A dog collapses and faints right in front of us... I have never seen anything like it.
This is why we need your help... emergency care is extremely expensive and we just can't do it without you. Just $5 from every viewer will help us save so many more animals: www.HopeForPaws.org
For many days we didn't know if Tux will survive... he was neurologically inappropriate and we feared the worse. You just have to watch to believe what happened next.
Thank you so much Foxy and the Hounds for finding TUX such a perfect home!
#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #AnimalRescue

  • Deanne Kroeger
    Deanne Kroeger

    Thanks for saving the puppy and looks good and God bless you guys always ❤

  • Drew Spinoso
    Drew Spinoso

    620 People took the time to give this a "Thumbs Down?" - Weirdos are everywhere we can't escape them. Disgusting.

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  • ParArdua

    So was Tux concussed? He is a perfect animal companion for a family.

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Am I so sweet or just handsome boy?

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    I just watch this and yell at the screen.... hurry up, don’t worry about filming or ‘securing’ a limp dog, get the bloody help ASAP number 1

  • Elva Estrada
    Elva Estrada

    Bless you.

  • Marlene T
    Marlene T

    Such a cute and sweet dog, I'm so glad she got well. Thank you for helping Tux!

  • yarnpower

    Glad he made a full recovery. Very cute and light on his feet!

  • Hari Chandan
    Hari Chandan


  • Judy Watson
    Judy Watson

    Hope For Paws. I feel so sorry for animals that need help.

  • Judy Watson
    Judy Watson

    Same here. I feel so sorry for animals who are in need for help. Thank you Paws For Help

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  • Bc


  • Gabriella Villarreal
    Gabriella Villarreal

    Poor baby😞😢

  • shay fraser
    shay fraser

    I'm from Canada and watch your videos all the time, I love what your doing ! ♥️♥️

  • ЁЁ

    Бог мой как можно до такого состояния собаку довасти?! А ?! Что за люди!

  • William Miles
    William Miles

    LORETA 😘💜💘

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  • Nina Savage
    Nina Savage

    Here he is again!!!! The guy in this video is annoying so fkn bossy with his fake ass nice voice

  • CATs TV
    CATs TV

    I wish we have a dog shelter in iligan city phils my heart broke at this hour while texting 11 dogs we used to feed in our office will be picked on wednesday jan 27 to be killed by a gas chamber, thats the order of the authorities because they are not pro life and pro animals they hate seeing cats in the area even they dont bring no harm..they are afraid that dogs will bite them when i observed since 2013 ive been feeding them i never experienced seeing with anger they are happy dogs but so distant to humans...i wish God will make miracles in saving the dogs....Lord.please help us...

  • Amelia Yang
    Amelia Yang

    What breed is the adorable dog

  • meechie B
    meechie B

    the dog fell down bc it was saying "I can't stand these ppl so glad ya'll came. its about time. I am out!" But what was wrong with him? It looks like a miniture cocker spaniel

  • SweetBizou

    It's almost as if he knew Loreta and Eldad were there to take care of him so his body just shut down and he trusted them to take over where his body couldn't... He's a beautiful sweet pup. I'm so happy to see him doing so well!

  • shataka's world
    shataka's world

    when im older can i join your team

  • Thi Ha
    Thi Ha

    I can't donate. Because so far😭😭😭

  • Rey Akiapas
    Rey Akiapas

    Keep on saving life. Without them we human are nothing.

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  • karen Burn
    karen Burn

    Those Lucky leashes have truly Magical powers x

  • Syn Ewen
    Syn Ewen

    Truly amazing. I promise that if I ever hit something big. I will donate millions. I know a little goes a long way and I donate what I can. But my god knows. God bless keep doing this beautiful cause, you’ll be blessed always🙏🙏

  • Kimberly Winters
    Kimberly Winters

    Too bad they dont have medical equipment in the transport vehicle

  • Ross Thomas
    Ross Thomas

    I am so glad this dog was adopted, halfway through the video I was making plans to get out to La from Pennsylvania and I really couldn't afford that. He looks like a miniature to my dog.

