Dangerous and tricky freeway rescue cost me some blood!
This rescue was dangerous and I will ask that you NEVER stop on the freeway... it could have gone so wrong! Luckily, it was a #HopeForPaws fan who stopped for Bellflower, she knew to call me right away, and I rushed out.
This rescue happened BEFORE the rescue of Saturn, but the experience here is what made me rush Loreta on one Saturn's rescue: uzload.info/fun/a4x_jZ3aybCky2Q/video
The transformation of this kitten is so cool... at first, she didn't like anyone, but now she LOVES everyone!
If you missed the video on Napoleon (also on the freeway), this is a MUST SEE:
I posted NEW videos on our website, so please check those out here: www.HopeForPaws.org
Thank you Kitty Bungalow for fostering her. If you would like to adopt Bellflower, please visit: www.kittybungalow.org
Have an amazing and SAFE weekend!

  • Marie Keith Bleuste
    Marie Keith Bleuste

    Kitten: I am Death. Destroyer of worlds. Eldad: I think I'll name you Bellflower.

    • Darcy Plett
      Darcy Plett


    • Miraculous Lover
      Miraculous Lover

      @Lightning_Studios srly

    • Patty McLane
      Patty McLane

      Lol 🤪

    • CoolSkeleton95

      Kelly Alves bellflower




    Should have named her Goodyear or Firestone for obvious reasons. Cute kitty. Well done.

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao

    Aw Bellflower made friends with a cute fluffy bunny🥰😍

  • Hope Mariee Moore
    Hope Mariee Moore


  • Hope Mariee Moore
    Hope Mariee Moore


  • Linda Moody
    Linda Moody

    Thank God these gentle people are out there rescuing these adorable animals.

  • kris db
    kris db

    what a sweetheart..........

  • S I
    S I

    min 5:22 "i see you human, and i know your tricks! you look sus!"

  • ruth amsden
    ruth amsden

    Awwww Bellflower, was frightened to death, on The Freeway, she is only a baby. So glad you rescued her, as she is to you Paws for thought ;for saving her life . 😻

  • Nancy Iverson
    Nancy Iverson

    Excellent rescue! She loves you now!

  • Kayla Pagan
    Kayla Pagan

    I saved a cat like this, he was behind a dumpster tho- he had the same pattern, and his name was Smokey!!

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    😢💔 That poor baby was abused. God only knows how he ended up on the freeway or what happened to him prior to that😭🐈

  • Ivan Lewkov
    Ivan Lewkov

    🐰🐿️💙💙🌻🌺☺️☺️🌼😂😂💋💋💋💋💋 argentina 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Alyssa Chance
    Alyssa Chance

    Im always so late! I want to work with kittens when im older to!

  • Maria Medrano
    Maria Medrano

    oh yeah the man the myth the legend. elsad so 😎

  • E Payson
    E Payson

    How precious ... that moment when she finally realized a human was what she really needed and wanted all along.

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams

    Seems like this kitty been Abused by the human

  • Logan Sinor
    Logan Sinor


  • Connie sue adams Adams
    Connie sue adams Adams

    Keep showing new ones if possible.i want to know more about all.

  • Darcy Plett
    Darcy Plett

    Oh my goodness ...what a cute critter ....

  • Darcy Plett
    Darcy Plett

    I love all your vis ..HOPE FOR PAWS ROCKS🤟🤟🤟🤟🐈

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    If she hasn't been adopted yet... I think YOU should adopt her. After biting you, I think you two have a special bond. Seeing the way she justs melts when you pet her.

  • theninjakid 28
    theninjakid 28

    3:22, That war cry tho

  • b o r e d m e
    b o r e d m e

    Thank you guys for your hard work

  • Jeanice Graves
    Jeanice Graves

    She must have been so scared. You too Eldad. My gosh. Those cars could have been on you any second. Terrifying. You're so awesome Hope for Paws.

  • Cats Cattying
    Cats Cattying

    It’s amazing that they spotted this tiny little cat in this pitch black night.

  • _anoja31_


  • Robert McHugh
    Robert McHugh

    Yea, you shouldn't spend all that time mugging for the camera. Just get the job done.And be gentle!

    • pinkElla

      They make videos to spread awareness and make money so they can do these rescues

  • Xx_Yana The Wolfie_xX
    Xx_Yana The Wolfie_xX

    awwwwwwwh~ its adorable i know no one i resist SUCH A CUTIE i hope she has a better life than just living on the freeways,just more food,water,and toys.... i hope she'll love her forever home,making friends,and a lot more other things she can do! but she knows making friends is the most important so you don't get lonely :>


    Hello i am an Indian i watch your video every day

  • Scoutpower1

    "Why'd you bite me?" "You insulted my dignity, Human!"

