A sad and scared dog almost got a heart attack when he saw them!
This story could have ended in so many sad ways - this video will teach an important lesson!
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Together we can do it and save many more lives.
So many people on Instagram suggested the name Puddles for this cute little dog and you just have to watch until the end.
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  • Rocky Kanaka
    Rocky Kanaka

    I love that Tony Robbins is matching funds for you all. Let's all donate something to help out Hope For Paws and all of the great work they do for dogs like Puddles 😊❤️👍 EDIT: just made my donation. Super easy and only takes a min.

    • Priscilla Stevenson
      Priscilla Stevenson


    • Angie Cox
      Angie Cox

      Pat yourself on the back

    • Chris Simms
      Chris Simms

      Ll Kik

    • Orangeforever

      His name isn’t puddles you know, his real name is charlie

    • Wayne Allen
      Wayne Allen

      We need more tony robbins god bless him

  • Sensual ASMR
    Sensual ASMR


  • Shari Bigay
    Shari Bigay

    He's like where's the cheeseburger? I was told there'd be a cheeseburger.

  • Janis DeLuca
    Janis DeLuca

    I got a lump in my throat seeing him reunited. Stop doing this to me! That lump hurts!

  • Gysela Pacheco
    Gysela Pacheco

    Happy ending. Microchip your pets.

  • Flapkatt

    Charlies owners didn't do a very good job of keeping Charlie safe. No microchip? Perhaps they are the ones who should have spent a few weeks on the streets, hungry, scared, dirty and cold. That might give them better perspective on the responsibilities of owning a pet. That's not charitable but neither is being lost, cold, and scared. I hope they were charged at least gas money for this rescue.

  • Megan Knight-Dewell
    Megan Knight-Dewell

    Omg his tail looked like it was going to wag off at the end 🤣 aww he's so happy! 💖😊

  • Christopher Sotelo
    Christopher Sotelo

    Bro. You are amazing!!! I've never seen a stray dog just give in to a stranger. The world needs more people like you!!! God BLESS!!!

  • Debbie Sanderson
    Debbie Sanderson

    Hope they take care of him better.

  • Jane Preston
    Jane Preston

    if only everyone could share this kind of love

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    Is Charlie neutered ???? Sounds strange for a loved pet to chew a screen and run !! Unless he ran for his lady in heat !

  • Kion's Place
    Kion's Place

    You should be careful, the GPS said the person's address and the license plate on the car is visible, there's a lot of nasty creeps out there. My family is being stalked by one. Be safe.

  • Titus Crow
    Titus Crow


  • Isha Sharma
    Isha Sharma

    O god how innocent and pure hearted these animals are ...they never forget their family

  • HalStargazer

    one of the nicest hfp videos. i was wondering how charlie would react to his family- boy was he glad to see them again lol. obviously he's loved very much

  • saba bajwa
    saba bajwa

    Allah bless you infinitely

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    He looks like a Charlie. Thx you for helping him.

  • Thái Công
    Thái Công

    thank you

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    Awesome video!

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Hope for Paws is the real deal, and I love the happy videos they put out. This guy is a true dog whisperer, with his cheeseburgers and being able to get close to the dogs so quickly. I wouldn't dare. I always get choked up watching them. Good work , Sir.

  • June Shahin
    June Shahin

    Wonderful video. Thank you so much.

