Scared dog gets hit by a car in Hollywood - the artist who found her did something special for us.
After Noelle Hetzel spotted Honey Pepper, she knew to call Hope For Paws for help because she has been following our work for a while :-)
Noelle was concerned about the huge medical bill that is coming our way in order to save this special dog, so she painted our Lucky Leash on a model and other than this beautiful result, she was also able to raise over a thousand of dollars towards Honey-Pepper's vet bill. I will post the photo on our Instagram:
If you would like to follow Noelle's work or thank her for being so amazing and for waiting for Loreta Frankonyte and I battled traffic to get to her and for helping us raise funds, please visit her UZload page:
Our rescue work is so expensive because the animals we rescue are animals that live on the streets and are at constant risk of getting hit by cars. Please become a Hope For Paws team member today with a small donation:
If you would like to adopt Honey Pepper, please contact our amazing friends at L.A Animal Rescue. They took care of her after her surgery and as she recovered, they helped her gain trust in humans again and the result is beautiful! If you would like to adopt Honey Pepper, please contact them directly:
Thank you so much for sharing her story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram :-)
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  • Claymann71

    Little orphan girl just looking for handouts. And someone (likely speeding) just rolls over her. That's like running over a kid & not stopping. I'd break down like a baby if I did it, & break every limb in that Speeder's body if I caught them. (Not in vengeance. In Justice of Just Cause)

  • Lynn Kowalla
    Lynn Kowalla

    This made me cry, thank you to all those great people that use ther smarts and ability to become wonderful doctors performing miracles on these poor furbabies!

  • Barbara Boynton
    Barbara Boynton

    Poor baby. I was in that situation before and a police officer helped me to remove the dog out of the road.

  • Edita Aguirre
    Edita Aguirre

    Amazing people like you helping n protecting animals n saving their lives, we are very thankful may God bless you all.

  • Yabadabonboo

    Amazing job as always. I was heartbroken for her in the beginning so the transformation between the scared Lonely little dog and the playful one at the end amazing

  • Patty Thomson
    Patty Thomson

    Everyday. I deeply appreciate the work these lovely people do.

  • Alberto Cano
    Alberto Cano

    Is Honey Pepper a mix of Corgi & Chihuahua?

  • angelika beverly
    angelika beverly

    Why doesn't she get Painshot?? like Animal Aids does ?

  • D M
    D M

    I recently rescued a little cross bred puppy off the streets because him and his brother were roaming around skinny and dehydrated, I wanted his brother more but I took the doggy Casper because he was the skinniest of the two so I took him instead I also went to his house and his owners didn't want them anymore😭 I'm only ten yrs old btw. I've also rescued a mama kitty and her babies before😁😍 am I considered an animal rescuer yet and I burie road kill possums and I put flowers on top😊😵 and I don't eat any meat🙃 plz reply❤

  • Cissy Caple
    Cissy Caple

    In October 2020 - hoping this little one found a forever home with someone to love!

  • Ariana Ortega
    Ariana Ortega

    I love

  • Bunny lover 21
    Bunny lover 21

    poor little doggy :( But I'm glad for the happy ending :)

  • Kathy Dorn
    Kathy Dorn

    This is Honey Pepper's Dog-Mom (dog in the video)! We are beyond grateful to Noelle, Hope For Paws, LA Animal rescue, and the entire incredible surgical team. We are incredibly honored to be her paw-parents and are doing our best to ensure Honey Pepper lives her most beautiful, love-filled second chapter at life. Honey Pepper regularly walks on all four of her legs, and she has shown incredible improvement over this past year. We've got a little Instagram for her if anyone would like to see her smiling, happy little face! @honeypepperthedorgi. It's teams like Hope For Paws who are doing such incredible, heroic efforts for these sweet animals. Thank you Hope for Paws for bringing this sunshine girl into our life. 💚💚💚

  • Gabriela Galescu
    Gabriela Galescu

    Everybody is great, but the doctor is a magician!

  • MountEverie

    it really hurts me that people did not even care about her until noellle came.

  • No Name
    No Name

    Noelle....You. Are. Awesome 👍


    Muito obrigado!

  • 张辉


  • captain hook
    captain hook

    omg bring,s tears to my eye,s

  • Deepali Kasargod
    Deepali Kasargod


  • bonjie montaflor
    bonjie montaflor

    Bless her(noelle) knees.. ..and Dr. Antonio Pedraza must've been good in jigsaw puzzles:)

  • Sindhu N B
    Sindhu N B

    I was crying while her surgery. I can stand a person crying(expect my parents) but can never do the same for an animal 😭😭😭😭

  • Jean-Guy E Champagne
    Jean-Guy E Champagne

    thx u hope for paws for all the animals you save my felt emotions go to all those animals who are indeed better off with you guys than the streets or the abusers hands,,,,,,thx u ....Peace and love be with you and all life forms..........💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

  • Patricia Parks
    Patricia Parks

    Another angel b)ess you .