  • Aaron Nolander
    Aaron Nolander

    You people are amazing💖 You are saving innocent animals lives, u deserve way more 💖💖

  • faye alyn
    faye alyn

    Irony. Lol. You gotta love it when you're own advice come back to haunt you! 😂

  • Jeff gill jeff gill
    Jeff gill jeff gill


  • Susan Cripps
    Susan Cripps

    I rescued a kitty like this one at Starbucks several years ago and she acted just like Bellflower. It’s so cute when they’re so little and act so tough, but also sad because they’re so afraid. Good job, Eldad! I’m always so concerned for your safety on highway rescues.

  • Suzie cream cheese
    Suzie cream cheese


  • Nani Wijaya Nasution
    Nani Wijaya Nasution


  • Cookiequ nutty
    Cookiequ nutty

    Whenever I see cats of this same pattern (Tabbies I think, i dont quite know so correct me please) I'm always reminded of my cat i miss so much.

  • Shally Malhotra
    Shally Malhotra

    OMG! You guys are really doing a great job ❤❤😘👍👍✌👏🏻👏🏻

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    Anakany Alvarez


  • Madison Jerez
    Madison Jerez

    Who likes watching ads cause it helps you tubers get money?

  • MissSmudge78

    Oh yeah you guys ... this one's a love bug!

  • M Hellström
    M Hellström

    Why don't you wear proper gloves? Risking you health like that

  • Brianna Elasad
    Brianna Elasad

    I wonder who they were talking about in the background something about 6 months he was dripping wet who were they talking about then eldad said something about showing him slack probably who were they talking about

  • Pineapple on Pizza
    Pineapple on Pizza

    She reminds me so much of my cat that we lost a few months ago she has the same fur patterns and everything and also that vicious flight of fight response

  • Kshitij GarG
    Kshitij GarG

    Aww I just want to squeeze him/her she/he is so cuuutteee!!

  • Peter Lane
    Peter Lane

    I love the videos and the work you do and yes I have donated, but you guys come up with some daft names. :-)

  • Donna Wood
    Donna Wood

    Lots of energy! Cutie!

  • дмитрий рейсфельд
    дмитрий рейсфельд

    Спасибо вам-добрые люди. Натерпелся маленький.

  • Nida Hilmia
    Nida Hilmia

    That kitty looks like my kitty when she was young

  • Michèle Paradis
    Michèle Paradis

    Bless you xxx

  • Animal Language
    Animal Language

    Thank you dear lady for stopping her car at night on a highway. Others will just keep going and the cat would have died.

  • BlackPantherFan

    The view of Bellflower in the box, just seconds after the bite: "You got me by the tail! It hurts! I just payed back!" Thanks guys for helping sooooo many souls!!! *airkisses*🥰😍🥰😍 Nice greets from a great fan in Germany!!!👍❤️👍❤️

  • Xx_Chole_xX gacha
    Xx_Chole_xX gacha

    omg shes so cute I want her but I cant have a cat

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton


  • Jason

    God bless Toronto Canada

  • hOurworld11

    Thankyou all so much for your efforts. It is truely above and beyond. May karma bless you and your spirits shine bright always. Animals love is the most rewarding gift.

  • dreamer beautiful
    dreamer beautiful

    The kitten must've been scared to death until Eldad rescued. I have no experience to keep cats. Eldad, Hero of unfortunate animals rescuer, got hurt terribly when even the kitten bit you. You encounter dangerous rescues everyday. I hope your strong will to help unfortunate animals will last as long as you live. I love and respect you so much!

  • chihuahuabulldog

    Such a sweet kitty. When you put her in the "silver box" at CARES, it was sad to see that the first thing she did was to look up to check for an escape route. As with virtually all of your videos, you were friends by the end of the video. Thank you!

  • Friday

    This is really great. I've saved a dog before. And this kitten is really cute

  • Elsa Animates
    Elsa Animates

    They only post the successful rescues.

  • i want you
    i want you

    Great job

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    Benedicte Body

    😘🙏super association 👍 en France rien à voir !😠

  • citra maharani
    citra maharani

    OMG my heart stopped & thank God you guys can save her.

  • Sofi Dodman
    Sofi Dodman

    You guys are amazing, thank you for doing such a great job ❤️👏🏻

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    Of course she bit him! A person’s hand had just tossed her on the Freeway. I’d bite his hand too!

