Kitten hides in an engine to find warmth on a cold winter night.
Please suggest names for our rescues here:
When my phone rings and it's Barbara Vasilaros on the other side, I know I have something challenging coming my way :-)
This rescue took place on the first winter night we had here in Los Angeles and it was pretty cold. It took us a while to figure it out, but luckily, Professor was talking back to the kittens on the UZload video I was playing on my phone.
If you would like to adopt this cute little kitten, please contact our friends at Guardian Angel Pet Rescue:
The dog in the video is Loreto. He was rescued by our main surgeon, Dr. Antonio Pedraza. Loreto had two broken legs, and they are now both fixed! I will post before and after pictures on our FB and IG.
If you would like to adopt Loreto (not to be confused with our Loreta), please fill an adoption application on our website:
Thank you so much!
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  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Mia Tokaryk
    Mia Tokaryk

    I rescued kittens from a shed this summer and my cousin adopted them

  • Cheyenne Gist
    Cheyenne Gist

    You all are wonderful people, especially during this pandemic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✔❤😊👍

  • Yasmina Nouari
    Yasmina Nouari

    Ohhhhhh bébé thank you merciiiii formidable 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😻😻😻

  • Rachel Martin
    Rachel Martin

    Did anyone else see Professor fall over when he was running? Cutest baby ever!

  • 妖精FeEssli

    If you wanna adopt Loreto (not Loretta) 🤭🙈🤣

    • 妖精FeEssli

      @bilinas mini Loretta is too precious for her team ☺

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Sure would make your life easier.

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    "Link for name suggestion down below" Down Below: No name suggestion links here!

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      You missed an opportunity to type purrfect instead of the proper way you did it in the video. For shame.

  • trainrover

    Professor had me in stitches! oo la, hadn't seen it coming.

  • R Athey
    R Athey

    Tysm. God bless you!

  • Sandra Montilla
    Sandra Montilla

    Bendiciones para gatito 😇🙏🙏🙏 y ustedes por rescatarlos 🐾🐾🐾💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Grace Russell
    Grace Russell

    Someone give this man a raise 😂 ❤️

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      hey umm what about

  • Raneli Wickramasinghe
    Raneli Wickramasinghe

    I wish if I have a dog and a kitten. I have two rabbits who does have pets ??×_×

  • Maaria Khan
    Maaria Khan

    the first name that came to mind was Rev or Rever

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf

    He’s so adorable! I’m so happy and relieved he’s no longer shivering in the cold and is in a warm, Safe place now. Personally I love cats the most, so seeing the cat videos really warms my heart to the core! :) I hope to see more cat rescues in the future!

  • FlameTheFaithful

    Ever tried naming animals after Greek gods and goddesses? That’d be cute

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Name suggestions Boy: Tommy, Stormy, squeaky, and teddy/teddy bear. Girl: Lilac, Annika (Annika means grace and beauty), and Violet.

  • Pamela Penick
    Pamela Penick

    I just love the phase kittens go through where they pounce and bounce and have no idea what they are doing other than figuring out their

  • Steve Pettersen
    Steve Pettersen

    If you want a cat to come crack open a can of food.

  • Maya

    You guys are angels thank you so much for helping this sweet angels 🐱🐱🐱🐱

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      doesn't cling to me all the time, when she decides she wants to be cuddled, she won't take no for an answer.

  • ShivaServer2009

    You missed an opportunity to type purrfect instead of the proper way you did it in the video. For shame.

  • SunRae 51
    SunRae 51

    Eldad, I leave a message here for an idea I had watching a dog rescue. Some of your cages are pretty big. Have you ever considered putting wheels on them to pull them along? Sure would make your life easier.

  • noname


  • Blaze dancing doggo
    Blaze dancing doggo

    I remember watching these videos years ago! But then I couldn’t find them again, but now I have

  • Tbac

    About a year ago I walked out of my house and there was a pit bull sitting right next to the front door. I got it some water and food. I noticed the dog was limping bad. I found a rescue that would come out and take care of the dog. After they showed up the people were amazing and they tried to get the dog. After about 20 minutes of them just talking to him and tossing him treats the dog just flipped out and went after one of the ladies. After everyone backed up and waited for about an hour the dog again just flipped out this time it attacked the fence we were behind. Now at this point no one was able to leave the area we were in. I had the are fenced off with hard wire fence so unless the gog could jump over it we were safe. These people waited for another 2 hours and every once in a while they would try to talk to the dog and give him treats but he would just attack the fence. Again he had a sever limp. It was getting close to the time the kids get out of school and we were all getting concerned and we had no choice but to call the animal rescue in the area. One guy showed up about 30 minutes later and he was only able to get about 25 feet from the dog and he went after they guy. As much as I love animals I had no choice but to dispatch the dog. The animal rescue guy went to the hospital and got 57 stiches to his leg and another 24 to his arm. His boss showed up and told me that that dog had already bitten 2 other people about a mile away and they had been looking for it. Dark haired dog and night time in an area that has no street lights except on the main roads. All I am saying here is be careful people if you are going to try to rescue an animal with no experience. You never know.

