Wild animals in trouble during COVID-19 + NEW Hope For Paws APP!
I am so happy we are now called to help more animals than ever before!
This video is missing some details that I thought were too harsh, so I just posted a blog to fill in the missing details here: www.hopeforpaws.org/wild_rescue
Also, in this video, I am mentioning Amazon Smile, so I wanted to share another way to support our rescue effort at no cost to you! Starting today, you can help us save even more lives: www.hopeforpaws.org/amazon_smile_hope_for_paws
Next on the list - the Hope For Paws mobile APP! We just updated it, and you can download it for FREE on Google Plus or on the APP Store - just look for "Hope For Paws". Please make sure to turn the notifications ON, and this way, Loreta, JoAnn, Katie and myself will be able to text you when a new video comes out :-)
Two days ago I accomplished another INCREDIBLE rescue of a very special animal, and I hope you will check it out here: instagram.com/hopeforpawsrescue/
Thank you Pacific Wildlife Project for helping Hope For Paws with these projects! I really appreciate your support and education: www.pacificwildlife.org
On Monday I will post a NEW dog rescue video!
I will see you soon - just stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

  • Whistle Blower
    Whistle Blower

    *Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you does and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!

  • Raphael Leite
    Raphael Leite

    So.. I have a lot of white-eared opossums visiting my house through out the year... is there anyway to prevent it or anything I could do so my dog doesn't hunt them? (I live in the Northeast of Brazil and I have no idea of who to call here)

  • Celeste Lima
    Celeste Lima

    Eles procura comida eles só sai do lugar deles por fome infelizmente. Eles gosta de galinha eles e carnívoros.

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    Where are all the "I cried so hard" comments or the "Bless you" or all the other cheesey comments that follow every single dog rescue. Why are they missing? Because opposums are ugly, wild animals whereas dogs have evolved to mimic babies because nature found it worked like a charm when it comes to tricking people

  • Megan Munch
    Megan Munch

    Is there any updates on the American gull you guys rescued? Were they able to save the wing?

  • Urmel Ausdemeis
    Urmel Ausdemeis

    I hate Amazon, but I love opossums and gulls 🥰🥰🥰... It makes me so sad, that her babies drowned 😢

  • Ivan Lewkov
    Ivan Lewkov

    Una zaligueyyaaa es mira pobre animales está re asustado por suerte lo salvaron 😭🌼🌼💙🌏🌏😂🐰🐰💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🐰🐰🐰🐰 argentina 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • trisha Kv
    trisha Kv

    Love you hope for paws

  • Evelyn McConaghy
    Evelyn McConaghy

    Possums are so cute!

  • Evelyn McConaghy
    Evelyn McConaghy

    I love birds I am so sad that his wing was broken and the BONE was sticking out.

  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz

    You can pick them up by their tails

  • thatgirl777

    Thumbs up for these amazing people

  • Feyd Rautha
    Feyd Rautha

    North american possums looks like big rats. The Australian ones though are very cute.

  • Marques Rodriguez
    Marques Rodriguez

    Can't imagine the pain that gull must have felt, I feel bad.

  • LPS Frosty Fields
    LPS Frosty Fields

    5:36 it tried to eat a leaf xd

  • LPS Frosty Fields
    LPS Frosty Fields

    So in the description it says that they left out some details that were a little too harsh to put in this UZload video, after further inspection apparently the mama, in hopes of getting out, swam in the pool multiple times and accidentally drowned three for babies and only one survived what made it even worse is that the dead babies started decomposing- but it’s crazy that one survived.

  • martha torres
    martha torres

    Angela is a beautiful lady. Thank you!

  • DeetsterB

    Loretta is so sweet. Her love of animals is inspiring.

  • Katti K,A
    Katti K,A

    Here’s a comment for the algorithm.

