Hope For Paws received a call from an LAPD deputy for help!
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  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza


  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Where is their mother?

  • SOwens

    This is absolutely adorable! 😻🐾💛🐈‍⬛

  • ericandsarahsmom1000

    I have lived in Los Angeles County for 34 years. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) does not have deputies -- it has officers. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) has deputies. The California Highway Patrol also has officers.

  • s k
    s k

    Little kittens are possibly the cutest thing in the universe!.. meow ;)

  • Wina Kasuarin
    Wina Kasuarin

    Pery good super amazing baby Sweet cat 😊😇😇😇😍😻

  • Cassandra Lawler
    Cassandra Lawler

    Thank you for rescuing the kittens you understand that humans are just as valuable as any animal from an ant to an elephant.

  • Luis Ward
    Luis Ward

    Were is the mother ??? ⚡

  • Kamari Meriwether
    Kamari Meriwether

    my frend and me 1 oreo and 1 cormol

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    I'll repeat all the others' question: What Happened To The Mom????

  • Finn Eggink
    Finn Eggink

    😍😍😍 love you hope for paws

  • Sarah Midday
    Sarah Midday

    Hopefully you have already saved the mother cat



  • Ted Rowland
    Ted Rowland

    Having watched a lot of HFP videos, I'm amazed that they took these kittens without even a backward glance to find mom. No mention of mom in the description, either. Really disappointing! If HFP did this sort of thing on a regular basis, they'd get a lot less support. Eldad for sure would never have left the scene without her, and I think he needs to get involved here. I just watched the night rescue that he and Loreta did of five little ducklings in a sewer-type pipe and it was a stunning achievement. No way the two of them would have left without a mom who had to be around. The amount of dedication and patience that they bring to a rescue situation is awesome!

  • Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf
    Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf

    I’m so glad they got saved.

  • Roman warrior
    Roman warrior

    Youu guyssss are such beautiful human beings... Angels... Thank goddd u there

  • Shane Van Buskirk
    Shane Van Buskirk

    can i have 1

  • Tina Aja
    Tina Aja

    Thanks you

  • Rob Robi
    Rob Robi

    4:06 Tried to call mom but didn't know the passcode

  • Aggie Kiss
    Aggie Kiss

    Where is the mother ? Not found ?

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall

    Lol, actually LAPD is police , Deputy is La County Sheriff's . Just to let ya know 😊👍

  • Marianna Greco
    Marianna Greco

    I know this was a year ago, but was mama ever get saved?

  • Valeria’s Toy review
    Valeria’s Toy review

    So in the comments are saying that you don’t have the mom

  • rodsky baynosa
    rodsky baynosa

    Thank for saving

  • Bob Santiago
    Bob Santiago

    FARGXS ....DE4RY;D64/4//HDQF

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome


  • gloria fleming
    gloria fleming

    Dearest Loreta, I know how almost impossible it is to fight a phoebia, I have a severe one too but I know I would fight as hard as I could if it meant helping an an animal, as you did. I expected nothing less from my hero Loreta. Bless you forever.

  • Daryl Sandlin
    Daryl Sandlin

    Oh my.....I think I'm heading into a coma from Cuteness Overload!!

  • Vamp

    What about mama cat ?😪

  • Maria Caraang
    Maria Caraang


  • Denise Bennett
    Denise Bennett

    I have never read so many critical comments about a rescue by armchair animal rescuers and know it alls. I understand you are concerned about the mother but those kittens are already able to eat puréed food and are a couple of weeks away from being adopted. So they would have been split up anyway. H F P are trying to catch the mother, what more do you want from these people for heavens sake?

  • apaixonada pela natureza
    apaixonada pela natureza

    👋 👋 👋 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 obrigada por vocês existirem

  • Emmy Siff
    Emmy Siff

    Did you find homes for all of them

  • hari Krishnan
    hari Krishnan

    Where is are you from America or Australia and where is mom

  • Nirmal Francis
    Nirmal Francis

    Can I have a kitten?

