Desperate kitten screaming for his family to save his life!
Sadly, his family was nowhere to be found, so Hope For Paws got the call for help!
We love doing this work and we don't care how late or how early it is... we just need your support with covering their medical needs, and together we can change the world of so many animals!
Oscar, Jacky, Ramon - Thank you so much for joining me on this rescue! It is always cool to meet people who care and love animals.
Oscar and Jacky own a Taco Truck called "Tacos De Birria De Res" so if you drive in Los Angeles and see them, make sure to stop and get some tacos! If you can't find them, text them: 213-884-6666
Ramon Livingston is a lawyer and he helps (and fosters) many cats!
Our friends at Kitty Bungalow are now fostering Taco, so if you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly:
Thank you so much for helping us save lives!
#HopeForPaws #Kitten #KittenRescue

  • Laurel Cohn
    Laurel Cohn

    ya Toca is so CUTE

  • Arianna Hunt
    Arianna Hunt

    That kitten looks like mine but, its not because i have mine on my lap. Looks cute. God bless you people. Sooooooo brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would die if you guys didn't come .Again sooo brave.

  • Imagineth

    You guys are the best. I was losing my mind when he was holding the kitten in his arms. One jump and it's gone! Please put them in a trap the moment they're caught. Especially a scared kitten. I got anxiety from that.

  • Caroline Vrazel
    Caroline Vrazel

    I love this video Thunder Hotel family

  • Patsy Smit
    Patsy Smit

    This little guy looks so sad and lonely 😢, he needs Loretta

  • SOULR Power
    SOULR Power

    Great rescue!

  • UnholyBeachGxd-


  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    And how bout a bit of water and food. Wow.

  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    Just climb down with a rope and grab the kitty. Damn!

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    Taco is adorable! I hope he finds a forever home. I really like how people are helping you safe these furr babies!!

  • Snake

    any trace of his family/mama? he looks like he was waiting for mama

  • Lúcia Sant'Ana
    Lúcia Sant'Ana

    Cinco gatos aqui em casa e todos vieram da rua 😁 Amei o vídeo ♥️

  • Blueshock The 1 and only Crab Lord
    Blueshock The 1 and only Crab Lord

    I rescued a cat similar age and almost same look, I rescued her at my work (tacobell) and named her taco!

  • Halle Landry
    Halle Landry

    When you guys have another rescue to save a kitten please name it Melody or DJ.

  • Catglitch omega244
    Catglitch omega244

    You should have fed him a taco 😂😂

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria

    I wish god showers blessings on your team from india

  • auttie

    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make. 🙏🙏🙏

  • TheAsomeKitkat U w U
    TheAsomeKitkat U w U

    It’s sad how the cat is just there looking for there mom and dad but she or he will live a good life!

  • Ella Cooper
    Ella Cooper

    can i adopt Taco please

  • raven redd
    raven redd


    • raven redd
      raven redd

      soooo cute

  • Peggy Ryan
    Peggy Ryan

    I love you. All of you. Thank you so much. I like the instrumental music. It doesn't make me anxious or sad a so often the crying songs do. I don't want to hear the crying songs unless it's Loreta, of course. Thanks again.

  • Umadevi Umadevi
    Umadevi Umadevi

    Please help kittens i saw in video there are so many kitten sound

  • Umadevi Umadevi
    Umadevi Umadevi

    Please help them please

  • Umadevi Umadevi
    Umadevi Umadevi

    You are full there are so many kittens

  • Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C.

    Little Taco XOXOXO. Heroes.