  • Ziad Chowdhrey
    Ziad Chowdhrey

    I love how u are saving these animals during covid

  • Rebecca Fethe Vaccaro Vaccaro
    Rebecca Fethe Vaccaro Vaccaro

    Yall are awesome yall are the best yall are good yalll help animals yall help the world thank you for doing that there would be soo many animals injured if you did not save them but you do thank you sooo much for that🤗

  • •MG



    Wait ... What did Loretta say at 4:41? I think it was a bad Russian word ...

    • Luke Lasher
      Luke Lasher

      It's actually was! She said oiii bliyaaaat) I think she is Russian girl

  • kawaii gamer
    kawaii gamer

    ima cry nowT-T

  • Dr mentalist
    Dr mentalist

    if u do not have money for donate like me u can at least watch all the ads to support them

  • Александр Яцык
    Александр Яцык

    Мне кажется,или я услышала "ой бл*дь" ?

    • Luke Lasher
      Luke Lasher

      Так я не один такой) А эта девушка случайно не русская?

  • FacheChanteDeux

    On the one hand we have trump who doesn't care if a few million are very ill with coronavirus and a few hundred thousand people are dead. Meanwhile you guys are out there saving all creatures great and small. What a contrast!

  • D J
    D J

    Good job guys. God bless you

  • Ken Kaiser Torres
    Ken Kaiser Torres

    Hope for Paws are literally angels sent from heaven❤️✨

  • insertcleverusernamehere

    Pretty sure Loretta said "don't call animal control" at 3:31, which is very true. Animal control likely would've killed that poor momma and her babies

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Beautiful Angel on earth loreta you are simply the very best of all the rescue mission you are very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life thankyou beautiful loreta for your kindness to all of them thankyou

  • cassjane3

    Hi! I foster dogs through a local rescue, have retrieved 2 lost/stray kittens and taken them to the King County Regional Animal Services taken in an injured duck in an unexpected Northwest Pacific snow/ice storm, and a local wildlife rescue saved AND released it at Lake Meridian, Kent, WA. My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy, but he supports the animal rescues because-even as an AeroSpace engineer,-he values the lives of pets, people, and wildlife! Please know, there are others on the ground an in the trenches with you. 💖

  • Marie Prettyman
    Marie Prettyman

    I love how caring n gentle u both are with gods critters please stay safe n god bless

  • Alan Baker
    Alan Baker

    Just two days ago at 2:47 am I let my dog out and he zoomed to under the porch and Lord and behold there was a young opossum under it after getting the dog back in I went to work armed with a rake and a bucket I managed to remove it from under the porch. No one but me was hurt damn nails lol. I did warn the opossum that If need I'd scream like Mickey mouse and blow a rape whistle.

  • Steve Cameron
    Steve Cameron

    Possums are tick vacuums. Love their smile and their work. Love yours too.

  • Sayan Mukherjee
    Sayan Mukherjee

    The opossum was like what took you so long man

  • Ria WALIA
    Ria WALIA

    It's so sad the opossums babies died except one

  • Chrome Mimi Courtney
    Chrome Mimi Courtney

    Loreta for President! 💜🇺🇸💜🇺🇸💜

  • frodoggbooboo

    Loreta and Eldad are smart and caring. I love animals so in my mind they do God’s work and are saints.

  • Galaxy Wolfy
    Galaxy Wolfy

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO I just saved a opossum from my garage! He was so cute

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin

    Beautiful animals, beautiful people.😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️

  • sinneadfert

    At leat mama possum is healthy, and one baby was saved

  • Kailah Zilleruelo
    Kailah Zilleruelo

    U guys inspire me so much! Thank u for saving these animals!!!!

  • random person
    random person

    Love hope for paws ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

  • random person
    random person

    LOVE ANIMALA SO IM LIKE Hope For Paws so god i Video. Like my kommentare Plo

  • Alicia Roberts
    Alicia Roberts

    Loretta you need to be in every episode!!

