A brave little dog gets rescued from the river. His recovery with Hope For Paws will inspire you.
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  • SpeirsTheAmazingHD

    Jordon is a hero, I'm so happy that he gets to live with a such a great family.

    • Lonchaney Fanch
      Lonchaney Fanch

      @Funny Nutella Waffles NO

    • Lonchaney Fanch
      Lonchaney Fanch

      @Coffinedfrog I agree, between 5:16 and 5:22 he has some ravishing attitudes

    • mike davie
      mike davie

      Poor Jordan, that homeless man who threw him in the river shame on u

    • Mara Lupuleasa
      Mara Lupuleasa

      It feels good to see this after so long.

    • Ethan Brake
      Ethan Brake

      @JamesThomas me too

  • Kuldeep Pravinbhai Dhanesha
    Kuldeep Pravinbhai Dhanesha

    I can't describe in words how happy I am just by seeing Jordan run..❤️


    i cant not save dog beacuse im 7 years old😔 maybe dad save dog😃

  • Inge Ernst
    Inge Ernst

    Thank you for the update on jordan. I have often thought if he is still alive. The last scene about the video is very important for me because even he went through so much, he never lost HOPE! I also loved the background music.

  • barbara smith
    barbara smith

    There r some assholes out there what sort of mental defective does that 2 a puppy i really becoming very disalussin

  • Samaghik Samurai
    Samaghik Samurai

    I feel the homeless deserve some love but that particular homeless man deserve being homeless. Maybe that's why he's homeless as he has no morality and is unstable. God knows he's a scourge on this earth and doesn't want him to be a normal person so he's homeless.

  • Samaghik Samurai
    Samaghik Samurai

    Brutalized and thrown in the channel?? My Jhon Wick was never so strong.

  • cheekyoziechick

    One of the best stories out there.. Be kind or get out.

  • The Ropes of Renovation
    The Ropes of Renovation

    Saddest thing ever sitting on the chip bag. I wish I could find the MF who did that.

  • Jill Thompson
    Jill Thompson

    I’m not a good or nice person as I would hunt down who did this and hurt them badly repeatedly and take body parts as they did to this poor innocent ad homeless crazy wouldn’t save them. I smile when I think of the special place god has for them. This poor baby deserves nothing but the best of everything forever

  • Olga


  • Chandre' Ashlyn Singh
    Chandre' Ashlyn Singh

    I hope the man that hurt this dog gets hurt too. Horrible human

  • Denise Jeronimo
    Denise Jeronimo


  • Afton Kirklin
    Afton Kirklin

    All the dislikes are the people who have done this to there dogs. BTW if you have ever done such a thing you should go to hell. All I ask is be kind to animals they didn't do anything to you.

  • leah brasco
    leah brasco

    😢😭😢,i'm lea from indonesia .. i have 3 rescue cats already .. i want be ur foster mom but we to far so i just can pray for all of you there .. thank you for saving him☹🙏

  • Bill Haines
    Bill Haines

    I am now smiling!

  • Bill Haines
    Bill Haines

    AHHH Humanity!

  • wanny k
    wanny k

    Out of all the hundreds, maybe thousands, of UZload videos I've seen in my life, this one sticks out in my mind as the most pitiful. I think it about it often. That poor little dog laying on a potato chip bag with his leg bone sticking out!! My heart breaks when I think about this video.

  • Ashley Boulden
    Ashley Boulden

    That is sad😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Miss A Peal
    Miss A Peal

    Wtf is wrong with people? How could anyone do such an awful, cruel, disgusting thing? I am so happy this little guy has made such a wonderful recovery. Thank you Hope for Paws 🐾 ❤

  • Nigh Hawk
    Nigh Hawk

    Brave dog 🔥🔥🔥

  • Munch eez
    Munch eez

    Hopefully the monsters that did this to Jordan can get the their legs cut off and then thrown 30ft into a canal, one day

  • Zack Dar
    Zack Dar

    You guys are the real superhero

  • Cera Rooker
    Cera Rooker

    its sad how some people just hurt for fun it makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Muhammad Anakmama
    Muhammad Anakmama

    ARYA 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👍👍👍👍👍❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Muhammad Anakmama
    Muhammad Anakmama

    ARYA 😭❤️👍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cera Rooker
    Cera Rooker

    i love hope for paws cuz i plan on when i get a job i will work with hope for paws

  • Gerçek Yolcusu
    Gerçek Yolcusu

    Evreni bilmem. Ama dünyada yalnız değiliz.Bizden başka canlılar da var.