  • Beverly Quackenbush
    Beverly Quackenbush

    Please everybody, donate what you can. These people are amazing!

  • Nightmare Foxy
    Nightmare Foxy

    Oooo no

    • Nightmare Foxy
      Nightmare Foxy

      This is very sad

  • Christoph

    We need more people who care for those animals who need help. Noelle had been acting perfectly - staying with this dog untill you got there. So many people didn't care... For all of them it's "just another stray"

  • Imagineth

    5:00 - I giggled like a complete dufus!

  • R Bousfield
    R Bousfield

    Amazing recovery, i expected that she'd lose the leg. Well done the vet for managing to save her leg, and thank you guys for rescuing her and getting the medical treatment she needed.

  • David Witney
    David Witney

    I am in awe of the work you do! Bravo hope for paws bravo!

  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas

    Kill da driver

  • - Suie -
    - Suie -

    i think the vet took some inches from her legs 😁😁

  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown

    Wow people make me sick who don’t even stop after they hit a dog. Kharma will get them for sure is this dog available for adoption?


    Какие вы молодцы. Спасибо вам большое за спасённые жизни

  • Jeanice Graves
    Jeanice Graves

    Honey Pepper was so brave. That poor sweet baby. Thank you so much hope for paws and medical staff for giving this little angel a second chance. She's absolutely precious.

  • Elena Wiggins
    Elena Wiggins

    I would love to be part of Hope for paws one day not yet but maybe if they ever need priple

  • Buff Pepsi Man
    Buff Pepsi Man

    im so super sad that i cant donate im to young to but i always watch the ads and the full video to support and i like

  • Angelica Guzzo
    Angelica Guzzo


  • rick f
    rick f

    incredible - hope ,love ,care ,support

  • Marilyn Vickers
    Marilyn Vickers

    What a beautiful person Noella is staying with little Honey Pepper how could anyone be so cold hearted and cruel as to drive away knowing you had hit a dog unbelievable! She is such a sweetheart and deserves a happy life so thank you to Hope for Paws for all your rescues and love 💜

  • Cyndi Foore
    Cyndi Foore

    What a great surgeon to fix that badly broken leg and pelvis.

  • Carolyn Vick
    Carolyn Vick

    She is a little beauty. Thank you for fixing her.

  • jay morris
    jay morris

    Looks like a corgi russel mix, she'll have great longevity.

  • TheRushtime

    Who needs such small dogs? Not useful, not helpful, not effective.

  • Christine Murphy
    Christine Murphy

    I am. It calms me down and gets my mind off of the destruction of our country. GOD BLESS ALL OF THE RESCUERS.

  • Marc P.
    Marc P.

    I hate watching these videos, as a man they make me cry

  • Mari Va
    Mari Va

    Lindo bebé ♥️🐕 🙏 que alegría que no tiene ningún problema en sus patitas

  • Elizabeth Culver Edwards
    Elizabeth Culver Edwards

    I watched this with my dog sleeping next to me. When you got to the hospital and there were dogs barking in the background, he woke up, stared at the screen, watched until Honey Pepper was at the foster home running around, then went back to sleep :)

  • Manny Erni
    Manny Erni

    Amazing job done by amazing people !

  • randy slone
    randy slone

    I'm gona support every month

  • Vamp

    😇 😇 ur heroes

  • Hi, it's me
    Hi, it's me

    I find myself trying to calm the dog down and soothe it from my phone. "Oohh, shhhhh, it's ok girl.."

  • Erica Jamieson
    Erica Jamieson

    Dr. Pedraza could've taken the easy way out but nope! Thank you for at the very least trying to save her leg and a big big THK YOU for saving it!!! You are all awesome!!!!!

  • Vinyl Rescue
    Vinyl Rescue

    She looks like a Chigi (Chihuahua/Corgi mix)! So glad to see she healed just fine. I have a Chigi and he's my little buddy.

  • Maria Giulia Isoldo
    Maria Giulia Isoldo

    What can I say? You make me cry.... But it's okay because you are extraordinary 💕👏

  • kroakie4

    Poor Honey Pepper! She was feeling a little better the minute they put her on the towel. It was sad to see her hurting. But I’m so happy she’s ok now and was able to have all her legs saved!! Keep doing the wonderful work you do, Hope For Paws. The world needs more people who care so much.