  • Tina Morey
    Tina Morey

    Names ok : Butterfly , Baby , Buddy , Kitty 🐈 ty for the kool rescue 💕

  • Tina Morey
    Tina Morey

    Eldad & Loreta , stand up...and take a bough ! You all are brilliant & blessed ! Thx for saving kitty 🐈☺️

  • juliet dutra
    juliet dutra


    • Janette cryptostocks
      Janette cryptostocks

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  • L. Williams
    L. Williams

    You could use where you find them if appropriate. Our cat’s name is Shiloh because we found him on Shiloh Rd. We often joke it was a good thing I didn’t find him on Booger Branch Rd😄

    • Janette cryptostocks
      Janette cryptostocks

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  • Lauren Nixon
    Lauren Nixon

    Hey I want A girl name to be Elva Also I’m very happy Professer is safe

  • Sheila Gibson
    Sheila Gibson

    Loreto not Loretta.....darn I really wanted to adopt Loretta!!!😂😂😂

  • Linda Henderson
    Linda Henderson

    Good job, as usual!

    • Janette cryptostocks
      Janette cryptostocks

      Hello there 👋 Can I interest you in a money making investment 👍👍👍

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    I had one who looked like him, except for the spot on his chin, and I named him Oreo.

    • Janette cryptostocks
      Janette cryptostocks

      Hello there 👋 Can I interest you in a money making investment 👍👍👍👍

  • Lora Gunning
    Lora Gunning

    There were 2 kittens, obvious from the cries, what happened to the 2nd kitten?

  • Tommygun 264
    Tommygun 264

    One of my cats was found in a car engine. She wasn't a little kitten, but a juvenile, maybe 4 months old, and living feral in an industrial area. We don't have rabies in Hawaii, so the state encourages residents to feed feral cats, as they help to control the rat and mongoose populations. The state sponsors a trap, spay/neuter and release program, which keeps the stray cat population from exploding. My ex, who is a magnet for stray animals, was leaving his office in an industrial area near the old Dole pineapple cannery, decided to pick up dinner at a drive-thru before getting on the freeway to go home. The person at the pickup window said he heard a cat crying. Sure enough, this juvenile had climbed into the engine when the car was parked and as the engine heated up, she moved back toward the firewall and it was too hot for her to find a way out. It took a while to get her out and she fought to get away, but he held her wrapped in a towel until she calmed down so he could make sure she was okay. Some fur on the tips of her hears and a spot on her tail were singed, but no burns on her skin, but once she calmed down, she didn't want to get away, but instead locked onto his arm and wouldn't let go. He already had one cat at home and another at his office, so he brought her to me and once I gave her some leftover chicken, she latched onto me and wouldn't let go. The whole time she kept purring really loud - you can hear her purring from across the room - so I named her Bugatti, which is this super-high priced Italian racing car. That was 10 years ago and while she doesn't cling to me all the time, when she decides she wants to be cuddled, she won't take no for an answer.

  • 22 Quennisa Hakim
    22 Quennisa Hakim

    My Kitten is like that when is Night time If the Four Kitten in my dad car it would be easy BUT if in the korean people car is super Hard But im Scared that if the korean people Car just Dirve My Precius Four kitten Will die and i will Cry :(((

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      a dog sometimes.


    Please......u come to India... because there are lot dogs has no house they are so painful like.....pls hope for paws pls....

    • P KAYCEE
      P KAYCEE

      Pls come to India and adopt the pet animal pls.....

  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • Sushi Bean
    Sushi Bean

    So cuteeee tyyy for saving professors 😸

  • Happy With Shreyashi
    Happy With Shreyashi

    Again a cutie 😍😘❤

  • Imca vdB
    Imca vdB

    Driver, Minnie

  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez

    What are you doing when you get

  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez

    Que want me estoy doing think me estoy think when you going when you

  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez

    What are you going when you doing

  • Joshua Michael
    Joshua Michael

    I'm sorry Eldad, can I ask you a question? Why does it took so long for the channel to reach a 5.00 M subs? What matter right now you only need more 20 K subscription for it to happen, but everytime I check the number is not going anywhere. Well I'll hope that you could get the 5.00 M as quickly as possible, and I wish that you would reply to my question right away, thanks for you attention.. ❤️ U Eldad & Hope for paws

  • big world small cavys
    big world small cavys

    Name suggestion: Garfield or Hobbes.

