Young bird of prey crashes into a window and then goes down to the ground!
This is our first Bird Of Prey rescue video and I am so happy I got to be there for the rescue, visit her during the rehabilitation, and all the way to the releasing back to the wild!
The American kestrel is the smallest and most common falcon in North America and I actually never got to meet one until that day - I didn't even know what she was, but our friends on Instagram knew to help me out with that:
I am so happy that one of our supporters sent us the special gloves for handling birds of prey... it's like they knew I would need those one day :-)
To join our team with a small donation, please visit our website:
Special thanks to South Bay Wildlife Rehab for fostering this baby, for training her on how to survive in the wild, and for inviting me to visit every step of the way. To learn more about their work, please visit
Thank you so much for sharing our videos!

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  • xt0xic_ vibezx
    xt0xic_ vibezx

    That barn owl be vibin tho

  • Diane Peters
    Diane Peters

    When I was a kid my Dad hit and killed a Kestrel with his car. He had a taxidermist stuff him with dead mouse still in claws and placed it strategically on top of the TV, this was before remote controls, he knew we were scared out of our wits to go near this thing and therefore would not change the channels from football to cartoons, it worked, haunts me to this this day.

  • Ann Parr
    Ann Parr

    Beautiful ♥️

  • the fierce glaring poltergeist
    the fierce glaring poltergeist

    Freedom and health to all lifeforms.

  • Doge

    Barn owls look so different from all the other owls. Very fantasy-like

  • Dee Terry
    Dee Terry

    Freedom is powerful! It is always amazing to see those first few seconds of renewed freedom.

  • tooshay

    It was nice to see the bird's rescue side

  • ClawdiaSilver

    That is the cutest bird I’ve ever seen in my life ❤️

  • Lúcia Sant'Ana
    Lúcia Sant'Ana

    0,25X 👋👋🦉😁 Amei ♥️

  • Bts Has jams
    Bts Has jams

    she was so cute as a baby 😭

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria


  • Arcti Star Fox
    Arcti Star Fox

    Heaven bless all the rescuers and veterinarians involved in saving the lives of animals across the globe. Also, the intro for this video is absolutely epic.

  • auttie

    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make.

  • byrn

    For wild raptors, best to throw a towel over them. With LEATHER gloves, gently work a hand underneath until you can get it around BOTH lower legs or the ankle (' knee') joints. Then you can lift the bird. Try to keep the leg as straight as this makes it hard for them to grip on. Their feet are their primary weapons, control the feet and you control the bird. (I used to work for a zoo falconry and rehab program.)

  • Destiny Garza
    Destiny Garza

    She is such a beautiful bird and I'm just SO glad that she wasn't hurt! MUCH LOVE!!!

  • Rose

    barn owls almost look like they have a mask on or something

  • Serina

    Birb :3

  • Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C.

    Beautiful owl!

  • lisamor3

    Poor baby was so scared! Wonderful people that collected her and then called you. Thank you Hope for Paws for doing what you do. Hero's

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Awww 😍

  • Deathstroke Playz
    Deathstroke Playz

    I don't sleep by seeing that owl its 😨😨

  • Samantha mother of cats
    Samantha mother of cats

    I started crying when u were showing all the other birds around the rehabilitation center. Theyre all just so beautiful, this earth and all the animals on it are so beautiful, i wish humans would respect nature and animals more and take care of them like u guys do. The world would be a lot better place. I also love her call at the end after she was released 😭❤.

  • Ann M
    Ann M

    This was a cool rescue and that Barn Owl was so unusual and fascinating. HFP can literally rescue anybody 👍👍🦉

  • Luisa Domingo
    Luisa Domingo

    I want to be like you

  • Luisa Domingo
    Luisa Domingo

    Your the besd

  • Katie Schmitt
    Katie Schmitt

    It looks like a Porg! I love it

  • Andrea mp
    Andrea mp

    Qué bello 😍😍

  • Cassi cat
    Cassi cat

    I wanna donate but my mum will probably say no 😭😭😭😢😢🥺🥺🥺

  • adergas1

    Nether gone get it how someone can dislike this effort to help animals in destress!!!

