Abandoned dog didn't trust us, but then her guardian angel showed up!
We are so lucky to be supported by you with your donation and we are so lucky to meet lovely people on our journies to save lives.
If you can't join us on a rescue, please make a small donation and help us save the next dog, cat, rabbit or a bird: www.HopeForPaws.org
Elizabeth Serrato spotted Loreta setting up the trap, and she was so kind and assisted us with the rescue. If you love the art of makeup, Elizabeth happens to teach that and you can check out her work here: instagram.com/charliesbellamommy/
Maya is now looking for her forever home, and with your help, maybe she can find that home over the weekend. All you have to do is to SHARE her video on your favorite social media network.
Our friends at the Lovejoy Foundation are fostering her, so if you would like to apply to adopt her, please click here: www.LovejoyFoundation.org
Thank you so much!!!

  • therewill77

    It was great how the woman helped save the dog, but her makeup was atrocious!

  • Hdhdudh Hdhdufh
    Hdhdudh Hdhdufh


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    Elease Meyer


  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    That one would've come home with me...lol!

  • JoAnn Oeser
    JoAnn Oeser


  • SharonGD1120

    Awwww !!!

  • Sonja R
    Sonja R

    Maya could not contain her unfathomable joy! What a joy to finally be happy!

  • Line Danzer
    Line Danzer

    That little doggie found the prettiest lady in the neighborhood to be her temporary mom. Glad she was rescued and will go to a loving forever home. For the first time, I donated today. This is really a good, worthwhile, necessary organization and everyone who works to rescue and save these abandoned animals are angels

  • terry edmondson
    terry edmondson

    HI magic so neat to see you people are fantastic, god bless and take care. terry australia.

  • Ron Blankenship
    Ron Blankenship

    Thank you for helping and being that person that makes this world a better place...

  • Straight Whacker
    Straight Whacker

    Such a pretty girl

  • Josephine D. Bell
    Josephine D. Bell

    do you just wake up in the morning and say holy shit am gonna get a tumor: this is just a joke am not making fun if the dog 4:34

  • Stinky Whizzletooth
    Stinky Whizzletooth

    Nothing makes me happier than the bubble graphic / sound effect whenever the dogs get a bath :)

  • Stack

    Thanks for all the hard work and endless hours you guys give to beautiful souls like Maya , it gives me so much joy when you actually see them playing and feeling completely safe and loved ! Maya has that loving spirit and life long complete companionship way about her and she’s going to make the best friend anyone would love to have !! God Bless , Keep up the Great Work and Stay Safe !! 🙏👍

  • Gugus Sugiarto
    Gugus Sugiarto

    Loreta, so miss you, love you..

  • Helga Falckenberg
    Helga Falckenberg

    Love ur channel, but this time... thumb down, bc of the promotion of that ugly make up channel 🤮

  • Cheyenne Gist
    Cheyenne Gist

    This is such an amazing rescue and I love what you all do for these animals!❤✔👍👏

  • Londragon

    You all are True People. Best wishes from Poland.

  • LK Sunshine
    LK Sunshine

    So lovely happy ending👏👏

  • LK Sunshine
    LK Sunshine

    Loreta, you and your Team is my super Hero👍👍👍👍

  • Mary Kay Thompson
    Mary Kay Thompson

    It's always such a pleasure to watch these rescue dogs come out of their shells and laugh and dance when they know they're safe and loved. Thank you so much for your great work.

  • Anthony Ardito
    Anthony Ardito

    Thank God for good people in this world God bless you all you are saints sent by God.

  • claudiu stefan
    claudiu stefan

    Beautiful people with big heart.God bless you all

  • Derek Holcomb
    Derek Holcomb

    I had a dog that color. She used to sneak up on us on the back porch in the evenings and scare the crap out of me. She was invisible in dim or dusky light. Just all of a sudden you get a cold nose to the back of your knee and fallout!!🤣😂

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    I just love how you will give the animals that you rescue names right away. You make them a family member and you welcome them home. Thank you all for caring so much.

