Scared cat sends the first rescuer to the hospital with serious injuries.
When dealing with a possible feral cat, it's important to be extremely careful. When I saw Kelly Weston's injury, I knew it will turn to be a battle, and I am happy to report that at the very end (of the video) - WALLDO WON!!! BIG TIME!!! Yes, I know Waldo spells with one "L", but this guy was hiding inside a WALL(do). 😄
As I was talking to Kelly, she told me she is the founder of Uplifting Echo - an organization she is building these days, dedicated to providing necessary resources to the unhoused and their pets. They will have their official non-profit status shortly, and I know they will have just as much work as we do as the need for assistance is growing. You can read more about this organization here: - I am happy they will be our eyes and ears out on the streets, and I'm sure we will get to work together ❤️
Special thanks to Let Them Be Little for finding Walldo an amazing loving forever home! I am so happy about the change in him, and I love seeing him now so happy!
Don't worry... even though he was already adopted, they have many more cats and kittens for adoption here:
These rescues can't happen without your support. If you haven't done so yet, please join the Hope For Paws team with a small donation here:
Thank you so much!
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  • Danish Moonrock
    Danish Moonrock

    good. i can hear elad and his assistants play by play. the music is there but someone chose to keep it down. appreciated. if you can keep the music down so i can make up my own mind on my emotions... i could become a donator.

  • Muriel Vaillancourt
    Muriel Vaillancourt

    I saw a video called Hope for Paws+ world awareness Victor Larkhill+ Luna rescue: a blind pregnant dog with two broken paws. I watch the video and no Hope for paws, only Larkhill and the dog is said to have two Broken paws but after she has no more, she is blind but no more and she is pregnant but no more! I never liked him and his fake stories. I can’t trust him. It’s always incredible dramas, like when he stole two « abused dogs » from a yard house. Are you with this man? Can you answer, please? It’s disturbing.

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    Janie Jones

    That was the best French kiss I’ve ever seen! Yay!💕💕💕❤️💕💕💕

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    To quote Mr Rogers, "Look for the helpers." Thank you for all the good that you're doing and spreading.

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    School Comics

    I haven't seen your videos for over a year now and i didn't subscribe back then also i couldn't remember your channel name so I had no way of finding this channel again but, I kept watching animal rescue videos and eventually I found it , I imediantly recognized the channel name and came straight over and subscribed so I'd never loose the channel ever

  • Reitta Handa
    Reitta Handa

    HOLY MOLY!! Walldo was WILDDDD!!! I’m so glad he found a loving home!! Cat bites almost always turn into cellulitis n ER is the best bet!! Glad she’s ok! ❤️😽❤️

  • Lana G
    Lana G

    Poor sweet little baby he must have been so scared with the sounds of the wall crumbling around him i do agree with this completely for if i were a cat i would have been scared also .Thank God hes rescued and in a loving home now, safe and with another sweet furry little friend like himself .Hope For Paws may the Precious Lamb of God bless you kind people richly and always for saving this beautiful soul with no voice and all the work you do saving all these beautiful souls with no voices as you have a special place with Him always.🌹💖💖🎉

  • No No
    No No

    thank U, u r real HUMANS; with LOVE from russia =));

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    Nathaniel Mykkeltvedt

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  • Nadia Rouis
    Nadia Rouis

    I've been following and supporting and admiring Eldad for years, but I find this is rather irritating. At some point, please, just stop filming or get someone else do do it! Instead get thick leather gloves designed to catch animals , or get a blanket and grab the cat (yes I have done this myself dozens of times with ferals since the 80's). Stop dragging him by the neck!

  • Kyungwha Kim
    Kyungwha Kim

    The two cats are like twins. You are amazing!

  • Dorothy Barron
    Dorothy Barron

    Wrap him in a towel!!!

  • Sweeps

    Almost 5M Subscribers, Congrats! ❤️

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    Sandra Steiner

    WOW! Look at the change in this kitty!!!!

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    Honest Opinions

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    Field Fishing

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  • Joe 9903
    Joe 9903

    20/01/2021 Truely, the problem of the homeless or street Dogs & Cats can be solved easily and effectively, that is by perfoming surgery to bind it uterine canal on the female Cats & Dogs, then those female cat/dog can still mate but no longer pregnant and give birth to a kitten/ puppy again and the amount of homeless/street cat & dog can be reduced. Although my idea seems cruel & unreasonable but only by this way, the problem of street cat/dog will be solved.

