We traveled far away to make this homeless Newfoundland happy. Now, he is about to pay it forward.
If every person who appreciates our efforts would help us with just a $5 donation, we will be able to help so many more: www.HopeForPaws.org

Please watch this video until the end... this one is really special :-)
EVEREST will begin his training shortly to become a service dog so he can start visiting kids in Children's Hospitals along with his brother Clyde who is also a Newfoundland.
To see Clyde in action, please click here:
Thank you for your support!
Eldad, Loreta and Everest :-)
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  • harry johnson
    harry johnson

    Would someone out there please tell me how you can bring a gat or dog out to the middle of nowhere and just leave it there like a piece of trash. Doesn't really make a difference but this dog is beautiful and you can tell he was taken care of. I just don't understand how someone can be that heartless. Tell me.

  • Margaret McCann
    Margaret McCann

    Gorgeous boy

  • kenneth paulsen
    kenneth paulsen

    how can people push down on this video....

  • Helene R.M Lace
    Helene R.M Lace

    Newfies are at home where it's a cooler environment and water they love the water

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones


  • Pernell tarter
    Pernell tarter

    Nice story. What happened to the other homeless dog?

  • Robert Ofenloch
    Robert Ofenloch

    I guess Everest is living life at the top of the mountain now. No? I'll see myself out.

  • Olga


  • Svein Thore Bergan
    Svein Thore Bergan

    Wow .. I love him :)

  • Ludo Feyaerst
    Ludo Feyaerst

    Ma che splendido cagnone!

  • Elísabet B
    Elísabet B

    does anyone know what breed this dog is :)?

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis

    Newfies are lovely dogs. Hate to see one neglected....love these vids, restores some faith n humanity

  • Hans Stopfer
    Hans Stopfer

    Everest has become a real diamond, beautiful and so trusting. You can be so proud of him. I wish I could have such a great dog by my side. Bye Hans.

  • ramzayka

    У собаки жизнь лучше, чем у многих людей

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    So glad there are people like this out there that understand that animals have feelings also. Considering 1.1k people gave this a thumb down. They have no soul.

  • John Browne
    John Browne

    Best dogs in the world.

  • Ivan Rozman
    Ivan Rozman


  • Nik Nabeelah
    Nik Nabeelah

    I watched this video 3x already and I watched his reunion with his brother twice. Love these dogs

  • Suzanne Hayes
    Suzanne Hayes

    It's wonderful to see him so happy. That coat he has is so much better suited to his new home. I love these gentle giants.

  • THE chill doge
    THE chill doge

    I love dog

  • Jonathan Stark
    Jonathan Stark

    The most enjoyable thing about life that God created is having Beautiful dog that continues to be the highlight of life when you start having that companion between your pet it’s the most enjoyable thing nobody can ever take away from you

  • Mac Willer
    Mac Willer

    Is someone chopping onions? That's amazing 👏

  • Clare WG
    Clare WG

    What you did was good but theres one thing I would not do and that is feeding a Newfoundland a burger 🍔👈😟

  • Jan Heimann
    Jan Heimann


  • Dana Scully
    Dana Scully

    There ain't no way that dog was homeless. Look at his fur. Newfies would have matted VERY quickly. And he didn't look starving. My dog sometimes gets off leash. If someone took my dog and gave him to someone else, heads would roll along with lawsuits.

  • jackie dwight
    jackie dwight

    One of the happiest story and rescue

  • Valerie C.
    Valerie C.


  • Sophy Sam
    Sophy Sam

    It’s so sad to think that he was someone’s pet and they just abandoned him. Shame on them and he looks so happy with his new family. ❤️

  • Pete Tong
    Pete Tong

    I think Hope 4 Paws should approach whatever cheeseburger brand they use and look for sonship for mentioning them.. Theyve got such a huge following now..

  • Gia Lovely
    Gia Lovely

    Thank you so much for all you do :)

  • thamaporn tan
    thamaporn tan

    You so Sweet I very happy to see that i am From Thailand I very very good Life

  • thamaporn tan
    thamaporn tan

    Thank You Good Luck For Ever

  • thamaporn tan
    thamaporn tan

    I would like to say Thank You for Your help the dog I hope you Good Luck Home Family very good Thank You

  • David Schechter
    David Schechter

    another wonderful rescue by loretta and eldad

  • Wade McReynolds
    Wade McReynolds

    He looks smaller and faster than a regular Newfoundland. With the white patches he looks like a throwback to the extinct St John's Water Dog.

