Abandoned Pit Bull was so excited to get the medical care she needed.
Some people think that providing food and water is enough, but these animals need medical care and a loving forever home. Luckily, someone spotted Colette and called Hope For Paws for help. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick headed out and got Colette to the hospital where they discovered she had a tick-borne disease (very easily treated and it's already gone). She also needed to have one of her toes removed due to a mass, and a few more massed that were caused as a result of breeding. Medical care is extremely expensive and we would love to have your support. A small donation here will send us to the next rescue mission: www.HopeForPaws.org
If you would like to adopt Colette, please contact our friends at Doggie Bones:
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Thanks :-)

  • Leo

    What a beautiful breed. They are big meaty snuggle bugs full of love.

  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • Gaby Dersch
    Gaby Dersch

    Is she ever cute. Sweetheart. 💟💕💞💟🐶 thank you. God bless you.

  • Gambantein Odal
    Gambantein Odal

    Cute dog!

  • Melanie Parish
    Melanie Parish

    OMG! Easiest rescue ever! That was great!

  • ONLY CHEMISTRY By Deepalika
    ONLY CHEMISTRY By Deepalika

    Such a happy dog..itself enter inside car

  • JulyN78

    I never saw a dog so happy to see a leash and a docile human. She pratically begged to be taken... She had an owner, for sure... She's used to the pampering stuff...

  • Michael Dufresne
    Michael Dufresne

    Well, that haf be just about the easiest rescue ever 😀

  • james vincent llorera
    james vincent llorera

    the dog says " come on put me that leash and lets head out to your car and take care of me" 😍😍💕

  • luna

    sometimes all you need is one person who sees you

  • Corlis King
    Corlis King

    So ready for loving care!

  • Leonie Brown
    Leonie Brown

    How wonderful, thanks to all you caring people at Hope For Paws, for all your rescues. I love you all!

  • Philip Murray
    Philip Murray

    She looks like a mother (or like she had recently given birth), is it possible she had puppies that got left behind?

  • 泰子森保


  • Pieface Squarepant
    Pieface Squarepant

    Joann is such a doll with the critters. And most defineately has the SEXIEST dimples Anywhere.

  • Gabriela Galescu
    Gabriela Galescu

    This dog called you guys herself, like people will call an uber! :-)

  • Jordan Hernandez
    Jordan Hernandez

    You guys are so amazing for the things you do

  • VidKid

    This dog heard from her dog friends how well they’re treated by the HopeForPaws organization. She couldn’t get into the human’s car fast enough to get 🍔 🛁 🛌 and of course lots of ❤️

  • John

    That looks like the perfect dog for this lady

  • Dayna Torngren
    Dayna Torngren

    She is gorgeous.

  • Dean Ossiander
    Dean Ossiander

    be careful .. Pit Bull tail is a lethal weapon

  • KameraShy

    That was easy. Practically jumps into the leash. A people dog for sure. And props to the good neighbors who fed her and called HFP.

  • Ann M
    Ann M

    She is so cute! Like a wiggly little tootsie roll! What a little heart breaker! 🥰🐾❤️

  • rikkierikkie

    EXCUSE ME??????????? Kind of cute???????????????????????????????????????

  • Wayne Taylor
    Wayne Taylor

    dogs are attracted to blue hair

  • Annette Reynolds
    Annette Reynolds

    Poor girl, someone cropped her ears.

  • Lynda Kirkness
    Lynda Kirkness

    That has got to be the easiest rescue ever.

  • Mila Young
    Mila Young

    Such a sweetheart 😍..Is she in her loving forever home already???


    What an incredibly sweet dog, oh my gosh!

  • Samira Pereira
    Samira Pereira

    Was she lactating? She looked full

  • Sean Knoll
    Sean Knoll

    What about the puppies? Looked to me like she was lactating.

  • Lidia Lidia
    Lidia Lidia

    Love you guys!!!

  • Photo Man
    Photo Man

    Love your videos..!!

  • John B
    John B

    Colette need a home full of love, hugs and kisses!

  • Buck Early
    Buck Early

    That was an easy one!!!

  • leslie anthony
    leslie anthony

    Mama had babies ....so she was dumped ....babies sold or who knows what horror awaits them. Thanks are pathetic for all you go thru day in and out without having...without giving up ,without becoming debilitated with depression as I would be and am because I'm not strong and persistent as you all are.

  • FacheChanteDeux

    She is so small, she must be part staffie. Such a sweet, gentle soul.🐕💗

  • SJ

    her nipples were distended. were there babies?

  • Boii Villa
    Boii Villa

    Now I'm safe!!! Hope got me!

  • Juan C. P. I. 24
    Juan C. P. I. 24

    Sois unos fenómenos. me encanta ver todos vuestros vídeos. Un saludo desde España.

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    i have 2 children under the of 4 i will take a pit bull thank u what a great why to get red of unwanted childred

  • vipin mujral
    vipin mujral

    Good job 👍

  • mayupoyo1209


  • ILoveJesusMySavior

    So for a split second the thumbnail looked like they were rescuing a turkey.

  • noname


  • hOurworld11

    You guys are just too precious. Thankyou.

  • graham baker
    graham baker

    She is a staffy

  • PJE

    Awww, that poor baby was just so excited for someone to love her ❤️

  • U OL
    U OL

    Easy. Yet she was hanging in the hood for weeks?

  • aprez49

    Of all the videos I've watched from these people, this one was the easiest and I'm glad it went that easy too.

  • St. Jerome
    St. Jerome

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the pit bulls have been, for the most part, the easiest to catch.