  • Suk ching To
    Suk ching To


  • Flameshatter 115
    Flameshatter 115

    Aww he is so brave and strong and he is so cute I’m so glad you saved him from the lake and trained him how to swim Walk Run and so much more if you didn’t save him he would not be good and suffer he’s SO CUTE TO :)

  • Maria Gil
    Maria Gil

    Wow this is so sad how people treat dogs that is why when I grow up I am rescuing all the dogs in the world because that is my dream

  • rebellion 1
    rebellion 1

    Heros rescue animals👏👏👏

  • ceeceefontaine

    I never cried so much as I did when I seen what this brave little soul had gone through. Thank you for all the hard work you do for the rescues and to all the volunteers that heal all these brave little beings back to health❤❤❤

  • Omisha Bannad
    Omisha Bannad

    Maitri mango in the water Dog Care

  • Johanna Kitten
    Johanna Kitten

    Who ever disliked is just mad they don’t get to keep the puppy

  • bonnie bennet
    bonnie bennet

    thanks for all your help i want to be just like you

  • Helvio Rocha
    Helvio Rocha


  • sebxstian gaming
    sebxstian gaming


  • Simone1029


  • Seja Ateu
    Seja Ateu

    Você já está chorando mas aí 4:00 você desaba de chorar

  • Seja Ateu
    Seja Ateu

    1:05 he feel the love for the first time ever 😭

  • MarkoDeLaVoota

    how can...why...omg

  • freedom is food
    freedom is food

    god .very clever and cute.

  • Non-Infected Bunny
    Non-Infected Bunny

    Aww 🥺

  • Songul Guney
    Songul Guney


  • Anusha's Creativity
    Anusha's Creativity

    Good job

  • Manan Jha 8A KTE
    Manan Jha 8A KTE

    i love u guys just wanted to say this

  • Bonehead Lion
    Bonehead Lion

    I would do a life sentence for the coward responsible.


    Who would-who the HELL would cut if the poor doggy’s foot?


      Good job, Jordan, good job

  • Vanshika Gupta
    Vanshika Gupta

    God bless 💖❤️

  • Jose Santos
    Jose Santos

    There are videos that you post that makes me sad! This is one of them! The human cruelty has no barriers!

  • Muhammed Yardim
    Muhammed Yardim

    It’s nice 😇🤗🤗🥺😊

  • Muhammed Yardim
    Muhammed Yardim


  • Dominique Schaffner
    Dominique Schaffner

    Just looking at this poor critter made me cry..

  • Widaliz Aviles
    Widaliz Aviles

    How do y donate?

  • Tarak Taras
    Tarak Taras

    wait what..? 6:05 i see that he has no 2th leg

  • Mary Isaac
    Mary Isaac

    So sad

  • crystal martinez
    crystal martinez

    what kind of monster would throw such a adorable and loving dog off a 30ft thing..

  • Felicia Carroll
    Felicia Carroll

    I real so bad for him. Why would a homeless guy or woman just cut his leg off

  • Jordan Sambathpov
    Jordan Sambathpov

    You should name the dog something else like a doggy or like Wolfie or like Nemo I like something else

  • Jordan Sambathpov
    Jordan Sambathpov

    My name is Jordan

  • Rolana Prestin
    Rolana Prestin

    There’s a special place in hell for the people who did that to this dog. Bless your heart for saving him 🙏♥️

  • Demian Demartini
    Demian Demartini

    I hope that whoever did this was caught and locked up and is getting serious psychiatricwwwwwe help because this person is very sick and maybe a serial killer. Your natural reaction when seeing this wants to hurt the person who did it, but somebody capable of that has serious issues, and I'm sure has some kind of trauma probably abused themselves and need help along w prison time

  • Nadia

    The gasps of the hospital staff when Eldad told them someone cut off Jordan’s leg was also my exact reaction. That is just so cruel.

  • Jana Dalosova
    Jana Dalosova

    :( Thanks so much for savcing that Puppyyyyy!

  • Ксения Давыдова
    Ксения Давыдова

    Дай Бог Вам добрые, достойные уважения ЛЮДИ!!!, всего самого наилучшего. Преклоняюсь пред Вами 🙏


    Heartbreaking to see the little baby taking refuge on a empty potato chip bag. 😩

  • Sindy Losa
    Sindy Losa


  • Pineberry. Playsss
    Pineberry. Playsss

    Ugh why would someone cut his leg off the stupid people

  • Graciela Brandeman
    Graciela Brandeman

    Al q dejo ese pobre animalito ahi quiero q DIOS LO CASTIGUEEEEE👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎DESGRACIADO.Todos miran para otro lado.Cuando yo rescataba animslitos otros podian hacerlo pero YO TENIA Q HACER TODO xq los inhumanos no VEIAN NI QUERIAN HACER NADAAAA!!!!