  • Pat Dav
    Pat Dav

    Probably thirsty and starving....Thanks so much. All my love for all of you.

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker

    Such a beautiful baby. 💕

  • Adriana Diaz
    Adriana Diaz

    I ger so sad, I'm a animal Lover. I want to donate money to Paws. How or where do I go or talk to, Please let me know

  • Joy Reckley
    Joy Reckley

    Awww...such a beautiful and sweet dog🥰🥰

  • Fred C
    Fred C

    That looks like a great dog

  • Mohsen Raghian
    Mohsen Raghian

    What a precious puppy.

  • Herman Munster
    Herman Munster

    What a sweet gentle adorable little guy. Well done guys. ❤

  • jennifer faloon
    jennifer faloon

    I watch your videos all the time but this guy he made me cry. I'm so glad that y'all were able to save him!! Thank you so very much for all your work to give innocent animals the second chance they deserve even a rat!!! 💚❤️💙🧡💛

  • Nabeeha Ayaz
    Nabeeha Ayaz

    You said he faints

  • Ava Pendleton
    Ava Pendleton

    OMG this video was posted on my birthday last year 😯 I can’t believe something so amazing was on my birthday 🎁

  • Dede Bee
    Dede Bee

    Why on earth would anyone giv this a thumbs down?! Evil people!!!

  • Jackie Moreno
    Jackie Moreno

    The acoustic tongue puzzlingly agree because cloud usually form against a grubby gruesome equipment. many, vigorous lily

  • rambam77

    Bless these children

  • Micheline Lamboley
    Micheline Lamboley

    What a sweet baby!!

  • Leslie Beacom
    Leslie Beacom

    Smart dog, and looks like he's been around humans before. Knows how to play fetch, when to drop the ball, etc. I'm glad you were able to rescue him & find him a good home. Question - are follow ups ever done to ensure the home is a good fit for the dog, and that he's being treated well? I never see any videos from any rescue organizations regarding this. Not singling out your organization. I wonder about all of them. Thanks for all you do!

  • Ranjit Ray
    Ranjit Ray

    These 607 people are inspiring the doner, motivating SAVE PAW'S crew 😁

  • ric david
    ric david

    the problem is there are thousands of homeless and sick people in LA who are fainting or even dying every day but they dont have fluffy fur and a tail that wags they are pretty un cute and smelly so they dont get to be rescued like this. oh well thats the world we live in i suppose

  • Deanna Moncrief
    Deanna Moncrief


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    whotho naaah


  • Roger Watts
    Roger Watts

    What an incredibly beautiful little dog...

  • Alliexe

    I bursted out into tears the ending was so happy!

  • JNMcC

    Fabulous people , there is hope out there for poorly treated animals !

  • Burak Zülfükar
    Burak Zülfükar

    thaks guys

  • Tracey Rollison
    Tracey Rollison

    What breed of dog is he? I used to have a female that looked just like him, that I rescued. I know the people I rescued her from had bought her from a breeder.

  • Donna Ashley
    Donna Ashley

    How can people hit a dog with. Car and not stop.

  • Susan Mercurio
    Susan Mercurio

    He could be having seizures. That's how my late senior poodle started having them.

  • joAnn DI
    joAnn DI

    He is so darn cute!! Good save guys!!!!

  • Dyan Shane
    Dyan Shane

    What a sweet beautiful little boy. I love Tux!

  • Libby Wilkins
    Libby Wilkins

    after watching 1:45 (the part of the vid) 0-0 why???????

  • Antje Kuhn
    Antje Kuhn

    Amazing recovery. I think he would have loved to stay with Loreta.

  • Dee Marie
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  • Jordan Limantara
    Jordan Limantara

    My dad ran our dog over with a car, previously throwing her around in a fit of tantrum. Just feel like sharing you know.

