Rescue in the L.A river sends us to help an unusual animal and kittens too!
Our work requires us to improvise all the time and this time we had an unusual animal, and also help from the SMART Team. It is almost GIVING TUESDAY and I really hope you will join our team with a small donation using the DONATE button here on UZload or on our website: (Here you can also get your own Lucky Leash!)
Special thanks to the people working at the immigration building for spotting the kittens down in the river and for knowing to call Hope For Paws for help. Loreta Frankonyte and I started this mission together, and then JoAnn Wiltz joined us, and then the SMART Team from L.A Animal Services - it was a really cool rescue.
If you would like to adopt DJ Suki & Poppy, please contact our friends at Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation:
Thank you so much for sharing our videos - this is how more and more people are learning about our work and this is how more and more animals are getting rescued.
I really appreciate your support!
#HopeForPaws #KittenRescue #DjSuki

  • L Nicole
    L Nicole

    I hate when people poison rats. When did we stop regarding them as animals?

  • JustArtin

    They saved rats and snake owner feed them to their trash animal

  • Knight's Oath
    Knight's Oath

    Good thing it was not a Baltimore city rat. They are the size of racoons and mean as hell.

  • nicholas archer
    nicholas archer

    I wish JoAnn Wiltz would rescue me

  • Елена Шамаева
    Елена Шамаева

    Спасибо вам за добрые сердца

  • David S
    David S

    Why doesn't the government agency that maintains those concrete trenches, add ladders to access them? Some one could die in there, simply because they couldn't climb out. It's like building a thirty story building, without an elevator! Here! Use a rope to get down! (g)

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    This mad me cry, that looks like Smokey who I miss so dearly!



  • Vampir Tara
    Vampir Tara

    Now saving a rat is going overboard.

  • Natali Cornell
    Natali Cornell

    Poor little rat rest in peace 😢👼🐁💙 I'm glad kittens can Be rescued! Thank you beautiful humans beings! 🐱🐱🐱🍀🍀🍀🐾🐾🐾💙💙💙

  • H.Y Family
    H.Y Family

    Plz i need one of the kitten plz I am in room 3 in mud Harket hreik there plz i need one

  • Quinn Hen
    Quinn Hen

    Beautiful kittens!!

  • Mía Solis
    Mía Solis


  • Xanthe Delves
    Xanthe Delves

    soooooooo............ they rescued a rat and then killed it?

  • Ali Abdo
    Ali Abdo


  • Eldritch Teacup
    Eldritch Teacup

    Poor little rattie. At least your end was quick. Thank you for being so kind to him. Not many would bother.

  • 素容毛

    !x x m s r l s l c p ri 38“看。

  • Insane Prepper
    Insane Prepper

    Nothing better than watching successful rescues by a hot blonde in tight yoga pants. Excellent legs!

  • s k
    s k

    Such adorable little kitties! 😻😹

  • Marlene Roberge
    Marlene Roberge


  • George D
    George D

    My mom hates cats so but I love cats

  • Philippa O'Neill
    Philippa O'Neill


  • Nebadan 55
    Nebadan 55


  • Nebadan 55
    Nebadan 55

    God is good

  • Nebadan 55
    Nebadan 55

    Good job

  • Mariela Cruz
    Mariela Cruz

    Thi is so cute❤❤❤🥰👍

  • Brandie Bilyeu
    Brandie Bilyeu

    I thence the cat hert the mous .😥😢🥺😿

  • Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber
    Piero Montemaggiore Schreiber

    Look at those beautiful angels.

  • m a r y
    m a r y

    DJ Suki is such a cute name🤗

  • m a r y
    m a r y

    What is euthanized?