  • Xerox 80
    Xerox 80

    He's such a gentle giant...

  • Lhoydivah Famous Aguimatz
    Lhoydivah Famous Aguimatz

    Hope you could send me one newfoundland dog here in the Philippines 😁😁😁

  • CarpeDiem

    If i was not mistaken, they were two, right? Did Hope For Paws found the other one (everest's brother)?

  • Jeff McClure
    Jeff McClure

    What an absolute angel, thank you for saving him! I just know he's going to be incredible as a service dog because you can see the kind heart that he has in this video.

  • عبود ايمي
    عبود ايمي


  • Songul Guney
    Songul Guney


  • Kendrick Cunningham
    Kendrick Cunningham

    Thanks for the 😀

  • Татьяна Иванова
    Татьяна Иванова

    Счастливая собака! Спасибо! 👏💐

  • H T
    H T

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Ernst Hartmann
    Ernst Hartmann

    rly? cheesburgers?? So much sugar and cheese :( but you do good work. greetz from germany

  • Dania Pumarica
    Dania Pumarica

    This warms my heart 🥰

  • M GM Music
    M GM Music

    What a beautiful dog! I think I want a "Newfie!"

  • Yours Telugu channel
    Yours Telugu channel

    Guys ur always my favorite heroes...one day will meet my heroes...

  • Angel Gacha
    Angel Gacha

    Why would anyone want to abandon this gigantic furball? That is just mean 😟

  • niedriskaa

    You really know nothing about breeds????

  • Сибиряк

    Thank you, friends!)))

  • Jane_

    God has already blessed these people who have God in their hearts. I get tears running my cheeks, I know how they feel. It is love, life filled with love.

  • Helen Bennett
    Helen Bennett

    This is so beautiful and perfect right down to the 'snowy home' for a Newfoundland! Love what you do. Thank you!

  • Александра Романова
    Александра Романова


  • ZuluReddy

    I hope you found the other Newfie who was with Everest. You folks are awesome as always for the work you do.

  • Steven Phelps
    Steven Phelps

    Someone scored on that beautiful dog. They're expensive to buy.

  • Joel Marble
    Joel Marble

    it's amazing how dogs get so activated when you put them in their natural environment. it was like Everest was in a coma until you landed in Redmond and he felt the cold air and saw the snow. did you guys find his friend?

  • thomasksatriagurkha7

    Amazing animal ... Kami melakukan perjalanan jauh untuk membuat para tunawisma di Newfoundland ini bahagia . Sekarang , dia akan membayarnya ...

    • thomasksatriagurkha7

      EVEREST akan segera memulai pelatihannya untuk menjadi anjing pelayan sehingga dia dapat mulai mengunjungi anak - anak di Rumah Sakit Anak bersama dengan saudaranya Clyde yang juga seorang Newfoundland .

    • thomasksatriagurkha7

      You are heroes

  • Shimai Igderi
    Shimai Igderi

    I want him hes soooo cute😙 but i can't bring any animal in house😢 my husband kick me out😅😅😅 i have 26 cat and🐱 4 dog🐶 and before i found them they are all homeless animals but i bring them home and they just stay i love them soooo much that i can't send them away too another family but i always dreaming off having big and flufy black dogs oooh god he's very very gorgeuse😗😗😗

  • Stefan Batory
    Stefan Batory

    My father had a Newfoundland dog and he was the calmest and nicest dog I have ever met in my entire life. The only downside - he didn't like postmen very much, and a plus - the police too.

  • Onsville Obeal
    Onsville Obeal

    I got a big house with a big field

  • Onsville Obeal
    Onsville Obeal

    What do I have to do to get him

  • Eejit

    I need one , I missy my boy

  • Elizabeth Czepiel
    Elizabeth Czepiel

    And Everest was reunited with his brother later thanks to Eldad and Hope for Paws!

  • Nan Yang
    Nan Yang

    What about the other puppy? Any news?