  • llelen

    We(or more surely a man that wanted to take him) found a dog name Charlie too. I noticed that he was trying to take the dog and the dog didn't want, asked what is he doing he said just found him. I convinced to give him to me so i can find the owner. We were often in that territory with our dog and i was sure if i ask around i will find the owner(not the case turned out the dog had run from home). )Although we tried all the names and didn't discover that he was Charlie, not a used name at all in our country. He was a German Wirehaired Pointer, and i had a hell of time bringing him home with a long walk from where he was found, i had only a rope for him that i asked from car owner(the car owner was already taking him for himself, i convinced him to leave me find the owner first, although he gave his number and asked many times to call him at the end of the day and he will take him because he wants to start hunting and wants such a dog. The problem was - he lived in other city, he had a wife and small kid and i was sure the wife would not have wanted the dog and the dog would have been just given somebody random, not to mention the owner would have never found the dog if he left to another city. Thankfully in the same day we found the owner via facebook, someone recognized him and said us the name is Charlie. The dog literally did a happy dance when we called him by proper name,. He wasn't excited to meet his owner at all(no tail dance), it was clear he liked his few hours of freedom:) he had run from their yard that morning and the owner was searching him with his car all day. We of course asked for pictures together at first to be sure that it is really his dog. He told us the dog doesn't listen to him at all, and still he took the dog to hunting(the pictures were the dog, he and some bird that the dog had in his mouth). But the dog wasn't afraid, he recognize his owner, he was just young and untrained. Our Dalmatian was that way when he was a year old too so i knew all was ok. i am glad the dog found his owner.

  • llelen

    i have one question - where is the yammi treat😆

  • Joy Y. Z.
    Joy Y. Z.

    Sweet reunion

  • Лиля Ахмадуллина
    Лиля Ахмадуллина

    Good! 👍👍👍

  • María Guillen
    María Guillen

    Muchos seres humanos son basura. Gracias por ayudar son buenos

  • Tri Jtamadji
    Tri Jtamadji

    He happy when meet the owner. Like it.!

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • June Viarruel
    June Viarruel

    Charlie is blessed

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    If I legitimately lost a dog, I think I would at least get up and show excitement when we were reunited, those two dolts just sat there because they know they ditched that dog and were shamed into reclaiming him... we are to believe the dog is such a runner that he chewed through a screen door (somehow) and then just decided to hang out and cower under some random suburban car

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    hey all you who are saying how "great" it is that the dog was "reunited" with his terrible owners. I've researched the matter and the overwhelming evidence is that small or elderly dogs NEVER stray more than a mile from their homes and even less so in an urban area, that cockamamie story about the dog chewing through wire was complete bullshit and you can tell by how unexcited and sheepish the owners were when they were reunited that they ditched that dog

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    "He ran far away from you guys"... you don't bother to ask them for an explanation how that could possibly happen?? Those kind of dogs don't go that far from home and end up under some random car... oh well we got the dog back to the "forever home" and its negligent owners

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    You gave the dog back to the same shitty owner who let it loose, and none of you commenters are troubled by that? He's proven himself an incompetent steward! Stop it with all the sappy comments and get real! I hope you put a tracer on that dog cause it'll be back on the streets soon... did you bother to ask how a small dog gets lost so far from home that its sitting there under some strange car instead of trying to find its way home? I've known lots of dog owners and NONE of them have ever lost their dogs

  • Angie Cox
    Angie Cox

    Im sorry but the owners did not look too thrilled to see their dog. No wonder he chewed through a screen door and got away

  • Eric Roslansky
    Eric Roslansky

    He was just mad that he didn’t get a cheeseburger like the other dogs,

  • Jim Dunlop
    Jim Dunlop

    I am happily surprised you still have 10 fingers!

  • Viorica Freeman
    Viorica Freeman

    Look like the guy don't care much for the dog.

  • CM SK
    CM SK

    Merci 💕

  • Steven David
    Steven David

    Charlie was very lucky to get back to his home. Unfortunately, that's not the case for many. Its sad when you have to give up hope that your "kid" (dog) isn't coming back. So - if you find a dog without the owner - please take the time to rescue him/her and allow somebody to track down the owner if you can't. Every life is precious, even a dog's life.

  • Kevin DeVilling
    Kevin DeVilling

    I love your work but did you ever think about offering a few treats before using the catch pole? Nothing but time

  • Cyndi Foore
    Cyndi Foore

    I’m so happy his owners were found!!! A very happy ending!

  • hidesertmusic

    Look at that tail go!