  • Thomas Böddeker
    Thomas Böddeker

    I love you so much für die wundervollen vielen Rettungen dieser armen, bedauernswerten Geschöpfe die genauso das Recht auf ein Leben ohne Hunger, in einer sauberen und angepassten Umgebung haben wie wir Menschen! Warum glauben so viele Menschen eigentlich das sie das Recht haben Tiere, egal welche Tiere, zu misshandelt, missbrauchen oder zu Quälen? Ich persönlich gucke lieber in Augen in denen LIEBE, GLÜCK UND VERTRAUEN zu sehen ist und nicht ANGST, SCHMERZEN und MISSTRAUEN! Also nochmal: DANKESCHÖN! Noch etwas, bleibt bitte ALLE GESUND, MENSCHEN UND TIERE!!!! 💙💙💙💙

  • Pupsicle

    Why is there a woman's face with makeup on it in the thumbnail?

  • Rick Ledges
    Rick Ledges

    When these abandoned dogs get a bubble bath, they know they are on the way to a better life.

  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez

    Anyone watching these older videos please join me as a monthly contributor to this team. We can make these rescues continue. Together we make a difference. Eldad is a great man. He is out there 24/7 rescuing all kinds of animals in need. Please help.💜👍🐕

  • Caroline Forbes
    Caroline Forbes

    What a beautiful loving dog!

  • Dean Ossiander
    Dean Ossiander

    cute dog

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • Hshhd Gsgge
    Hshhd Gsgge

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  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    Who thinks this dog is cute press the like and comment

  • sunitha basava
    sunitha basava

    May God bless you guys!

  • Crooked Halo
    Crooked Halo

    The "beautiful makeup" looks more like a Halloween mask! Scary!

  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman

    You people were chose for this work. There are NO coincidences.

  • Dan L.
    Dan L.

    2:58 Did you really have to just out of the car like a swat team breaking into the wrong house? Take it easy. Gently.

  • President-elect Julian
    President-elect Julian

    this dog is very smart.

  • Unicorn Calimerio
    Unicorn Calimerio

    Hope For Paws why don't you do a video with the pictures and names of all dogs you rescued!

  • Kathy Stout
    Kathy Stout

    You people do a wonderful job and if you ever get to Marshall, Illinois I would love to shake your hands and give you big hugs for helping these cute animals!🥰❤🙏

  • Barrie Winstanley
    Barrie Winstanley

    If anyone has never seen a "happy" dog.... then just take a look at this one... Brilliant work people.

  • Richard Bullock
    Richard Bullock

    Yes..bless the pup & she. Wonderful

  • María Leticia Ochoa Uranga
    María Leticia Ochoa Uranga

    Lovely Maya ❤️🙏🙏❤️!!!!!! You guys are the Best!!! You are angels saving angels! 💕🙏🙏

  • Greg Araujo
    Greg Araujo

    She can do my makeup any day and am not gay

  • Mesa K
    Mesa K

    Do you know 'paws 4 hope'? I reported this matter to UZload.

  • Carolina Terzi
    Carolina Terzi

    I just wish I was in a position to foster or adopt all of these dogs. But it makes my heart good to see how happy they are by the end of the video.

  • Sera Serafine
    Sera Serafine

    Unfortunately I can`t adopt a dog from you bcause I am from Gemany- but I will try to figured out how I can make a donation for you because I think you make a very good job.

  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman

    Loretta’s smile is radiant and lights up a room.

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly

    God is real. Woof!

  • Muscles Mouse
    Muscles Mouse

    Looks like the dog had enough food on the sidewalk. Was not hungry enough to approach strangers.

  • Lola Campbell
    Lola Campbell

    Awww she's so cute and it's so nice that even if that lady couldn't adopt her she still took care of her and showed her kindness till you guys can come..and aww Maya Is a good name..

  • Eduardo Landolt
    Eduardo Landolt

    Loretta at it again... shes the dogs world bomb...

