Homeless dog by the freeway is TERRIFIED of humans - the end will blow your mind!
Today, June 11, 2020 we are celebrating Hope For Paws' 12th anniversary!!!
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Barbie was so scared of humans and she wouldn't allow anyone near her. I will create a slow-motion version of the moment we got her, and I will post it on our Instagram later on today here - it is pretty amazing: instagram.com/HopeForPawsRescue/
After her rescue, #Barbie continued to her foster home with Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue, and the rehabilitation work they did with her is just incredible! This is one video that you really have to watch until the very end.
If you would like to adopt her, please contact Smooch Pooch here: www.SmoochPoochRescue.com
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  • Book7BrokeMyBrain

    Okay internet, do your thing: who was that lovely truck driver? Make sure his employer knows they have a very good person working for them. What's the opposite of cancelled? That guy should be rewarded for his act of kindness. xoxoxoxo

    • Sharon Schutt
      Sharon Schutt

      @Jacob Ellis the dog was looking at Eldad ( opposite to the truck) and was under a net . A giving of kindness in the spur of the moment , is a blessing in this world !! Stop trying to throw LEMONS at sugar.

    • Jacob Ellis
      Jacob Ellis

      Didnt like the driver. First hes stopping traffic for something that is already under control. Second they are in the process of calming the dog down and what does this random person do? He runs at the dog and it was likely because he saw the camera.

    • A.V.S.

      @TheRivrPrncessthere are plenty of employers not in the right mind.

    • Carolina Girl
      Carolina Girl

      @Movin On I’m 4 months late but that was the first thing I thought of when I read the comment. I hope he reached out to the truck driver and got his permission first because he may not want this shared knowing some companies rules etc. but I say here on UZload thank you to that truck driver.

    • Toni Macaroni
      Toni Macaroni

      The fuck we suposed to do

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  • Libby Wilkins
    Libby Wilkins

    mind blown

  • Ava Deweese
    Ava Deweese

    im going to donate to you and your sevice i love yall so much 1000 dollers when do i give

  • Emma midori
    Emma midori

    Il est heureux c'est trop chou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘

  • Electrok Tj
    Electrok Tj

    Por Dios que tuvo que haber pasado este animalito para estar tan aterrorizado con la gente ? hay tanta gente mala pero afortunadamente hay una pequeña minoria que si son buenas personas.

  • Kedija Ali
    Kedija Ali

    Allah or God bless you

  • klc plastik
    klc plastik

    Türk yok mu yaw. Karı çok iyi yalnız

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  • Abby Karra
    Abby Karra

    God bless yo u

  • Briselda Funez
    Briselda Funez

    Great help. Beautiful!

  • Angela Gallagher
    Angela Gallagher

    What a beautiful little sweetheart 😍😍😍 thank you so much for rescuing her, you guys are heroes... 👏👏👏👏😘😘😘

  • Anthony Hardaker
    Anthony Hardaker

    There still a lot of nice people on this planet give me hope for humanity

  • V9513 K
    V9513 K

    good money makes all your videos...poor your actors dogs...

  • Deb Bauer
    Deb Bauer

    OMG! I couldn't help but to start crying when she came flying out of that door! Those are the moments we need to cling to as rescuers which far outweigh the sad times.

  • Troy Oliver
    Troy Oliver

    That dog was a survivor. It was not skinny at all whereas some bigger animals would look like skeletons if left on there own.

  • suneeti Reddy
    suneeti Reddy

    So cute puppy 🐶

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    I wonder if she is the sister of mine and my mom dogs. We have two that are her breed

  • Thierry Devant
    Thierry Devant

    Very cute

  • Larry Murillo
    Larry Murillo

    That dog looked like my Ozo, who we rescued 10 years ago and still have and love him. Thanks and I will make a donation...

  • Elisium Tranks
    Elisium Tranks

    Infinite Blessings For The Task You Do!

