Family reunion - you won't believe how these puppies grew!
To really appreciate this video, please watch their rescue first:
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  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    Awww....This was awesome...We need more family reunions..

  • Dallin Peralta
    Dallin Peralta

    My grandma owns Candy now. She is now named Annie.

  • Marilyn Vickers
    Marilyn Vickers

    That has made my heart sing💜 I wish with all my heart that all animals would be so lucky as these beautiful little dogs, thank you to all the people involved!

  • Danette Hartsock
    Danette Hartsock

    Than was really COOL!!! Thank you to all of the families for sharing. LOVE and PRAYERS ALWAYS from Gainesville Florida!❤

  • T L
    T L

    Lovely lovely!!

  • John Gardner
    John Gardner

    This video is impossible to watch without smiling.

  • California Dreamin’
    California Dreamin’

    They are having so much fun! God bless you.

  • Mr.GoodBoi

    This were one of my first videos on this account watching these

  • Thị Kim Ngọc Phạm
    Thị Kim Ngọc Phạm


  • AC - 08CB 731764 Green Glade Sr PS
    AC - 08CB 731764 Green Glade Sr PS

    i try but my mom sides no

  • Лига Справедливости Черкассы
    Лига Справедливости Черкассы


  • Laura Helfen
    Laura Helfen

    What a beautiful reunion

  • дмитрий рейсфельд
    дмитрий рейсфельд


  • Anjali Kashyap
    Anjali Kashyap

    Aww they are so cute 😍❤️❤️❤️ God bless

  • Nevy L.
    Nevy L.

    This is so purrfect ❤️

  • Evelyn Kanitz
    Evelyn Kanitz

    0:35-0:48 I just noticed that not only is the candy served in dog bowls, but each candy is a candy that each puppy was named after.

  • Mr. NYC
    Mr. NYC

    Awww I love what you guys do but man it should be a law that you can't break up a family of dogs. 😕. Sometimes relationships are built with the mom, sister or brother & then to separate them is heartbreaking to know. Maybe try putting them together? 🙏🏽

  • icare4you123

    No Eldad, WE THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR TIRELESS WORK AND UNFAILING COMPASSION. All we do is send money when we can but it's you, Lisa and Loreta, and Joanne and all the others that are out on those mean streets, at night, climbing river fences and crawling under garbage heaps. I'm sure that few of us would sit in a dangerous neighborhood trying to gain the trust of a street animal. You are a kind spirit. All of you.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    You guys save a lot of animals and that makes me happy bless those animals and bless you guys and btw I subscribed and smashed that bell 3:26


    I love you guys. god, bless you all.❤️ 5:42

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    Just by looking at his depressed face i myself gets sad and depressed..... so sad for this dog. I hope she finds joy in her life 2:28

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Linda 😍 que fique bem que perceba que é amada 5:29

  • Animal Little Shelter
    Animal Little Shelter

    It’s so cute to see such good friends sticking by each other during those hard time! 3:15

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Offf, that was a tear-jerker!!! So glad she is doing better!!! 1:59

  • Paige Floyd
    Paige Floyd

    Do more please

  • Paige Floyd
    Paige Floyd


  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    백구 어디 아픈건 아니겠죠?😭 두 분 사이 결말이 궁금하네요ㅋㅋㅋ 4:42

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Awww that's so sad please find him a lovely home pleaseeeeeee ty 1:13

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Lets all just take however long and hug our animals tighter than we ever have before, the world is such a cruel place and people are just absurd. 3:55

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    You guys are so awesome saving these precious animals. You guys are my hero. Love your videos.💙🤗 5:54

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Por favor 🙏🏻, cuéntennos cómo sigue de salud esta hermosa bebé, Dios la bendiga y proteja a ella y a toda su familia 🥰 1:41


    할매가 좋지만 어릴 때 학대받은 트라우마가 있나봐요ㅜㅜ 1:57

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    I am very impressed by the feelings of this mother dog ...; There are many mothers in the world, lost their children ...; we need support. 1:55

  • Animal Little Shelter
    Animal Little Shelter

    Sweetness and brought to a beautiful family. ❤️ 2:28


    That’s the only time American paper houses are actually a good thing So happy you could rescue him 💓 4:33

  • Fluffy Unicat
    Fluffy Unicat

    This was made on my birthday 😊

  • Yngrid Almonte
    Yngrid Almonte


  • Chris

    The 61 down voters are a bunch of deplorables I hope I never have the misfortune to ever meet.

  • Dark Vader
    Dark Vader

    How do u join the team hopes for paws?

  • Ash Decker
    Ash Decker

    How does anyone give this a dislike??

  • DOM 19
    DOM 19

    Imagine disliking So people are awful

  • Jenny Fuertes 2
    Jenny Fuertes 2

    I saw that video,, I am so happy to see them reuniting. They are so adorable and energetic, I think that the love and support of there foster parents that's why they grew happy, adorable and energetic. GOD BLESS ALL THE FOSTER PARENTS & ALL THE HOPE FOR PAWS TEAM!

  • Jen H
    Jen H

    I just love family reunion

  • Anna Garcia-Monroy
    Anna Garcia-Monroy

    You guys are the best I love you

  • M. Baquerizo
    M. Baquerizo

    Absolutely adorable

  • Liang Evan
    Liang Evan

    1:18 That dog that was being chased was like I am fast as fck you don’t have any idea hw fast I am.

  • 우리집너머


  • B U N N I E
    B U N N I E

    I liked the boy who did these much better no offense

  • MaggieRocks218

    Where is the mom?