  • QueenofSnarks

    No matter how hard I try not to, I always cry when the leash goes on

  • Nidia Esther Ruiz
    Nidia Esther Ruiz


  • Cher Browne
    Cher Browne

    Two years later I bet Everest is still having the time of his life! Made my New Year 2021 start with a smile. I love Hope 4 Paws 😍

  • HappyComfort

    Doggonit! I’m so jealous! That’s my dream dog! 😍

  • Iman Kartajodjaja
    Iman Kartajodjaja

    How can any dog especially a Newfie be homeless? He is such a sweet soul.

  • Mary Holst
    Mary Holst

    Did the 2nd one ever show up??

  • barbara ferdon
    barbara ferdon

    I love to see Happy Endings 👍❤️

  • Toby Ihli
    Toby Ihli

    a working dog is a happy dog!

  • LauraBeeDannon

    I will never understand the dogs that are expensive breeds being left homeless. I don't understand the dogs that are awesome pets being left homeless. My brain can't get around it.

    • Gregory Pollock
      Gregory Pollock

      Many times it is not about money, but about circumstances. A Newf or Newf mix is no more or less expensive than a Belgian Malinois or a Boston Bull Terrier. The expenses come when they need veterinary care. Just like when a person needs medical care.

  • Lovespitbulls

    What a sweet dog! He looked so at home with this new bro and sis. An amazing rescue ending. I wonder how he became homeless? Very sad but he's where he was meant to be now.

  • j ali
    j ali

    God bless wonderful people 🙏

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard

    Man! That’s awesome. What a perfect home for this big boy. All big guys like Everest should have somewhere they can run free.

  • AnAmericanMan

    It is hard to imagine a dog like that being abandoned, more like lost.

  • 파틀손라무리아

    He’s loving that snow. How in the world can there be so many dislikes to this?

  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

    As more I am watching your videos as more I love you 😍😍😍 What a beautiful and sweet big teddy bear 😍😍😍

  • Rob Brien
    Rob Brien

    LOL, like taking a senior citizen from Fort Lauderdale to Fargo! Still, following the care is always the best. He really came to life in his new home!

  • Holly De Jong
    Holly De Jong

    Love the joy!

  • بردیا اراسته
    بردیا اراسته

    Wooooow چه دخترای خوشگلی

  • Dan Conway
    Dan Conway

    What a sweet boy I'm happy you found him a home!

  • Vivian Aviles
    Vivian Aviles


  • Laura Banos
    Laura Banos

    Omg I want I want 🥰🥰🥰🥰 PLEASE 😪

  • Andrew Sewell
    Andrew Sewell

    I am so happy 😁 for him

  • Deanna Moncrief
    Deanna Moncrief


  • Michael Dao
    Michael Dao

    What you guys are doing suchlike Angels. Please keep your dog 🐶 out of the SUN ☀ because will cause dog get SKIN CANCER just like human if spend too much time in the sun especially dogs with short hair like Pit Bull all dogs love to lay down in the sun this is not good for dogs skin I had this experience with my dog

  • MrSkafloc40

    Very good to see.

  • psyched

    You are a good man, thank you.

  • Something VISCID
    Something VISCID

    Well done, HFP! Newfoundlands have no business in L.A. ...they belong up North.

    • Gregory Pollock
      Gregory Pollock

      Newfies do fine here. Ya just need a REALLY good air conditioner and a swimming pool('cause the Newfie's gonna live in it) AMHIK Did you ever see the movie 'Harry and the Hendersons' I wouldn't want to be the pool man.

  • Carol Lombardi
    Carol Lombardi

    Now he really has a dog's life.

  • Brenda Wood
    Brenda Wood

    That's awesome!!!❤

  • Jayanna Walker
    Jayanna Walker

    Aww the dog was an happy after

  • 59 thanks
    59 thanks

    So, so happy for Everest. 😊😊😊

  • 59 thanks
    59 thanks

    How do people just abandon a poor animal? This guy is so beautiful! 💝💝💝

  • willem H
    willem H

    there are 4 of them next door with a pool the real rescue dog love them no barking at all when i'm there it is fun pulling my🦽🦽

  • shoba Devi
    shoba Devi

    U people are simply great 👍. I cannot imagine what would have happened to Everest if u people wouldn’t have rescued 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Its really so happy to see Everest playing soooooo happily 👌👌👌👌👌👌