  • fRo0tLo0p

    Fly free, little one. The sky is your playground.

  • Polly W
    Polly W

    She's... So... CUTE

  • Yanhua Zhai
    Yanhua Zhai

    One night a owl crashed into my window my mom and dad saw the owl but me and my brother missed it to see the owl also does prey mean meat eating bird I forgot if prey means meat eating animal???????

  • Katelynn Yarbrough
    Katelynn Yarbrough

    5:06 hitting a jig

  • Katelynn Yarbrough
    Katelynn Yarbrough

    When I was a kid I was at a bowl with my dad and sister also my step mom kids started crowding a tree do I went to see what happened a baby hawk had fallen out of the nest because the mom saw people around him she flew away and left we waited to see if she'd come back but she didn't so we took him home and made him a place in out big bathtub and after two days my dad took him to a bird rehabilitation center

  • Jessica Oppegard
    Jessica Oppegard

    I think the Great Horned Owl is the most beautiful owl 🖤

  • Chex

    it's so satisfying to me, when the American Kestrel flew away

  • Marie

    What did the first owl have round his ankles?

  • Onion324

    5:07 damn that owl got some moves maybe he can teach me how to dance

  • Onion324

    It was good to know that the raptor was okay besides a little hungry and thirsty

  • Micheline Lamboley
    Micheline Lamboley

    What a wonderful place though :-)

  • Micheline Lamboley
    Micheline Lamboley

    Poor baby is so scared... :-(

  • Carol Frazier
    Carol Frazier

    It was wonderful to see all of the different birds at the wildlife refuge. I would never have had that opportunity otherwise! 💜💜💜

  • Tatiana López
    Tatiana López

    Omg I've been holding back tears with this and the last video.

  • rockybudgeboa

    I have Bird decals on my windows to help birds so they will not crash into any of my windows

  • rockybudgeboa

    What a Beautiful place. THANK YOU for this precious little girl

  • Firefly

    Yes, I heard it clearly...she said "Thank you!" ;-)

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  • CarterPlays

    She's such a beautiful bird!

  • SAY IT HOW IT IS 777
    SAY IT HOW IT IS 777


  • Ivan Lewkov
    Ivan Lewkov

    🌺🌸🌻🌻🌼🥴💋💋☺️☺️☺️🐰🐰🐿️🐰🐰😄😄🌈🌈🌈🌸 argentina 💙💙💙💙💙🌻🌺🌸🌻🏵️🌸💋

  • laila

    how has covid has affected your rescues?

  • Eric Sander
    Eric Sander

    Personally, I'm afraid of birds, but seeing them socializing and being looked after by caring humans makes me feel a bit safer around them.

  • Redcat Redcat
    Redcat Redcat

    What a such wonderful story, thanks to you, Eldad, to good samaritans in the factory who called you and obviously to the ladies who are angels with wild birds too. I hope they will be helped and have some donations for their very good work. Thank you all of you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson

    So cool

  • 球夺麻袋

    thank you

  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor

    We get them over here in the UK (different species but more or less looks the same), one of the smallest birds of prey, so cute. Good job on the rescue, our Wildlife Aid would be proud!

  • Plectrudefy

    It's so good to see you working with other association to save other types of animals as well. Great work!

  • Candy cat
    Candy cat

    its so cute cant stop looping AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • deistmuttz

    So beautiful.. great way to start my morning..

  • Christine Raffa-Diggon
    Christine Raffa-Diggon

    Eldad, I swear. Bless you.

  • Julio G
    Julio G

    I have 2 pet parakeets and they are my absolute everything

  • tereza oyagi
    tereza oyagi

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  • NatureKidsTV

    God bless yall. I love your channel so much! keep on doing amazing things!

