Baby skunks got stuck in a Jacuzzi - Hope For Paws reunites them with their mom!
It is so unusual to have heavy rain in the middle of May here in Los Angeles, but of course, the day it happens, this family of baby skunks gets in trouble by entering a Jacuzzi and they couldn't get out!
Our friends at Pacific Wildlife Rescue knew to call us for help, so Loreta and I headed out immediately! We feared the Jacuzzi would fill with water and they will drown!
I tried to save Loreta from being sprayed and offered a safe rescue plan, but she didn't listen... she wanted to go down there and hold the skunks in her own hands and hand them over to their mom :-)
The rest of the day was a nightmare because we had to continue rescuing that day... smelling like skunks.
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  • George Bugenis
    George Bugenis

    Maximum respect for the two of you. Loreta deserves a big red cape for her courage and tenderness in the face of action. She rocks!

    • Karen Baker
      Karen Baker

      A few weeks ago my Sheltie Toby met a pretty black and white kitty at our back fence one night! 😝 he spent that night in the utility room and the next day I called my groomer. She gave me a recipe for hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn dishwashing detergent. For any of you pet parents who encountered this, Google it because it did help a lot!! Maybe wonder woman Loretta could try it also!! 😝

    • Kelly Alves
      Kelly Alves

      Biju S She was trusting her gut.

    • Biju S
      Biju S

      That's really good and brave.

    • TheRivrPrncess

      Absolutely. She's the best.

    • Kelly Alves
      Kelly Alves

      Mark Kempisty Well, the hazmet suit should alleviate the need for the tomato juice. At least on Loreta’s person.

  • bakarangerpinku

    I don’t think I would mind being sprayed by a skunk. Honestly… It’s a talking point 😆

  • Isabelle Granado
    Isabelle Granado

    skunks are so cute. is anyone else watching this video October 11th

  • Julio G
    Julio G

    It’s honestly sad that people hate skunks because of a smell

  • Henry Yu
    Henry Yu

    This dude sounds aggressive with Loretta. Lower your voice jeez

  • Danceofmasks

    Loreta is a boss and all, but the next rescue must have been an extra challenge.

  • Andrea Caio
    Andrea Caio


  • Twinkle AndSparkle
    Twinkle AndSparkle

    Stinkys is no match for the cutes!!! Their adult teeth would worry me a smidge though. Skunks and hedgehogs, opossums and all the multi legged critters (including kiddies) need advocates, care givers and saviours. Thank you to all who do these magical things, bless you! 💖

  • David Iglesias
    David Iglesias

    Go go go go....stop stop stop.... Loretta Loretta Loretta

  • David Iglesias
    David Iglesias

    He talks too much..... Very annoying

  • Jennifer Wills
    Jennifer Wills

    LE PEW!!!!!

  • pc3244

    all animals are beneficial to the environment except for humans we are a threat to the environment.

  • Cüneyt Kuzu
    Cüneyt Kuzu

    👏👏👏👏 YOU ARE GREAT ..

  • darkdill

    I think the reason that one skunk wandered off is because skunks lack a homing instinct. So if they get lost, they aren't gonna find their way back home.

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Beautiful Loreta is a very caring and loving Loreta love for animals birds and wildlife is very genuine Loreta will do the rescue with amazing results the world best rescuer is very beautiful angel loreta frankonyte you are simply the best

  • KingdomResorts

    I want baby skunks awwwwww

  • Yhara Rathnia Castro Balderrama
    Yhara Rathnia Castro Balderrama

    I like animals but they have a short life😔💖💘🐕🐈🕊🦆🐢💐

  • Keisha Ramror
    Keisha Ramror

    Your video is so irritating, I think you need to improve a lot

  • Lev Parnas
    Lev Parnas

    God, the dude giving the orders needs to chill.

  • Penny Lover
    Penny Lover

    Loretta is an absolute STINKY ANGEL!!!!!

  • Greg C
    Greg C

    Smh whoever owns this Jacuzzi instead of calling hope for paws should have just put a damn board down as a ramp and the mom skunk would have coaxed the babies right up the ramp :/ Another thing Eldad needs to learn to shut the hell up and quit being so bossy to Loretta or whoever he is on a rescue with. He's a nice guy but damn he annoying some times !!

  • EvilBunniFufu 57
    EvilBunniFufu 57

    If you ever do a skunk rescue again, hold their tails down. They can't spray that way.

  • Sunil Sharma
    Sunil Sharma

    You guys are truly great advantage for The Earth

  • 4K & HD Train Videos!!!
    4K & HD Train Videos!!!

    The guy bosses Loretta around way too much I’ve noticed lately. She’s trying her best and he always puts her down. Shame.

  • L. Williams
    L. Williams

    Lol and this is the one that made me cry! The love that Loretta has for animals❤️

  • Jaylieh van der Schee
    Jaylieh van der Schee

    Major flashback to Diego and Jaguar

  • R Robles
    R Robles

    Stfu man

  • Meli Jem
    Meli Jem

    U called them whatever you want? These little guys have such a unique smell.