  • Thisisanya

    What about mama?? And did you check for more kittens? 😬

  • Blackfuzz

    Even if hope for paws went to look for the mom but there is a chance she already ran away. She probably did cause a finding them, getting them, traveling, bathing them, the vet appointment, and treat ment and fostering them... it doesn’t happen in just a day. She probably did cause a finding them, getting them, traveling, bathing them, the vet appointment, and treat ment and fostering them... it doesn’t happen in just a day. She probably did cause a finding them, getting them, traveling, bathing them, the vet appointment, and treat ment and fostering them... it doesn’t happen in just a day...she probably already left...☹️🥺😢

  • SierraD26

    I Love Cats And Kittens

  • purberri

    You guys are awesome willing to crawl under and into some nasty places to rescue these animals.

  • Nilanjana Bhattacharyya
    Nilanjana Bhattacharyya

    Please comment on the mother, this video is a year old. I've read the earlier comments that you were trying to catch the mother w/o any luck. It's been a year, at least update now.. If you haven't looked for the mother then I must say that this is your business model of trapping feral kittens and selling them for a price. I implore, prove me wrong.

  • Agata Aprilya
    Agata Aprilya

    Please look for mom's kittens.

  • Isabel Fernandez
    Isabel Fernandez

    you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pinky S
    Pinky S


  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    ELDAD HAGAR = Thumbs down on this one ELDAD. No mention of the Mother. I'm disappointed in you this time.

  • Hepisipa Tonga
    Hepisipa Tonga

    Aw I really want to adopt one or two

  • Diana Valadez
    Diana Valadez

    Little kitties trying to scare hoomens:*hiissssss in cute language* Hoomems:awww

  • Marcia Araújo
    Marcia Araújo


  • Beth de Leon
    Beth de Leon

    Where the mama cat?

  • Sumiyati Santoso
    Sumiyati Santoso

    Klo di luar negeri terutama amerika eropa, orang nemu binatang seneng bgt, utamanya kucing,cb klo di indonesia kucing kampung dmn2 pasti di usir2in, cm pecinta kcg aja yg mo ngerawat,ini pengalamanku sendiri,di gangku tpt aku tinggal klo ada kcg di jlnn di usir2in pd hal di gang buntu.

  • Lily Rose Soul007
    Lily Rose Soul007

    I felt sorry for the mom cat - probably came back from hunting for food & found her kittens missing.

  • julia checo
    julia checo

    Y la mamá de los baby tenía que esperar que regresara seguramente estaba buscando comida

  • hehdsfgfgd

    ”Sorry, you can’t donate from this country or region yet.” Wtf should this mean?

  • ᴋɪᴍ ᴊɪsᴏᴏ
    ᴋɪᴍ ᴊɪsᴏᴏ

    Thanks for saving the kittens .

  • Crystal Dawn Smith
    Crystal Dawn Smith

    Thanku bless you all aloha

  • Crystal Dawn Smith
    Crystal Dawn Smith

    I hope you all leave food and water for moms cats when do kitten rescues like this. Establishing a feeding station keeps the mom cat on site and then hopefully a trap rescue for moms can happen. Never leave traps unattended as dogs can kill thru cat traps I know for fact sad to say

  • Wartinah Tinah
    Wartinah Tinah

    Begitu mulia kk" semua hati nya kk. Semoga tuhan selalu memberkati kk semua. Amin

  • dreamer beautiful
    dreamer beautiful

    I'm so glad all kittens were rescued in time by HFP. My concern is the mother cat. She must've raised her kittens very carefully so that she put her dearest kittens in some dense place to protect them while she had to leave there for feeding them. I sincerely wish HFP continue to look for her. If my guess is right, she must be panicked when she is back and noticed her kittens were missing in her hiding place.

  • 5度C


  • j listing
    j listing

    Should have left the kittens in the carrier until Mum came back and trapped her too. They are too young to be away from Mum.

  • Jenn Nageli
    Jenn Nageli

    That's one sad momma cat to come back to No Babies!?!?!?!

  • Jenn Nageli
    Jenn Nageli


  • rico rachmat
    rico rachmat

    Awwww she so little so cute

  • Scoutpower1

    Where's Mommy?

  • Scoutpower1

    Give them names of very different animals?

  • Fady Sbg
    Fady Sbg

    We've been all waiting for the Mother.

  • Bunk Stagner
    Bunk Stagner

    that is about the size of the little starved, dehydrated feral kittenI finally rescued and socialized gfi0= and it just walked across my key board.