  • Mystera

    The doctors that you work with are truly beyond words. We need more vets like them. I’m extremely happy that the doctor made an attempt at fixing her leg rather than just amputating it without trying. God Bless you, you team, and everyone else that you work with saving these precious lives every day 💜

  • Lidia Lidia
    Lidia Lidia

    This doctor is brilliant!! Thank you all for your love and compassion.

  • Mila Rose
    Mila Rose


  • abbeysonic

    Mol this dog is so cute, I wish I could take her

  • Mario Vergara
    Mario Vergara

    Doctor Pedraza, es mi héroe en California. 👍

  • Paul Hoffmann
    Paul Hoffmann

    That dog's expressive eyes were so pity inducing. And the girl who saved the dog had very pretty legs.

  • Charles Nelson
    Charles Nelson


  • Charles Nelson
    Charles Nelson


  • Victor van Dyke
    Victor van Dyke

    You guys do great work! Keep it up.

  • Tanya Coffman
    Tanya Coffman

    That scary me

  • Tanya Coffman
    Tanya Coffman

    Stop showing the dog bleeding or I’m never let my dog outside

  • M M
    M M


  • Adrian Blakely
    Adrian Blakely


  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    We have never seen any one so very much love and caring for animals birds and wild life like loreta she is very beautiful and very kind to all of the animals birds and wild life that is very amazing love you loreta

  • Billie eilish Is a queen af
    Billie eilish Is a queen af

    So ur telling me the guy who hit her just drove off? Unbelievable, these sweet animals deserve so much better Tysm HFP!

  • Clara Bielecki
    Clara Bielecki

    Are you kidding? I ha be to recharge at least.3 times a day. I adore these guys and thank God for them.

  • Ria Vanrooyen
    Ria Vanrooyen

    Thank hou tot all ,and hope for paws

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    To hear beautiful loreta voice is priceless you are very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life our Angel loreta we treasure you

  • Alcapone Delubio
    Alcapone Delubio

    Kudos!! to Dr. Antonio Pedraza for an amazing surgery.. And to the Hopes for Paws as well.. God bless you all!

  • GraftedOliveBranch

    Its good to know that its leg didnt need amputating.

  • Renata Kopytek
    Renata Kopytek


  • Jireh Bless Dela Cruz
    Jireh Bless Dela Cruz


  • El Ciclista
    El Ciclista

    Dr. Antonio Pedraza. An immigrant from Spain. Hats off to the man.

  • Erika Hahn
    Erika Hahn

    Poor little thing

  • Mike Garippo
    Mike Garippo

    This is nearly a miracle! Everyone involved in this dog's recovery is a saint.

  • Mathews Silva
    Mathews Silva


  • Phyllis Malmuth
    Phyllis Malmuth

    I watch every day. Do wonderful. I'm so totally hooked

  • Peter Ketcha
    Peter Ketcha

    Thanks so much 😧😧😧😧

  • Sam Stray Wood
    Sam Stray Wood

    You heroes ❤️

  • J Coats
    J Coats

    Can’t imagine the feeling of being able to heal a dog like that doctor did. Massive respect.

  • graha zamrud
    graha zamrud


  • TooT TooTan
    TooT TooTan

    brave Honey-Pepper. youre so loved. thanks to noelle who reported it to Hope for paws. good job loreta and eldad. thank you dr antonio, for saving her legs to enjoy her life again.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey

    Hope for paws they love animals they always there to help them love animals thank you for sharing your beautiful animals thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good life thank you

  • Lunar Lover
    Lunar Lover

    You guys are Earth Angels, thank you for giving these beautiful fur babies a second chance at life 🙏🏽❤️

  • Linda Morton
    Linda Morton

    Angels all of you, vets included.

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    The XRay looked awful... but when he was running I could see how SHORT his little legs are! That Dr. performed a miracle, not just surgery‼️

  • Padma Neupane
    Padma Neupane

    We can be both gods and devil's to the animals and either choice is ours.

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • Mark Fairfield
    Mark Fairfield

    you guys are awesome

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Thank you for your kindness and efforts

  • Harpal Chauhan
    Harpal Chauhan

    The most kind of true love comes from animals and your children, or if a human shows love to a animal. The rest is kn all fake love. FACT

  • Elvia Arias
    Elvia Arias

    Mil gracias por ser angeles de dios

  • Lord Diablo
    Lord Diablo

    It is sad to see her leg to be ampulated. But God sent His Angel, Dr. Pedraza to save her leg ! ! Hope she can live happily her whole life ! Thank God for His Grace to this little lovely dog ... His creation !

  • Věra Koutná
    Věra Koutná

    Diky Eldad, diky Loreta 🥰😍❤️

RIP Fawn :(
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