Fasby survives THREE coyote attacks - see his survival techniques at the end!
Fasby had to be rescued TWICE, and it's just a miracle that he survived to tell the story. For this Valentine's Day, please give your Valentine a meaningful gift that saves lives: www.HopeForPaws.org/Valentines_Day
I would love to know what you thought about this video and about how it was done - this is so unusual, and I hope you'll enjoy it :-)
Special thanks to The Little Red Dog for finding Fasby a loving forever home: TheLittleRedDog.org
Please like and share this video - it really helps us with raising awareness.
The illustrations on this video was created by Taren Beatrice - furysforge.wixsite.com/portfolio
Video editing and animation by Justin Ruiz - jsterlingruiz.com
Let me know if you liked the addition of the animation ;-)

  • Josie M
    Josie M

    Wow that was a great catch . Next time get the cheese burger he looks so hungry 😋

  • Jane Malig
    Jane Malig

    I think you should take the dog back to hope for paws. And do not return the dog to the adopter. The dog is not safe with her.

  • Wayne Tee
    Wayne Tee

    I always pick my little dog in my arms when a bigger dog passes by. Ive yet to ever see a coyote that would ever get near a human to get at a dog.

  • Wayne Tee
    Wayne Tee

    He was tucked under that low car so anything bigger than him couldn't get under. Imagine everything is huge to the little guys. Really gotta watch out for them

  • Jonathan Duncan
    Jonathan Duncan

    The ad eyebrow intradurally avoid because dad yearly sneeze about a ill rain. skillful, worthless change

    • eurovision50

      Yes indeed...

  • Jonathan Duncan
    Jonathan Duncan

    The nebulous dirt conspicuously blot because kenya biochemically cheat except a frightened frightening full fumbling functional fedelini. aquatic, addicted reindeer

  • Denise Jeronimo
    Denise Jeronimo

    Zo mooi

  • Teresa Matson
    Teresa Matson

    What an incredible little dog 🥰🤗❤️❤️❤️ What an incredible love story for Fasby/Buffy 🥰🤗❤️

  • Fulcrum

    Woman didn't have Fasby on a leash. Fasby tries to be protective. Ends up attacked by Coyote. Ron finds him, thinks he's dead or will succumb to his wounds and puts him in a trash bag. Fasby gets out of said trash bag, and then tries to find someone to help him.

  • Sue Crissman
    Sue Crissman

    Amazing! Love your videos and what you do. I have a Beabull and she watches these videos gets up to the tv and barks.

  • Minecraft Madison
    Minecraft Madison

    screaming at the coyote?! It probably felt threatened by the screaming This was the owners falt

  • Paolo Monaco
    Paolo Monaco

    Seem some kind of science fiction story to me!

  • The Ropes of Renovation
    The Ropes of Renovation

    Little dogs don't realize they are little!! haha!

  • Sandra Grecki
    Sandra Grecki

    My biggest fear. I live in the northeast and have to little chichis..... I am like a momma hawk out there with them.... This little dog is AMAZING!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Phyllis Nunn
    Phyllis Nunn

    What an amazing little dog!!! So glad he found a loving home. I hope his owner will get him professionally fitted with a harness that he can't escape from on his walks! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  • Catherine R
    Catherine R

    Buffy the coyote slayer 🐶💜💜❤️

  • lifethroughthelenseof happiness
    lifethroughthelenseof happiness

    Its sounded fishy her history. I had a strange feeling that she thought well he is gonna die soon and I don't want to deal with vet bills. Who knows? I am surprise they gave her back the dog. That cutie pie would have no problem getting a good family that is careful.

  • Emy and Mylan
    Emy and Mylan

    so sad

  • Ellery Politsch
    Ellery Politsch

    He looks like a whole different dog

  • Rotel Dorel
    Rotel Dorel

    bull shiet talk donation to save only 12 dogs ? i send you naw be wester union 1 kl of tomato pateto to eat mafaculo not dolars:))

  • Alexis Marcozzi
    Alexis Marcozzi

    What are you guys doing

  • Alexis Marcozzi
    Alexis Marcozzi


  • Danish Moonrock
    Danish Moonrock

    seems people are skeptical in the comments. that is a good thing.

