A starving dog living by the freeway made it really hard for us to save her life. Please share.
On the first day when I saw this dog by the freeway, I had no chance against her... she just bolted and disappeared! It took her two days to come back to the same location and then I brought reinforcements - I brought Loreta with me :-)
This video is cool because the main part of it was filmed with TWO cameras - it created a neat effect.
Loreta named her Hanako in memory of her own dog, Coco Hanako who recently passed away. If you will watch until the end you will see the cute little poodle she rescued from the shelter.
Rescues like this are dangerous because of their proximity to the freeway, they are dangerous to us because we could have gotten seriously hurt, and I am so happy it all worked out so well.
After receiving medical care, our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue invited Hanako to be in their foster home and they helped her so much and then found her an amazing forever home!
You can now follow Hanako (now renamed Luna) on Instagram here: instagram.com/withlove.luna/
If you enjoy our rescue video, I would LOVE it if you would join our Hope For Paws team with a small donation here: www.HopeForPaws.org
Your donation will send us on the next rescue mission and will help us change the lives of many animals.
Thank you so much,
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  • Audry Lou
    Audry Lou

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  • Graham Kupka
    Graham Kupka

    Man, I didn’t even need to start the video before tearing up, the thumbnail was so sad :( Glad she has a nice place to call home now, and thanks a bunch for saving her

  • Donna Ashley
    Donna Ashley

    OMG she didn’t want the dog to be euthanized so she get gives them to stranger to be abandoned starved maybe tortured. She could have given to a rescue

  • Ilaria Catini
    Ilaria Catini

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    Claire Tran Le

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  • Susan Mock
    Susan Mock

    What amazing work you do. Just set a monthly donation to you and my local Florida shelter. Blessings to all of you ❤️

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao

    im going through a rough time right now and i love animals with all my heart and these videos are genuinely helping me feel better, thank you so much.

  • agnes mack
    agnes mack

    Shame on the usa the number of abused animals show that new laws must be made to protect animals from abuse the laws to protect animals must be the same in all countrys in the world

  • agnes mack
    agnes mack

    Shame on that owner new world laws must be made to give animals more protection if people cant afford vet bills they must be banned from owning an animals as they are not toys people who abuse animals must be named shamed and jailed

  • Thelma Swan
    Thelma Swan

    Sorry to hear About ur dog Loreta u are a very s weet person

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  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry

    Loretta I’m sorry you lost you friend and pet. We’ve just lost our youngest cat of 5 to cancer. Loosing any pet at any age leaves a hole in your heart and soul. The number of pets waiting for me at the rainbow bridge is sadly growing. God bless your amazing soul dear Loretta. 😎✌️

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    Kelly Dorey

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    Brian Breheny

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    Cassandra Miller

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  • Cassandra Miller
    Cassandra Miller

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    Ise Heitmann

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  • auttie

    God bless you for everything that you do! I was able to donate and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I highly encourage everyone to donate. Imagine if all the subscribers here would just donate five dollars! It would it do so much for this organization.

  • Georgia Preotesco
    Georgia Preotesco

    I am from Brazil, and I admire and love the way you and Loreta,Lisa,Jane, etc do yours job. But specially you and Loreta have such special energy and love in your voices! Many times I cry because the emotion. Excuse my poor secondary school English... If you come in my country please, let me know. I pray every night for all of you guys Love you all!!!

  • Leonarda Monteleone
    Leonarda Monteleone

    Siete degli angeli per queste creature terrorizzate.Grazie.

  • hollywoodcheremonkey

    Eldad and Loretta caught and calmed down this dog so quickly. They’re a great team!

  • Lee Carrizales
    Lee Carrizales

    God bless you for helping her.

  • NotoriousOne

    What breed of dog is this?

  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas

    Kill ex owners

  • Ann Parr
    Ann Parr

    Wow you did well to get the leash around her ,she was so fast

  • Arcadia

    I see 500 heartless people downvoted this video. Thankfully the likes far outnumber those.

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    Vera Lúcia

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  • Rachel Whiddon
    Rachel Whiddon

    Thank you for saving them. It seems to me the owner who the microchip fed you all a BS story. There is no way she gave the dogs away. Negligent dog owners! So glad this beautiful girl is saved and doing well!

  • Bad god
    Bad god

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  • Tina Morey
    Tina Morey

    Eldad... you're not living here anymore.. you'll live on a couch or a bed... Love you guys... love 💕 ya ! Eldad & Loreta ROCK !

  • Carolina Girl
    Carolina Girl

    What breed or breeds was she?

  • Jessie

    I'm so glad that this pupper is okay now and in a good forever home BUT the story with why she is microchipped already makes me so angry. If you are going to not want a dog put down at a shelter and decide to take said dog from that situation than YOU are completely responsible for that life now and the fact that she was found homeless and skin and bones on the dang street is your fault. How did you not even get the names and personal information from the people you gave those sweet babies to?

  • tyraelpl

    It might sound brutal and soulless but their starvation is one of your greatest allies imho.

  • M.T. O'Neil
    M.T. O'Neil

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    Patricia Taggart

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    Georgie Argie

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  • Amaan Storm
    Amaan Storm

    Loretta has the most beautiful soul. I mean Eldad is amazing also because he has such an intense love for animals, but Loretta's spirit really is so warm and special. What an amazing team.

  • Yabadabonboo

    Loretta is amazing at this. It’s like they can sense her kind spirit

  • Sarah Ephrat
    Sarah Ephrat

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  • Ahzariah Marcano
    Ahzariah Marcano

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    Gina Vaughn

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  • Moises Ruiz
    Moises Ruiz

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    Madhavi Shanmuga Priya

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    Chadrach William

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    Mark Perry

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    Pollen Haze

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    Hilda Melkomians

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    Réal Morrissette

    The love bonding this couple is tangible and makes them tick and accomplish great things. It is really inspiring for me, a sort of virtual rescue, to see what love really is and gives me hope that true love do exist in this cold world.

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    Urmel Ausdemeis

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  • Urmel Ausdemeis
    Urmel Ausdemeis

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