  • Kelly Wood
    Kelly Wood

    Why can’t u make ur own donation x why has the lowest got to be $5

  • America Ochoa
    America Ochoa


  • America Ochoa
    America Ochoa


  • Samantha mother of cats
    Samantha mother of cats

    Hes so tiny! 😭❤

  • Anast. Tss
    Anast. Tss

    Please keep saving weak animals ❤️

  • Anast. Tss
    Anast. Tss

    All I want is for people who harm animals to stop it right now because animals are the best thing in the world and I wish I had it all under my ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐒🦍🐕🐩🐺🦊🐱🐯🦁🐆🐴🦓🐮🐂🐃🐄🐷🐗🐏🐑🐐🐪🐫🦒🐘🦏🐁🐀🐹🐰🐇🐿️🦔🦇🐻🐨🐼🦃🐔🐓🐣🐤🐥🐦🐧🦎🐍🐲🦅🦆🦉🐸🐢🐢🦕🦖🐳🐋🐬🐟🐠🐡🦈🐙🐚🐌🦋🐛🐜🐝🐞🦗🕷️🦂

  • Isabel Pereira
    Isabel Pereira

    Coitadinho miar de aflição mas pessoas maravilhosas vieram em seu auxílio

  • i 7
    i 7


  • Kisin Wiana
    Kisin Wiana

    i want to adoption the dog. but i'm in bali 😭

  • Kahleeb Johnson
    Kahleeb Johnson

    please let me get 1

    • Kahleeb Johnson
      Kahleeb Johnson


  • Barrett Davis
    Barrett Davis

    Who dislikes this? I mean just how

  • Huda Arif
    Huda Arif

    this broke my heart into pieces but i'm happy it is okay i love you hope for paws you guys are making my life easier during this pandemic

  • Dorothy Malloy
    Dorothy Malloy

    Yes. I agree, good people

  • Maria Luisa Latina
    Maria Luisa Latina


  • Neyks-

    Its very sad bacuse small kitten not have mom and when he are big cat he can remember this day when he lost our so sad..hes family can die and he can remember this i wNt to save animals like u in future ..

  • Doug Magee
    Doug Magee

    Cute little guy. Too bad they grow up to be cats.

  • ssssssss

    My dad is super allergic to cats, but if he wasn’t I’d adopt one in a heartbeat.

  • Mary Essency
    Mary Essency

    I'm Oscar's biggest fan. More Oscar. Bring him with. What a guy. Bless.

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    Another gallant rescue! So where is Loretta these days?

  • Preetam Mk
    Preetam Mk

    You're not only kind but smart too. God bless you guys. Thank you so much for saving that precious life.

  • michelle g
    michelle g

    I just donated $50 to help the cause. Good luck in everything you do.

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams

    He’s so cute. For a little fella, he has the loudest Meow. Good save.

  • Aku with the kitties
    Aku with the kitties

    God will keep you safe in current situation as u saved so many precious lives 🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • JamesOsani

    Oscar is THE MAN. Great job saving that poor kitten's life 👍

  • Carmen Dominguez
    Carmen Dominguez

    I love how they save a lot of animals in danger, BUT my sister send them a message for a cat trapped under a building in the neighborhood. I had an accident and I couldn't walk that's why I couldn't do much, and my sister was going on a job travel. Well what happened its that They never answer; After more than 3 months I thought the cat was already dead, because I used to see him around my building looking for food, but thanks GOD the cat showed finally and It was so skinny that my thoughts are that he survive under the building trying to find a way out until he made it. I thank them for what they do I want to think they were to busy to help this poor cat😔

  • Catherine Anderson
    Catherine Anderson


  • Chrissy Carter
    Chrissy Carter

    I heard multiple meow down there, sounds like more kittens!

  • Megyn Ashby
    Megyn Ashby

    The people who dislike are rude

  • Insomniacs - Minecraft
    Insomniacs - Minecraft

    hearing that sweet boy scream for help broke me in so many ways. glad he's safe and happy

  • Shane Roppel
    Shane Roppel

    You made me cry about the kitten so bad😢😢😢but it’s happy tires

  • PamGotchaLife UwU
    PamGotchaLife UwU

    Awwww that’s so sad

  • CG Casey
    CG Casey


  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Awww 😍

  • Arun Kumar Dash
    Arun Kumar Dash

    Hope for paws...They r real god's for these speechless souls...❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Madi


  • Melanie Taylor
    Melanie Taylor

    What city are you in?

  • bassdivamtm

    What a wee face🐾🐾🐾❤️

  • Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx
    Th3 Purpl3 Phoeníx

    Aww so cute!

