Injured and feisty baby raccoon doesn't surrender without a fight.
This is my first interaction with a raccoon face-to-face, and dealing with a wild raccoon, let alone an injured one is tricky! I am so happy amazing citizens joined me on this mission and helped me complete this mission successfully - I really couldn't have done it without them!
My #HopeForPaws team would like to do a lot more rescues out in the field and spend as little time as possible on fundraising for these expensive medical bills. The best way to help us do that is by joining our team with a small monthly donation here:
If everyone watching this video would have donated just $5 a month, we would be able to rescue so many more animals and we will be able to post so many more videos for you to enjoy ;-)
Thank you Pacific Wildlife Project for taking care of this baby and for releasing her back to the wild. I am so bummed I didn't get to see it, but I was sick and had to take care of myself so I could go back and continue doing what's most important to me - rescuing the next one!
Have a great day!

  • Janet Reed
    Janet Reed

    Wow, the change in her face after she got her abscesses treated was just wonderful! Thank you, Eldad! I'm donating......

    • Judy Hughes
      Judy Hughes

      @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel this was an awesome rescue. I was on the edge of my seat watching this. Thanks to all the other heros that helped with this rescue. Thank you Hope for Paws another successful rescue & a little life was saved. God bless all that helped her get well.

    • Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
      Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

      Thank you Janet. She is so cute in these two photos :-) I am surprised that all my wildlife rescue videos are not doing well... people are really missing out.

    • R. McBride
      R. McBride

      I noticed it, too. She "got it" that the strange two-leggeds weren't going to eat her or hurt her. It was so nice to see that.

  • John Raymond
    John Raymond

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  • Emma Green
    Emma Green

    'America needs more ppl like you' NO ' the world needs more people like you'

  • Daniele Rone
    Daniele Rone

    Si vede che tutto quello che fai per gli animali lo fai con passione,sei davvero una persona dall'animo gentile e amorevole💖💖💖👍

  • Stephanie Mann
    Stephanie Mann

    Thanks for rescuing a raccoon. They are really nice animals that people often don't appreciate. My sister rescued baby raccoons twice and released them back into the wild. First one died from canine distemper, but the group of 4 were all vaccinated for it and continue. 3 of the 4 visit briefly in the Summer (after 6 years) and then go off and do raccoon things again.

  • Arif Armansyah
    Arif Armansyah

    I think, car manufacturer should donate much bigger car for this organization, complete with the necessary rescue equipment. From Indonesia, I salute you for all the marvelous job that you have done for those animals!

  • whitexchina

    I just discoveres the channel "The Racoon Whisperer" He is an elderly man feeding raccoons for 20 years. He did that with his wife, before she died & after her wish, promised on her death bed that he would continue the tradition.

  • whitexchina

    The "Aphex Twin" sign /graffiti. I love it!

  • Silver Bracelet
    Silver Bracelet

    Eldad is afraid of heights but not afraid of dark tunnels, possibly rabid racoons and other homeless creatures. Talks to wild creatures as if they understand the English language!

  • Vodahmin

    Thank you for caring for raccoons :3

  • gwg5640

    I used to rent a house in Oregon many years ago. There was a deck in the back. Raccoons/Possums would nest under there due to the tons of pine needles built up from time (and my inability to clean them out). One night an adult raccoon and a possum had a MAJOR fight under the deck. You just knew it was to the death. After about 10 minutes of this growling and other horrible noises, the raccoon darted out from underneath and up one of the trees. From that, you just know someone had a major bite injury. It was really intense. And I didn't know Racoons were tree climbers. But I know now.

  • Rhein Amacher
    Rhein Amacher

    I was waiting for some demonic presence to show up and pop out of nowhere and scare Eldad.

  • Crooked Halo
    Crooked Halo

    3:37 - "Luckily were in time of Corona so I have a mask on my face." Logic, and SCIENCE, says you don't need a fucking mask while outside and alone. Oh - but this is California.

  • Misael Lopez
    Misael Lopez


  • InBaRo Katze
    InBaRo Katze

    I love you, your colleagues and all the videos from Hope for Paws - you and all your colleagues make the world a better place for me. My husband and me donate you - all the best for you and your precious work! Warm greetings from Lower Saxony, Germany!

  • Kaylaflodia Huri
    Kaylaflodia Huri

    I hope i could do some rescues on animals to...

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    Isidgebejdh Isvrrcridgzhd

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  • Mona P
    Mona P

    Eldad, you are just one great human and I wish I had a friend just like you. 🙏🏻

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan

    Even though he is a wild animal you still helped him you are a real hero👏🏻

  • Olivia O'Brien
    Olivia O'Brien

    poor bird was it a fishing net

  • Pow Bang Crash
    Pow Bang Crash

    Hi, I'm so glad you all do such an amazing job. I'm broke so I watch all of your ads. I was wondering why you don't blur out your license plate? People on the internet can be nuts.


    Life is precious. You showed us just that. You have a heart of gold. Thank you for saving her.

