A dog with a rare deformity bites rescuer out of fear.
Poor Jax was so scared, and in the heat of the moment, he managed to bite JoAnn Wiltz. Working together with Katie McKittrick they got him to the hospital and then they learned what was really happening with him.
Jax recovered really well from the surgery and even though he lost a leg, he is now actually so much more comfortable.
We have to pay for about 10 surgeries EVERY WEEK and as you can imagine, it costs thousands of dollars! If you can, please join us with a small donation and help us get to 20 surgeries a week! We would LOVE to be able to help more animals :-)
Thank you so much to our friends at L.A Animal Rescue for finding Jax such a perfect home! They have many more cute animals for adoption - please check them out here: www.LAAR.org
Please share and help us raise awareness.

  • Gracie Hall
    Gracie Hall

    Thanks so much for not giving up on him, especially due to his deformity.

  • Gunel Ahmed
    Gunel Ahmed

    I love you,dear good dog! Be happy!

  • Colin Kaepernick
    Colin Kaepernick

    The Dog dont understand you. You speak to more by unknown Dog...

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    Sulu Petaia

    AMAZING💞 GOD BLESS YOU ALL🙏🙏 LOVE YOU Furbaby Jax💞🙏Enjoy life🙏💞

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    Hồng Nguyễn

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  • Heath Bird
    Heath Bird

    Beautiful face

  • Мира Ким
    Мира Ким

    Слава Богу , спасены. Все теперь будет хорошо, такая прелесть. Удачи тебе малыш.

  • Joyce Gibbs
    Joyce Gibbs

    not sure that lady should say anything to these dogs, I'd not say anything to keep the stress down but thank you for all the incredible work you do.

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  • Martha Cadena
    Martha Cadena

    God bless you and your family thanks for rescuing all the animals

  • Uswa Sajid
    Uswa Sajid

    I want to join your team

  • Maddie Pope
    Maddie Pope

    Jax ❤❤❤!!!

  • Abroad Idiomas e Aulas Particulares
    Abroad Idiomas e Aulas Particulares

    God bless you always Cassia.

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  • Apsaras Gaming
    Apsaras Gaming

    Good team as always and thank you for save poor soul of dog need help in out there also thanks for patient for animal 😭

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    Keep doing what your doing saving animal life’s

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    🤗Another great mission of a pure and Adorable man for street cats ...

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    TOP 7 KIDS

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  • Karina Rosas Pineda
    Karina Rosas Pineda

    Muchas felicidades que repenta y los aman a los animales Toda las gentes que trata mal a los animales que paguen con cárcel repente tan sufre

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    So so cool 😎

  • Marita Hösing
    Marita Hösing

    You are amazing, Eldad!

  • Roland Auburger
    Roland Auburger

    Give a Abo, every Abo help

  • Krishna Ben
    Krishna Ben

    What a lovely dog jex is !Thanks for rescuing poor jex, It's adorable, God bless you. 🙏🐶🙏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🐶🙏

  • Alice Blue
    Alice Blue

    That dog has a great spirit. ❤❤❤🐕🐕🐕

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    What a lovely little love bug.❤️

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    Tu as un sauveur mon père

  • Erika Sobreiro De Barros
    Erika Sobreiro De Barros

    Why didn't give food for him?

  • Doge

    The more aggressive dogs are, the more you know they’ve been having a hard time.

  • G.O.A.T

    I bit dog leg off,he learn meaning of pain,lucky you saved it!😐

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    his condition was really bad

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Her eyes made me want to cry, she is so precious and truly just wants love and security! Thank you HFP this is why I donate! 💜🙏🏼🥰😘✝️

  • Lemon Drop
    Lemon Drop

    Can I just Have all animals pls :c :3

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    OMG 😱 what wrong with people!!!! Please take care of her 🐾🐾🐾🐾❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Oui Uyichan
    Oui Uyichan

    After rescued him, he looks lively . Thanks you guys for helping him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Esmeralda Flores
    Esmeralda Flores