  • 613Paris

    I donated god bless

  • Nancy Hatcher
    Nancy Hatcher

    If anyone could make friends with Bellflower you can!!

  • Rebecca Mullen
    Rebecca Mullen

    I'm just glad to see that someone would dedicate their job and passion to save animals!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Laura Land
    Laura Land

    Lesson learned to take your own advise, lol!

  • Victoria Guzman
    Victoria Guzman


  • Victoria Guzman
    Victoria Guzman


  • Anondlynn

    God Bless you All ❤

  • Blue & Bear
    Blue & Bear

    OMG she's gorgeous x

  • Anna B
    Anna B

    The side eye the kitten gives at 3:47 is sending me

  • Tâm Lê
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  • Jill Brown
    Jill Brown

    She looks so tiny next to the rabbit!!

  • Jill Brown
    Jill Brown

    She's adorable! Poor thing, it must have been terrifying for her :(

  • Dorothy Charles
    Dorothy Charles

    That was a great rescue. Bellflower hope you find a good home

  • Nicola Bulner
    Nicola Bulner

    cats are cute

  • Fun With Ava
    Fun With Ava

    He looks like my cat that died I’m crying so much

  • darkpulsegirl 262
    darkpulsegirl 262

    I do love seeing hissy feral kittens turn into cuddly domestic babies!

  • Melissa Linh Trang
    Melissa Linh Trang

    Hi Hope for Paws. Could you please help me? My cat was injured in the claw. Its hooves were cracked and some of the flesh stuck out, just a little but as small as a grain. Now he is in pain because the broken nail is clinging to his flesh. What should I do with this case? I tried stuffing the flesh back into the nail but couldn't, the crack on the nail was too narrow. Please give me some advice. I'm looking for your answer. Thank you.

  • Pro gamer
    Pro gamer

    All the people that disliked Can you say me a reason why you disliked


    Y'all better donate OR ELSE!!!🧐

  • beckyness 1
    beckyness 1

    We rescued 2 cats over time. The one came with a house our family moved into. Previous owners left it. A dog attacked it and it couldn't meow. So we fed it until he passed. Well a few neighbours fed him lol shame. Then one day I was walking back from the shop when I was still at school. Could hear a cat meowing under a car. I called him and he followed me home. I went and got him some food and he never left. Took us a while to get him in the house but he soon found his way under my duvet at night time. Have treats and cuddles before bed. You guys are amazing and I will say it till I'm blue in the face. I agree we have domesticated these animals as pets so we need to look after them just as much. I like how with you guys now animal is off the cards. Great jobs guys. Much love from me in the UK. Xx

  • 瓦瓦力力

    I feel that as long as humans are friendly to animals, animals will reciprocate equally

  • Cüneyt Kuzu
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  • Avi Sidhu
    Avi Sidhu

    Please come to india ,a lot of puppies are waiting for you , we need you

  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray

    What a gorgeous cat.

  • Aj Somar
    Aj Somar

    I hope there's a Hope For Paws here in UAE..Because I'am keeping a stray cat,a mama cat and her two cute two months old kittens😻😘..really love them that's why I keep and feed them but the problem is as much as I want to keep them,I can't keep them forever because I'am just a maid here in UAE😥and some of my roomates is complaining me keeping the cats because they dont like cats😥I'am afraid that they would gonna tell it to my employer and they would gonna throw the cat and kittens in the street or worse in the desert😥I don't know what to d😥

  • Kenzy Mostafa
    Kenzy Mostafa

    You guys always help animals it’s really nice please keep doing more videos 👌🏻👍🏻🙂

  • Aiyana Hooks
    Aiyana Hooks

    Someone is posting Hope For Paws videos! And making money from it! Please report the imposters!The imposter channel is called Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel HFP Please spread awareness and report the imposter, they are taking advantage of real animal rescuers!

  • Atheism Kills
    Atheism Kills

    We raise large Boa Constrictors and need these types of animals. How can I reach you?

  • God's Creation
    God's Creation

    Hello Eldad there's another hope for paws UZload channel and it has your video. "Hope for paws official rescue channel"

  • :p :0
    :p :0

    When I get money for my phone I’m going to donate😊

  • Maya W
    Maya W

    Bellflower reminds me of a cat I had. Around the same coloring and patterns.

  • R O M A N x F T W
    R O M A N x F T W

    guys please check out ' Kitten is a life 'channel also guys please he is also saving animals... please

  • TheWanderingOcean

    I hope belflower gets a nice home, Well miss you Bellflower!

  • Ann Fish
    Ann Fish

    How can someone steal the videos that raise money to help these people do this great work .they are so mean