His homeless owner disappeared one day and he didn't trust anyone!!!
Garfield spent his days at the park, alone and confused because he didn't know where did his owner disappear. Luckily, we got a call on the #HopeForPaws emergency line.
Loreta Frankonyte and I headed out, and after a long search for him, one of the construction workers who have been feeding him pointed me in his direction. At the point I was alone, so I waited for Loreta to meet up with me. The plan was for her to close the gate in the far end of that dead-end street, and I would cover the width of the street with my snappy snare. The rest of the story is in this video :-)
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We really don't want to spend any time on fundraising... we prefer being out there, with the animals and getting them to the hospital so they won't have to spend another night outside. Please don't think "$5 is insignificant, so why bother?"... it's just not true - I've been doing this for many years and it's just the best when more and more people help us grow.
Garfield needs your help one more time with sharing his video because we now need to find him a loving forever home! Please share his video with family and friends and help us complete this amazing circle!
Our friends at Balooja's Foundation did an incredible work with getting him out of his shell and it's just amazing to see the difference in him.
To apply to adopt Garfield, please contact: www.BaloojasFoundation.com
Thank you so much for your support!
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  • Monique Gibson.
    Monique Gibson.

    Riding in style! I'd give you a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GOOGLE review too! Thank you and your team for all you do for these animals.💖 HFP fans... please don't overlook the other species rescues, they're amazing. If you haven't seen the racoon rescue you're missing out. I think its one of the best!

    • Logan Sinor
      Logan Sinor

      @Rita Cheatham i want to start a dog thing like hope for paws maybe if i achieve this goal i will come to chicago and help. I love animals and i would let one suffer for 999999 million billion$ so i would love to help in any way possible.🐶❤

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      Tanchoonleng Tan

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    • Celeste Watson
      Celeste Watson

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    • ꧁Akira꧂

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    • Rosalba Preito
      Rosalba Preito

      I hope someone will adapted him and give him lots of love that he deserves not to be abused please 🙏

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    Dear Ace

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  • Monique Fleming
    Monique Fleming

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  • catloverlady1961 Brown
    catloverlady1961 Brown

    I look at all these wonderful animals so grateful so willing to trust .they want to be respected loved and be fed. Thank you for all you do God bless.i feed homeless cats brought 4 home and have my deceased mom's dog.

  • Korra G
    Korra G

    Poms should always have a harness because of possible tracheal collapse with a collar, but I realize in a rescue situation you must do what is necessary ... he is a beautiful boy!!!!!

  • Denise Jeronimo
    Denise Jeronimo

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  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    And there's ninja guy at 5:50 doing a little broomstick cardio on the banks of the beautiful LA River. I bet ya he came down there to boost them but saw their numbers and the camera and was all like... "Who me? I'm just working out with this filthy stick I just found" I was homeless 6 years and that shit right there had my radar up even tho I'm years away from the street. Made me verrry uncomfortable. There is only one reason someone in that environment is lingering around. What? You got a 5 mile stretch of concrete river culvert and you got to do your Jack LaLane right the fk there? I know the casual walk-by with the disinterested but furtive glance. Many times I gave them the 'Get the fk away' if I couldn't get away first. If you're waiting at a right to turn left for the corner bodega there and the hobo who was sitting across the street from the light is now coming down the sidewalk after you parked at the curb... he's coming to see if it you're dope enough to leave your shit open. That one I just straight up told him I seen his shit from a block away. On the street either you are predator or prey. And being I'm an honest guy with an aversion to law enforcement, well, I guess that makes me prey. And believe me I was preyed upon. That said, doggo kinda thick. I guess some good Samaritans had been keeping him fed

  • Philippe Van den Sande
    Philippe Van den Sande

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    Cathy Hunnnicutt

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  • Restore The Earth
    Restore The Earth

    I wonder what happened to his owner- murdered, sick in hospital, kidnapped, got a job? Anyone looking for dog's owner? What happened to him?

    • Tommy Petraglia
      Tommy Petraglia

      Prbly arrested. And this dog scrammed when the Man drug him off. Who knows where his other dogs are

  • Jane Bush
    Jane Bush

    I love the extremes you will go to to rescue an animal! You are so patient.

  • Exploring ISRAEL's History
    Exploring ISRAEL's History

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    • Tommy Petraglia
      Tommy Petraglia

      A little broomstick cardio on the banks of the beautiful LA River. I bet ya he came down there to boost them but saw their numbers and the camera and was all like... "Who me? I'm just working out with this filthy stick I just found"

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