Homeless dog fights us even though he was badly injured!
Masik (pronounced Ma-seek) was so scared of people and on this mission, you will see Loreta Frankonyte at full speed after him! I am so happy I caught this whole thing on camera :-)
Rescues like this happen only thanks to your donations. Surgeries are expensive and we just can't do it without your help! The donate button is back and I hope you will use it... a $5 donation from everybody will make a HUGE difference and will enable us to get more injured animals off the streets.
Masik is still healing, and I would love for him to complete his healing process in his forever home. If you would like to adopt him, please contact our friends at L.A Animal Rescue: www.LAAR.org
If you can't adopt him, please share his video with your family and friends and help us find him a loving forever home.
Thank you so much!
#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogRescue

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    wow thank you guys.

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    Until such an attitude towards animals becomes widespread, there will not be such an attitude towards all people in trouble, because a person helps only those who are close to him when it is difficult. If living beings and the weak are not close to him, he will not help strangers, even people. Бездомная собака сопротивляется даже со сломанной тазовой костью. К счастью, её спасает организация спасения бездомных собак в США. Пока такое отношение к животным не станет повсеместным, не будет такого отношения и ко всем людям в беде, потому что человек помогает только тем, кто ему близок когда это сложно. Если ему не будут близки живые существа и слабые, он не будет помогать чужим, будь то даже люди.

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    Se vocês sempre tosam e levam para o veterinário os cachorros de rua, é uma ação nobre, obrigado !!! Usem o dinheiro do UZload para continuar esse lindo trabalho

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    Call him chewy and see if he responds he looks like my old dog but we gave him to my dad’s girlfriends sister I’m just curious this video was made a year ago and we gave the dog to her a year ago so

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    I did animal rescue for 18 years. I love all folks like these, but Loretta is a star. She has a great combination of compassion and courage. My ex wife had a cat almost escape on a busy street. She grabbed it and the cat went to town biting and scratching her hand and arm and she stuffed it in the cat carrier anyway. It took months for her to finish healing, but it never stopped her from rescuing that cat...or the next one. I can tell Loretta is a similar character. Both of these folks know that rescue work often means bleeding, and that's just a part of it that you have to accept when dealing with scared animals.

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    В России мазик это майонез.

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