  • Anthony Ho
    Anthony Ho

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  • Vicki Ryan
    Vicki Ryan

    Wow! Fantastic effort :)

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    Lynne9fn Stevenson2su

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  • Claire Oberheide
    Claire Oberheide

    Hmmm i wonder how you got sick, Im sorry you got sick but you saved a RACCOON!! wow just wow we all love you and hope you get better! :)

  • Shireen Bessert
    Shireen Bessert

    I love your vids you guys are the best.

  • EvanescenceFan27

    That was a good rescue Video of the Raccoon that was awesome

  • Jen H
    Jen H

    Watching you guys, Eldad rescuing a racoon makes me not doubt humanity that all animals are to be rescued. I've seen a racoon beaten to death with a bat and no one helped but encouraged it. Other animal shelters don't want to be involved in rescuing them especially NY/NJ AREA. BLESS YOU GUYS

  • Ryssa Bee
    Ryssa Bee

    GO Eldad GOoooo thank Gawd❤️🙏🐾

  • Anne Boleyn
    Anne Boleyn

    To see many rescues come together to help this little one. Does the heart good! Hope for Paws gives Hope for Humanity!!

  • Rooiku

    Lol the wildlife person was very indifferent.

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao

    This rescue of a tiny animal who didn't understand it needed help from the huge, scary creature stalking it was amazing. The risk, expertise, apparatus and effort involved in this operation is astounding. And his empathy for the little one in terms of talking to it, and calming it, is heartwarming. WELL DONE!


    Who else love animals!!

  • Nabaza Xaiden Josef
    Nabaza Xaiden Josef

    This is a little scary

  • osvaldo ricioni
    osvaldo ricioni

    Maravilha é assim mesmo, você foi feito para isso, amém!!!

  • auttie

    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make.

  • Come and play with Raziy
    Come and play with Raziy

    His so brave penywise could be there

  • creamycherrypie

    We love you Eldad! 💞 Thank you for helping all these animals. You make this world a brighter place.

  • Fatima Wirth
    Fatima Wirth

    Who else LOVES these rescues?

  • lisamor3

    Wow! That poor little baby. You did a great job! And love the new ladder!

  • Ianna80

    I’m guessing he got that awesome ladder after Jordan’s (a lil black chihuahua) rescue that was in a different section of the LA river. Warning ⚠️ for anyone who is going to look up that rescue vid, it’s a good rescue but his rescue was a particularly rough story!! That new ladder is awesome & just made this rescue so much easier for Eldad!! Love you guys!! Be safe everyone!!

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    Racoons are actually very sweet and smart animals UNLESS they are starving, hurt or cornered. I feed them all the time. After they get use to you they will not bite you. Thank you for saving this baby.

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    I love that you rescue all animals.

  • Patricia Downing
    Patricia Downing

    You're a good man.

  • Melchor Manalang
    Melchor Manalang

    And then Eldad is Tom Criuse doin d impossible with a clip

  • Melchor Manalang
    Melchor Manalang

    Or like Mission Impossible and turn possible

  • Samantha mother of cats
    Samantha mother of cats

    Shes so cute! I love raccoons! 🖤

  • southland34j

    This dude is running IN a sewer drain......😂😂😂 The music alone has me picturing this scenario as a potential video game!! "Chase the raccoon"👍😂😹

  • southland34j


  • Sydney Locke
    Sydney Locke

    We need to get him a camera he can attach to his chest.

  • Anni IntheWoods
    Anni IntheWoods

    I was worried when you put the phone down and ran in the tunnel after the raccoon. Glad you didn't get lost or fell down somewhere :-) Glad also that you could help the little creature. Really cute these raccoons

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Awww 🥰

  • jane doe
    jane doe

    Eldad please take care of yourself

  • Lao Elly
    Lao Elly

    Rash from piggy 🦝

  • Bott Sou
    Bott Sou

    1:00 what’s aphex twin doing in a place like that?

  • Tamas Pechy
    Tamas Pechy

    I love and feed raccoons since 8 years in a big city in Western Canada. This year i care for 2 mother raccoons, one with 2 babies, another with 5 babies. They are adorable. I write now to tell that dog walkers at night are a great annoyance for me, yesterday, when a whole raccoon family was around me, just starting to pick up cookies and making lovely noises, suddenly a man with a big dog off leash came up behind me, the off leash dog rushed up to the pile of raccoon food before me (the coons escaped, disappeared) and the dog started to gobble up with great gulps the coons' food. I love dogs and I support dog rescue organizations, but I hate night-time dog walkers. Lately the dog walkers multiplied enormously in the area of my city, where I feed raccoons. People tell me to feed coons in the parks, but the dog walkers run their off leash dogs even at nights. Wild life is at risk,there's toomany dogs

  • Glemarie Gambe
    Glemarie Gambe

    I'm far away, from US we are in different continient, all I can do to help, is by not skipping the ads of your videos

  • Candi Jaya
    Candi Jaya

    Txs to you..... You'r so kind.... Gbu 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Janice Dozier
    Janice Dozier

    Just saw you on Right This Minute 10/11/2020 with this rescue. You are awesome 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Kayla Pagan
    Kayla Pagan

    When you have to do a mission alone in a scary video game: **Eldad In The Sewer**

  • M.V.P.