  • martin ramson
    martin ramson

    Super great x

  • Linda Diehl
    Linda Diehl

    Thanks for taking such good care of these beautiful creatures! God loves them -- and God loves YOU for caring for them! Thank you!!

  • jules wins
    jules wins

    Who on earth names a male dog Buffy?! That’s just weird ... and a little ridiculous. I guess she could have named him Sue.

  • Phoenix Jones
    Phoenix Jones

    Ah Eldad now I finally know your name. You are very good and really are able to tame these wild dogs very quickly.

  • Valerie C.
    Valerie C.


  • Kashif Ali
    Kashif Ali

    Amazing dog

  • Softy Cadence
    Softy Cadence

    I still think this adorable pup deserves a more responsible owner. No one and I mean no one who really loves their dog just stands there and doesn’t try to help rescue him from that coyote. I don’t care about her age - my 82 year old grandma wouldn’t let a small dog like that get hurt so much - poor thing didn’t need to get injured so many times if she had protected him better sturdier leash to start that wouldn’t snap away so easily and by using that walking stick to protect herself and the dog. Sweet baby doesn’t know any better and doesn’t hold any grudges

  • Crooked Halo
    Crooked Halo

    How did Buffy get away from Ron seems to be the question of the hour.


    I think he should be called Admiral!! He's born to protect and be an awesome leader

  • YenYen


  • diecast jam
    diecast jam

    It's not nice everyone turning on the poor old lady saying she's lying and all that but...she said the dog ran out of it's collar which is on obvious lie as the dog was still wearing the collar when it was found by the other lady. Anyway the wee pooch is a proper street fighter.

  • Rainbow L
    Rainbow L

    The story is weird😨, I hope you can keep in contact with Fasby. It’s sad to hear him being rescued off street and then ran into bigger danger.

  • John Hoover
    John Hoover

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog that matters.

  • ox1dyz

    I think Ron was trying to stem bleeding with the bag but I don’t understand why he left him

  • yarnpower

    I am amazed how you spot these dogs who are hiding! Terrific rescue!

  • Adam D
    Adam D

    What a story! Brave little dog!

  • Jack Boyer
    Jack Boyer

    Back some years ago my sister lived in the high desert near Apple Valley she had 2 dogs a silkie terrier & a min Pincher the coyotes didn't bother the Silky terrier but would bite the miniature Pincher all the time until chased off. The reason they left the Silky alone was because be was the most aggressive dog I ever saw absolutely fearless i saw him pull a gopher from his burrow one day even though the gopher bit him repeatedly he finally got it & killed it. I asked my sister why the coyote didn't bother him I guess it's because these little 12 pounds of greased lighting was too aggressive for them lot of difference between them & my preference Yorkies

  • leslie browne
    leslie browne

    Clearly we see Ron as a coward. He left the injured dog instead of wrapping him up, and carrying to his owner. Probably didn't want to get his pretty pink dress soiled...or his makeup smudged😀

  • leslie browne
    leslie browne

    So....is this your lost dog?

  • Gazzoid


  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos

    There is a little confusion as to what happened. Looking into what was said it becomes clear Marilyn mispoke - it was indeed Crystal (and not Tracy) that had found Buffy (aka Fasby). Basically this is what happened: 1) Marilyn was out walking with Buffy and was on her way back home. A coyote appeared, Marilyn waved her walking stick at it and then Buffy broke free of his collar and chased after the coyote. 2) Then Ron a neighbor came out and she told him what happened and asked him to run after Buffy. Well Ron ran after Buffy and the coyote, but later believing Buffy was dead, left him wrapped in a bag, returned to Marilyn telling her what had happened and asked for a towel. But when Ron returned to the spot Buffy had gone again. 3) Then friends Tim and Tracy appeared and searched without any luck. 4) Then Marilyn was back at home distraught and Eldad called her from Hope for Paws, telling her someone had found Buffy and was taking him to the Vet. Then Crystal (not Tracy) called Marilyn to tell her she had found Buffy and was taking him to the vet. 5) Happy Ending. Buffy is well.

