Hope For Paws and the L.A. Fire Department saving an injured Mastiff from the L.A River
Please help us save more animals like Tinkerbell by becoming a monthly donor of just $5: www.HopeForPaws.org
We would much rather use our time rescuing than on fundraising.
Every little bit helps.
Thanks :-)
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  • shane BSicat
    shane BSicat

    I salute to all of you, godbless you all & keep safe

  • Nomer San Jose
    Nomer San Jose

    May God Bless u all Good people who helped these poor soul. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Judy Is A Punk
    Judy Is A Punk

    I have had two female Mastiffs in my life. One was a 120 lb Bullmastiff that live 14 glorious years and now I currently have 160 lb English Mastiff that is 5 years old. They truly are gentle giants and the sweetest things on earth that would die for you

  • Tanya Mecham
    Tanya Mecham

    She's so sweet! Nice rescue too! Family will love her being back!! Agree with the last commen, finally a dog with a microchip and they want her bacj, SO TRUE!!

  • Helene R.M Lace
    Helene R.M Lace

    I have always been a fan of microchips

  • Mary Moreno
    Mary Moreno


  • Helene R.M Lace
    Helene R.M Lace

    A community came together ❤ 🇨🇦

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    Tinker stinker

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    That’s a river?

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    She’s an English mastiff very young too.

  • daciefus jones
    daciefus jones

    I guess we should call those microchips miracle chips. every dog and cat should have one.

  • Chandre' Ashlyn Singh
    Chandre' Ashlyn Singh

    it angers me that dogs who probably had homes at first end up here, it's so sad. These poor babies

  • lara tina
    lara tina

    Complimenti per il soccorso...e 👏👏👏la ragazza è bellissima

  • Shoot true
    Shoot true

    Im just leaving a comment for the credit for you guys. Great work.

  • Terri Case
    Terri Case

    Tears.....of sadness...but JOY to see happy ending. 😇

  • 01 old sub3
    01 old sub3

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  • Sargon Oshana
    Sargon Oshana

    God bless hope for paws

  • Paula Black
    Paula Black

    I am struggling with being disable and homeless. I pray that once I am settled I can get a dog.❤🥰

  • Priyal Modhawadia
    Priyal Modhawadia

    Omg I would die if this happened to one of my dogs I love them to death! I’m so glad this rescue had a happy ending!

  • freedom is food
    freedom is food

    thank you so much.

  • Valerie C.
    Valerie C.


  • MarkoDeLaVoota

    I hate this fireworks myself, dogs at home going crazy

  • gwg5640

    Bravo to LAFD.

  • Zanuda

    Best end ever!

  • katebeckinsnail

    She's such a sweetie, I'm so glad that she's loved.

  • Maria Eugenia Diaz
    Maria Eugenia Diaz


  • jana banana
    jana banana

    Please have your pets microchipped. So they can come back home to people who love them.

  • CarpeDiem

    It is warmed my heart that she meets her family again. So sweet and happy ending. I smiled:) yeaaaayyy happyyy

  • Songul Guney
    Songul Guney


  • Giannis G
    Giannis G


  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    How can we adopt in Canada. Our friends got a dog from Texas. They had a truck full for other people that adopted from Texas

  • Terrill Rogers
    Terrill Rogers

    I wish fireworks would be banned...only digital.

  • Doris Hensley
    Doris Hensley

    Tinkerbell don't look SO happy,to see tham ?

  • Александра Романова
    Александра Романова

    а ведь сколько по всей Америке бродит и ждет спасения животных,и пару человек ситуацию не исправят.

  • diecast jam
    diecast jam

    The size of that dogs paws, even the one that wasn't swollen, some size.

  • Micka Bonilla
    Micka Bonilla

    🌦👉🏼😿😿😿😿😿😿😿🙀🙀🙀🙀 ⛑

  • Christian Haselwanter- Grasl
    Christian Haselwanter- Grasl

    wooooow no words needed... so many people, a task force of the LA fire department and you the angels on 4 paws... simply stunning 😱😱😱😱😱♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • little nan
    little nan

    He seems so scared. Thank you for helping these lost and neglected dogs.

  • Roxana Torres
    Roxana Torres

    i love dogs :D in crying

  • Lynne9fn Stevenson2su
    Lynne9fn Stevenson2su

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  • barbara smith
    barbara smith

    What a beautiful girl and the bes5t of all she haves family

  • barbara smith
    barbara smith

    So glad she found her muma and popa and her brothers and sisters bet u won't let her out of your sight again I have always micr9 chipped all my bubbles bless you all

  • Barty Crouch
    Barty Crouch

    Hero,s Thanks

  • LauraBeeDannon

    They signed her cast 😭💖


    lost our maltese for a year now. but i can never forget her. Sam... wherever you are i hope someone is taking care of you.. i will never forget you.. your daughter tenshi just gave birth to 3 pups a month ago. thought that she will never have pups coz shes 7 already. thought that was the end of your blood line :( . i miss you sam always have and always will. and im sorry im still wishing that i can get to see you again. :(

  • Richard GLADSTONE
    Richard GLADSTONE

    Purr thing

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard

    Awe! So glad that Tinkerbell has a family who was searching for her!

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard

    I think that’s awesome the fire department helped. Def would have been hard to pull that without them.

  • liquidminds

    At this point: Animal Rescue "we should build a trap" LA: "What do you think the LA river is?"

  • Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde

    Prachtig werk, wat een toffe hond. She is a good girl, zij verdient t zeker om geholpen te worden.

  • Sergio Goicochea
    Sergio Goicochea

    A pesar de mi corazon duro como una piedra casi suelto una lagrima

  • ピーコ

    Thank you for your help 🙏🙏🙇‍♀️❣️ l am grateful🙇‍♀️

  • Jessica S, NAPLES FL
    Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    All pet sales, rescues, and adoptions should include a micro-chip.

  • Josiahplayz

    Happy that you can do this for dog and cat

  • Love Music
    Love Music

    True love ❤️

  • Die Fernsicht
    Die Fernsicht

    Das ist sehr rührend. Hochachtung für die Retter.

  • Gladys Boyer
    Gladys Boyer

    Love this video. awesome job.

  • Ranpo Edogawa
    Ranpo Edogawa

    Poor dog

  • Karen Spangler
    Karen Spangler

    Love! ❤️

  • Janine Matthewman
    Janine Matthewman

    Excellent guys, another lucky baby. xxx

  • Tina Morey
    Tina Morey

    Tinkerbell , I LOVE YOU !

  • Panadda Weerakulwatana
    Panadda Weerakulwatana


  • priyanka tonk
    priyanka tonk

    Love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • CreateWithBarb BL
    CreateWithBarb BL

    That made me so happy. Thank you so much. So pleased her family loved her and what an amazing rescue. You really are my heroes.

  • Mia Crei
    Mia Crei


  • Stan Sole
    Stan Sole

    리트리버는 골든이건 래브라도건 간에 2살 때까지는 비글이나 다름없다가 2살만 지나면 거짓말처럼 점잖아진다고 하더니 그 말이 맞는 모양입니다. 5:51

  • Christena Walker
    Christena Walker

    The LA riverbed seems to be a magnet to people who are dumping animals this is so sad!!!!!!

  • Peyton Trinkle
    Peyton Trinkle

    I felt so bad for him in the beginning! :'(

  • Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela
    Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela

    Es una giganta....

  • Helga Reichert
    Helga Reichert

    Tinkerbell ist bezeichnend für Ihren Ruf. Und alle anderen Videos. Gründlich, seriös und aufrichtig herzlich. Wirkliche Hoffnung für Pfoten. Danke. Ich liebe diese Filmchen. Als ich jung war, war ich beim Tierarzt tätig. Ich freu mich über solche Menschen, wie Sie sind. 🙏🙏🙏

  • PuppyGirlPlayz

    Everyone who gives these videos a thumbs down must really hate animals. Please microchip your dogs in case they go missing otherwise your dog could become homeless

  • Irene Van Den Berg
    Irene Van Den Berg

    Love all of you dog saving angels

  • kutyifritin

    Stop using fireworks because animal lives matter too🤗

  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • Fer AL
    Fer AL



    Soooo much better without annoying background music.

  • Rhonda Dorin
    Rhonda Dorin

    Wow!! She's gorgeous!!

  • Moto Rider
    Moto Rider

    I see your video i happy so much

  • Chui Throwaway
    Chui Throwaway

    Should definitely be a requirement to have a dog, a forever friend, chipped... for FREE!

  • Helen Jackman
    Helen Jackman


  • Werrf1

    7:44 "Tinkerbell? Yes...that's what they used to call me. Tinkerbell. That was my name... I am Tinkerbell the Snuggle!"

  • auttie

    What a beautiful dog! I highly encourage anyone that can donate to do it.

  • Joe T
    Joe T

    Glad to see a lost dog find her loving family!


    c'est magnifique quand un chien retrouve sa famille

  • Anshumann Batra
    Anshumann Batra

    Isn’t this the place where Terminator:Judgement Day chase was shot ??!!!

  • Robert Eaton
    Robert Eaton

    Tinker bell is such an adorable name for a huge dog

  • Tracy Morris
    Tracy Morris

    i no this is an old one but its still awesome that she has been reunited with her family

  • Kim Phillips
    Kim Phillips

    Wow. This might be the 5 video I’ve watched in a row and I am not crying like a baby. Actually the crying like a baby started halfway through the first video rescue I watch. Thank you Eldad you have been sent by heaven.

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo

    I’m so glad she found her way home!

  • 陳玉美


  • Gunslinger454

    😀😊😀 I love happy endings! 😀😊😀

  • Danielle Kubik
    Danielle Kubik

    One of my absolute favorites!

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Best ending ever.

  • Rachel Whiddon
    Rachel Whiddon

    so glad tinkerbel was found and her family loves and missed her wants her back!

  • Hayden Laver
    Hayden Laver

    I am the most emotional I have ever been

  • Deborah Bruce
    Deborah Bruce

    Please keep doing what you do there are so many lives that need your help

  • april asbahr
    april asbahr

    I cried thru this whole video. I pray Tinkerbells paw and leg heals. And I just know this family will donate SOMETHING EVERY MONTH!!! 💕

  • Rosa Marrero
    Rosa Marrero

    Beautiful story....

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    I've never cried watching these close but never until today. When Tinkerbell was kissing and happy to see her family I lost it. Thank you guys so much for helping her and finding her way home. She could have died all alone, scared, hurt, hungry and with a broken heart. And I loved all the ppl that helped in savings her. God sees you caring for his creations.