    Por favor nunca dejen de hacer esta labor tan Hermosa y tan Humana que Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe se los recompensarán por Muchas Más Bendiciones. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙏🙌✨💙

  • Esmeralda Flores
    Esmeralda Flores

    Muchas gracias en verdad de todo corazón por ayudar a todos los seres que no tienen voz y que no se pueden defender de las malas personas ni pedir la ayuda que en realidad necesitan. Ustedes son unos Ángeles se irán al Cielo. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙏🙌✨💙

  • Esmeralda Flores
    Esmeralda Flores


  • Esmeralda Flores
    Esmeralda Flores

    God Bless You!!!!🙏🙌✨💙

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Vous et vos vetos accomplissez des merveilles. Eagle et Wendy renaissent à la vie. Donnez nous vite des nouvelles du pauvre petit Roxy. Pourvu que vous le sauvez ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Donna DeHardt
    Donna DeHardt

    Wonder is the rescuers can take/get any protection from bite-transferred disease. That would really concern me. Even if the bites are few, it would only take 1. Im glad they are so brave, tho.

  • Rosa Torres
    Rosa Torres

    Muchas bendiciones por su ayuda y amor por los perritos 🐶

  • PianoPanda

    People should really adopt animals from shelters more often. Less from breeders ! It ridiculous how some think that just because they come from shelters or are older in age it takes away from their value I have a elderly poodle from a shelter and he is the best cuddle buddy ever!

  • maya jangi
    maya jangi


  • Jim

    this is maybe the least competent rescue I've seen on this channel. Too aggressive. Too loud during a stressful time. A failure to understand the emotional state of the dog. I'm usually impressed with these rescues. This was ... not good. It was a poor showing. Edit: watched further, and it's even shittier. FUCK THIS BAD RESCUE. Learn to be better.

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    Give Roxy a good home when she gets through this. No more suffering, just lots of cuddles and happiness.☺☺☺

  • Zila Gomrs
    Zila Gomrs

    E maravlhoso ver otrabalho de vocese oamor pelos animais tao indefesos 🥰🥰🐕🐕

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    From one Leslie to another, I'm so happy she found her forever human. I've just found mine, too. Hehe

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    My poor baby, Sorry Rocky, so very very sorry!!!

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Give Roxy a good home when she gets through this. No more suffering, just lots of cuddles and happiness.☺☺☺

  • Theda Bara
    Theda Bara

    I few seconds of stress and a lifetime of love. I think it's a good trade! I do hope you all have your rabies vaccinations. My son is in Game and Fish and he has to be vaccinated against rabies every few years.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    She is so cute! But she needs a life vest on sea water.

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    This makes my heart so warm. Look how sweet she was... xx

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    She is so cute! But she needs a life vest on sea water.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    God bless uhh❣️all and good job all....❣️❣️

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

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    Anjali Kashyap

    God bless

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    Leslie Meeks

    Good job!! 😀

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard

    Man, you know as often as they catch these dogs, it’s amazing how little they get bitten. I know it sucks tho.

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    matix marie

    i love ur videos

  • Jjf

    size off a rat thats no bite :P wanna see my rescue pitts bite scar ?

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  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    Thank you viktor, you're rescuers, & team, you're special people, in my eyes! For the love & care, any animal! God bless everyone of you! ❤❤❤❤

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    You can neuter dogs without "permission" even when there is an owner/mum/dad? No offense, just a question ^^

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    Awll god love its little heart thank u for rescueing and saving it.

  • Wally Hyppolite
    Wally Hyppolite

    Poor Jax

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    Pinsch Runner

    Wonderful!!! 🐾🎄🐾🎄🐾🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! @HOPE FOR PAWS 🎄💓🎄💓🐾🐾🐾

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    Trần Thế

    Keep doing what your doing saving animal life’s

    • tintinismybelgian

      *you're = you are *your = belonging to you

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    Tran The Clever

    Millones bendiciones por salvar y rescatar a este angelito peludo

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    Hope Devine

    Hey hopeforpaws can you please please fix those hopeforpaws rescue videos please love you hopeforpaws

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    She's lucky to get him back alive. Too many pets are lost and don't return for several reasons. Hope he is fixed now.

