Abandoned Pug needs your help with finding a loving forever home.
With your help, we can find Po'Boy a home this weekend! Please share his rescue video and if you can't adopt him, please make a small donation and help us save more lives: www.HopeForPaws.org
Po'Boy is now in a foster home with our friends at Foxy and the Hounds and if you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly: www.FoxyAndTheHounds.org
Thank you JoAnn Wiltz for responding to the call and thank you Justin Ruiz for fostering and putting this cool video together :-)
Please share the video with your family and friends.
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  • Sissy Montez
    Sissy Montez

    Some people are mean to put an innocent dog in a cage and abandoned the dog in the alley. But I'm so glad the lady found him and called hope for paws. That's a blessing from God, God does not want to see his creations suffer.

  • Kit Carson
    Kit Carson

    This rescuer has very quick movements. It would be great if she could slow them down. Kudos to her and everyone at Hope for Paws. 💜💛💙💚

  • Sabi

    He's adorable, I can't believe someone had absolutely no soul to just abandon this angel inside a crate.... Thank you for rescuing him

  • Corlis King
    Corlis King

    So sad.... thanks guys!

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    People I love that you all love dogs but you're missing the problem. Dogs don't get abandoned because of cruel people. They get abandoned because bad owners overindulge them with affection when they are young and do not give them discipline and structure and then they develop anti-social behaviors and then the owners don't want to put up with it anymore when in fact it is their fault. When you keep making comments that imply there is this band of dog haters out there who are for some reason taking ownership of dogs and then randomly throwing them on the street that's not true and perpetuating that myth is the reason its ten years on for Hope for Paws and there are still tons of dogs on the streets

  • Fergie Zakumi Tirta
    Fergie Zakumi Tirta

    i wish i can adopt or donate but my mom wouldnt let me

  • Zonya&AnnWole


  • mahtab fotovat
    mahtab fotovat

    He’s so cutie

  • America's Nana from Texas
    America's Nana from Texas

    These rescues just make me wanna rent a whole u-haul full of crates and adopt every one of these precious gifts of God!!!

  • Kitty 16v Cat
    Kitty 16v Cat

    I swear, every time I see yr videos it just makes me go and hug & kiss my pets! I'm so grateful to have them in my life. They follow us wherever I we go in the world. I rather go without nice gear than abandoned them - any day! #FamilyPawsAreForever. 💕

  • khadidja zaidi
    khadidja zaidi

    HE IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellaxox15 X
    Ellaxox15 X

    Puggles 😫😫so cute

  • Martha S.
    Martha S.

    Joanne: the cat person who loves dogs and the dogs love her

  • elizabeth gould
    elizabeth gould

    they are the best

  • Jen Scheibner
    Jen Scheibner

    Really!!! People don't have the guts to call a rescue to turn over their pet, much better than abandoning them....

  • The Spy
    The Spy

    🐶 🎩🕶🚬

  • kenneth risner
    kenneth risner

    bad enough people abandon ANY kind of dog, but something like this elevates it a notch

  • Dindin Private
    Dindin Private

    Poor little thing, he was terrified of the leash. One can only imagine what might have happened to him...

  • Ralph Alessandra
    Ralph Alessandra

    It happens again and again. Dumping animals. We had two pugs. Sweetest little dogs and not cheap. I'm sure he got adopted right away

  • Darren Marshall
    Darren Marshall

    this is sad its makeing me cry =( poor dog

  • Wendy Nicklin
    Wendy Nicklin

    Still trust the humans!! Sweet 💞 boy !!in great hands

  • Senorita Rat
    Senorita Rat

    My pug stella recently passed ❤️ hope this guy gets a home

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️

  • Randall Slone
    Randall Slone

    God bless you all

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson

    I do❤

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma

    It is a mix of pug because is too healthy and active :-)

  • The Blue Hotel
    The Blue Hotel

    That was fast. No fussing when you picked him up.

  • Herra Herra
    Herra Herra

    I love " Hope for paws " God bless you .. From Indonesia.

  • Richard Watson
    Richard Watson

    Awww, so adorable, and Po'boy too

  • Amy Torrence
    Amy Torrence

    Checked Foxys site don't see him listed as available or adopted plz tell me somebody adopted him

  • Doctor Crusher
    Doctor Crusher

    I’m not a huge fan of Pugs, but that’s changed. He’s absolutely adorable 😍

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo

    If the person who dumped this lovely dog is reading this, please know that karma will get you in the end! I understand that sometimes things are rough and situations change, but if you find yourself unable to care for your pet, there are so many rescue organisations that will take them. Dumping an animal in a crate is never acceptable!