  • Violet and Rosie
    Violet and Rosie

    2020 anyone??? 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Margo Sparkle
    Margo Sparkle

    It is so nice when rescued animals get healed enough to play.

  • Murat Diri
    Murat Diri


  • Lothar Soran
    Lothar Soran

    I lose all my man points with this kind of video. Dammit. They're too cute and so sad at the beginning, it kills me. 2:14 was the very moment I lost to adorbs.

    • A Tangerine
      A Tangerine

      Men who like kittens and cats = 1,000 man points!!

  • Jamalia Mukti
    Jamalia Mukti

    Cuteeeeeemeeeooww.. Thank you...God bless youuuuu🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻

  • C Mac
    C Mac

    This is an older post but for anyone coming across it and immediately concerned about their survival without the mother...the kittens were old enough to eat solids, so if mom were still around I expect she would have had them with her to learn how to hunt. Mom cat wouldn’t have gone out to hunt and drag a kill back to feed them. Cats can have three litters in a season, so mom would looking for more daddy cats not too long after these kittens were found.

  • Elainek Murray
    Elainek Murray

    Please go back and look for the Mother who will have a heart attack and sore breasts when she goes back andbthry are all gone!!

  • TimeforThinkers

    How special and oh so precious! Thanks guys, for rescuing these little ones

  • Tom Ortale
    Tom Ortale

    very nice thing what u do,,blessings.

  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson

    Where's the mother cat?

  • Ts s
    Ts s

    I hope mom got caught and fixed.

  • Kimberly Potts
    Kimberly Potts

    Praying for kitty

  • StormRider


  • harimau garang
    harimau garang

    Where's mom? 😐

  • Miryo The Bad Animator
    Miryo The Bad Animator

    When eldad is there: cat named "pumpkin" When eldad isn't there: cat named "dog"

  • Cathie Fagan
    Cathie Fagan

    They were living in such a place, it looked so frightening I would like to take this chance to thank the 2nd. Part of this team and that is to the betinary team. y

  • Just Lisa
    Just Lisa

    The little buff one looks like my Rudy! So sweet.

  • John David
    John David

    You guys should check to see if Tyrann Mathieu wants honey badger.

  • Dorothy Malloy
    Dorothy Malloy

    You should set a trap yo get their mommy, so they won't be alone& maybe she is looking for her babies.😻😻💐💐💐💐🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • red rxses
    red rxses

    :3 at the end it’s so cute :3

  • Linda Lopez
    Linda Lopez

    I love what ya'll do please don't name these precious animals ridiculous names.

  • kawaii kitty
    kawaii kitty

    Whers the mommy catt,!! But thank you to save them😭😻🐱❤️❤️🐈

  • Abba’s Child
    Abba’s Child

    Was there any news about the MOM PLEASE!!!😭😭😭

  • momo wagma
    momo wagma

    ALHAMDULELLAH SCHUKUR AMIN 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲💞🐈💞🐈💞🐈💞🐈💞🐈💞💚🐈💚🐈💚❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🐈❤🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🥛🌭🍣🥗🍲🍤🥗🥪🌮🌻

  • Anna Rehbinder
    Anna Rehbinder

    They are working to trap the mom!

  • Deddy Mokoginta
    Deddy Mokoginta

    Joaann thank's

  • leo 2nd
    leo 2nd

    Soooo cute 🐈.Hope you found them all and made sure it was all of them?. Hope the mommy or daddy cat wasn't somewhere else that needed help? Cute little meows. People like you who help are good people through and through. Great job and 👍🏻.

  • Dumb Freddy
    Dumb Freddy

    So cute. The worst names

  • donna geoghan
    donna geoghan

    Did you try to catch the poor mom? She must have been terrified about what happened to her kittens, as well as living in an unsafe place.

  • Jason

    What about mum ?

  • marshall baldwin
    marshall baldwin

    We squirrels sister 2 to 3 weeks old when we rescued her 3 months old Squirel the juvenile delinquent just so happy with when she gets away something she is not supposed to do

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    ooomoo she seems lonely you could see in her eyes...i hope she find a very loving family.. 1:17

  • BR549

    LAPD has no deputies; perhaps you mean the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, as they have deputies.

  • Lily Animal
    Lily Animal

    This video made me so happy I cried 4:43