
    Denise Littieri


  • Denise Littieri
    Denise Littieri


  • Jose Vázquez
    Jose Vázquez

    Noooow, noooow, noooow,... pen#%$^^jos

  • Demitrius Balevski
    Demitrius Balevski

    They risked there lives for a helpless dog. God bless those hero’s.

  • Robin Wheeler
    Robin Wheeler

    It always amazes me how much a dog’s personality can change by the way they have been treated. Edit: yes and people too. All living things included 😂 ❤️

  • All Cute moments
    All Cute moments

    I want to join with you guys.....I love rescue

  • the fierce glaring poltergeist
    the fierce glaring poltergeist


  • James Schrumpf
    James Schrumpf

    "Let's see if my cell phone flashlight will work" [eyes and bared teeth glare from the darkness] "Let's try something else...."

  • ธัญธนพร ธิตุ่น
    ธัญธนพร ธิตุ่น

    Very excellent 👍👍

  • mary ann thomas
    mary ann thomas

    I love you guys can u guys save me too

  • Kristine Munholland
    Kristine Munholland

    Also your patience & persistence is remarkable.....it would be great if every major city had a rescue org like yours. Thanks for the wonderfully loving work you do.

  • Kristine Munholland
    Kristine Munholland

    Eldad, I loved when you told her ANIMAL CONTROL was trying to capture her and you asked rhetorically whether she wanted to go w/them - and then finished it with "I didn't think so". As if she could really understand what you were saying. Priceless. Glad to know I'm not the only one who talks to my dog as though she fully comprehends human language......

  • Riss Ryker
    Riss Ryker

    Beautiful animal. It's just amazing to see these rescued dogs as they come around to trust. What a transformation. Great job, you guys!!

  • Addicted to timelapse
    Addicted to timelapse

    That is one gorgeous dog. My Lord.

  • 44yvo

    Now what?

  • F. Zappa
    F. Zappa

    Hey - right at 12:52 when you are getting into your vehicle, I heard a noise that sounds exactly like a kiss!!!

  • jl smith
    jl smith

    I love the little bit of conversation at about 4:36.

  • Gothic Queen
    Gothic Queen

    That was a pissed off doggy holy hell 😳🙏😇

  • MooMoo

    What a brilliant happy story for this gorgeous girl, Thankyou x

  • Saint Task It
    Saint Task It

    hello everyone so I am trying to get the word out there and i am not saying this video or any of stray paws videos are not good and real but I am sending this message out on all animal videos I watch so anyone that watches them can help me stop this craziness.... (everyone needs to start looking into these videos in a realistic view...there are people in these foreign countries making fake videos to pull on our hearts to make money not to save animals.... we all need to start paying attention and looking into these videos... use common sense if they show the animal no love or say things in there videos that do not seem realistic report them .... this one is not as bad as some but still they made up a scenario to pull us in and tug on our hearts so we will watch and donate... what in my eyes is wrong) this UZload channel has mad millions of dollars just off people watching there videos... now add donations they are over 10 million dollars.... they should have enough money to save all the animals in there city and a couple other cities or more ... we all need to start looking at these videos its terrible what is going on.... people making millions then asking for donations like they dont have money to treat them ..... and I think they should definitely make money but if they got millions in the bank already from saving animals and making money off it.... they should not be asking for donations still look up how much hope for paws is worth ....

  • Emery Jones
    Emery Jones

    That guy should do something else beside capturing abandon dog . He needs a chill pill.

  • CMCastlePLLRandIslesTLG

    I want that dog . More info ?

  • AZIZ18691

    All I could see is a beautiful dog. Scared and wary because possibly being mistreated she eventually calmed down. I know she loved the care she was receiving particularly the doggie bath 🛁. She’s a gorgeous GSD who is completely happy. Loved watching this vid.

  • Marla Pessoa
    Marla Pessoa

    Muito lindo!!!!!!

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry

    That was amazing. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Pavitra Saastra
    Pavitra Saastra

    It’s made me cry 😢 at 15:11, by seeing her smiley face of happiness and joy, she is feeling safe first time.

  • Ruth & i
    Ruth & i

    Thank u!!! She's absolutely incredible & so r all of u!!!