    1:15 That 'A' graffiti logo, is the logo of 'Aphex Twins' very famous techno music artists on ytb. I wonder why the logo is put there, or if they did it themselves or what?😂

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  • Susan Mercurio
    Susan Mercurio

    She might have been bitten by another animal.

  • Susan Mercurio
    Susan Mercurio

    When I lived down there, I never saw the river with water in it

  • Loretta Perrone
    Loretta Perrone

    Thank God you were able to get her to a vet. I had a very small abscess on my finger and the pain was horrible! Poor baby was in so much pain. Thank you Eldad!!

  • Maria Luisa Latina
    Maria Luisa Latina


  • Chelo Guanio
    Chelo Guanio

    elvis sanay marami pang katulad mo mabuhay kayo

  • Hilda Melkomians
    Hilda Melkomians

    You are an amazing guy Eldad I hope God gives you anything you wish for you deserve THE BEST 💖💖💖 I wish there was more people like you in this world I Love you and your team with all my heart I'm trying to donate as much as possible but I wish I could do alot more💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Rita

    as someone who has taken care of a baby raccoon, they get big very fast and yes, they are fast as hell, I would set mine on the ground and she would chase after me, climb me like a tree, then let out the most heart shattering sound on the planet, I miss her but we had to give her to people who were professionally trained to take care of coons. she now lives happily in a deep wooded area with many bugs, plants, and creatures she can eat :)

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    I have a fear of heights too, it's not fun.

  • emma

    I love raccoons! They are my favorite animal, so I was so thankful when you saved its life!!

  • Littlebit31

    Eldad, you never cease to amaze me! Another job well done, and to all those volunteers who came together to help with her rescue, I completely agree, we need more of this in our world!

  • Jess4metoo

    Eldad, you’re such an amazing human being. The world is in so much turmoil and you are a light in this darkness. Thank you 🙏.

  • mohd haseeb
    mohd haseeb

    Amazing......U did a good job man!......

  • Marie Astwood
    Marie Astwood

    You are all awesome. Love your team🙋‍♀️❤🐕🙋‍♀️🌈🐕🌻🐕😘🐕

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    cherry _pxn

    ✨Its the yas for me✨

  • Na Na
    Na Na

    You Are amazing! Thank you 🙏

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    I had raccoon soup once and I have the honor the head in the middle of my ball

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    You know all that slime is concentrated human shit even a droplet won't just give you Corona but it'll give you death a

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    Raccoons are horrible and eat your cats so if you don't like cats make sure you feed the raccoons

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    Raccoons are invasive species and need to be gutted and turned into hats and gloves

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    Raccoons need to be gutted and made into hats

  • Katie Bamforth
    Katie Bamforth

    Your videos made me wanna be what you are when I grow up 😊

  • Katie Bamforth
    Katie Bamforth

    To the 93 people's that disliked this I hate you

  • Maria Golke
    Maria Golke

    I found 2 baby orphaned raccoons whose mom were hit and killed by a car and we raised them until they were old enough to be released

  • yes2day100

    The neat thing about raccoons is that it is very hard to keep them in a cage. My sister was an animal collector when she was a teenager, much to my parents' despair. Somehow (I don't know how) she ended up in possession of 2 raccoons. My parents did not allow them in the house, so she put them in a large cage in our outside basement. The clever buggers would figure out how to open the lock mechanisms no matter what she tried. They'd wonder around the neighborhood at night and then go back in their cages to sleep in the day. They were scaring our neighbors, (although they were both very amiable), so my parents finally called the forestry service, and 2 forest rangers came and took them to release in Angeles forest. They're extremely clever and dexterous.

  • Andrew Partis
    Andrew Partis


    • Floofy Raccoon
      Floofy Raccoon

      No it is raccoon, mouse-brain.

  • Andrew Partis
    Andrew Partis

    It's a rachoon

  • 78cheerio

    The way you boss around your female helper you never give HER a second. I l8ke what you do but u need to give others the same time you give yourself. You mean well but up you are too bossy and micromanager with Loretta.

  • Oileen Grace
    Oileen Grace

    Hope you are feeling totally recovered

  • Nancy Hatcher
    Nancy Hatcher

    What a wonderful rescue for an animal that most people consider a pest! Eldad, I hope you are feeling better!!

  • Tinkerbell Blue
    Tinkerbell Blue

    What kind of people could “thumbs down” this amazing channel, shame on you 😡

  • Paola Spagnolo
    Paola Spagnolo

    Splendido lavoro ,grande❤

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    Anel Gordillo

    Eldad: iTs cOrOnA tImE


    hope far paws is amazing

  • Albert L787
    Albert L787

    You are so kind and patient! God bless you.

  • Evelyn McConaghy
    Evelyn McConaghy

    I the racoon fights it could hurt it's leg/paw even more.

  • CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
    CFC thegreatesttherecanbe

    Come hell or high water you guys are always there when animals need you. I love you all, you do incredible work.