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    Why isn’t Loretta around anymore??

  • Sabi

    I love the name. I hope that the professor finds his forever home. Thank you for rescuing him.❤️

  • Christian Frömel
    Christian Frömel

    Again and again 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏼👌🏼🥳🥳🥳 All i can say is LOCE ALL YA !!! and nice greets from Austria PEACE

  • Axelz

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THOSE FAKE RESCUE CHANNELS THIS IS A REAL ONE , please do not subscribe to those india channels

  • Carole Smith
    Carole Smith

    As soon as you opened the hood, I was peering in , leaning over to see if I could spot the kitty. What a sweet little kitten. We got one of our cats this same way, he took refuge in a car engine after a really bad thunderstorm and we heard him crying the next morning. He's ten years old, now, and everyone of us adores him. He's a Maine Coon, and acts like a dog sometimes.

  • H Fournier
    H Fournier


  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Thanks you very much !🙏🏾❤️ 4:18 ☘💜

  • Jeremy Hubsher
    Jeremy Hubsher

    A friend of mine was a tech at Hyundai she had a cat in the engine bay of one of her customer's cars. She tore that engine bay apart to get him out. She looked for his owner but never found one. Ended up keeping him and name him vroom vroom schmutz.

  • Jarmila Jahodnikova
    Jarmila Jahodnikova

    Moja malicka zlatucka, dakujem za pomoc🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💜🧡💛💚

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    If only it was so easy to adopt Loreta...

  • Redrum Perses
    Redrum Perses

    I’ve been a subscriber for years now, watching you guys save these animals. Every video just amazes me more and more, especially with all the time you guys put into it saving these animals.

  • Lalan Desai
    Lalan Desai

    El Professor 😀

  • 1 Man Dynasty
    1 Man Dynasty


  • Twisted Mr.
    Twisted Mr.

    There are two kittens! You can clearly hear two distinctive voices. Pleas tell me you got the other kitten.

  • Missy Zalgo
    Missy Zalgo

    If they name thier next rescue something like beast boy i'm gonna fan girl to oblivion

  • FireCracker3240

    For a split second, I thought the text said Loreta had been hit by a car! I swear, I was so terrified! Thank you for clarifying!

  • Alghero Man
    Alghero Man

    I am sure you will have many volunteers to adopt Loreta, but she seems to be in good hands already. LOL Keep up the great work Eldad!!!

  • Marshall Mayes
    Marshall Mayes

    Otto since it sounds like Auto

  • drino zhao
    drino zhao

    I hear the kitten so adorable! I’m so glad the cat didn’t bite.

  • Jep Pear
    Jep Pear

    jalkfjdafjao she is so cuteee

  • tumenjargal batjargal
    tumenjargal batjargal

    If there are girls than it could be shadow, midnight, sunshine, Sydney, Minny, Maryland, mystery, or Shani. If its a boy it could be Alex, Seamus, Rouben, or spirit.

  • Barbara Sutherland
    Barbara Sutherland


  • Eileen Jones
    Eileen Jones

    I had a kitten whose mom was feral and she had her kittens and brought them to a car to keep warm and a few hours later while she was sound asleep the owner came out and started the car , killing the mom and her kittens.......when he heard the screaming from mom. lifted the hood but it was too late, blood and body parts everywhere, except for one newborn underneath the other pieces of the 4 kittens and mom......He was brought to the vet but the man thought he would die because of all the blood. Miracle of Miracles...He was untouched...I was working that day and the Vet asked me to foster the kitten because the hospital was full.......I took him home and raised him calling him " DODGER " because he dodged death.....I adopted him because I was all he knew and he gave me 20 wonderful, loving yrs....He passed from old age 5 yrs. ago and I still miss him, although a stray kitten was hiding in my garage 2 yrs. ago and she looked exactly like my DODGER, sounded like him and lovable just like him and I kept her. ..she just turned 3.....God sent her to me .

  • Lorna Swick
    Lorna Swick

    They take refuge in the engine compartment when it is hot too. In July of this year, I pulled a stay kitten from under my hood.

  • abstract rainwing
    abstract rainwing

    1st of all: why did you put him there? 2nd of all: if you you like "saving" things almost commit suicide!

  • Redcat Redcat
    Redcat Redcat

    So cute, as usual, as all animals in this world😝😝

  • Maria Chrysanthou
    Maria Chrysanthou

    Omg the same EXACT thing happened when i was out w my family, and when we were about to leave we heard a lotta kitty sounds coming from a car (it was like 11pm, peach black outside) and it was actually trapped in there and we had no idea how to get it out cuz whenever we got close, it stopped mewoing and got even deeper in the car's engines so we couldn't locate it. After like 45 mins the owner of the car got frustrated and left bc he had a long road ahead of him and it was rly late... I felt so bad we couldn't save it oof and the poor kitty would probably burn in the engines with all the heat... I hope it somehow survived...