  • Maribeth Spence
    Maribeth Spence

    Aww poor little guy got lost from his family. Maybe wondered off playing and couldn't find his way back. Thankfully some people are kind enough and wanted to help. Thank you Hope for Paws for rescuing these animals

  • Petra Seifert
    Petra Seifert


  • kellyjbarnett

    Hooray for Oscar!!! ❤❤❤

  • J Vip WTPNN
    J Vip WTPNN

    Awe A real Sweetheart GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • old fan
    old fan

    3:01 - I'm always interested in the medical stuff; the injured or sick animal's diagnoses and how serious injuries are treated. It's not for everyone but I have a strong stomach (as long as its not ME).

  • Jeanice Graves
    Jeanice Graves

    Saturdays are for watching animal rescues and crying my face off.

  • Mack Cross
    Mack Cross

    I like your vids. Keep uploading. Oh by the way, have a look at SMZeus . c o m. Really think that it could help you grow your channel quicker!

  • Tessa Goodwin
    Tessa Goodwin

    So glad he’s safe 🐱

  • Graham Coia
    Graham Coia

    Oh man, what a rescue!!! Well done everyone and thanks to those people who first paid attention to the first sounds down the drain! XXX

  • BunkySpewer

    I wonder if little Taco has a home yet.

  • Cheetah Master
    Cheetah Master

    Wow he really wanted help that's sad. Im, glad you guys saved her

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    Poor little Taco😭 He must've been so scared all alone, missing his mom & siblings 😢💔 The captions, "Mom?" "Dad?" Help!" was so perfect. Thank you all 🙏 for your 💞💓

  • Paul Beck
    Paul Beck

    I have a soft spot for black cats. I have my buddy JC who is there when I'm lonely.

  • Rose Life
    Rose Life

    If all people in the world has a heart like you guys there would be no stray animals . Being abandoned .

  • Dany Hunselar
    Dany Hunselar

    Great rescue, Oscar!😎

  • The Shadow In The Corner
    The Shadow In The Corner

    It’s so sad I don’t have much money to join :c

  • Trina Donalson
    Trina Donalson

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Learley Wells
    Learley Wells

    Awww, he is just too stinking cute!! lol!!

  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea

    1000th comment, Woohoo!

  • Take Care Of The Pet
    Take Care Of The Pet

    or helping me subscribe to the channel is helping my pet dogs to live happier lives

  • a err
    a err


  • Jen H
    Jen H

    Taco loves peekaboo...such a sweet kitty. Clever ingenuity Eldad in catching him. 👍👍👍

  • rosytiger1

    Thank you for the work that you do - it is so important and helpful. You guys are awesome.

  • KrinchiD

    I love Taco!!

  • Ming Gu
    Ming Gu

    Donate some money to Hope for Paws through company brevity. Our company has matched 100% the amount we employee donate.

  • hartwig schlueter
    hartwig schlueter

    UZload tube

  • RhinoTheDad

    desperate penis goblin screaming for family to cut their foreskin

  • Paola Carone Faria
    Paola Carone Faria

    I am literaly crying, I love your work! I hope someday I can be like you guys, a life saver!

  • Jorge Elicer Borja Gonzales
    Jorge Elicer Borja Gonzales


  • Márcia Leal
    Márcia Leal

    Ajude mais animais🐶🐱❤

  • Abigail Hairston
    Abigail Hairston


  • Isabella Buchanan
    Isabella Buchanan

    Oscar is a super human being!

  • ・Black・Roses・

    *me crying because i can’t adopt the animals bc I’m too young:*

    • Peepeepoopoo

      Same 😔

  • andrea dea
    andrea dea

    Aw welcome to your new happy life little Fella. ❤❤❤

  • Glitchonuser

    Atleast there are actual people that do good things than doing animal abuse for views like happy dog

  • Darktic

    i wouldve named him toothless :3

  • SP - 06FN 811494 Shaw PS
    SP - 06FN 811494 Shaw PS

    The fact that these people spend their own time and money just to save animals they don’t know of it’s wonderful ❤️

We caught a cat!!
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