  • Cee Gabe
    Cee Gabe

    ***:If ever we needed THE LORD before-we sure do need HIM now. "Focus on GOD-and NOT your problems."-( Dr. Charles Stanley), ******************************* ("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans."- (the late Pastor Stephen Darby): GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER: 2 CHRONICLES 7:14: Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land. (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV ) HE can surely do it for us. GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.) Pass it on... uzload.info/fun/Z4ZvpIu0t3qH03U/video

  • Thor 2225
    Thor 2225

    Vielen Dank dafür 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • xradelox

    For everyone talking about microchipping, it sounds like most of you don’t understand what it actually is. Microchips for animals are NOT GPS tracking devices. They are tiny chips that house an ID and the microchip’s brand. You use a microchip scanner (like the one seen in the video after Charlie jumped in the car) to scan the animal for a chip. The scanner will be able to read that ID number. You then have to call the company and give them that ID number. They will pull up the account associated with that ID and give you the last phone number and name that’s listed if the microchip has been registered. You then call the owner and inform them that you found their animal. Microchips are inserted with a needle in between the shoulder blades. So it’s basically like a dog tag inside the animal’s body. The purpose is so that if the collar ever comes off, your animal can still find it’s way home. On the account, you can list lots of info, including pictures of the animal and also if it has an illness and needs medication, or allergies and needs a specific diet. It’s very important for pets to be microchipped but it’s EQUALLY important for you to register the chip (which means entering in your contact info in the account) AND keep it up to date. A microchip with a disconnected phone number is useless. And for all the paranoid people out there, if the government really wanted to track you, they’ll do it with your phone and your credit card purchases. If you’re that nervous about being tracked then you’re probably up to no good. Microchips save lives. Period. Not all lost animals end up in the loving care of people like Eldad. Many end up in shelters that are overcrowded and end up being euthanized because there’s no where else for them to go. If your animal is microchipped and it’s registered with current contact info, then they can contact you the minute your pet enters the shelter. Just do it.

  • Ruth Ramalhete
    Ruth Ramalhete


  • KameraShy

    Memo to Charlie: Freedom ain't all it's cracked up to be. At least for little doggies like you.

  • dennis garcia
    dennis garcia

    God bless to all of you for loving these animals

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor

    The fact he chewed the screen door to escape and wasn't chipped suggests his owners aren't all they seem.

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson


  • Ankita Goyal
    Ankita Goyal

    How can we stop dog meat festival?



  • Toni Davis
    Toni Davis

    This made me cry happy tears

  • Jeanice Graves
    Jeanice Graves

    He's so happy seeing his people.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Thank you for your kindness and efforts

  • Lyn Ryall
    Lyn Ryall

    I love you all xx I try to do the same in Turkey..so much unneeded suffering. .it breaks me ..7 dogs at mo ...

  • Travelbird

    OMG this poor baby is so happy

  • Delhi Budgies Info
    Delhi Budgies Info

    Almost felt like crying 😭 I love happy endings 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Carol Steinfeld
    Carol Steinfeld

    Why so many poodle mix dogs on this channel?

  • axiomist

    Hes wagging his whole rear end ! =) My dog is named Charlie too.

  • Maricor alcuaz
    Maricor alcuaz

    charlie is so thankful for you for finding he's owner .thankyou for sharing❤️ god bless!

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Scott Grimley
    Scott Grimley

    I like your videos, but I would like a bit more commentary rather than text on the screen as a vision impaired and can’t see it. Also, I note that you always check for microchip but only on the back of the neck. It is well known in Australia that microchips will move from their insertion point at the back of the neck and can sometimes be found in other parts of the torso and sometimes the legs particularly the front. It may be a good idea to show on your Video that you scanned the entire animal not just the back of their neck.

  • Buck Early
    Buck Early

    So happy!!!

  • L Mac
    L Mac

    Naughty owners no microchip. Amazes me people never learn.

  • nordy259

    no doubt about that one, those are his owners

  • Teresa Jose
    Teresa Jose

    Way to give out someone’s address. lol. And that chewing gum noise....urgh!!

  • wendy macmullen
    wendy macmullen

    Great teaching moment. You guys rock!

