Little tiger kittens born in a box and needed our help. They are now ready for adoption!!!
The sad truth about this story is that JoAnn Wiltz also found two additional kittens who were already dead. We didn't want to get blocked or have the video have an age restriction, but it's just the reality - it's rough out there for cats who are giving birth in challenging places where it's hard for tiny babies to survive.
Luckily JoAnn was able to save two of her babies - Fromage and Baguette. A week later, JoAnn found an abandoned kitten named Escargots, and mama Paris adopted him and she nursed him back to health.
Paris was feral, so she was released to an FIV positive colony where she will have food and medical care when she needs it.
We are working hard to spay and neuter thousands of cats so we can reduce the number of animals suffering out there but we need your help with that. It cost an average of $60 to spay/neuter a cat. If every viewer will donate just $1, we will be able to help so many more animals:
If you can't make a donation today, please download our FREE Hope For Paws APP from the APP Store or from Google Play and sign up for email alerts - it helps us send reminders once a month about exciting projects we're working on and we don't want you to miss.
To adopt these cuties, please contact our friends at the Kitty Bungalow: - they are the kitten experts in Los Angeles!
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  • Vijiya Laksgmi
    Vijiya Laksgmi

    Hi is adoption is free??

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    Gold Wolf

    Why don’t you just leave them alone? How would you like it if an alien beamed you up and said you need help. Let’s put you in a cage for the rest of your life and you can be my pet?

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    there adorable!

  • Arcti Star Fox
    Arcti Star Fox

    Epic intro. Rock on with the rescues, Hope for Paws!! Edit: I have a story to tell. Way back, seventeen years ago, my uncle rescued a mama cat and she game birth to a couple kittens in the car, and then a few more in a closet. Mama cat looked exactly like Paris. Later, my aunt called my mom saying “I have kittens!!!” A few weeks later, my mom and dad drove out and picked up two tortoiseshell calico girl kittens, who we named Morsel and Tidbit. They passed away in the past two years, unfortunately, but they lived for sixteen and seventeen years respectively. I’m so glad they were a part of my life as long as they were, and if my aunt wasn’t a former vet tech with a big heart they may have lived on the streets for half as long. For reference, I was born a year after the two kitties. They, especially Morsel, were not happy when I was brought home.

  • Isabella Buchanan
    Isabella Buchanan

    Was Paris spayed?

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    Sonia Mariee

    you guys are the best even if I just started watching the videos there are already good I love your channel I like every single one of the videos that I watch I have a dog her name is Nolla but we spell it NALHA can I have a tiny cat we found her but now she is ours we named her Oreo and I also have a dog like I said she’s a girl and I have a tiny tiny tiny little turtle my mom got him we found the cat we named her Oreo because she is black and white so yeah you guys stay safe too mean a lot to the pets you are the nicest people in the world

    • Sonia Mariee
      Sonia Mariee

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    m a r y

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    Jay I guess

    I would love to work with you. Animals deserve better than the streets 🥰

  • Jay I guess
    Jay I guess

    I love the French names, after the box they were living in. ❤️

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    Billie eillies is the queen Billie

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    upsilon nolispu

    Paris, Fromage, Baguette, Escargot.... As french I'm now waiting for Béret and Cassoulet :-)

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    Alfonso Roblox _YT

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  • Clone Mighty x Toy Sonic
    Clone Mighty x Toy Sonic

    2:32 When they caught a tabby: *Literally freaks out* When they caught a black cat *i’m fine, but I’m just freighted*

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    اسيل بندر

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    Lola Libman

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    Nagla Gakdino

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    Mina Alien Queen

    I am French and I approuved those names ✅ Just Snail is write like this = Escargot w a T at the end

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    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!

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    nick Taguba

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    Hanan Rashid

    I cant believe they had to wait a whole hour for the mother cat to return, I would've just left and try the next day 😂

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    Ngoc Banh

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    betty cogswell

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  • Woman of Substance
    Woman of Substance

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  • DarkCalibur

    I know this is controversial and quite disturbing but I wanna ask this: what if someone injects fiv to cats or kittens intentionally?

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    Angeles Arenas

    I give some leftovers to the stray dogs when they are starving, also thank you for helping animals I appreciate yall guys🤗❤🥺🥰🐾🙏

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    Houdhoud Houdiboudi

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