  • theagenttomato

    I hope brave Fasby is safe and well. Is Marilyn capable of caring for him though? I’m concerned.

  • Calmer573

    they layed their bloody dog in a plastic bag and left it there... they came back and it was gone .. why would you leave your dieing dog alone instead of rushing it to a dr..?

  • Refinnej

    Wow so many arm chair quarterbacks in the comments who have no understand of wild animals.

  • Steve Murray
    Steve Murray

    All Dog Walkers should carry Pepper Spray and a Stick. These incidents happen all the time and at Dog Parks. Pets attack Pets.

  • Tim Buktu
    Tim Buktu

    I'm confused. Eldad said a woman named Crystal found the injured dog and took him to the vet. Then later on the owner Marilyn said a woman named Tracy found her dog and took her to the vet?

  • Glyn Parker
    Glyn Parker

    What an amazing story and such a brave little dog. So happy he's ok 💖💖

  • Francie Garneau
    Francie Garneau

    Fasby has some tenacious terrier in him! They never give up!!!

  • Claudia Russo
    Claudia Russo

    i hope you didn`t give him Fasby back to the frist moment he saw the coyote why not pick her up like you would a baby and leave him there bip bip bip no commen

  • Jac A
    Jac A

    Eldad, do you really believe the story the woman told you? 🤔

  • Sunny The Sun Flower
    Sunny The Sun Flower

    That’s just beautiful. 🥺

  • Maria Maso
    Maria Maso

    The poor dog in hands of this INRRESPONSABLE woman and coyotes😢

  • saanvi s shetty
    saanvi s shetty

    I'm being honest this is the best rescue I've ever seen in hope for paws🥰🥰🥰

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B

    So glad he survived the coyote attack !

  • jimmyxtc69

    do u even check out the people that adopt dogs- why didn;t the lady pick up her dog instead of telling it to stay

  • waki baby
    waki baby

    Brave dog, very cute,,,

  • Krishna Ben
    Krishna Ben

    Thank you very much... 🐶🙏🐶🙏🐶🙏🐶

  • Leo 9
    Leo 9

    Crazy story! So Ron gift wrapped Fasby for the coyote? Weird

  • Rosey Puddin
    Rosey Puddin

    You are lucky people to have this man and his team rescue dogs. In the UK we have the rspca. I spend quite some time in Spain doing my art work. Deep in the campo near alhama de granada. I stay in a small Pueblo. I walk quite a bit. That's when I discover dogs on chains permanently. Or in a high enclosure. Or very young dogs left to guard a bit of land. Nearly always under fed. I always fed these animals. Sometimes I have to sneak on a farmers land in the dead of night to feed them. Some don't like me doing this. Some let me take the dog for a couple of months because they can't be bothered to feed them. Most locals know and say nothing. The occasional farmer gets angry and lets me know. 15 years I have been feeding cats dogs horses that need to be fed. I always walk that tight rope. I have seen dogs put in a hole and left to die. I have seen pups in a plastic bag in the blazing heat. Kittens dumped in a bin. Dogs shot. I can't always save them. But I try

  • 吉田和子


  • Helen Morris
    Helen Morris

    Maybe she should use a harness next time

  • Vanshika Gupta
    Vanshika Gupta

    God bless ❤️❤️

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard

    Ok. I agree this story sounds so insane. Idk. Very weird.

  • Kathleen Sweeney
    Kathleen Sweeney

    I think she too old to have such an active dog.

  • GT Base
    GT Base

    I'm sorry, but I don't believe a thing this woman is saying. I think this lady maybe sacrificed the dog in order to save herself. She didn't seem all that concerned about Fasby at all. I would not have returned Fasby to her.

  • Virginia Lucas diccion
    Virginia Lucas diccion

    HOPE For PAWS , i admire your work for dedicating so much your life in rescating animals. LOVE YOU ALL!

