Extremely matted homeless dog wouldn't let anyone touch her for over two years!!!
I hope you are excited about our holiday video!!! We really hope this video will convince you to join us as a member - a small donation makes such a huge difference in the lives of so many animals: www.HopeForPaws.org
You only have a week left to get your own Lucky Leash, so please visit our website and order yours today - it's just $10 and we ship all over the world! Shipping is FREE in the U.S and there is a low flat rate to the rest of the world.
Abby lived out in the desert for over two years. Loreta Frankonyte, JoAnn Wiltz and I headed out to this mobile home park - about 2.5 hours east of Los Angeles. We were told by the woman who fed her that during this whole time, she wasn't able to ever get close enough to touch Abby.
I am very lucky to have such an amazing team with me, and Abby is really lucky that Hope For Paws was called for this mission :-)
Please share this video with your family and friends this holiday.
If you would like to adopt Abby, please contact our friends at Smooch Pooch Rescue: www.SmoochPoochRescue.com
We are so close to reaching our donation goal here on UZload! Please join us so we can start 2020 in full force with many rescues! We will be posting A LOT of videos in the next few days so please keep checking them out.
Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays!!

  • spookypen

    Think I met this dog at a music festival once.

  • Saula Zennaro
    Saula Zennaro

    TANTO dolce e simpatico,da mangiare di baci,ha trovato la FELICITÀ, L'AMORE ❤️😘🥰😍💯 Grazie a voi,che DIO VI BENEDICA 🙏🏼💞⭐ 🙇🏻‍♀️😌❤️🙏🏼. GRAZIE ANCORA GRAZIER ....

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  • Roblox Fun
    Roblox Fun

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  • the madafaka
    the madafaka

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  • Stanio Andonov
    Stanio Andonov


  • Chris Roland
    Chris Roland

    So she gets to be a dog again. Did she get adopted? Hope so. Very nice to see there's still simple kindness and humanity in the world. Thanks for posting.

  • 帶刀健一

    DOG & GOD.川勝さんを助けてくれてありがとう。GOD.GOD.GOD.

  • mail google
    mail google

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  • sheetal anpur
    sheetal anpur

    Really you people like God for such work. I have no words for your work. I am from India. Love you

  • Robin Wheeler
    Robin Wheeler

    It crossed my mind that it is possible that her owner may have died....

  • Lynda Webster
    Lynda Webster

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    Jean Amsl

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    Ana Soares

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    Dawalove Lama

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    Rakesh Reddy Maram

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  • Dwight Raspiller
    Dwight Raspiller

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    • Dwight Raspiller
      Dwight Raspiller

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  • Candice Hope
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  • Cocomunga Productions
    Cocomunga Productions

    For a dog that size, a pound of fur and dirt is a big burden. .

  • lina fosho
    lina fosho

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  • Hopeyissimo Christian
    Hopeyissimo Christian

    I have a abby mini poodle mix we call very abbysaurus rex

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

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  • DREDDz 3
    DREDDz 3

    “She wants food” Homeless dog: “No shit. I’m homeless and I’m a dog 😒”

  • Aaheli Dutta
    Aaheli Dutta

    I am crying after seeing this

  • Linda

    Looks like a havanese

  • Edson Vieira dos Santos
    Edson Vieira dos Santos

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  • Annie King
    Annie King

    You could name her Rex or Rexy

  • Simplythetruthfulone

    I love the way the groomers are speaking to the little pup😍 They have so much love and compassion in their voices😍😍

  • thiago marques
    thiago marques

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  • B

    The cameraman reminds me of Mark Vicente

  • Prema Sherpa
    Prema Sherpa

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  • MyDreamside

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  • Krishna Swamy Bhyrava S
    Krishna Swamy Bhyrava S

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  • Regis Maltais
    Regis Maltais

    I'm against microchip a Christian will know why

  • Bella Playz
    Bella Playz

    Abby went to Sad and Scared and Happy and Loving And Abby when to Long hair to short hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕 so cuteee

  • Robin Wheeler
    Robin Wheeler

    When they shaved all her fur of you could see how tiny she is

    • Robin Wheeler
      Robin Wheeler

      I can’t believe how good she is to undergo all of that, I sure hope she is somewhere spoiled rotten!