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  • Damia Alamin
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    Sergei Gusakov

    funny face and personality :) thanks people!

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    Mary España

    Admiro el profesionalismo con el que uds hacen los rescates pero mas admiro el corazón que uds tienen Dios los bendiga

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    Isabel Cativo

    Thank you for rescued and. Could have better life if some love like family. Please.some family give love an care for ever

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    Jenny Munday

    JoAnn is so tough, I didnt even see her react when she was bitten.

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    Hollywood # schleich

    So wonderful people you guys are and you rescued so many wonderful dogs. So a wonderful thing to save life's like you❤️💞😘😘

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    Eddie Wood

    You are what makes this world a far better place, so I say thank you and God Bless You All xxxx

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    Juan Neri

    Pobrecilla al menos ya tiene un hogar

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    Ирина Словак

    Ничего не бойся , малыш ! Тебя будут ЛЮБИИИИИИИТЬ !!!!!!

  • Tommygun 264
    Tommygun 264

    Animals born with a deformity or physical limitation have no experience without it. Jax's 'good' leg looked thick & bowed not from any bone deformity, but because the muscles & tendons had adapted to compensate for carrying all of his weight to one side. Jax didn't appear to be a puppy and he warmed up to people within a few hours, so someone must have been feeding & caring for him in the past. It's heartbreaking to see an animal that has been lost or abandoned.

  • Natanael Sundh
    Natanael Sundh

    01:23 "helpmehelpmehelpme"

  • Loxley Battle
    Loxley Battle

    Great to see him happy in a soft bed at the end!

  • Miss Anthropy Ⓥ
    Miss Anthropy Ⓥ

    Too bad his little leg had to be removed; what a precious little guy he is. l hope he's happy and loved for the rest of his life, as all dogs deserve, cats too, all companion animals. They're such amazing blessings.

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  • Kate song
    Kate song

    Omg this brought tears to my eyes! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tanja K
    Tanja K

    4:38 looks more like she scratched herself while pulling him from under the car and out from behind the wheel. But good job nonetheless.👍

  • a s
    a s

    From the many of these videos I have watched I really really hope that all the rescuers could benefit from animal communication courses - You can feel the huge fear & stress the humans are giving off in these capture situations - the dogs are effected by this. You can notice the different approach from centred calm communicators who are able to connect with the dogs in a very calm manner. It would be wonderful to have this.

  • Kawy Thowy
    Kawy Thowy

    Bless you all. Taking care of those with no voice. Nothing more noble in my book.

  • gregs1020

    so cute.

  • Lauren Mcquillan
    Lauren Mcquillan

    Canada calling, i have watched your videos for years, i'm sorry i don't donate, i am a sr on a pension, after i first found your site. I started seeing a lot of other like minded people; some even using your name but they juggle the sequence. I just want to say that your team is the most compassionet team, and Eldad, even thru satellite, the way you caress an animal's face, speak to them, convey your empathy, speaks to the utter kindness in your heart, and your team follows your lead. Kudos sir, none of the others compare. A fan.

    • Lauren Mcquillan
      Lauren Mcquillan

      Sorry for spelling error. Compassionate.

  • rosa blanca valenzuela
    rosa blanca valenzuela

    muchisimas gracias a ustedes ok racias por ayudarla ok ahora cero q esta bien ok

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  • Naomi Takimoto
    Naomi Takimoto

    The end of the day, watching Jax looks happy walking with his momma, constantly looking up his momma, and getting comfy and sleepy in his own fluffy bed, is priceless 😍😍😍👍👍👍 Thanks to HFP❤️❤️❤️ Oh he is so cute and adorable 🥰 🥰🥰

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