Someone kicked a Golden Retriever so hard until he almost died.
Right after rescuing Masik from this video: (1.8 million views).
We received another call on the Hope For Paws emergency line. A Golden Retriever was laying down for many hours, unresponsive, and Loreta Frankonyte and I knew it was an emergency.
Of course, there was no way for us to know how badly he was injured (nothing was visible), but we could tell that something was wrong internally.
After the rescue, we named him Antonio, and rushed to see Dr. Pedraza.
He told us that looking at the ultrasound images, it looks like he was kicked really hard. He didn't believe that the dog was hit by a car because there were no signs of that - no road rash, no broken bones, no visible trauma that is always present in cases where dogs are hit by cars... it was a hit that injured his liver and spleen.
Because of the injury, Antonio was bleeding internally, and the doctor told us that if we didn't get to him that day, he would have bled internally and would have died within hours.
After the surgery, he continued to our friends at The Little Red Dog: and the rest of this story is in this video :-)
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  • Mike Sookun
    Mike Sookun

    The usual and first interaction between the dog and Eldad, he is like "it's okay" lol U should put wheels under your carriages or cages for dogs

  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    Try making a flat bed wagon with a ramp .

    • Catherine Rosengren
      Catherine Rosengren

      That might help. Maybe get a hydraulic system to raise it to the car?

  • Kathryn Maxwell
    Kathryn Maxwell

    What bastard kicked this sweet Pup so hard he is was bleeding inside. There is a place in hell for him. Antonio eyes told his story. At first not sure of his rescuers. Wondered what the heck. Then after surgery and recovery he has happy eyes. Such a handsome pup. Loretta always happy. Thank you guys For what you do. ❤️🌹🌹

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    You guys are truly angels walking the earth! God Bless All Of You!!

  • Del ce
    Del ce

    i think 99% of those who disliked the video are also trump voters.

  • nottinghillad

    What an adorable, and hospitable dog. Why would anyone want to kick him?

  • Veyron

    These kinds of people should be kicked in the stomachs themselves to see how it feels. Why would anyone do this to a beautiful innocent creature. Disgusting!!!!

  • daisy daisy
    daisy daisy

    The traps can have wheels that can be locked so that they don't move ?

  • la ba
    la ba

    stop breeding dogs ffs

  • K G Chophimi
    K G Chophimi

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  • Ann Green
    Ann Green

    Only a devil could kick a Goldie.

  • Gessica Stancari
    Gessica Stancari

    Starei a guardare Antonio giocare fino a domani. È spettacolare

  • CatatoxicRun

    You need one of those compact medical gurneys that can lift. On that you can move around the cage and lower it/lift it when placing it inside the car.

  • julie willis
    julie willis

    I hope the person who hurt this innocent baby rots in hell

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Karma is a bitch and NO ONE CAN ESCAPE IT. Animal abusers will be tortured and suffering in hell for a very long time. Heaven is await for those who saves life 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️✊✊✊🌹🌹🌹. Please adopt and donate then we all will go to heaven together 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • Kedija Ali
    Kedija Ali

    Allah or God bless you

  • 西園寺佳奈

    god bless hope for paws. for rescuing this wonderful little guy.

  • Grace

    8:39 the way he winked be like - thanks for saving me

  • Krupa Sri
    Krupa Sri

    Plzz I beg u to come to india.the dogs here are suffering so much

  • jl smith
    jl smith

    Perhaps you could invest in something like a dolly?

  • marymonk

    Poor baby...who would do such a thing??!!

  • natalie lidge
    natalie lidge

    why did someone kick him/her!!?? that is cruel and unnecessary.

  • monicamilan

    what sort of problems have the people who disliked this video??

  • monicamilan

    To that filthy bastard who " had the guts" to kick this poor harmless dog, I wish him a long life spent on an wheelchair, as a tetraplegic….

  • usmcusausaf

    thank you.