  • i & i
    i & i

    What a beautiful coat she has, & a beautiful spirit. She has a look that's almost like a human in her eyes.. She's gorgeous x

  • TheMongoose272

    People should be careful with pitbulls The will steal your heart with one look lol

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    So happy for her...That was easy. I wish they all were like that...

  • Renata Guedes
    Renata Guedes

    After some (a lot actually) videos of pit bull in this channel, i can say that i am impressed with their behavior! They are always the nicest ones! So kind, gentle, happy.... 😍

  • Rey Tuano
    Rey Tuano

    Dog: your late where have you been? 🐶

  • Violet Gutierrez
    Violet Gutierrez

    The sweetest girl, hope she found a loving home💜💜💜

  • René Fabre
    René Fabre


  • 9Ballr

    She was like, "Finally, you're here! What took you so long!"

  • julie silvaggio
    julie silvaggio

    Such a pretty dog!

  • SierraD26

    I Love Pitbulls

  • Jeanelle Magtoto
    Jeanelle Magtoto

    mam im from philippines..can you give me one (1) dog...i promise to you mam i care that dog.god bless!

  • John Dunn
    John Dunn

    She is honestly a people dog, that appreciates what they have done and loves to show it

  • HWH

    I LOVE HER😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😢😢😢😢😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • tom talley
    tom talley

    Dog looks like she had pups recently.

  • ajs11201

    This isn't the first rescue that looks like the dog is nursing a litter. Did she have pups?

  • andrew may
    andrew may


  • firenze55

    Where are her puppies?

  • Just a Ride
    Just a Ride

    She’s a happy girl! Someone loved her at some point, she went into that leash too willingly for it to be otherwise. She trotted along happily as if to say “I belong again!”

  • Alex Holub
    Alex Holub

    The ears should never have been cut. That's part of a dog's personality.

  • Ma.sheila L. Bondad
    Ma.sheila L. Bondad

    She is so beautiful and sweet thank you for saving her God bless you more.😘

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar

    This was DANGEROUS cute

  • nastaran f
    nastaran f

    If you didn't want the dog then why cut her beautiful ears 🥺😡😡🤦‍♀️

  • Tree House
    Tree House

    What a lovely pup. She's not a street dog. She either ran away or was dumped. She was used for breeding and ears cropped.

  • michael corley
    michael corley

    She looks like she's had a litter recently. Did you look for pups .


    So sweet Pittie Angel

  • Graeme John
    Graeme John

    Hope for paws 10 out 10 just great people

  • Cynthia A
    Cynthia A

    What a sweet pretty girl!

  • Marc Van Hoek
    Marc Van Hoek

    What a gorgeous dog.

  • Anty Brennion
    Anty Brennion

    I wish people would understand this breed is far from dangerous its the humans that make those certain pits aggressive it could be lack of food hitting them having them fight

  • Rusty Miller
    Rusty Miller

    That the easiest rescue ever.

  • යථාර්ථය දැකපල්ලා
    යථාර්ථය දැකපල්ලා

    Am from sri 🇱🇰 lanka. Good job my dear

  • João Santos
    João Santos

    Easiest rescue ever!!

  • Ted Poland
    Ted Poland

    She is so beautiful n sweet as well and that you had help her out of getting off the streets all dogs and cats in the world needs to be in good homes

  • Casal Liang
    Casal Liang

    I'm gonna say something,it looks like she waiting for ya guys,nice job 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Inday Langging
    Inday Langging

    I guess she was watching Hope for Paws. Such a lovely girl. 🐶🐶

  • Hooker

    Shes a beautiful girl!

  • rudeboz

    she was someones pet and they just chucked her on the street ,done her job had puppies they got there money so kicked her out

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed

    Omg, the dog is so beautiful!! ❤❤

  • Elizabeth Czepiel
    Elizabeth Czepiel

    Looks like she's lactating. Any pups?

  • Santiago Macahilas
    Santiago Macahilas

    What a good dog she's so sweet

  • shaz raff
    shaz raff

    Isnt she just beautiful? Is she an American Pit Bull? Are her ears naturally like that? Sorry am from Australia and I don't think we have many here. Ta

    • Mumford the Pit Bull
      Mumford the Pit Bull

      @shaz raff Cropping and docking are still legal in the US, but many people think it should be outlawed. (Mumford has cropped ears, but he is a rescue and came that way. If I had a choice he would have his natural ears.)

    • shaz raff
      shaz raff

      @Mumford the Pit Bull Ok I thought ear cropping and tail docking is Illegal? It is here in Australia - is it not in the US?

    • Mumford the Pit Bull
      Mumford the Pit Bull

      She looks like an American Bully, which is related to the American Pit Bull Terrier, but bred for the more bulky, "low rider" look. Her ears are cropped.

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller

    she's doing great. Now lets fix your jeans.LOL

  • Karin Kallas
    Karin Kallas

    She seems like she had babies. Matbe not recently but maybe they were still waiting somewhere :/

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed

    Was this the easiest rescue ever?

  • Linda Zelepugas
    Linda Zelepugas

    Baby Boo is saying " look, I've got my very own lucky leash"

  • Linda Elster
    Linda Elster

    What a beautiful girl!

  • Yeshua is Lord
    Yeshua is Lord

    Don't forget to save that chicks jeans too! They've been neglected and left for dead. We can save them too, not just these beautiful Pitties !

  • jude james
    jude james

    I hate PBs and would love to see them spayed/nuerteded out of existence. Be that as it may, I applaud your mission, your bravery and compassion.

    • Mumford the Pit Bull
      Mumford the Pit Bull

      Why do you hate Pit Bulls?

  • LynnSki76

    What a perfect,pretty little lady