  • Rajni Devi
    Rajni Devi

    Good job... Hats off

  • Jade Maiko
    Jade Maiko

    Abby K. Kely (Kongonaphon kely) aka The Tiny Bug Slayer. (Real dino name and description)

  • Matthew Squires
    Matthew Squires

    Dogs aren't vegan, they are full blown carnivores.

  • Catherine McFadden
    Catherine McFadden

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  • Мила Миланивна
    Мила Миланивна

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  • Gefferson Adalem
    Gefferson Adalem

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  • cindy HSK
    cindy HSK

    I love the work you do helping homeless, scared animals. Yes, here comes the but... BUT, why in the world would you feed a carnivore a plant b\'burger'? That really annoyed me quite a bit. Dogs are carnivore, not omnivores, or herbivores. Please stop with the left wing correctness and give the animals meat! You rescue ANIMALS, not humans.

  • Romaine Szabo
    Romaine Szabo

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  • Shalysta Zeno
    Shalysta Zeno

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  • Madison Swan
    Madison Swan

    She reminds me of my dog Marley he died a long time ago though which I'm still pretty heart broken over somone killed him..... I'm glad there are people who actually love animals

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    Gerson Faria

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    Tiffany Leonard

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    janet dutton

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    Einherjar OldFart

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  • Gunslinger454

    Can you imagine living in the California desert with that matted coat, and black no less? It must have been total hell all day every day. I'm so happy that she won't have to suffer through that anymore! Also, that vegan burger might be enough to fool a human nose, but not a dog's. She's like, "What the hell is this crap? That ain't beef!"

  • Koren Maccubbin
    Koren Maccubbin

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  • James Baker
    James Baker

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  • Rosa Moreira
    Rosa Moreira


  • Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon

    Dinosaur name: T-Bone Rex or TB for short.

  • Baby blue eyes
    Baby blue eyes

    So cute. As soon as I read she was microchipped and vaccinated. My heart sank. She was healthy before and she won’t be now. Microchips are known to cause cancer. Also vaccines do along with seizures. My uncle had to put his old dog to sleep after he was vaccinated and started having seizures. It’s a one size fits all in the amount of chemicals there are in vaccines.

  • Steve Bohannan
    Steve Bohannan

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  • Vrfvfd Cdvgtre
    Vrfvfd Cdvgtre

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  • Amanda-Jane Haworth-Booth
    Amanda-Jane Haworth-Booth

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    • Robert Yglesias
      Robert Yglesias

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    Alison Tunny

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    thomas barnes

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    Luciano Korn

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    Rich McIntyre

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  • Sari Chevalier
    Sari Chevalier

    If Abby was a dinosaur then i think her name would be Toothache. Its because i think its a good name for a dinosaur. Especially if she's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And if you guys think i don't like Abby then your wrong because i like almost every kind of dog. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Favorite dogs ----------------------------- Golden Retriever's German Shepherd's Labrador Retriever's Siberian Husky's Rottweiler's Pembroke Welsh Corgi's Border Collie's Bernese Mountain Dog's Shiba Inu's Jack Russell Terrier's Beagle's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's English Springer Spaniel's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to this comment and tell me your favorite dog(s) And you don't have to like this comment if you don't want to But if you do then you can i'm not forcing you guys to

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      Jade Maiko

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    Joanna Oxman

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    Ihr seid die Allerbesten! 🐾🐕😍🐕🐾 ❤️❤️❤️ Schaue eure Videos oft das 2. Mal Einfach schön wie dankbar die meisten Tiere später sind. 🐕❤️ Liebe Grüße aus Germany /OWL


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