A baby got stuck in a wall... his mother had to abandon him.
Hello everybody. OK, so the mom had given birth in the attic, and as she was moving the babies to a different location (maybe because of the noise due to construction), Wallter was probably the last one, he looked for his family, and just fell from the attic into the wall.
It's sad, but the mother knew there was nothing she can do, so she decided to save her other babies. Luckily, Amy knew to call Hope For Paws for help!
Loreta and I have a lot of experience with breaking things and getting into walls, and this time we managed to save WALLter.
This reminds me of another super special video:
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  • Waddy Bear
    Waddy Bear

    I feel like Loretta always has the “your hand is tiny” job lol

    • Cherry Metha
      Cherry Metha

      Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel Can I ask you why click baited regarding the story about the opossum being dumped in the trash can ? That was disingenuous of you and your team .

    • XSemperIdem5

      As someone who ends up with the your hand is small tasks, I wish I could be tasked with this instead 😂

    • decentradical


    • Waddy Bear
      Waddy Bear

      Makayla Isom it’s ok, I still love you for it haha

    • Makayla Isom
      Makayla Isom

      My bad 960~

  • Annie Tran
    Annie Tran

    She name him WALL-E

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️

  • Helga Reichert
    Helga Reichert

    Wie kommt ein Walter soooo unter die Spüle

  • Koren Maccubbin
    Koren Maccubbin

    I love how you pick names for the animals you rescue.

  • Hope Mariee Moore
    Hope Mariee Moore

    😽😭name caly

  • Ravenous Ruby
    Ravenous Ruby

    Sweet little guy!

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria

    Guys great job

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    Walter is so .

  • Marcilena Marreiros
    Marcilena Marreiros


  • Ninta Wardhani
    Ninta Wardhani

    the kitten is very beautiful

  • Celena Fenner
    Celena Fenner

    Walter, purrrrfect name!

  • Xander Caranto
    Xander Caranto

    God bless.

  • Tajamal Hussain
    Tajamal Hussain

    God bless uall u guys r a blessing

  • Keira Daniela
    Keira Daniela

    I feel like the title could have been a bit more specific

  • Adamyaa Gaur
    Adamyaa Gaur


  • Kristi S
    Kristi S

    Oh my gosh, thank you guys sooooo much! 💕💕

  • Shinju Inoue
    Shinju Inoue

    Loretta and Eldad are a great team 😃💕 Wallter will surely find a forever home being so sweet and cute😍❣️ If I lived in the USA and wasn’t 71, my arms would be holding him to me💝 Wishing you happiness beautiful kitty ❤️

  • Christin’s Creations
    Christin’s Creations

    Lol I love his name

  • Evelyn Kanitz
    Evelyn Kanitz

    😆 WALLter, I get it! It's because he was stuck in a wall!! 🤣

  • Kyra Jensen
    Kyra Jensen

    I feel bad for the kitten bc it was named Wallter.I don't really find that name funny

  • Kay Clayton
    Kay Clayton

    I notice you always wash your rescues, even if they do not appear dirty. Is there a reason for this?

  • Joy Y. Z.
    Joy Y. Z.

    Omg such a rare gray color omg so beautiful

  • Emmanuel Santos
    Emmanuel Santos

    God bless your team

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    It is such a blessing when you guys have Foster Mom's for the kitty's and puppy's , that still need that animal bond .

  • Caroline Forbes
    Caroline Forbes

    My heart...what a cute kitty.

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    It's not even the first cat-in-the-wall for you guys. Thank you for your dedication.

  • Barrie Winstanley
    Barrie Winstanley

    As the kitten came out of the bath did anyone else think it looked like an extra from the film Gremlins....?

  • L J D UK
    L J D UK

    Omg that desperate screaming. Poor baby. Thank you to the lovely guys who knocked out their sink to save a precious life

  • icturner23

    I'm surprised the family didn't want to keep him, but maybe they felt they couldn't with the dog.

  • Jonathan Robles
    Jonathan Robles


  • Merlina Omg
    Merlina Omg

    Pls, im way too late to comment, but i hope u find WALLters moma?

  • Ahzariah Marcano
    Ahzariah Marcano

    the pit bull wanted to have the baby cat

  • Irene Ruler
    Irene Ruler

    My 20 yr old cat's name is Walter. He so cute

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha

    Too cute! Great rescue ! The kitten was traumatised when put into the cage with that white dog . Not necessary to do that.

  • Apple Tree
    Apple Tree

    A baby!!! Oh! A kitten. Okay. Glad you guys could rescue the kitty! Good job!