  • Jane

    What kind of people just walk by and leave him in this state? These houses look fairly well off - are the occupants so immune to suffering they no longer see it?

  • Randy Reddig
    Randy Reddig

    Lil Scrapper!! With a will to not only survive but to a will to win...

  • June Upton
    June Upton

    What kind of people would let a animal live on the streets for months without getting help earlier.

  • Olivia Adams
    Olivia Adams

    guys she ment leash not coller the drawing showed the LEASH CAME OF

  • Lovespitbulls

    On top of that why didn't Marilyn pick up Buffy in the first place rather than just say "stay."

  • Lovespitbulls

    So is anyone else wondering what happened to the lady named Crystal? I thought Tracey had the dog and was going to take Buffy to the vet? Very confusing especially why Ron left the dog in the first place? Weird

  • Gothic Queen
    Gothic Queen

    Dogs do protect their owners

  • Shauna Anderson
    Shauna Anderson

    OMG!!! This is a story for the books!!! I can't believe what this brave little dog has been through and the fight he continues to bring forth. He put his own life on the line for his owner, let's keep in mind that this lady had the dog for less than a month when this took place. Just goes to show how loyal animals truly are and how quickly the bond is formed. I know animals know when they have been rescued and he was just showing his gratitude to his new mom by saving her. Still can't believe this little dog survived the clutches of a coyote, 3 times at that!!! These 2 will forever have a bond that could never be broken after braving a coyote together. Insane ending!!! Eldad, as per usual you're an amazing man, you save so many animals and they are forever grateful for your kind, calm, and caring ways. KARMA Eldad KARMA!!!

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    His name should've been Yotee! God bless all of you guys!

  • Sensual ASMR
    Sensual ASMR


  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • julie willis
    julie willis

    What amazing little boy

  • Newt Byrd
    Newt Byrd

    What are great story that brought a tear to my eye

  • Hilda Melkomians
    Hilda Melkomians

    Love you guys , you're amazing . I'm sitting crying tears of happiness that this little Angel is ok guys God Bless you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Lilly Jordan
    Lilly Jordan

    Like, Bless you

  • wisp girl
    wisp girl

    This story sounds very weird. Eldad, please find this dog another home.

  • wisp girl
    wisp girl

    Will this dog be safe in this house?

  • Karel Castañeda
    Karel Castañeda

    Sorry but I think Fasby needs a new home:( Glad he’s okay though!

  • Navajo Auckland
    Navajo Auckland

    Was Ron blind dumb and stupid!??

  • noname


  • Shawna Martin
    Shawna Martin


  • Cynthia Kaminski
    Cynthia Kaminski


  • Ziad A
    Ziad A

    So was it Crystal or Tracy who found the dog? Great rescue.

  • Million Messele
    Million Messele

    what happy ending thank god and you gays are hero

  • Lucy Gray
    Lucy Gray

    OMG, it's like listening to a phone call with my mother. "Yadda, details, unnecessary details, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah." And like a thousand other people want to know, how could so many "rescuers" drop the ball with maintaining the custody and safety of this little dog?

  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    Your voice always seems to calm them ❤️❤️ you need to explain why Ron didn’t take Buffy with him 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • auttie

    God bless you for everything that you do! I was able to donate and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I highly encourage everyone to donate. Imagine if all the subscribers here would just donate five dollars! It would it do so much for this organization.

  • Kiss Béla
    Kiss Béla

    What you are doing is simply amazing. You are a fantastic person. Thank you for your work.

  • Marcela Aiello
    Marcela Aiello

    Para qué fuma, si le hace mal!!!!! La historia de esa mujer no cuadra. Estaría fumada... Lo que no entiendo es por qué le dijeron a semejante bruja que fuera la hospital a ver Fasby, después de la ridícula historia que contó?!?!?!

  • Trekkie_Monster

    This dog needs some Body Armor from CoyoteVest . com...

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    That is such an incredible story! I love it! That little dog could have been a snack for a coyote. Little Fasby/Buffy is a "killer" and loves his mom!! Thanks, Eldad.