Sewer rescue UNDER the city of Los Angeles! ♥♥♥ You don't want to miss this one!
TODAY we are celebrating Hope For Paws' 11th anniversary!
If you never donated to our organization, please donate $11 today and join our team. We risk our lives in dangerous locations to save these animals, we do it in all hours of the day and night, and we need help with providing the animals with the best medical care. You can make your donation here:
Thank you so much!!!
If you would like to adopt Slinky, please contact our friends from Foxy and the Hounds:
#HopeForPaws #AdoptDontShop #ExtremeRescue

  • MiaCat

    this made me so nervous! It makes me so sad to think about all the little kittens stuck in sewers everywhere, but it makes me so happy that hope for paws saved this little kitten. cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • demith and his bro
    demith and his bro

    U know I hate to be rude but that sewer crawling in the smaller runnels is not comfortable tho

    • demith and his bro
      demith and his bro

      And also glad that kitten is safe

  • Isabel Cristina Santos
    Isabel Cristina Santos


  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    I am always so amazed the sweet creatures don't shred the handlers. Ha

  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    Little fur ball.. has no idea how lucky heshe is. Yea!!!

  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    Me 2 I am claustrophobic

  • Jacky Aguirre
    Jacky Aguirre

    Que bien que asen eso de suparte👍♥️😻

  • Saleh Aldosarey
    Saleh Aldosarey


  • Freq Logic
    Freq Logic


  • Hope Mariee Moore
    Hope Mariee Moore


  • Ann Clark
    Ann Clark

    What a pretty little baby 💖💖💖💖

  • Ian moseley
    Ian moseley

    Its not really tight until you can't use your arms and have to move using only your toes

  • Ian moseley
    Ian moseley

    biggest concern would be the risk of toxic gas - three workmen died from that in a sewer near our office.

  • Sonia Mariee
    Sonia Mariee

    such a cute kitten she got so excited when she saw the kitten I have a kitten we named her Oreo and I have a dog she is a girl and her name is NALHA and my cat is a girl and I have a turtle his name is Frank Frank is a boy

  • Z S
    Z S

    I'm claustrophobic, I couldn't have done that but thank the Gods you got him! What an adorable little guy! How the hell did he end up in there?!? And what happened to the other kittys - because surely he wasn't the only one

  • a Mills
    a Mills

    So cute

  • a Mills
    a Mills

    You are so brave i wich i wase brave to thakae you

  • Emi Cast
    Emi Cast

    I love you guys you always make my day when you save a cat or dog

  • Payom Panichagorn
    Payom Panichagorn


  • Nathan Wasonga
    Nathan Wasonga

    good cat

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    MAN! After that dinner, she's doing to need another bath!

  • Michelle Albiza
    Michelle Albiza

    God Bless You!

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas

    LOL!!! I asked him to come to me but he said no.

  • Wendy Hudson
    Wendy Hudson


  • nope nope
    nope nope

    This is the definition of claustrophobia



  • Mishaalz Flair
    Mishaalz Flair

    Is this cat adopte now

  • Masurah Arman
    Masurah Arman


  • fri bleder
    fri bleder


  • fri bleder
    fri bleder


  • Deltamoon

    It’s sad that many cats meet this fate without anybody noticing

  • EL AL
    EL AL

    Guys you are amazing 😉

  • JustCallMeElle

    That baby looks like my baby Curly who passed away just last September 4 at the age of 4.

  • صافيّ الوُد
    صافيّ الوُد

    وهذا عملكم المشرف أطهر وأشرف من عبادة ودين السيستاني الأرهابي This is your supervisor of the supervisors and supervised by the worship and religion of the terrorist

  • صافيّ الوُد
    صافيّ الوُد

    هذه المنهولة أنظف من السيستاني This is satisfied with a cleaner of the Sistani

  • Taha Omar
    Taha Omar


    • Taha Omar
      Taha Omar


  • Taha Omar
    Taha Omar


  • Taha Omar
    Taha Omar


  • Sultan Daffa
    Sultan Daffa

    Hhhhaaaa aku hantu

  • Bendy Fan
    Bendy Fan


  • Bendy Fan
    Bendy Fan

    I want it

  • T Neemia
    T Neemia

    "You coming?" "Im filming cockroaches wait" Me on the other hand "Omg cockroaches xD"

  • sheena weise
    sheena weise

    I had a kitty and it turned into a adult but I moved into a. Place and my mom gave him away ) : i 😢

  • rogelio enriquez jr.
    rogelio enriquez jr.

    i salute

  • Hannie Keijzer
    Hannie Keijzer

    Geweldig bedankt voor de moeite JULLIE geven het niet snel op super

  • Fan of everthing :3 and youtubers
    Fan of everthing :3 and youtubers

    The kitten is so cut by the way I Could fit in the smaller tunnels or the big ones

  • Osorio Oliveira
    Osorio Oliveira

    Que é brasileiro aí?🤩

    • Osorio Oliveira
      Osorio Oliveira

      Bom eu só é gosto desses resgate

  • chloe baray
    chloe baray

    My dad save 4 Kittens well not 4 3 of them died

  • Alissa Ouano
    Alissa Ouano


  • Clone Mighty x Toy Sonic
    Clone Mighty x Toy Sonic

    3:48 Meow

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    You guys rock. Those cockroaches were gross though..

  • Tom Oakhill
    Tom Oakhill

    At 5:15 that is so amazing. Really wonderful.