  • Sat class
    Sat class

    I’m happy they’re happy 😃 🎊🎉🎈

  • tlm0308

    This video was so cute and sweet!! My heart!! 💜

  • Promise

    This makes me so happy

  • Helga Reichert
    Helga Reichert

    Hope for paws, ich sehe Euch morgens mittags abends und dazwischen auch noch. 😅😅

  • ashley

    This warmed my heart


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  • Kalim Mullgrav
    Kalim Mullgrav

    I'm so happy😊 that Hope For Paws🐾through a family reunion👪/birthday party🎂🎈🎁🎉 for the Candy family 🐕🐾 plus Skittles, Bubblegum, Hershey, and Licorice are all grown up and they were so happy to be back together again😍❤💖💗💓💕💞💘.

  • Holly Cutey
    Holly Cutey

    Thank you hope for paws

  • dave smith
    dave smith

    57 people suck

  • i_am_automatic videos
    i_am_automatic videos

    in there rescue they were so small now they are these healthy and strong young adult dogs

  • Cassandra Hodges
    Cassandra Hodges

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire 25 years of living. I cannot stand the cuteness overload! CAN I BE INVITED NEXT TIME?! 😭💞❤️😍

  • Tâm Lê
    Tâm Lê


  • kaali kaali
    kaali kaali


  • nmontesinos67

    It's so great to see reunions.

  • Tango

    What nice families these doggies found 🙏🏻☺️💝 ! I love when the little boy says, « Good boy, Skittles! » 💕

  • Tango

    They are so happy ! Love the photos with the candies 🍭 😊! Please do lots more follow up videos !

  • Debbie Schiphof
    Debbie Schiphof

    If I could subscribe a million times, I'd do it!!

  • El Dock Doggie
    El Dock Doggie

    I can only watch so many of these videos a week couse my heart can't take it some are super sad and some make me wanna cry and some make me very mad what serpent humans do to these God given angels I love Doggies

  • Letícia

    Their happy faces are clear ♡♡♡♡

  • Henry Hadabona
    Henry Hadabona

    Dogs and a big bowl of skittles. That is a good day.

  • Sabbitha Blood
    Sabbitha Blood

    Thanks for this video! So heartwarming to see the dogs settled in their new happy lives. You guys are amazing 👍❤

  • Vanna Rocha
    Vanna Rocha

    This is so great, they are all loved and happy ☆•*¨*•.¸¸💖 Thanks so much 💖¸.•*¨*•☆

  • Sadie Girl
    Sadie Girl

    What beautiful families!! Thanks to Hope for Paws!

  • JohnnyHector17

    please more follow-ups on rescued animals

  • Shirley

    How fun was that! Thank you for sharing and for all you do.

  • Kristy *
    Kristy *

    Great time had by all!

  • Angela Mari Bancil Viray
    Angela Mari Bancil Viray

    Hello I'm sylene Angela son, I love your videos there good for telling people how to save dogs and other animals

  • Wolfegirl101

    Did you know it's been shown that adult dogs that were with their litter for 16 weeks or more remember them for years? So sweet to see these reunions!

  • Elisabete Margato Carloni
    Elisabete Margato Carloni

    An idea.....if you hold the can to your forehed with a capholder will have your hands free and take all the footage as it were your eyes and will be easer to move and catch the dogs ...

  • Shannon F-PA
    Shannon F-PA


  • Daimond Playz
    Daimond Playz

    I really wish I could be like you guys someday. You guys are amazing and I really wanna stop animal cruelty! Many animals are misunderstood as bad animals, such as possums, coyotes, and many more! But then there's you guys that save them and it warms my heart to know that you guys care... Sincerely, Your biggest fan

  • Coral_Berries :D
    Coral_Berries :D

    When im older i want to do the same things you Guys do

  • patricia collet
    patricia collet

    Cute video, music not so much

  • Jared S.
    Jared S.

    Hey can you help dogs who been hit by a car

  • tereza oyagi
    tereza oyagi

    Que criançada feliz!

  • Mary-Anne Drinkwater
    Mary-Anne Drinkwater

    Thank you so much for the Candy Family update. Just gorgeous! ❤

  • Parshu 19
    Parshu 19

    I just started donating the 10.30$ and I am paying for it myself ( I’m 11 ) hope for paws has motivated me to work hard for these dogs

  • Laura Kuhn
    Laura Kuhn

    Dear Eldad Some of us prefer to give a year's worth at once. Because 1 screw up on a recurring debit and you have a disaster. Would you please make a yearly donation option available and publicize it. If it is already available please publicize it thank you. You and your people and the wonderful Network you have brought together do fantastic work

  • Taylor

    A very happy family reunion indeed and you guys are very much welcome even though I'm broke but I watch your videos and all I can say is you guys are the most amazing people out there keep saving more lives. Love from Colorado Springs, CO.

  • iiPott

    u are a here aww so cute dog'ss i wouldt to like 1

  • SactoKingsGirl


  • Shirley

    What a perfect idea! Happy video! They are having so much fun! Crying tears of joy. Thank you Hope for Paws and Dodo!

  • Hop Boo3
    Hop Boo3

    So sweet! 😍

  • Idontwannabehereanymore

    If I could, I would donate a million to help these adorable animals ❤️❤️

  • Libre Expresión
    Libre Expresión

    Que hermoso video 🎂🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🇲🇽

  • Bebo godera
    Bebo godera

    So cute I love u hope for paws u help animals to give them a life

  • Dukeuniversitybarbie

    So sweet!

  • Mike Roy
    Mike Roy

    What a great way to start my day! I have a smile on my face and a lump in my throat. And, congrats to you guys on the happy and content souls you surely have for doing this work.

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni

    "you wont believe how the puppies grew" same size :))))

  • M. Hertling
    M. Hertling

    Sometimes life is so wonderful ❤🐕

  • Patti Carey
    Patti Carey