  • Global

    What a beautiful and cute and lovely dog. Is it too late to adopt her?? I already have 2 dogs but I can take her too.

  • Rebecca Reid
    Rebecca Reid

    I watch your videos and I cry how can people do these things to dogs like abandoned them those people don't deserve pet at All thank you hope for paws for saving these beautiful dogs and cats

  • Tony Pate
    Tony Pate

    Great work guys n gals....if only such teams at work on the many Fem/Soy Ewok attack wombles that are running wild at the moment maybe cupcakes and "do-nuts" be a help ?

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️

  • Randall Slone
    Randall Slone

    God bless you all

  • Helga Reichert
    Helga Reichert

    Ich hätte Sie gern für immer abonniert.. Hope for Paws

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    Lalo Saleh


  • M M
    M M

    Sooo nice of you guys to give a shout-out to her page!

  • Vigilante Jake
    Vigilante Jake

    Where are those beautiful angels rescuers came from , heaven sent !

  • Marie Astwood
    Marie Astwood

    I love you watching you guys because you take the neglected dog and puppies to the Vet. 🙋‍♀️🐕🐕🐕😘🌻

  • Mindburner

    It's crazy that there are dogs as nice as this running around and no one is interested. Such a great rescue

  • Gloria Pacpaco
    Gloria Pacpaco

    In these cases, God is real through you good people

  • Kiki U
    Kiki U

    Loreta is a sweet girl!❤

  • Kiki U
    Kiki U

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  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas

    Kill ex owners

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    Dan Watkins

    ughlist dog i ve ever seen no chance

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    Shelly Vonn Torres

    Why can't we see your face because your the first rescuer hero so can we see your face please

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  • Ghostly Phantasm
    Ghostly Phantasm

    The dog started looking really comfortable until the bath, and then she was more terrified than before. lol, some dogs expressions in the bath make me laugh.

  • John Oyer
    John Oyer

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  • mark carr
    mark carr

    I am sorry for this dog

  • hOurworld11

    You are all so precious.

  • Grace Labunog
    Grace Labunog

    Always, watching your videos from Philippines. Thank you for all your love to all animals in the world. Always crying while watching your touching videos. I hope I can donate someday. Loreta is so pretty. May God bless you always.

  • Danette Hartsock
    Danette Hartsock

    On my goodness!!! You guy's ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the transformation of the dog's you rescue! I just wonder how many dogs could've been saved and revoked if there were more like you! LOVE and PRAYERS ALWAYS from Gainesville Florida!! 😂😹

  • AZIZ18691

    I’m so happy that she has been rescued. Look a her happy face!!

  • wendy macmullen
    wendy macmullen

    Kudos to that beautiful mom who made her feel safe. If people would go a half step it would make your jobs so much easier. Keep videos coming and perhaps highlight good Samaritans as well.

  • wallace pinkham jr
    wallace pinkham jr


  • Nawab Khan
    Nawab Khan


  • Robert Horwood
    Robert Horwood

    why dopeople just abandon faithful friends? why can't they at least take them to an animal rescue centre ?

  • Nicole Bragg
    Nicole Bragg

    The amount of trust she had in Elizabeth that she'd just step into the cage & then immediately accept you when you showed you were with Elizabeth, what an angel.

  • Greg Bungard
    Greg Bungard

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    greg poulin

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    Gagan Vij awesome

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  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome


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    jjimy woods

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  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    It is so nice to see them get their life back. You guys are awesome and I'm so proud to support you guys. My money couldn't go to a better place..

  • itzmesukumar

    Common guys don't drive others crazy with all those names. I know all of them are real but too confusing for a non indian/asian

  • Jaime Lus
    Jaime Lus


  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Thankyou very much my beautiful loreta and your be love eldad for rescue this precious little Angel puppy a big hugs and kisses to you love from Cheri

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    Yamna Bensouda

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  • S A
    S A

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    A T

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    Oriana Henrich

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  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

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  • L Chapman
    L Chapman

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