  • sonnyandcobi

    I'm just now seeing this video. I can't fathom someone doing this to an animal but my fear is that they have so much rage in them that they will graduate to a person that angers them. I have had 2 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs. I lost my first poodle to a heart attack and one of my cats to cancer. My current cat was just abandoned on the street and my current poodle was going to be euthanized because he bit his previous owners. Those horrible people teased him, gave him food, treats and toys and then took them away from him and generally didn't show him love and created a dog who learned to guard his resources. The vet who rescued him put his picture on facebook and a friend told me about him. There was no way I was going to let this beautiful gray poodle be put down. Now he is happy, loves to ride in the car and even though no one had picked him up and held him, he loves that too. He follows me from room to room and is literally my shadow and I have to be careful not to step on him because he plasters himself to me. I named him Chance because he got a second chance at a real life with me.

  • Koren Maccubbin
    Koren Maccubbin

    I am happy to say after watching a few videos I made a donation. If your watching please do the same. Thank you for all you do.

  • Flapkatt

    I love your work. I have a suggestion for you. There are inexpensive 4 wheeled platform dollies at places like home depot, lowes, etc. Your large crates would fit on the platform quite well, and you would be able to save your backs. The platform dollies are different from the slant dollies typically used for other tasks when you need to tilt the load to move it safely. The other nice feature on platform dollies is the handle rotates 360 for steering control, and it folds down when not in use.The base wheels can also be locked in place to load/unload. I used a platform dolly to move my 100 # Golden in his crate at shows, festivals, and gatherings.3 bungee cords to keep the crate secure, and off we'd go. Magick was happy and safe and my back was spared the effort of moving him by myself. I think the carts probably cost about $125.00. I would say it can't hurt to check them out. Keep the faith.

  • Carol Kristian
    Carol Kristian

    I hope someone identifies the individual who did this. The truth is he will hurt more animals and probably humans as well. This person needs to be prosecuted!🐕♥️🙏😪😡♥️

  • Helen Nightingale
    Helen Nightingale

    Good for you !,, the dogs respond better to the female voice and body , usually!

  • stop animal abuse
    stop animal abuse

    so glad they called and you got to him in time! And to whomever kicked him karma will destroy you. help stop abusers!

  • The Sister Show
    The Sister Show

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    val knight

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    val knight

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    Steven Sawyer

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    luisa byr

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    Debbie Sanderson

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  • as noodLe
    as noodLe

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  • Annrose Quingco
    Annrose Quingco

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  • Ruth Murphy
    Ruth Murphy


  • Ruth Murphy
    Ruth Murphy


  • Alen Kikić
    Alen Kikić

    If I bumped into someone molesting any animal I would hurt him really bad in any way that I can, unless its a kid he would be pulled by the ear to the social worker because parents obviously failed...

  • my miniature crafts
    my miniature crafts

    i had a puppy and he died he went out chasing a cat and he crashed into a car last week

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    Kay Tyler

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  • Donna Ashley
    Donna Ashley

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    Maria Medrano

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    Tonya Rios

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  • Tonya Rios
    Tonya Rios

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    Lee Carrizales

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    maria magalhaes

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  • MarkWhenYourDeadInside . . .
    MarkWhenYourDeadInside . . .

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    Alexa Yang

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    Bay Ugo

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    Brendan Lenehan

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    Kelly Dorey

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  • Hades Oo
    Hades Oo

    When you start feeling those sharp pains again. Try laying flat on the floor use a few blankets and a pillow and it will be very difficult to sleep but it helps me... and take it easy after it heals and lots of ibuprofen lol

  • Helen Jackman
    Helen Jackman

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    Suzannah Chirgwin-wade

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    Lori Jean Cowling

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  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

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  • auttie

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  • Doggo Willink
    Doggo Willink

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  • Brendan larsen
    Brendan larsen

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  • John Parkinson
    John Parkinson

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    Ken Coakley

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    patricia kunz

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  • Marly S
    Marly S

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  • Evita S
    Evita S

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