  • Meli Jem
    Meli Jem

    What's skunk doing here?🦨🦨🦨🦨

  • Gezzelle Hartwell
    Gezzelle Hartwell

    I love the skunk pups their soooooo adorable

  • Jmpmaster83


  • john cameron
    john cameron

    I love that you saved them but why could the homeowner not do this herself?

    • john cameron
      john cameron

      @SMG 'because she was elderly '--- oh please she could film just fine. Just put a plank down and walk away. At least they got saved

  • john cameron
    john cameron

    Why not grab them with a towel or put a ramp on? Could the homeowner not do this?

  • Brittany Karlek
    Brittany Karlek

    If that was that woman’s home, it was beautiful. Thank you ma’am for calling for help and thank you two for saving them! Skunks are so pretty. I’ve always thought of them as wild smelly cats! 🤣

  • Mo osh
    Mo osh

    1:02 😆 did you here that “babe it’s fine” AHH IM SO HAPPPYYY

  • saltghost

    “they’ll find their mom” baby skunk runs in opposite direction lmao

  • Pradeepa Srinivasan
    Pradeepa Srinivasan

    Loretta is a badass woman she is so brave I love her

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin

    They are quite cute critters.♥️♥️♥️

  • sinneadfert

    Gutsy lady!

  • armedinbama

    That Loretta is such a trooper!

  • Christian D.
    Christian D.

    “Hello there, hope for paws? I’ve a bear in my garden”

  • Dee Terry
    Dee Terry

    Talk about a rock star...

  • Dave Rave
    Dave Rave

    I love Pepe Le Pew haha

  • Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C.


  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Loreta is the best of all the rescue thankyou loreta you have amazing beautiful heart your love for animals birds and wild life is priceless thankyou for posting this wonderful rescue we love you very much our beautiful Angel loreta

  • tigers claw
    tigers claw

    You guys saved a skunk that means you can save a lion

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    You are very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life loreta your heart is so very pure you are the most precious to this world we love you our very beautiful loreta love you very much may God bless you and your beautiful family always love from Colin benj kitties and me Cheri xxxooo Perth western Australia

  • fxirynellie

    The world is a better place because of you guys

  • apaixonada pela natureza
    apaixonada pela natureza

    👋 👋 👋 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏obrigada por vocês existirem

  • odd Dream
    odd Dream

    Who knew skunks are so cute?!

  • Romila Lal
    Romila Lal

    Thank you Eldad and Loreta for rescuing them I always cry to see your videos emotionally

  • FinniBoyyツ

    If you can maybe buy a body camera or something, you have both hands to help

  • jaxsun72

    Kinda wanna punch the control freak camera guy in the face.


    I bet the Hope for Paws team politely avoided Loreta keeping distance for a day or two which she thinks is due to Covid?

  • wert freund
    wert freund


  • Maria Weston
    Maria Weston

    So many critters gnaw on under-house things, owners better patch that hole when it’s safe.

  • Monica Lopez
    Monica Lopez

    Son increíbles dan todo por los animales felicidad a todos merecen la ayuda para que sigan con ese amor y perseverancia que Dios los bendiga siempre y el universo los cubra de bendiciones

  • Pandora Spice
    Pandora Spice

    Sliding Scale - seriously ask the owners of that property to donate $25K

  • Kapoor Muraleedharan Santha
    Kapoor Muraleedharan Santha

    you have any puppys left out

  • alid3840 alid3840
    alid3840 alid3840

    Im 2 minutes in and am already sharing!❤😍

  • Violet Joy
    Violet Joy

    I absolutely LOVE these rescue videos, but this was the first one I was frustrated by. Eldad had the perfect idea - to put something in as a ramp. Mama was right there and it could have been over and done with in 1 minute. Instead, Loreta insisted on picking them up, which not only caused unnecessary fear in them, but unnecessary stinkiness too. Lol. Plus by the time she got them out, mama disappeared. I love you guys, but it could have been handled better. We all know she just wanted to pick them up. 😂

  • Bengal Tigers Animations
    Bengal Tigers Animations

    Skunks be like hewo :3

  • Rumnails 2016
    Rumnails 2016

    Loretta just does not listen to good advise. Its good to be caring but Eldad has good advise based on experience and she needs to listen

  • Chipper aka Darla
    Chipper aka Darla

    And how long did it take to get the skunk smell out of her hair???😬😬😬Shame she didn't want to take direction. It may have helped.👍👍

  • Kayla Wolfe
    Kayla Wolfe

    Did you know, if you hold a skunk’s tail down, it cannot spray you? Just a fun fact before I watch the video to share with everyone.