  • Jan Copeland
    Jan Copeland

    You guys are amazing. So sad to see your videos,but the endings are beautiful. I dont like animal cruelty,so thankyou for never giving up on those dogs,cats,🇦🇺

  • katie_lovesadoptme :3
    katie_lovesadoptme :3

    Oh i have lots of rats Õ-Õ

  • Frank Andrews
    Frank Andrews

    Good job on the traps and I love kittens I have1 cat

  • Joe Celes
    Joe Celes

    I like rats too but when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian I like cats too

  • Joe Celes
    Joe Celes

    Everybody love rats I think cats are better and who does who take care of rats Rent the Runway fast UK that have a pet rat cousin does rat run away fast and I just wrote two letters cats when cats get pregnant they took a bath I mean it like water when it grows up when they don't take a bath that means when a girl older they don't like water

  • Courtney Gustafson
    Courtney Gustafson


  • Pamela Bautista
    Pamela Bautista


  • Courtney Gustafson
    Courtney Gustafson

    No. U. Cat

  • Perry Night
    Perry Night

    What happened to the rat

  • Shosho 2013
    Shosho 2013


  • Shosho 2013
    Shosho 2013

    بنيذ 😅😢😢

  • Tayonna


  • Ashley Kerley
    Ashley Kerley

    Awww they are gorgeous ragdoll kittens. God Bless you for all your dedication kindness and patience in rescuing all the animals that you do.😺😽

  • Marcos Vinícius
    Marcos Vinícius

    All lives MATTER! 🐀🐈

  • ʙᴀꜱɪɪᴄ_ꜱᴜɢᴀ

    i want both of the cats pls im in oman

  • Erika Luleå
    Erika Luleå

    Only a advice about cats and Tuna, do not give them to much of it , it can actually be bad for them.

  • dreadgong

    Ytfcvbbnnznnnnnnnnnnnznm,,,,,c,,,,,c,,,,,,v ...... g v',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............,,,,???????????"??? +++++++++=/;:,?

  • Charlie Gastelum
    Charlie Gastelum

    Is it for sale

  • LuckyGamerPlayz

    You guys are the proof that everything that's breathing should be treated when needed.

  • Krishve Balaji
    Krishve Balaji

    Some people they just don’t care just kill animals when they’re in the way like why do you need to kill them like just wait for them to go on the side

  • Krishve Balaji
    Krishve Balaji

    People are so so stupid to put their pets outside their door and make them became stray even though they don’t want to become strong like obviously no dogs want to become straight and one girl just or any family sometimes like in the world are many people who literally just want to kill animals for like four basic leather literally leather looks cool that looks nice but it is literally from animals and I think leather looks very bad I don’t like leather and plus it’s from animals people just want the leather so they can look good dude that’s literally animals dying in the world like they’re like very less tigers and pandas 🐼 🐯 now I hate when people are so so cruel to animals they don’t even feel like animals have a heart their heart is so dark one day they should very much go to hell and start crying for days and years there

  • Krishve Balaji
    Krishve Balaji

    Oh okay I will do prayers for him very good luck to you and wish you good luck in heaven boy

  • Krishve Balaji
    Krishve Balaji

    In my apartment there was a man who hated dogs like even home dogs like shi TzU

  • Krishve Balaji
    Krishve Balaji

    I mean they are so so stupid

  • Itz_LunaWolfie YT
    Itz_LunaWolfie YT

    you guys are so kind!!!! no matter what animal is that you save that!!i saved one black cat under the car and now he's happy!

  • ♥Idaira i su familia♥
    ♥Idaira i su familia♥

    😭😭😭😭que bonito

  • Tay Gleve
    Tay Gleve

    The problems is you guys always only save the kids, and leave the cat mom behind, alone, lose all her family, about someone do this to you, see you like it or not!!!!

  • Jennifer Perry
    Jennifer Perry

    It is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • coco queen roblox
    coco queen roblox


  • Misha Lum
    Misha Lum

    You guys do amazing work. ♥️

  • Lucie Arawana
    Lucie Arawana

    ~Is the trainer French by any chance?

  • Lindsey Barnes
    Lindsey Barnes

    the only thing i dont like about this channle is that it has a dislike button cant it be 2 like buttons?!