  • Youkie

    Omg he’s so cute! I would have taken him in a heartbeat if I lived in the states. He reminds me of my pug-chi girl who sadly passed away a year ago:(

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle

    I see and hear lots of "spay and neuter", but I think equal emphasis needs to be placed on microchipping. To be honest, I'm for mandatory chipping/maintaining the records around pet ownership.

  • KameraShy

    That doggie really wants to play.

  • Melinda Unknown
    Melinda Unknown

    The lady who found him is a sweetheart! Bless her heart! I would have took him home if I found him and kept him. I bet lots of yall would have too. 🥰

  • pepeboy234

    I noticed that you did not neuter him like you usually do right out of the gate....?

  • Ronilo Palma
    Ronilo Palma

    Hope for paws is the best saving dog and pugs and some other animals

  • William Olsen
    William Olsen

    He is a sweet boy with a little spunk to playing tug of war like a champ.

  • William Olsen
    William Olsen

    Pugs are cute, and I have never met one that wasn't sweet. He will find a forever home,

  • John dodson
    John dodson

    omg I will pay $5000 for him! this breaks my heart! he would have an incredible life!

  • vanko avitohol
    vanko avitohol


  • Allician Peters
    Allician Peters

    You know, idk why he was in the alley... but he wasn't starving, he didn't have any injuries. Noone that I can see even knocked on a single door to find out the story??!! To me.... you just saw him there, AND STOLE HIM!!!!!

  • Claire Kaplan
    Claire Kaplan

    JoAnn: I bet you don't know me so you're scared. Po'Boy: NOPE I LOVE YOU


    Thank you for rescuing and caring for this dog 👍, BRAZIL

  • Ashley Barahona
    Ashley Barahona

    Were did you find him please answer

  • Laura Black
    Laura Black

    A pug is my favorite kind of dog it breaks my heart to see this😭😭😭😔

  • Carolyn Chapman
    Carolyn Chapman

    I love po'boy when I get a place of my own I want one of your beautiful mighty doggies

  • KryTirix

    Dang it. I stop watching their videos because ever video of the dogs would make me cry now I’m back after a year

  • apaixonada pela natureza
    apaixonada pela natureza

    👋 👋 👋 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 obrigada por vocês existirem

  • Wilson Facto
    Wilson Facto

    So sweet pug, Love Hope for Paws.Thank you Hooman.

  • Yabadabonboo

    He’s gonna find a home he is gorgeous and friendly

  • The Rainbow Reindeer
    The Rainbow Reindeer

    2 weeks later: Joanne changed her hair... that’s so cool!

  • khaleesi MV
    khaleesi MV

    I wish we live near each other but we are countries a part. I always want a pug baby Po' Boy I would love to bring you home with your big sisters and your brothers I hope you found your Furever home and that they love you very much.

  • Pablo C
    Pablo C


  • chilliesn pies
    chilliesn pies

    what a loving doggo

  • Deborah Cole
    Deborah Cole

    What a gorgeous pooch!! His personality is perfect and he has the most beautiful face. I can't imagine anyone cared about him at all especially if they could abandon him in a crate in an alley where anything could happen. At least call a shelter or someplace that would make sure he'd be safe, protected and fed. I'm so glad he has a chance now! THANK YOU!!

  • Johanna S.
    Johanna S.

    Ich muss bei solchen Videos immer daran denken, dass die Tierheime in allen Kinderfilmen, als schrecklich und böse dargestellt werden! Alle Tierheime, die Mitarbeiter und natürlich die Retter der Hunde, Katzen, Vögel etc. sind wahre Helden! Danke!

  • nymom 750
    nymom 750

    He was adorable. Hope he finds a good home...

  • TMJ

    Doggo just wanted to play ..i can see doggo is playful ..

  • Bibek Poudel
    Bibek Poudel

    What in the blue hell people are throwing pugs out my god people here pays thousands and thousands of money to buy that thing what a shame

  • Sama Khalid
    Sama Khalid

    Can u help me in adoption

  • Deborah Corah
    Deborah Corah

    I ever meant a pug I didn’t like. He’s a sweetheart

  • aucourant

    Wonderful character.

  • Linda Tan
    Linda Tan

    You guys are great, you had rescued Po'boy and he shown his appreciation 👍👍👏👏

  • Adilson Jr
    Adilson Jr

    Bravos! Como siempre !!!

  • ? SquishyP0TAT0 ¿
    ? SquishyP0TAT0 ¿

    >:0 how dare they put a pug in a crate pugs are magnificent beings

  • KaniSS Sta
    KaniSS Sta

    If the person who abandoned him ever reads this, I want to burn you alive and piss on your ashes.