  • maria magalhaes
    maria magalhaes

    Deus vos abençoe 🙏 obrigada

  • Janis DeLuca
    Janis DeLuca

    Such a pretty dog! Glad he? she? found a home!

  • Hoa Trần
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  • Jay Jacobs
    Jay Jacobs

    Wow! I love it when the story ends on a very happy note! What a beautiful little fur baby. God Bless Hope for Paws!!!!

  • Emma’s World
    Emma’s World

    I love these happy endings too! I am going to donate!

  • Jose Deabreu
    Jose Deabreu

    Poor little dog but he will be okay 👍

  • Helen Nightingale
    Helen Nightingale

    Of all the emergency rescues I watch on u tube you guys are the best !

  • So Done
    So Done

    So darn sweet! TY for what you do.

  • Matt Lockington
    Matt Lockington

    I like these videos but if the dude spoke to me like that I would plant him.

  • TheShmoo123


  • Linda Vonniessen
    Linda Vonniessen

    I wish I lived closer so l could volunteer and help rescue the little guys and gals,I fall in love over and over again. The one living in a junk yard stole my ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Audrey Smith
    Audrey Smith

    Such a pretty boy. So glad he’s doing better. So sweet and happy. Love it!!!! 💕❤️🙌🎉🎊👍 such a good boy!!!

  • Shirley Mckinney
    Shirley Mckinney

    Thank God for people like you. Really hurts my heart seeing what that poor thing went through

  • B Sanders
    B Sanders

    Joyenne I agree with you...

  • Rosa Marrero
    Rosa Marrero

    Thank you

  • 144Donn

    everyone just needs some love..how much better this currently cruel world would be..if we only gave each other a little love and caring.

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson

  • Gary Reams
    Gary Reams

    So,...what was wrong with the dog? I'd like to know. Thank you.

  • Straight Whacker
    Straight Whacker

    Such a sweet and lovable little dog


    oh pauvre petit cœur

  • Deborah Newman
    Deborah Newman

    You should have taken him back to where you got him so the kids who called could see what calling you did for the dog !

  • Robyn Pittillo
    Robyn Pittillo

    Y'all's turn around from rescue to adoption is amazing. Thanks so much. Love y'all! ❤️❤️🐾🐾

  • auttie

    Oh my goodness the markings on him look just like my little guy. I am so grateful for my dog and he saved my life.

  • auttie

    God bless you for all that you do!

  • Doreen Steinberg
    Doreen Steinberg

    Thank you for all your work in saving animals. How wonderful to see his recovery and happiness

  • Bernd Anders
    Bernd Anders

    I couldn't stand the misery and fast forwarded to see the dog alive again. Dogs are so grateful when you are good to them. It is not the dog that is bad, but the person who kills it. My love for dogs will never end.

  • The Like Button
    The Like Button

    if you dont smash me you have no heart.

  • Dianne Milne
    Dianne Milne

    Awe so precious he deserves a loving home. So glad he is safe with a family who will take good care of him . He is so adorable. I am so grateful to you for all you do for these precious puppies. THANK YOU

  • Julie Copeland Barrows
    Julie Copeland Barrows

    This makes me miss my Sammy.

  • Dulcie Taylor
    Dulcie Taylor

    I am a monthly giver and i watch a video from you all everyday. They often make me cry but they're happy tears that there are people in this world who work so hard to save these precious animals.

  • Seekthetruth

    Love these stories.

  • Vera Tkocz
    Vera Tkocz

    That dog is soo cute! I love its face! :)

  • Mary Ann Lammersen
    Mary Ann Lammersen

    It's the Power of Love! So great to see.

  • ijustgavemyfishabath

    I was wondering this is a full time job right? Not just a volunteer? Do they get paid for this? Thanks

  • Silvia Queen
    Silvia Queen

    I was watching this instead of studying for my HSC exams. Wish me luck.

  • Derek Holcomb
    Derek Holcomb

    I thank god for people like this. Proud to be the same species 😄