His homeless owner disappeared one day and he didn't trust anyone!!!
Garfield spent his days at the park, alone and confused because he didn't know where did his owner disappear. Luckily, we got a call on the #HopeForPaws emergency line.
Loreta Frankonyte and I headed out, and after a long search for him, one of the construction workers who have been feeding him pointed me in his direction. At the point I was alone, so I waited for Loreta to meet up with me. The plan was for her to close the gate in the far end of that dead-end street, and I would cover the width of the street with my snappy snare. The rest of the story is in this video :-)
Thank you so much for donating, sharing, commenting, and liking our videos - it helps us save so many more animals!!!
If you would like to become a Hope For Paws member, please join us with a small recurring donation. A $5 donation from a lot of people would make us a stronger team: www.HopeForPaws.org
We really don't want to spend any time on fundraising... we prefer being out there, with the animals and getting them to the hospital so they won't have to spend another night outside. Please don't think "$5 is insignificant, so why bother?"... it's just not true - I've been doing this for many years and it's just the best when more and more people help us grow.
Garfield needs your help one more time with sharing his video because we now need to find him a loving forever home! Please share his video with family and friends and help us complete this amazing circle!
Our friends at Balooja's Foundation did an incredible work with getting him out of his shell and it's just amazing to see the difference in him.
To apply to adopt Garfield, please contact: www.BaloojasFoundation.com
Thank you so much for your support!
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  • Monique Gibson.
    Monique Gibson.

    Riding in style! I'd give you a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GOOGLE review too! Thank you and your team for all you do for these animals.💖 HFP fans... please don't overlook the other species rescues, they're amazing. If you haven't seen the racoon rescue you're missing out. I think its one of the best!

    • Celeste Watson
      Celeste Watson

      @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel as a San Diego native transplanted to east coast, I love the wildlife rescues!! Grew up on a canyon, loved watching wildlife from the patio at night! Thanks for helping all the helpless ...

    • ꧁Mxxchi The Idiot꧂
      ꧁Mxxchi The Idiot꧂

      @Rita Cheatham u can also be one :)

    • Rosalba Preito
      Rosalba Preito

      I hope someone will adapted him and give him lots of love that he deserves not to be abused please 🙏

    • Rosalba Preito
      Rosalba Preito

      Thanks for saving this precious dog God bless you all

    • Rosalba Preito
      Rosalba Preito

      I feel for this homeless dog I hope they can catch him or her 😔 😪 🤧 I hope someone will take him or her and give her lots of love that he deserves God bless ❤

  • Tia deSonora
    Tia deSonora

    Your gentle style with him is so respectful. Thank you for your kindness 🐕

  • zceky

    5:44 what is that guy doing in the back?

  • Irene

    It's so helpful to potential adopters to know that a dog is going to be fine with cats. My ex and I adopted our dog Maggie because we knew she loved cats (her elderly owner developed dementia and her carers couldn't look after all the animals too). Our youngest cat would sneak in beside and curl up with her, which sometimes annoyed her but she'd get up and move away rather than become aggressive. We suspected she was afraid of squashing him! RIP sweet Maggie Dog, you were a beautiful and gentle wee gem.

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  • Saida Bella
    Saida Bella

    I live in Canada and for 4 days I am addicted to watching your rescues. I cry, laugh, smile. Thank you for loving these beautiful souls. There’s a reason why I prefer dogs over human

  • Helga Reichert
    Helga Reichert

    I'm Lifestream bei der Schwarzen Katze, war noch ein kleines Stimmchen in der Röhre zu hören, das ist noch da. Bitte nochmal hin fahren und retten!!!!!!! Liebe Grüße Helga Reichert. 🐆🐹

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    Winter Wolf Gamimg

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    C&M DIY Studio

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    dianasa Jenie

    Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. May you have a loving family

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    Jill Lukas

    Garfield sure looked like he was Enjoying his Uber ride. 😂 That was so Cool!! So Great to see him come out of his shell & be playing so quickly after being rescued. You guys/gals do such Amazing Work!! Love Your Channel!!🥰 Take Care & Be Safe!!🤗😊

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    Angel Juarez

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  • Angel Juarez
    Angel Juarez

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    Angel Juarez

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    Poorvi Rathore

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  • Robert Yglesias
    Robert Yglesias

    L.A. is a crap hole...hopefully he gets adopted out of state!

  • Ames Toy
    Ames Toy

    He needs to lose weight, he looks chunky.

  • Dana B
    Dana B

    At 5:55 look by the bottom wth was that guy doing but beautiful recovery love ur vids stay safe stay heathy for me :) !

  • Parnapaggu A
    Parnapaggu A

    You guys are 1 step ahead from Google rating. 'd love to adopt(Gary)Garfield but I stay in India and too poor to afford a flight. But 'm also a modest little cat rescuer. One more thing I wanna share that I love my mom and my husband then animals, they are seating on the 2nd seat in my heart. I LOVE TO SHARE MY ONLY ONE BOILED EGG WITH MY KITTENS, SO THEY ALWAYS TAKE ADVANTAGE. SO CUTE

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    Jack Riley

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    XMidnight OmegaX

    wow you guys are awesome now its reminding me about this cat that had two kittens tyen a few months after had two more and they lived with us for a while then they moved to my neighbors side

  • Quinn Hen
    Quinn Hen

    Looks so much like my Papillon I had for 16 years!! Same coloring and beautiful face. Hope Garfield finds a wonderful home!!!

  • Ralph Alessandra
    Ralph Alessandra

    Was he adopted? Also how are homeless people allowed to have dogs?

  • Jeanice Graves
    Jeanice Graves

    That little guy was running from angels and he didn't know it. What a cute baby. Thanks for the save. It breaks my heart thinking about the ones that can't be saved. I'll keep you all in my prayers and I'm happy to donate to the cheeseburger veterinary care fund.

  • Sarah O’Brien
    Sarah O’Brien

    Beautiful Story of Rescue But what then hell is that guy in the background at 6:00 doing

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    You people seem to be a little ignorant about animals. That’s what frightens them.

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    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make.

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  • Maggie Tattersfield
    Maggie Tattersfield

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    Scott Fraser

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