  • Amy Mia
    Amy Mia

    Hermosa labor Que Dios los llene de salud de muchas bendiciones de muchas aportaciones para que sigan Rescatando ayudando besos abrazos cariño mucho mucho amor para ustedes gracias

  • Abhin das.s
    Abhin das.s

    hope for wings too❤️

  • Mary Crisostomo
    Mary Crisostomo

    the owl looks scary :c

  • Akky Rahul
    Akky Rahul

    Thank you little bird. Love

  • Carolina Blonde
    Carolina Blonde

    The baby! I love birds so much. He’s so cute and scared. She needs to be taken care of and she was. These are good people.

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie

    I learned the kestrel is the smallest bird in the falcon family. Love falcons!

  • Patricia Court
    Patricia Court

    That is the best part, when they are released and flying free...🦉🦅

  • nm moore
    nm moore

    Lovely! Kestrels are my favorite of the raptors. 💖

  • Annie Arshad
    Annie Arshad

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  • Hannah Hunt
    Hannah Hunt

    Oh the birds so cute!

  • Sean Buckwell
    Sean Buckwell

    Bullshit the lady needed to keep her.... just needed a min to rest the would have flown away this is when human intervention was the worst thing!

  • Deanna Leonard
    Deanna Leonard

    Omg the owl is so pretty:o what kind owl is it it's so cute

  • Thyri Townsend
    Thyri Townsend

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  • дмитрий рейсфельд
    дмитрий рейсфельд

    Спасибо дорогие друзья.

  • SpectorTippy

    Beautiful moment on a life worth saving.

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy

    Just a question... How many magnificent voles, mice, shrews, bats, small songbirds, snakes, lizards, and frogs would have been saved if this beautiful creature had not been rescued?

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee

    I hate everyone who dislikes this video

  • Heather Remlin
    Heather Remlin

    Barn owls are absolutely fascinating! I just love them

  • Stacey Marrone
    Stacey Marrone

    I found a baby red tailed hawk in my yard recently! So amazing to help rescue these beautiful creatures ❤️

  • belami _17
    belami _17

    Thank you all for saving her 🙏🥰

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G

    Wow everyone of these birds are beautiful. Thanks to the HFP team and this wonderful woman for rescuing and releasing these feathered friends 🐣🥰

  • Larry Townsend
    Larry Townsend

    If I get anything except a dog it would be a small creature, about the size of a squirrel. If I were to get a dog it would be a large breed.

  • M M
    M M

    Man, that intro was the bestest!

  • Wade Durbin
    Wade Durbin

    All those birds are beautiful. Mouse hunting school so awesome.thank you for all that hope for paws does for these animals ☺️

  • Angie

    That was a beautiful intro, congrats to its creator. The wildlife carer has one lucky job.

  • qtquick

    Sparrow Hawk or more properly an American Kestral. Prettiest and smallest raptor.

  • 4C(22) OR YIM 柯琰
    4C(22) OR YIM 柯琰

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  • Ashley xo
    Ashley xo

    Absolutely incredible. All these people are heros. Thank you to all those who love, respect and care for all animals. ✨🙏✨♥️✨

  • Iris J
    Iris J

    Hope for claws 🥰

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie Dubois

    I love birds and years ago nursed a few back to health. Nothing feels better than when you release them and they

  • Night Shiner Studio
    Night Shiner Studio

    You guys should renames yourselves to just "Hope" Because that's what you, you bring hope to all animals

  • Penni Prater
    Penni Prater

    But why oh why must they wear those stupid masks outside?

  • Mad Fern
    Mad Fern

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  • Benjy y sus amigos
    Benjy y sus amigos

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  • Cassandra Ralph
    Cassandra Ralph

    Most interesting video indeed! Thanks for sharing this video with us!

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo

    This kestrel is so beautiful!!! I did a falconry course a few years ago and fell in love with raptors. Incredible birds, all of them! I’m a massive Corvid fan too and would love to have a pet raven. It’s unlikely as I’d rather see them wild, but still, one can dream!

  • Oana Gonzalez
    Oana Gonzalez

    I needed this...Thank you Eldad! I’m in Portugal now and the local pet stores are full of beautiful birds, all crowded in small cages, totally breaks my heart. Could not even spend 1 minute there to buy dog poo bags. Not sure what to do...I believe one can always do something, but I have no clue in this case.

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