  • Sombra Celta
    Sombra Celta

    I love how charlie contantly turns back to Eldad like thanking him for having found his owners

  • BlackHawk Down
    BlackHawk Down

    Charlie you have been a naughty boy! LOL... Stay safe!

  • bagariddum

    have not seen a reunion case before. he's so excited to see them. quite beautiful.

  • bagariddum

    every one of these makes me smile . sometimes with tears too, but those smiles are the best ones.

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

    Nice very nice

  • Diane Hobbs
    Diane Hobbs

    I love happy endings!

  • Mickey Moore
    Mickey Moore

    I loved how Charlie kept thanking you for helping him. Dogs are wonderful,

  • Abbie Normals
    Abbie Normals

    Seeing his fur, my first thought was that he couldn't have been on the streets long because he wasn't matted. So glad you found his home!!!

  • willem H
    willem H

    good lesson for owners to microchip pets

  • Mowaka Moon
    Mowaka Moon

    So so so sweet...

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    So nice to see this happy ending...

  • Adrian Birkett
    Adrian Birkett

    Oh you're so good with dogs!! 👍

  • wesley juliet
    wesley juliet

    A happy ending

  • Adarsh singh
    Adarsh singh

    Charlie was so happy... Having seen his family... Loved it he found his family 🙏🙂

  • Gloria Pacpaco
    Gloria Pacpaco

    Been watching your videos for some time....still get emotional everytime. I will never tire in saying.... thank you good people....from the other part of the Atlantic ocean

  • Rachel

    Charlie kept running back to Eldad saying “please don’t leave me with these mean people”.

    • Jasmin H.
      Jasmin H.

      Or "Omg! Can you believe that they were in this room all this time???" 😂

  • Jacen Justice
    Jacen Justice

    Awesome ending! That doesn't happen too often, especially when the dog isn't chipped. I seek more more of theses reuniting endings.

  • Lily Rose Soul007
    Lily Rose Soul007

    So amazing & delightful to see this lost dog reunited with his human family. I lost my cat once but luckily i found her so i can imagine those people's stress & worry. Pets do run away simply because they are curious etc - not all pets are abandoned. So happy for this dog to be safe & sound again. :)

  • Pat d
    Pat d

    Lucky dog, filled with joy to be reunited with owners. Due to so many careless owners, most lost dogs don't have that experience.

  • Robert Nijazov
    Robert Nijazov

    Сабакены живите счастливо и долго.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰как я вас обожаю.

  • KameraShy

    Dogs really do thank hoomans who help them out.

  • Jackson Tan
    Jackson Tan

    You guys are great and wonderful helpers , what a job to save the dog. May God bless you and your passion that the dog continues to live happily ever after !

  • jucitt

    Every time tears in my eyes watching your videos

  • Jill Lukas
    Jill Lukas

    When I was a little girl we had a black & tan poodle & we named her Puddles. lol That was an Awesome reunion!! Also, a family that loved him & didn't abandoned him; he just ran away & got lost. How lucky for him that those ladies saw him & called Hope for Paws. Love this Episode!!🥰😊

  • ポン太


  • LMC Presentations
    LMC Presentations

    Take care of your animals so they don't run away. Get them a collar & have them micro chipped if you really love them. It is heart breaking for me to watch these poor animals! I'm sure it is too for other animal lovers.

  • Mesa K
    Mesa K

    When the dog Charlie jump on to the rescuer car, we can see it was his habbit because he used to.

  • Raymond Paenga
    Raymond Paenga

    I notice every video has been TaylorMade to represent every single life they have saved this is so special I think about these people every day they are in my heart and literally now apart of my life

  • Alicia Daldin
    Alicia Daldin


  • Elaine Mentz
    Elaine Mentz

    Absolutely nothing more beautiful than a baby being reunited with it's parents...Welcome Home, Charlie !

  • Valoop

    Your amazing!

  • Sanjiv Pande
    Sanjiv Pande

    Can anyone give me a puppy for free