    • Alicia Roberts
      Alicia Roberts

      Special thanks to Doug you rock man!✌️

    • Alicia Roberts
      Alicia Roberts

      I've been wanting binge watching for the last 3 hours. I wish I could help like you.

    • Alicia Roberts
      Alicia Roberts

      I know you guys do a lot of dog and cat rescues but I'm so glad to see you do other rescues. You're a wonderful human being 💯

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Loreta you are the most precious beautiful Angel on earth we always love you you are the most important to the animals birds and wild life we needed you to rescue all of them because you are the best

  • The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord
    The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord

    I absolutely loathe seagulls, but the second i see any animal in distress I melt. Hope the little dude does well.

  • ni_ola_ ai_oai_
    ni_ola_ ai_oai_

    REMEMBER TO NOT SKIP ADS SO THEY GET AS MUCH REVENUE AS POSSIBLE if u cant donate, the least u could do is watch the ads!!!!

  • macbitz

    I rescued a gull with a broken wing from my back garden and was very surprised how light it was for a large bird. Took it to the animal hospital but sadly they said there was nothing they could do for it.

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta

    Her babies died 😢😭

  • CawAreYouDoin?

    They started decomposing inside... Oh no... No wonder you had to separate the baby.

  • yvujmej

    Loreta is really a sweetheart❤

  • Shilo Allard
    Shilo Allard

    Poor momma opossum that’s so sad she lost her babies 😔💔but I’m glad she has one ❤️

  • Shilo Allard
    Shilo Allard

    Poor gull I hope he recovers soon.

  • NaturalWhitch

    I rescue wildlife and i have a feeling the opossum got trapped as she was blind in one eye. On the release video, you can see one eye reflects light whilst the other doesnt. Many animals will adapt too this, but its important to help those you find stuck and get them checked out. Some will need to be released in areas away from traffic and swimming pools for this very reason

  • Monica Lopez
    Monica Lopez

    Son increíbles usted merece que todos los ayudemos son perseverante y con amor gracias que Dios los bendiga siempre y el universo los cubra de bendiciones

  • Lora Lee
    Lora Lee

    These rescues were great. Loved it when Eldad said, “like a boss” when the rescue lady just swooped the seagull up. 😎

  • Cammy Minecraft
    Cammy Minecraft

    Those people who disliked are pure mean

  • Rocel Guimbal
    Rocel Guimbal

    Every time I watch this video I always cried

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    This is the most adorable Angel being rescue by the most beautiful beautiful and amazing Angel loreta we treasure you and thankyou for posting love you both may God bless you loreta and your be love eldad

  • Violet Jones
    Violet Jones

    When I read the title, I instantly downloaded the app

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Loreta is the best of all the rescue thankyou loreta you are so very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life they are needed your love because they know how much you love them your love for animals birds and wild life is so amazing and beautiful it look like Angel rescue angels the video of your rescue is priceless thankyou for posting

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    No anyone can genuinely love animals and birds and wild life like loreta she is very beautiful and loving to all of animals birds and wild life the most beautiful voice and amazing to see loreta on rescue mission too cute love you very much may God bless you always with love from Colin benj kitties and me Cheri xxxooo Perth western Australia xxxooo

  • Gloria Aranda
    Gloria Aranda


  • 100% Lindz
    100% Lindz

    Loretta your amazing 👏 In all the videos your in you know exactly what your doing. And every animal adores you x

    • Bob Karr
      Bob Karr

      Thankyou for posting this comment i have been to say that we love beautiful Angel loreta your beautiful amazing voice is priceless

  • FrankieBeans

    how is the bird would like an update please

  • Dxllia

    This made me so happy that you could save such wild animals

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Loreta your beautiful heart is so very pure with your touch of love for animals birds and wild life they are very happy to see you and hear your beautiful voice no one on this planet ever love animals birds and wild life as much like you love all of them to have the most adorable Angel beautiful like you is very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life you are very amazing and beautiful you make life worth living thankyou loreta and your be love eldad for posting this video love it thankyou

  • Meda Gaming
    Meda Gaming

    Is loretta russian? Bc she sweared russian when the man told u about the seagull.Lol. All tho I love how u rescue animals now I have a dream to rescue animals like u do! Bye. Love u!