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  • Bernice Annichiarico
    Bernice Annichiarico

    Aww so heartwarming what a beautiful kitty he was so scared but what a loving boy so happy he has a loving home and a best friend thank you for saving Waldo you guys are the best

  • EllieLouise18

    Such a beautiful cat oh my gosh🥺

  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios

    thers a big white husky thats homeless

  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios

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  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios

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  • Jointer311

    man ... every time I watch your video I see all the love and passion you put into this job. i hope God has you in glory for all the lives you saved Greetings from Italy

  • Doggy And Kitty
    Doggy And Kitty

    that man is so kind. he broke the wall for the cat i would do same so kind of him tho bc not a lot of people would do that

  • Dee Terry
    Dee Terry

    How much of a blessing is it to be the first to give gentleness and love. For a scared little guy to trust you above all other humans first...

  • DeetsterB

    What a handsome cat!! So glad he is rescued and being spoiled.


    Quantum TV has joined hope for paws, by enabling a neverending fundraiser on all future videos. This cause is near and dear to my heart, and I'm with you guys 100%. I'll do my part to help the little guys find a new life! - Q

  • animal adventure from Shivam
    animal adventure from Shivam

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  • Donna Geiler
    Donna Geiler

    You know how you get cheeseburgers for dogs? You should have temptations for kitties, I've never met a cat that didn't like them. Or guide them out with a laser pointer.

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    Marlenne Perez

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    walls in the u.s. really are made of, like, paper

  • Alice Blue
    Alice Blue

    He'll be fine now that he has caught and tamed some humans. 😻😻😻

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    Deborah Rowe

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  • Cambridge RatMom
    Cambridge RatMom

    Cat bites are more dangerous to humans because of a particular bacteria that the human body cannot fight off very well and because the nature of the bite forces the bacteria deep into your skin (puncture wound). I've been bitten twice by my own cats when they were scared. If you are bitten by a cat and it breaks the skin, GO IMMEDIATELY TO GET MEDICAL CARE (ER OR URGENT CARE). DO NOT WAIT. You need to be treated as soon as possible with strong antibiotics. I am not criticizing cat or human in this instance. It doesn't matter. Get medical care immediately!

  • Raven Fighter91
    Raven Fighter91

    He's a fighter

  • Island Kate
    Island Kate

    Brutual rescue guys. That lovely kitty could have been seriously injured. Glad it worked out in the end.

  • Micheline Lamboley
    Micheline Lamboley

    It breaks my heart to see how scared he is. Thank you for rescuing him!!

  • S H
    S H

    Unhoused is a stupid word. The people are homeless. They are probably hungry too, not food insecure. Stop trying to make things sound nicer then they really are. I've been homeless and hungry before. It would anger me to no end if my situation was made lighter by words that make people not suffering, feel better! Live outside when it's snowing and below zero and tell me if you feel unhoused or homeless!!!!!!

  • Jane FSA
    Jane FSA

    Incrível! Como esse gato foi parar dentro da parede? Que bom ele foi salvo. E está feliz após o resgate.

  • Mayteck Earl
    Mayteck Earl

    So sad when an animal doesn't know kindness? Life is incredibly cruel without people like you.

  • The Cookinest Kid
    The Cookinest Kid

    7:55-8:15 "Look! Social grooming!" 8:25-8:35 "Look, cat, you can't hide in walls anymore; you gotta be a tough Kittie. (smack) You listenin' to me? (smack) I teach you to be tough. (smack) and this is the only way! (attack)"

  • C J
    C J

    7:32 they actually almost look like twins. Except the other one has white on his belly

  • Shelby Zealand
    Shelby Zealand

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  • Rawk001

    Why don’t they use catnip to lure out the cats like they do with burgers for the dogs? It’s cheaper than burgers too! That would have gotten him out of the wall!

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  • poonam rawat
    poonam rawat

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  • Da Blonde
    Da Blonde

    As someone who has been hospitalized for a week before with cat scratch fever... a cat attack is no joke!

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    Galactic Vlogging

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    Annelien De Kramer

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    Katherine Song

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    chupa cabra

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    God bless to Hope For Paws..For take care to these beautifull dogs and cats..God is protecting you..all on times....

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    Alexis Sáez

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  • Megan Jackson
    Megan Jackson

    A little tip for you.... You know it's going to be/is an interesting/good rescue (which they all are but stay with me) when you get the following, and my favorite, reaction from Eldad: Cat hisses as Eldad moves in closer Eldad, "oooOooo" Classic! Cracks me up every time!! I love you all, more than you know! 🤗💚

  • ꧁Cat G꧂
    ꧁Cat G꧂

    Where is the part where he injured someone? Did i miss something? Poor guy.

  • Reetu Srivastava
    Reetu Srivastava

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  • Robert Winston
    Robert Winston

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  • Éireann Simpson
    Éireann Simpson

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  • tamara beinlich
    tamara beinlich

    Good job. That's the thing about cats, even the friendly ones can act feral. Just like some dogs can bite and act mean but once captured they're okay. And good on Kelly for stepping up and helping others, kudos to her.

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    Nadia Castagno

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    • fruitcat32

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