  • TheDeckinator

    I would definitely take this fellow, too bad he's on the other side of the planet.

  • Diana Malabanan
    Diana Malabanan

    me i watch everyday😍

  • andrew may
    andrew may


  • I like turtles
    I like turtles

    Why this makes me cry- :,,,3 its just too cute...

  • br33z13

    He's a very healthy looking pug. His face isn't too scrunched in and his eyes aren't bulging out of his head.

  • jack lajoie
    jack lajoie

    has he been adopted now?


    Parece un carlino gracias por ayudar

  • Ralph McMahan
    Ralph McMahan

    There are too many of these videos. People stink.

  • Momina Khatoon
    Momina Khatoon

    Thats the most energetic pug I have ever seen!

  • Janna T
    Janna T

    What a cutie. I love puggles ❤️

  • Nicholas Konner
    Nicholas Konner

    I would love to adopt him.

  • Fynley Brothers
    Fynley Brothers

    Me I love I guys u are so sweet!😍😘😗♥♥♥♥♥

  • sherry warren
    sherry warren

    I can't handle the CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!

  • Raptor edits and more
    Raptor edits and more

    Looks exactly like my pug, monkey! I have a video of him on my channel

  • Kit Gengenbach
    Kit Gengenbach

    I have a pug who I adore. I wouldn't hesitate to take another Pug into my home

  • Doug Dolde
    Doug Dolde

    Ugly dog

  • Glen Chase
    Glen Chase

    I'll take him

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • Angel Espinoza
    Angel Espinoza

    There’s a skinny pug I’ve been trying to catch for the past month UNSUCCESSFUL!

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    3:37 "I think hes dead" "Meow" At that moment i felt like that was The most important sound in the world 1:32

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz

      @Ar rOe yup that makes sense, that is probably what he did

    • Ar rOe
      Ar rOe

      @Britt Britt Ortiz maybe he wrote a program to comment on every video. More traffic is good for the algorithem.

    • Britt Britt Ortiz
      Britt Britt Ortiz

      *Crockett Commentary* Davy Crockett was a TI I see this guys comments on almost every video and they always seem like they were meant for another video. Weird,

    • Bon AnonymousCrickett
      Bon AnonymousCrickett


  • Nomad Steve
    Nomad Steve

    Pleased that he has been rescued, but I could never have a Pug as they are the ugliest dog breed ever

  • rf b
    rf b

    Once again I noticed that you did not have him neutered. We don't need more puppies and kittens just more adoptions. That having been said, I make a monthly donation to HFP. You should too!

  • Angelica Guzzo
    Angelica Guzzo

    For me you are good angels ! 👏👏🙏🙏

  • Rena Denison
    Rena Denison

    I love what you guys do. Don't hire young women with blue hair LESS they be registered republicans. God bless y'all

  • Silvia Voss
    Silvia Voss

    What a cute Pug and already giving kisses, a lovely little guy, thank you for rescuing!

  • Ellen Howard
    Ellen Howard

    Does liking the video earn you guys money cause I am to young to donate. I would love to help out in anyway possible. Love y’all ❤️

  • Saskia van Houtert
    Saskia van Houtert

    I hope for a good home for this dog,,I had two rough-haired dachshunds, sometimes I miss those. They became both 14 years old. I thank all rescuers from Hope For Paws, kind regards.

  • Hamsterpotato

    akhsashdjas pugs, my fave dog breed next to Welsh Corgis! oh my gawed such a good boi look at him go he's so excited! i'm upset that someone left him in his dog crate, this is why we never gave our dog a crate he was so traumatized. mentioned it in another video on i think it's me or the dog but our dog was traumatized by crates so we never put him in one after the first try and then trained him to sleep in his own bed, but i slept in the same room with him in a bean bag chair until he became comfortable with being alone in his own bedroom. now he sleeps wherever he wants and has no issues, other than an unusual fear of baby gates and obviously crates.

  • Happy Hemp
    Happy Hemp

    I want to adopt this pug mine died recently after him being my best friend fe 14 years I got him as a pup I am so sad and depressed after my loss recently I did not think I was ready until I saw this video Edmcclaskey1@gmail.com Kentucky

  • Kimberly Potts
    Kimberly Potts

    Praying for doggy

  • Puppy dog Gurl
    Puppy dog Gurl

    Roses are red Violets are blue I love hope for paws And u should too

  • Jane Winkles
    Jane Winkles

    Has he found his forever home and human family? He is a ball of positive energy ❤