    Appreciate your work

  • marcio maradiaga
    marcio maradiaga

    Can u give me the cats please it so cute😘

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis

    You both have such an obvious respect for the sanctity of all life. (A rat, a lizard, an oppossom, skunks, ducks, etc. thank you, you are an inspiration!

  • Tuta Shaw The mother of the girls.
    Tuta Shaw The mother of the girls.

    صلى على النبي # ♥️

  • Feyd Rautha
    Feyd Rautha

    Those looked like siamese kittens! So beautiful!

  • Myrna Euden
    Myrna Euden

    The only problem with the help of the most part. It is the first World Ward, I have a lot more. I am a little bit. I'm surely. I am not sure what you think of a. I have been a longer period. If the reader to the best of luck to all of your Live. The first one. The only way you want me. The first thing that is the first time. If you are not an easy way

  • nawa day
    nawa day


  • lima roblox
    lima roblox

    I am actually a kid but I don’t care

  • RaG3 PaRsLeY*_*
    RaG3 PaRsLeY*_*

    jeesum that is alot of money donated

  • Phinnaeus Poindexter
    Phinnaeus Poindexter

    what are the genders?

  • FPJD Palm
    FPJD Palm


  • Karla Rodriguez
    Karla Rodriguez


  • charleeX kitty
    charleeX kitty

    Wow..I'm terribly sad for EVERY cat in this video..I love cats a lot and I hate seeing them hurt,sick and alone..I saved a stray cat (I named him shadow) from getting attacked from 6 huge dogs he was living in a drain without food or water.. Another rescue channel: #kittenlady (click for channel and videos)


    i do not have a pet

  • henri matisse
    henri matisse

    the rat is safe"! What!

  • kathy kay
    kathy kay


  • Dhea Syafira H
    Dhea Syafira H

    If only i live there,i'll adopt them right away ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for saving them

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez

    Nice teamwork

  • felipa sandoval
    felipa sandoval

    Wow that was so sad and amazing

  • Walter Kelly
    Walter Kelly


  • Holly Mayne
    Holly Mayne

    i found a kitty at my house one day but its not here forever,the cat looked like it was trying to find their kittys/babys

  • TOXICtv


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    Evaldo Oliveira


  • Joanne Magro-Boorman
    Joanne Magro-Boorman

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    Adam Nafi


  • Jeremy Lalas
    Jeremy Lalas

    How about the rat?

  • Callie Street
    Callie Street

    A couple of years ago I found a small mouse caught in a sticky trap. I can't stand those traps. The only thing I had on me was almond butter, so I poured a little bit of the oil on the trap and set the mouse free. I understand needing to take care of a mouse or rat infestation, but there are better ways than sticky traps and poisoning. I don't know, any trap that kills an animal slowly and painfully just seems wrong.

  • Katelyn Daly
    Katelyn Daly

    Those little kitten cried shattered my heart! I love that you all helped the little kittens!

    • Katelyn Daly
      Katelyn Daly


  • Najwa Abdeen
    Najwa Abdeen

    I hate rats

  • Li ly
    Li ly

    They are Siamese aren't they? One looks like a snowshoe and the other one like a seal point😍

  • Crazy Banana Bean
    Crazy Banana Bean

    If theyre still alone and unwanted in 2020, theyll have a safe home with me! :)

  • The Three Gamers
    The Three Gamers

    stop saving cats we need wild life yk ''Wild'' not home pets stop saving them your ruining society

  • old fan
    old fan

    "You're skinny!" STOP DIETING FOREVER! Become an animal rescuer!

  • ellie

    I love how they care about animals that most people would usually abandon, so what if their "ugly", or " gross"? They're not any different from any other living creature.

  • mica jones
    mica jones


  • Ruben kim
    Ruben kim

    They even save rats

  • ijan ahmad
    ijan ahmad

    This is so sad I like cats or kitten's but when I see this video I am so sad.