  • Orennsystem

    Hope for paws: dont go anywhere, there is another rescue in this video Me: *now this puts a smile on my face*

  • Isaac's Toy box
    Isaac's Toy box

    I hate corona virus to

  • Paola Parra
    Paola Parra

    Son animalitos indefensos... Pero la gente los mata cruelmente

  • Aahana Sawant
    Aahana Sawant

    You guys are amazing 🙂 rescuing all the animals even in this time

  • Liv WTF
    Liv WTF

    Is it was russian swears I heard? o_O

    • Luke Lasher
      Luke Lasher

      Same o_o I though I was the only one

  • Vianne Buruma
    Vianne Buruma

    just a qeustion what do i call if i see a animal in need? (nnot that ive seen any but if i do??? )

  • Farkas Merga
    Farkas Merga

    I saved a seagull too, with a brooken wing... I was in San Francisco at that time, I called the cloosest wildlife number and taked her there. She was in my lap the hole time, she was beautiful... And they are eutanized her right away... I f hate them... I cryed so hard when they told me, and they are just looking at me like I'm f crazy for crying about a bird... She was not just a bird, she was everything for me... I am so mad till today, I never going to forget her.. Wish I would know better and taked her to LA... 😔💔

  • Christine *& Blake* Vander Ploeg
    Christine *& Blake* Vander Ploeg

    You guys are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 😊💕❤️🌈 just gets better and better with each rescue!! Thank you all sooo, soooo much!!

  • Metílio Pinto Forte
    Metílio Pinto Forte

    Best channel of the world

  • Ognyan Ognyanov
    Ognyan Ognyanov

    In our neighborhood somebody has been brutalizing the birds the past couple of weeks by cutting one of their legs off and nobody is doing nothing about it. It’s horrible.

  • Stefany Ramirez
    Stefany Ramirez

    I seriously love you guys! 😭❤️ I appreciate all you guys do for all these animals. I hope to have a job like this one day.

  • FlashPlay

    Я вот чувствовала, что Лорета русская))) Акцент чуть-чуть есть, осоенно когда она говорит слово leash))) Но когда она сказала "Ой бляяяяя" и еще назвала одну собачку Масиком, все сомнения рассеялись)))

  • Rosa Gallegos
    Rosa Gallegos

    Loretta is a great human 🙏

  • Love AndPeace
    Love AndPeace

    I would love to do something like this but I don't think my heart could take the rescue "near misses".

  • Dr. Jitender Sharma
    Dr. Jitender Sharma

    i'm fan of you guys

  • Michelle hernadez
    Michelle hernadez

    I can't find the app I luv your vidios pleas make. Me cry Rip baby posems always in our harts

  • Sarah Nguyen
    Sarah Nguyen

    It’s so sad and devastating that all the baby possums drowned! I’m very glad that at least one of then survived. :(

  • Ninja WithNoBalance
    Ninja WithNoBalance

    I am so happy hope for paws is not only dogs and cats but all creatures in need! ❤️🐾

  • Zepyxl Fan
    Zepyxl Fan

    I love when you use the fences because they cartoony

  • Mayra Torres
    Mayra Torres

    I love you guys thank you for saving animals lives and yes it is very hard to do your work at this time .

  • Alexander Zaitsev
    Alexander Zaitsev

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  • Yen Lopak
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    Catherine Garcia

    Aww poor little baby opossums! :-(

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    Amazon? Is this and advert? Sorry unsubscribe

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    Yngrid almonte

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    Imya Imya

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    Sadhana Ellenti

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    Kimberly Charles

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