  • Potato’s Pets
    Potato’s Pets

    Hi Hope for paws.! How are you doing? I wanted to say that over 7 million rabbits are dumped every year. I feel really bad for them since I have a rabbit myself. I would be very happy if you started saving rabbits,too. I know you are not going to see this but if you do, I hope the best and I love what you are doing! ❤️ (Please spread this comment around so he can see it,please! 🥺)

    • bill Gatty
      bill Gatty

      They have saved a number of rabbits before.

  • honbun100

    So sorry about Loreta’s accident. I wish her a fast recovery!

    • Ken McCormick
      Ken McCormick

      You realize it's Loreto (the little dog with broken legs in the video), not Loreta?

  • Dude on a computer
    Dude on a computer

    I don't want to adopt Loreta, I want to BE adopted by her!

  • B Sanders
    B Sanders

    I am so very happy that this sweet little kitten was rescued. In cold weather people need to bang on the hood of a vehicle before starting their vehicles. Have a good life sweetheart.

  • Passemard Louna
    Passemard Louna

    Thank you so much for everything you do !! Love from France !! For names suggestions, I'm gonna give you my French pets names, because I would be so honored if they inspire someone !! Girl : Musa, Kaya, Kido, Chanel and Flore Boy : Taraf, Titi (I pronounce it Teetee), Michat and Chochmo (it means "small hill of mud ❤)

  • T Roberts
    T Roberts

    This is how I ended up with a male main coon kitten. Drove home parked the car in the garage, heard faint meowing and there he was hid in the motor. Didn’t know main coon cats were the dogs of the cat world but they are. He’s 2 years old now and his buddy is a Burnese mountain dog.

  • Jenny Munday
    Jenny Munday

    Since he likes engines he may have gone for an unintentional ride, poor thing. No wonder he was so scared. Also, its mean to tell us we can't adopt Loretta >:( We all love her too!

  • KT Heng
    KT Heng

    5:06 wahahahaha

  • Moran Amit
    Moran Amit

    The most lucky kittens are those who found by hope for paws..

    • Lynn Martz
      Lynn Martz

      or Kitten Lady

    • Lynn Martz
      Lynn Martz

      Or Flatbush Cat Rescue

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown

    So cute

  • Kreative Rainbow
    Kreative Rainbow

    I'd love to adopt Loreta!! She's such a brave, sweet lady!! ❤❤

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown

    Glad this baby is safe

  • chilliesn pies
    chilliesn pies

    gosh that is so dangerous kitty, i like the volunteers hair colour. she has really cool colours each time

  • YoshiJonYT

    Go Hope for Paws! Go Hope for Paws!

  • Denis. Nishant.
    Denis. Nishant.

    Godbless you guys 🙏

  • Denis. Nishant.
    Denis. Nishant.


  • Amanda H
    Amanda H

    Aww, Professor is so cute! Though I swear one of my guinea pigs is bigger than him lol. I hope he finds a forever home soon! The dog is very cute too, I also hope he finds a forever home as soon as he's ready.

  • Barbera Kingsley
    Barbera Kingsley

    Lucky, Lucky kitty thank you sending lots, and lots of love as always just love you guys thanks again for caring about animals. !!!! ❤❤❤ Durban, South Africa

  • Ise Heitmann
    Ise Heitmann

    Toll das die Süße Mullemaus, gefunden und ein schönes Zuhause bekommen hat. Sie sprüht förmlich vor Lebensfreude und Abenteuerlust auf. Auch mit der großen Fellnase 👍 kommt sie super gut zurecht. Möge die kleine Schmusemulle in Gesundheit alt werden dürfen dafür alle guten Wünsche, und ganz viel Glück.😸😸🍀👏

  • Suzan vH
    Suzan vH

    No one's gonna talk about the new Hope for paws - Orange Twins Rescue aka Scott&eldad team up??? I love this connection 🥺

  • J L
    J L

    Good job by caller fencing the kitty in.

  • Dany8782

    Thank you for saving this kitty. The dog Loreta is a real cutie

  • Robert Nahal
    Robert Nahal

    Any cat or dog rescued in LA - how about the name OSCAR?

  • Erica Devaux
    Erica Devaux

    Omg dank for helping the animals 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💕💋

  • Tonniece A
    Tonniece A

    👍🏾💯❤️. Hugz

  • Bullet Adams
    Bullet Adams

    poor baby kitten

  • Rainbow L
    Rainbow L

    Wonder where the mom and siblings are...

  • D Turner
    D Turner

    Such a little cutie pie!!

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