  • Rheacel Tangente
    Rheacel Tangente

    i have for dogs

  • Richard Garrett
    Richard Garrett

    Yeah, it is a bitter-sweet story. Bitter it is to see how cruel, savage human race can be to other animals; sweet it is to see how kind and protective human race can be to other animals! Tell the truth the bitterness in this story overweighs the sweetness though. :) :(( God bless you all. :)

  • Bakhy Gaming
    Bakhy Gaming

    I’m just disgusted how can someone break his/her foot no animal should be treated this way

  • Candle Reviews by Dina
    Candle Reviews by Dina

    Your team is amazing I really admire your love and compassion for all of these animals it melts my heart. Your organization is listed in my will so many more animals can be helped !!! I can’t say enough thank you’s for everything you do all the time, effort, patience, love ❤️ everything you do makes a big difference!! Please never give up hope I know seeing all of this sadness can sometimes break you. All of your efforts have given all of these animals another chance for a beautiful life. God bless all of you!!

  • joy George
    joy George

    Why will someone kint the puppy lig

  • OSO

    It's been 5 years and still cry like a baby when watching this video, I wish only the half of his brave 😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  • Minecraft Madison
    Minecraft Madison

    Why’s would someone do this to this poor dog Why would someone cut off his foot They should be arrested and never come near another dog again

  • Minecraft Madison
    Minecraft Madison

    This makes me want to start rescueing

  • Dyan Shane
    Dyan Shane

    I cannot tell you what i want to do to who did this to this baby. It really means that person won't see the light of day again. If you think i am just talking I am not. See those people are demons. For real. All demons need to go back to hell where they belong. Took me a long time before I could even watch this whole. That little baby.

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie

    This video is my all-time favorite and I love to watch it when I'm feeling down. If Jordan survived, I will too.

  • Rosemeire Prestes
    Rosemeire Prestes

    Meu Deus! como tem pessoas disalmadas danddos ...deslaiques 😢 até entendo são essas pessoas nunca tiveram amor e não conhecem também 😭😭😭😭 que DEUS abençoe esse rapaz e quem o ajudou 😘😘😘😘👊👊👊👊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💘💘💘💘💘

  • Joyce Gibbs
    Joyce Gibbs

    FFS, you can see how misshapen he is. This is outrageous. Sorry, but I would kill anyone who did that to a defenceless animal like that. There are some really deranged people out there !

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    Feel like working with you.. Love you to heart

  • carter hawthorne
    carter hawthorne

    who the f**k would do that to a dog

  • Suna Evergreen
    Suna Evergreen

    It does hurt my heart and soul seeing these animals get treated so wrongly 💔😢

  • Janice Sullivan
    Janice Sullivan

    Whoever could abuse and then throw away such a small pup, deserves a special place in hell. Thank you to those who spotted him, called for Paws, the vets and the foster family who have cared for him, God bless you all.

  • Rain

    Who would even do that to a dog? Are they even humans?

  • little nan
    little nan

    Really wonderful, the difference you made in the fate of this poor little dog. He looks so happy now.

  • Анжелика Ахматшина
    Анжелика Ахматшина

    Poor baby....

  • Apr Yogi
    Apr Yogi

    I cried and my 💝broke to see the cruelty this precious pup endured. Thank you Paws for Hope for saving him and God Bless Jordan🙏

  • James Gough
    James Gough

    What a sweet dog :)

  • sloth frappichino
    sloth frappichino

    Him trying to record hold a dog and climb a ladder at the same time 😥

  • Amalia Rodriguez puru
    Amalia Rodriguez puru

    4 years ago..and I'm watching back again in January 2021. .adorable Lil one

  • Shadow Wolf 99
    Shadow Wolf 99


  • Douglas Fernardo Ale Jorge
    Douglas Fernardo Ale Jorge

    Beautiful job God belas all you. ( Bonito trabalho que Deus abençoe a vocês todos)

  • momo wagma
    momo wagma

    Sie sind Wunderbarer Mensch Dankeschön für die Hilfe💕❤💞💕❤💞🦝🐯🐩🐒🕊🐶🦘🐱💞❤💕🐈🐕🦊🐵🍼🥛🌭🥗🥪🍕🌮

  • momo wagma
    momo wagma

    Frohes neues Jahr🐵🦊🐕🐈💕❤💞🐱🦝🐯🐩🐒🕊🐶🦘🍼🥛🌭🥗🥪🍕🌮

  • k henne
    k henne

    What happened to this animal is beyond criminal. So cruel.

  • ChazJ Pain
    ChazJ Pain

    This one really got to me and still does. I can't watching this without the tears flowing.

  • Bonesidedowngoof

    I cannot believe that humans can be so unspeakably cruel.