  • MuffinCatz AJ
    MuffinCatz AJ

    4:37 "come on!" "I'm filming cockroaches, wait" 😂 adorable kitten btw 💕💕 very well done 👏

  • かな


  • Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro
    Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro

    These people are sent straight from heaven! Absolute angels! No other words to describe them! On behalf of all of the amazing (and important) animal lives you've saved, thank you! I'm sure you can see it in the animals' eyes anyways... :)

  • Visesh Vivek
    Visesh Vivek


  • Marcus's Videos
    Marcus's Videos

    I'll name the little kitten caleb

  • rodsky baynosa
    rodsky baynosa

    Awww thanks for saving that angel

  • Nancy Grissett
    Nancy Grissett

    You guys and girls are so wonderful. I wish I had money to send you. I love your show so much . God bless you all and thankyou for saving all the hurt, and homeless animals.

  • Lucas Naylor
    Lucas Naylor

    Never give up

  • Ben Spears
    Ben Spears

    Omg I love your vids that make me cry because you are so sweet to all the animals you save

  • うよ


  • The Ramdom Channel
    The Ramdom Channel

    I admire these people so much! ...but am I the only one anxious by the loose hair? It must get everywhere! specially in a rescue like this! If you have to crawl into a sewer at least put on a ponytail! XD

  • Jacyntha Kaur
    Jacyntha Kaur

    That kitten is so darn cute!!!

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez


  • addie theGr8
    addie theGr8

    Yall are so brave I'm claustrophobic I have an extreme fear of cockroaches props to yall

  • Оксана Кубасова
    Оксана Кубасова


  • mark knight
    mark knight

    This is so kind I have all ways wanted a dog 🐕 but I am happy 😃 with a 🐈

  • Ana Rey-Oktay
    Ana Rey-Oktay

    That was harrowing. I’m so glad you all made it home safely.

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

    Nice work

  • Nelson Reyes
    Nelson Reyes

    You really need to be careful when entering sewer systems. Hydrogen Sulfide gas can kill you. Dont take my word for it, look it up. Great rescue, but lets make sure that you are around for future rescues.

  • Vaheeda Basheer
    Vaheeda Basheer

    i can't donate from my country that i live in United Arab emirates(U.A.E) but i will always pray for the world nature and animals. like those who pray for animals to be rescued

  • john cameron
    john cameron

    Wow just wow. Calling to the kitten too cute. How did you find your way back? Also cockroaches

  • i & i
    i & i

    It's bad enough being in a scanning machine, but these tunnels are much narrower. No hesitation from you at all, you're so very brave. Thank you 🍀 🍀 🍀

  • SimplyYT

    To everyone else he’s Slinky To me he’s bandit-boy kitty-cat

  • Tess Tweed
    Tess Tweed

    I want to do my own rescue like yours when I am old enough I have saved 3 frogs and a turtle the frogs 2 of them had a missing back leg and so i took them to a animal rehaber and one my dog attacked and ripped open its side and I took string and a left and covered his wound and the next day I checked on it and it was doing awsome and it had ate the bugs I put in there for him and I kept him in side for a few more days then it healed and I released it ♡ and the turlte was Trapped in my fence that I have cause I live in a neighborhood and I pulled him out carefully but I had noticed that it shell was missing a whole chunk but the turtle didn't seen to care and it ate and drank food and water and so I released it down near my creek I have close to my house and he walked away

  • Maria Caraang
    Maria Caraang

    Talk about claustrophobia.

  • crewsnest

    i became a claustrophobic watching this rescue

  • D Epic Blocks
    D Epic Blocks

    Slinky is cute . And I am looking forward to adopt a 1or 2 month kitten,slinky is great for me but he is probably already adopted.

  • Eric Selby
    Eric Selby

    Your crew is the best! Thanks for your never ending efforts!!

  • David McKenzie
    David McKenzie


  • Kamila Strejckova
    Kamila Strejckova


  • James Igar
    James Igar


  • SLF4ever

    This was stressful but satisfying.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    He thinks he can communicate with cats 😂😂😂😂

  • William Gallop
    William Gallop

    Shawshank redemption Slinky's escape

  • SierraD26

    I Love Cats And Kittens

  • Orennsystem

    The sewer is a place of nightmares Claustrophobia Entomophobia Nyctophobia Cloacaphobia

    • Samuel Hill
      Samuel Hill


  • Sarah

    Im pretty small so i wouldnt freak out over the space but over all those spiders and cockroaches 😖

  • alexsc1309

    Afaik I am not claustrophobic but the thought of being down there scares me. Good thing Eldad and Foxy were up for a game of hide and seek. My deepest respect to you guys.

  • bg147

    I could never crawl into that small pipe.

  • Beth de Leon
    Beth de Leon

    Wow God bless to both of you.That Terri girl.!

  • Elly Syafwa
    Elly Syafwa

    Thank you very much 👍

  • Applehazkitten

    The dislikes on this video are the animal haters, those stupid heads

  • Mace

    You should add a skateboard to your tool kit, it would come in handy in some of those pipes.

  • René Fabre
    René Fabre

    😊on se croirait dans un filme 😊😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • René Fabre
    René Fabre

    Namiste vous etes formidable 💙💚💛💜

  • mazzer0013

    These people are so brave

  • Tim Hodges
    Tim Hodges

    Its very brave going down a sewer but also very dangerous. Confined spaces should only be entered after risk assessment with a harness to the top, means of escape and gas monitoring. Its actually illegal to undertake this kind of entry in the UK.

  • tina tullin
    tina tullin

    Wow! That's dedication. So heartwarming❤️