  • Sergio Elgueda
    Sergio Elgueda

    4:24 I love when people get involved in that particular situation. They just want to help!

  • Abby Cow
    Abby Cow


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    Mahshid Irani


  • jaamaan123

    Excellent !

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  • Charlene Baer
    Charlene Baer

    To the brave is the most important step. The young lady and the dog are both destined for a very good life.

  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur

    You all are doing such magical job just like God do for all their babies it really makes me feel like you guys are just amazing

  • Luc Mousny
    Luc Mousny


  • TerryLee Schiller
    TerryLee Schiller

    What a Chance to Get Bit.. Why don't they wear Protection

  • Taryn Ray
    Taryn Ray

    God bless your souls ❤️✝️

  • nlceguy

    sometimes its better to just leave something like that..

  • Diane

    Barbie was now in Paradise! Thanks for helping this baby!

  • Wilma Biazzi Zenardi
    Wilma Biazzi Zenardi

    Lindo Demais 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  • Татьяна Бутовичева
    Татьяна Бутовичева

    Thank You!🐕💋❤🙏👍

  • Janet Winslow
    Janet Winslow

    These are great uplifting videos and I'm glad the ones shown have a happy ending. (I guess there are some that don't end so well.) But pigs - for example - are probably more intelligent than dogs, but we treat them in unforgivably evil ways on factory farms and on the way to and during slaughter. It's very strange how we humans separate animals for different treatment...

  • Maria Helena Silva
    Maria Helena Silva


  • 卫随德

    To all my dear followers, a follower from Morocco called me two days ago , he wants to adopt the new kitten, today he came to take him, he promised me to take care of him, the kitten is in good health only needs more time and attention to live a normal life, I wish you health and safety

  • Isabel Cristina Maioli Cecconello De Siqueira
    Isabel Cristina Maioli Cecconello De Siqueira


  • Stacey Meyers
    Stacey Meyers

    You guys are beyond amazing...how freaking sweet was that truck driver...you're work is so appreciated...thank you for everything you do...God bless

  • Czarek P
    Czarek P

    i think we can all agree... Hope For Paws fed her with a rocket fuel

  • Joe Kohlhauser
    Joe Kohlhauser


  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    The trucker was awesome 😁 and barbie s so cute 🥰🥰

  • Molly Alexander
    Molly Alexander

    Thank u jesus for all these lovely people praise the lord💖💖💖💖

  • K Booth
    K Booth

    Have you ever thought of using a cast net to catch the dogs? I hate that part of your videos because it looks traumatic for them. With a cast net, you can cast it from like 20 feet. They are easy to use. You can't lift a big dog in them but you could with smaller dogs like this. The only downside I see would be the spacing in the net but you could easily make one how you like. Then, you could use the net to catch them some fresh fish instead of feeding them nasty red meat.

  • Ava Rani Hazarika
    Ava Rani Hazarika

    I think someone tortured him so was afraid of humen but after a little kind heartful touch he understnds you .how much sadness is there .for a playful friendly dog ? Thanks so much

  • 3rdEyeOpen100

    I still believe in people(Truck Driver) regardless of all the evil in this world. May his days be blessed 🙌

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  • auttie

    God bless you for everything that you do! I was able to donate and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I highly encourage everyone to donate. Imagine if all the subscribers here would just donate five dollars! It would it do so much for this organization.

  • Jo

    Thanks with all my 💜😘 for you do to help dogs 🐶🐕🐾👍

  • Shirley Marie
    Shirley Marie

    Bless all who help these beautiful precious animals ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Se R
    Se R

    he was terrified of humans because he was being trapped and outnumbered

  • Luciene Carnonha
    Luciene Carnonha


  • Britt Lundkvist
    Britt Lundkvist

    I´m amazed and in Admiration; How did you manage to "catch" the dog with that "rope"?!?!

  • Nerine Beaumont
    Nerine Beaumont

    Bless u all. You have good hearts👼💖

  • mark simmons
    mark simmons

    thank you Loretta for being so sweet to that little baby !