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    We like to thankyou to the home owners for letting beautiful Angels little family stay on your beautiful family always love from Colin home thankyou My darling loreta and eldad for rescue them loreta is the most adorable Angel beautiful and very genuine and love for all walks of life thank you our precious darling loreta and your be love eldad for give the New life to paws wings and all the hard work with all our love to you both we thankyou xxxooo Colin and cheri From Perth western Australia xxxooo

  • Jam Swift
    Jam Swift

    You can see the sincerity and the joy of Loreta to help those animals in need. ♡♡♡

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Omg loreta we love you very much you rescue so many animals birds and wild life you make us so very happy to hear your beautiful voice and to see you we are very lucky to have such adorable Angel rescue animals birds and wild life may God bless you and your beautiful family you are very precious to all of us and animals birds and wild life we thankyou for your kindness we will always love you Angel loreta for the most amazing rescue mission

  • that_roblox_gurl_ uwu
    that_roblox_gurl_ uwu

    This is a stinky save but at least you saved them :)

  • Cathy Scott
    Cathy Scott

    Wow Loretta, alias SUPER WOMAN!!!

  • Celeste A
    Celeste A

    Great job n thanks to the family.

  • Celeste A
    Celeste A

    No thumbs down..only positivity here

  • Tser

    I adore skunks so much!! Thank you for helping these babies!

  • rambunkchus 1
    rambunkchus 1

    Well said. A million thanks to the family that let them hang out there 👍🏻

  • Kimberly Theberge
    Kimberly Theberge

    Great job on saving them beautiful little skunk East I think you deserve to bring Loretta out for dinner she deserves it after that such a brave and wonderful woman she is

  • Guf Redd
    Guf Redd

    Geez dude, show a little patience towards Loreta like you do the animals you rescue. 😳

    • Guf Redd
      Guf Redd

      @Bon Jovi no, it's not "cool". Just because that's "the way someone is" doesn't make it right. 😒

  • Eloise Harvey
    Eloise Harvey

    Skunks have such a horrible reputation... but they are such wonderful and cute creatures. The only actual reason that they are so disliked is because they spray you - in self-defense!

  • ralph frazier
    ralph frazier

    He is such a control freak. He needs to stop telling people what to do and just let others do their jobs.

  • RealMike Holman
    RealMike Holman

    I really really dont like the guy in these videos. ive watched countless and he always comes across as less than genuine and more worried about bossing everyone around than actually helping. I dunno if its just something lost in editing or translation but I would be totally ok if it were just Loreta. Unpopular opinion maybe.

    • RealMike Holman
      RealMike Holman

      @SMG yea ok lol. hes just a prick.

    • saltghost

      SMG but do you though? you don’t really know either lmfao.

    • saltghost

      i noticed that too. when he’s with someone it seems like he just films and directs rather than helpfully coaches or assists.

  • Katherine Wolfe
    Katherine Wolfe

    "Please make a small donation today so we can buy Loreta several gallons of Tomato juice..."

  • Derrik

    Ah the majestic fart squirrel lol

  • Jamie Andrew-Kromer
    Jamie Andrew-Kromer

    Mad respect for Loretta. I would have definitely just made a ramp and prayed they figured out on own how to climb out.


    Shout out to Loreta

  • St. Louis King
    St. Louis King

    Yea Loretta tougher than me 😂😂

  • Jester 501
    Jester 501

    3:12 so Lorreta was right to put the first one in the hole!!!

  • itsasin1969

    Next time, you would be better off by yourself.

  • Sinister Silence
    Sinister Silence

    Yo it's the skunks from the previous video lol

  • deistmuttz

    Thanks for this unique video.. smell you later!

  • Mable great
    Mable great

    You rock Loreta!

  • चाचा चुदनलाल
    चाचा चुदनलाल

    Loreta I love u darling 😍😍😍

  • S K
    S K

    Loretta needs to stick to rescuing pets. She was more concerned about holding a skunk baby than helping a wild animal. Next time, do a ramp and back off.

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams

    Way to go Hope For Paws !!!! We love you. 💖💖💖

  • Aliah

    I’m happy you guys are going strong and still saving all animals in need of help in a dying world. I love you guys so much!

  • Theresa Petrillo-Montgomery
    Theresa Petrillo-Montgomery

    Seriously, poor Loretta! You direct her wrong so much!

  • MJ Desrosiers
    MJ Desrosiers

    *Shock* - They eat WASPS ! I need to be friend with a skunk. Wasp love me, I don't know why and I'm so scared of them. lol Great rescue ! =)

  • Flavio Betancourt Castillo
    Flavio Betancourt Castillo

    No me imagino recibir una dosis de orina de un animal de estos , el olor es asfixiante , en hora buena por la hermosa mujer que acude al rescate de los pequeños

  • VioletWhirlwind

    How are they going to keep them from falling in the Jacuzzi again?

  • Ameerthavarshini Sivakumar
    Ameerthavarshini Sivakumar

    I just knew that Loretta is the camera man (sorry IDK the name) girlfriend

  • Mia Greenly
    Mia Greenly

    If I had to do that, I would've been crying my eyes out and maybe even pass out! I have a phobia about skunks, and Loreta was so brave to do something like that! Round of applause!

  • Bee Kiddo
    Bee Kiddo

    Sorry but I would of stuck an Altoid up their little skunk butts.....jk