Superhero mom tells me to BACK OFF!!! (But her kittens were so cute).
An army of 4 headed out to this rescue, but just two minutes into it, Loreta and I were called to an extreme emergency rescue (that video is coming up in two weeks). JoAnn and Katie completed this mission beautifully and thanks to them, Mystique, Superman, Aquaman, and Iron man are all safe and are now looking for a home.
To adopt them, please contact our friends at Room 8:
We would LOVE it if you would help us with a small donation today so we can continue saving more animals. Medical care for animals is so expensive (as I am sure you know), and just $5 from every person here will add up and will help us save them from life on the streets:
It's important to understand that the life of a feral cat is usually very short (only 2-3 years). There are so many challenges out there, hunger, cars, predators, and by getting them off the streets and into homes, we increase their lifespan by more than 10 years! Not only their lives will be longer, but they will be happier and healthier because they will be loved and cared for.
Please join Hope For Paws today as a team member:
Oh, on SATURDAY we have another AMAZING video for you with LOTS OF PUPPIES!!!
#HopeForPaws #KittenRescue #CatRescue

  • Big Ooman
    Big Ooman

    Do they spay or neuter the cats before they go to their forever home haven't heard it mentioned.

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    Rio Henry

    I love everything you do but saying “Pss, pss, pss” to a cat is a whole lot like a cat spitting. Its not a very reassuring sound for a cat. Baby talk is much better. And don’t stroke your cats body. Just head and ears. It just gets them annoyed

  • Ms. J
    Ms. J

    Someday I will be just as famous and help animals

  • Ms. J
    Ms. J

    Someday I will be just as famous and help animals

  • Ms. J
    Ms. J

    Someday I will be just as famous and help animals

  • Ms. J
    Ms. J

    Someday I will be just as famous and help animals

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    Domino Piano o

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    Elaine Ferry

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  • the Kitty's squad Gutierrez
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    + If ever we needed The LORD before-we sure do need HIM now. ("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans."- (Pastor Stephen Darby): "Focus on GOD-and not your problems."-(Pastor Charles Stanley), pass it on: ******************************* GOD'S message to ALL believers is/and herein lies our POWER: 2 CHRONICLES 7:14: Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will Humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/ RESTORE their land. (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV ) HE can surely do it for us. GOD will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.)

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  • Laurieb2851

    Hey, good job catching the kittens and mom. I had to rescue a mother cat and her two kittens out of our back yard in 40-below zero weather. They would sometimes seek shelter in an abandoned woodchuck den under our shed. We used a large Rubbermaid container and lined it with foam and a blanket in case they wanted to shelter in that. I actually saw them use it on one of the coldest days. I used a trap to catch the two babies, and momma cat reached up my leg to be picked up. We kept the momma cat and called her Mumsey. The two kittens were kept together and adopted by an elderly couple who had just lost their Simese cat. One of the kittens looked Simese and the mother and the other kitten were black. The kittens were in excellent condition all the way around. I think the cold weather kept ear mites, fleas away from them. The mother was also in excellent shape, but a little thin. We found a few dead birds in the yard. We put food out for them while we tried to figure out how to trap them.

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  • Non serviam.
    Non serviam.

    When you rescue a cat, try to be quiet as they get scared easily, and slowly blink both eyes at them to let them know they're safe. Most of them will not believe you even if you do so, but sometimes they calm down (especially when they're young).

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    Cameron Snoek

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    I would love to have a team that rescue mom and kittens and at least allow them to be nurthered by their mom. I live in Passaic, New Jersey and I saw a family of 4 kittens with their mom and the 3 rescuers that I contact told me that if they trap them, they would neuterize the mom, put her on the same street that was found without her babies and would get the babies to be adopted but they wouldn't give the mom the chance to nurtered as she is still doing.

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