  • mark simmons
    mark simmons

    the man in the truck was very kind !!! bless him !!!

  • Tony stark Gaming
    Tony stark Gaming

    Very good

  • Aircraft Passion
    Aircraft Passion

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    Tony Toscano


  • Alexa Lindsley
    Alexa Lindsley

    She looks like Gracie from TikTok 🥺

  • MSP 360
    MSP 360

    At the end the other dog trying so hard to get your attention and you are not petting him or her.. don't do that. This is not that dog's video I know but if he wants love then pls show him some love, pet him. The ending was not so good... I really felt sad for the other dog who is trying to get your love....

  • Indira Jadva
    Indira Jadva

    You subscribed me by yourself ... that is very wrong on your part.., i didn’t subscribe.. ?... you shouldn’t cheat like that .. people will go off you.., i will never ever watch your channel ever again for you who helped yourself & subscribed me to your channel by yourself.. that’s probably how you have that many subscriptions.. you subscribe people by yourself.. wait for people to subscribe to your channel.., don’t do it yourself for them

  • Raditka Guntur
    Raditka Guntur

    The most my dream job, was be a rescuer, great job dude

  • cjk247

    i would have to name her cutie pie. she kind of reminds me of moonshiner josh!

  • Ann Parr
    Ann Parr

    Great truck driver wish there were more people like him. He needs acknowledgement for what he did. Eldad how on earth did you catch her like that, your so quick

  • jeri hyde
    jeri hyde

    Don't ignore the other fuzzy face dog that kept sitting up for attention 😔

  • กิตติศักดิ์ เวชภัณฑ์
    กิตติศักดิ์ เวชภัณฑ์


  • dragon ballz
    dragon ballz

    That was beautiful. Both the rescue and thoughtful truck driver. That's what it's all about people

  • Zettie

    Wow - what a transformation! Love you guys and all that you do. ♥

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    Ian Hooper

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    wolfgang holtmann

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  • Denise Littieri
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  • Denise Littieri
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  • Ceccarel Nadine
    Ceccarel Nadine

    Comment l homme , peut t il faire du mal a un animal,sans défense,je vois tellement de choses horribles ici ,que je ne regarde plus ,tellement cela me fait du mal.

  • Ise Heitmann
    Ise Heitmann

    Das ist ja ein süßes innergiebündel, die kleine Fellnase

  • Red Pill Review News
    Red Pill Review News

    You know what’s weird? I get the feeling that perhaps these people staging these rescues and even injuring these animals and then pretending to save them to get DONATIONS and VIEWS . I had that gut feeling I wasn’t certain about it but after reading comments I believe that they are absolutely doing this horrendous and insidious act against these poor beautiful animals. What a tragedy. If I were the king of the world I would take every single dog and cat out of every single Asian country they do not know how To care for love, appreciate & respect these beautiful domesticated pets. It’s it’s absolutely horrifying the way the Asian people treat these beautiful animals. I pray that God put an end to the suffering of these gorgeous sweet amazing and awesome dogs.

  • patricia monica padilla
    patricia monica padilla

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    furqan qureshi

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  • DumpsterDivingfam

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  • Feel Good
    Feel Good

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  • Fax Stax
    Fax Stax

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    Vera Lúcia

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    Schelby LO

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  • Daisy Olivar
    Daisy Olivar

    Great ur so fast... Happy 😊 u rescued. GOD BLESSS ALWAYS.

  • The Great Wizoo
    The Great Wizoo

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  • OceanArk7 7
    OceanArk7 7

    That pup next to Barbie is adorable also!

  • llelen

    When i look into her eyes in the last minutes of the video, i feel like she can't believe how lucky and happy ticket she got) Thank you.

  • Cherry white
    Cherry white

    I- i- can't even talk I'm just shock wow...

  • Maria Piedade
    Maria Piedade

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    Maria Piedade

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    Joey Swanepoel

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