  • Shay carpenter- Fiedrich
    Shay carpenter- Fiedrich

    I love you people

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long

    Eldad: with animal control also Eldad: gives dog cheeseburger even though he isn't suppose to

  • kaely

    from an aggressive dog to a kind one. this is satisfying to watch.

  • Adithya MS
    Adithya MS

    if the animal shelter would have to got him he would have been euthanized. thanks to you guys

  • Dayna Torngren
    Dayna Torngren

    Loretta needs to much more wiser. She’s very naive? Oblivious? She needs more training or something.

  • Alian Hasnain
    Alian Hasnain

    Ending was unbelievable 😳

  • Zack Is back
    Zack Is back

    She can speak English damn

  • Berta 009
    Berta 009

    One question, why is animal control bad ? Isn’t it suppose to take the street dogs to a Shelter? , even if it’s not the best one, at least they’re not in the streets alone.

  • T J
    T J

    This is one of my favorite rescues. Because like was stated in the video - had animal control gotten this girl she would’ve almost certainly been put to death. It’s so sad thousands of dogs just like her have been put down using aggression as a reason to do so, when they never gave them a chance . Of course there stressed , scared , some are injured those reasons alone can cause them to be aggressive but most animal control lack the time and patience to realize that. I’m so glad there’s organizations like Hope for paws out there saving these animals .

  • Robin Harris
    Robin Harris

    "Animal control is trying to get you do you want to go with them.......I didn't think so :) "

  • AppleHeart

    I would donate but it isnt able in my country/region and I am not able to make my own money this very second, so hopefully one day i can donate

  • svenkat2006

    Good. these street stray dogs are dangerous, they get diseased/mad easily and bite pedestrians. See how nature created humans to take care of those challenged by it. It certainly dislikes someone opposing its verdict.

  • Joelinda Lleno
    Joelinda Lleno

    4mins watching this video makes my heart beats so fast! OMG I'm scared fot them but I know they will save this dog. ♥️

  • SmeatPlays

    “This does put a smile on my face”

  • Kenn Ciso
    Kenn Ciso

    Why did they made a surgery

  • Riyadh can play any games
    Riyadh can play any games

    Oh my gosh

  • SilentNinja

    this make me cry so much non stop

  • EvIe W
    EvIe W

    I love it how he is so patient and is always saying “Noooo” every time she barks 😂❤️

  • 사랑

    9:25 먹이로 머리를 공격하네 ㅎㅎㅎ웁슼ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Angela Grimes
    Angela Grimes

    Perfect example of how love and patience can transform a dog; there are NO bad dogs, only bad owners. This dog would have been put down for being aggressive if they hadn't saved her. Thank you for all the time and love you put in for these babies 💞💞💞💞

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    A scary one! Loved it!

  • idk what my name is
    idk what my name is

    dog: *barking and growling* dude: Animal Control is trying to get u do u wanna go with them? dog:... dude: Yea i didn't think so

  • roger hanssen
    roger hanssen

    I got 2 dogs in philippines, Had to get rabies shot because of little accident, Both dogs very suspicious to strangers, But now the most loving dogs towards my fiance, And hopefully to me as well when I can travel again, after my covid work

  • Kai_ bailey
    Kai_ bailey

    he said animal control is trying to catch you you want that instead? and she just stopped and looked away 😂


    Wow I am so sad if I was them I will scream so hard he would bite meh 🐺🐺🐺

  • BounciBoi

    4:26 Dog: WOOF WOOF GRRRRR!!! Eldad: NO NO NO!!! DONT DO IT!

  • Jetstream The SeaWing
    Jetstream The SeaWing

    Seeing all the cheeseburger made me hungry ngl. Also I wish I could adopt her but I have two dogs and an allergy to dog dander but omg she looks soooooo sweet!

  • Zoya Nabeel
    Zoya Nabeel

    They are so brave and nice people who rescue animals 😲😲

  • Nichole Holland
    Nichole Holland

    Hey Dodos! Question of the day: what is the smallest mammal in the world?

  • Justyna Wojtunik
    Justyna Wojtunik

    Thank you🙏

  • laveen muhamad
    laveen muhamad


  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

    It's so amazing how animals could change when they get the love and care they deserve. Such a beautiful and sweet girl. Thanks for every single rescue and that you do your work with all your hearts 😘😘🤩🤩😘😘

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    You Guys are God sends for Thy animals . Thank you !

  • Steven Crawley
    Steven Crawley

    When he is at McDonald's the employee's be like "He's rescuing again"

  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    Omg the threat of animal control 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Ashby
    Chris Ashby

    For some reason my instant name I would call her is Wasabi and idk why unjust said Wasabi I thought that it is a good name

  • cynthia hernandez
    cynthia hernandez

    CONGRATULATIONS. Many blessings.

  • David

    Think she in heat, always wondered what was wrong with my ex wife lol

  • David

    Need to go on diet after so many cheese burgers lol well done great rescue

  • memento mori
    memento mori

    be nice...animal control is trying to catch you,...do you wanna go with them?...taught so! Do you only save "nice" dogs or what?

  • Michelle Avila
    Michelle Avila

    AWWWW dog

  • Hrithik Chatterjee
    Hrithik Chatterjee

    Very nice dog you took such a risk, you are great,

  • Yanice Wu
    Yanice Wu

    Where was she found? I lived in Virginia and I have seem a dog exactly like her, same behavior. But she was chained to a house patio with no fence. I used to see her when I took my dog for a walk everyday at anytime, she was chained outside the house. It was so sad, I didn't know what to do. I hope its her who got rescued from those evil owners.

  • Funda Cicek
    Funda Cicek


  • Rocco Fitel
    Rocco Fitel

    This is not a homeless dog. This is hard headed naughty girl who got loose.

  • xXSamathaDizonXx 130
    xXSamathaDizonXx 130

    Shes good girl now

  • auttie

    I highly encourage everyone to donate and I did today. Imagine if all of your subscribers donated five dollars, it would benefit your organization in so many ways.

  • Sunny Kapur
    Sunny Kapur

    Feel so sorry for all of these dogs and animals in general, who are so ill treated and count on people like you guys to help them. I really enjoy your videos and how you guys stop whatever you are doing just to help an animal in need.

  • Rosemary Koval
    Rosemary Koval

    She's beautiful.

  • Danish Moonrock
    Danish Moonrock

    covid is a hoax but your love for animals is real

  • Karin Tolbert
    Karin Tolbert

    Beautiful doggo!!! :D

  • Jack Tupaz
    Jack Tupaz

    Love u guys awesome job❤️🙏👍

  • Second Chance
    Second Chance

    Such a rewarding experience being able to watch these videos. Personally it really strengthens my empathy when I see rehabilitation like this. Thank you Hope for Paws!

  • Kelly Dorey
    Kelly Dorey

    Look at him smiling! Beautiful! Love you guys!

  • B Sanders
    B Sanders

    Maddy is such a beautiful German Shepherd. I am so very happy that this sweet girl has been rescued and will make a beautiful addition to a loving family. XOXO

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    This one is a real nail biter!

  • Jourdy Moretti
    Jourdy Moretti

    omg this poor dog has been abused. I hate to see them like this because they so often get put down because no one has the patience to try and bond.

  • Yunho's Wifeu
    Yunho's Wifeu

    "Animal control is trying to get you, do you want to go with them?" Silence. "No, didn't think so."

  • Candi Jaya
    Candi Jaya

    Txs to you... You'r so kind..... Gbu 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • jimmie teague jr
    jimmie teague jr

    You guys are so great saving these dogs. I just love your videos. I wish I could afford to adopt one. I'm a retired old man. and don't have the extra money. but I could take care of a dog.if I had one. they want so much money to adopt one here in Washington. I can't afford to help a poor dog that needs a good home. I don't understand why the shelters won't give us a puppy or a dog without adoption fees. and then they will put them to sleep if no one adopts them. It doesn't make any sense to me but what do I know.


    Homeless people, sometimes not as homeless dogs......???

  • kiddy daniel
    kiddy daniel

    Every time I watch them rescue the innocent souls I cry and how many of you feel the same ??

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️

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