  • Sofia Delos Santos
    Sofia Delos Santos

    Aww..the dog whining made me cry it does love kittens😭😭

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor

    It's not a baby. It's a baby cat or kitten. My heart was in my mouth until I realised it was only a cat. Don't bother to comment on this. I couldn't give a toss about a cat or what you think of me.

  • Nyrilly

    Thst sunshine pupper totsly wanted to mother that kitty x

  • Jayy

    No one: Literally no one: Not even the spider in the corner: Title: A baby got stuck in the wall Me: ō-ō

  • 1jazzy._.tree1

    Oh no- Walter from big mama eternal .,.

  • Vixxter

    I’m so glad they saved that little kitty but he should’ve let blue sniff it or something because he was so concerned

  • Adele Webb
    Adele Webb

    Blue doesn't know that he is in the present of greatness

  • Robert De Groot
    Robert De Groot

    It's funny how at 1:42 the guy assumes the kitten to be a girl. For some reason I also always assume cats to be girls until proven otherwise, while I assume dogs to be boys until proven otherwise.

  • Theresa Petrillo-Montgomery
    Theresa Petrillo-Montgomery

    I can’t take how sweet the dog is with the baby kitten!❤️

  • Gabriela Galescu
    Gabriela Galescu

    The dog really wanted to adopt that kitten!

  • Mary España
    Mary España

    Auds los que se enpeñan dia a dia por rescatar a esos ser tan lindos como son los animalitos Dios los colme de bendiciones y los alluden para que sigan con esa hermosa labor los admiro

  • Mary España
    Mary España

    A esas 147 personas que dieron un visto negativo les sujiero que examinen sus corazones por que lo tienen muy enfermó

  • Readme .txt
    Readme .txt

    The title sounds makabrycznie. btw, koty to idioty.

  • Eagle Uy
    Eagle Uy

    I hope I can adopt Walter but I am in the Philippines❤️

  • Scoutpower1

    "Mommy? Where are you? I really, really need you"

  • Maria Norton
    Maria Norton

    We would love to adopt her but I bet she has already been adopted as this was one month ago only just seen it on UZload thanks hope for paws for you do you guys are amazing she is so so beautiful much love from the ,uk,🇬🇧🇬🇧🐈🐾♥️🙏🏽🐈🐾♥️🙏🏽🐈🐾♥️🙏🏽🐈👩🏻 I would of loved to of been her new mammy GODBLESS her and you guys

  • Tessa Vinsky
    Tessa Vinsky

    so cute!

  • Zigrifid

    "We shall name you wallter" cat : "you find it funny ? i almost died loretta " me *wheezing* ahhaahahah WALLter

  • Cynthia Mauck
    Cynthia Mauck

    Ah, what a cutie! I am so glad there are people like you in the world rescuing animals. In this tough time we are all in, you folks restore my faith in humanity.

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    We are so very happy to see beautiful loreta rescue this adorable kitty thank you very much beautiful angel loreta we treasure you forever love from Perth Western Australia

  • Gurll

    He's so cute and fluffy aghhhh 😭💔❤😭💔❤

  • Rose

    Me- someone with a smaller hand can get it. Them - your hand is tiny you shall get it out.

  • Commander Doggo
    Commander Doggo

    There is still hope in the world

  • KADS YT5555
    KADS YT5555

    I wish could donate, but my mom won’t let me spend any money on devices until Christmas:(

  • Hoes Mad
    Hoes Mad

    How is he in the wall

    • Hoes Mad
      Hoes Mad

      Sounds about true,

    • Paik

      Silent Skittles most likely through a broken crack from outside the house, cause you saw how small that kitten was


    First I don't like cats and also not hate for them , I was going to my friend home and there is cat, I get contacted with cat, really very nice cat, after 3 month I am liking the cat, so i want cat for pet but didn't get for a month, I dont know cat are also for adoption I never search about that, I think only cat getting by purchasing and I don't have money for purchase I just walking through village road and I seen one kitten but he is dying, may be poisoned, I picked up and came to home I called doctor but vet say he can't help , doesn't have experience in cat only have in Buffalo and cow, I just hope cat not die, and cat is not die but having some problem physically is good now but mentally is disturbed, she has seizures in initially but after consulting to online vet , she get better but vet say there is having some neurological problem can't solved by online, but now she is getting better, I feel like I got cat in free after few days I also got one more cat she is healthy,to much playing than first cat but the problem is she is toilet in home when door is closed 😞😞I seen the video of hope for paws and also makes my first cat video how she recovered from poisoning

  • Aliah

    Thank you for these amazing rescues. You’ve inspired me to be one of you guys in the future and I’m so thankful to help all animals. 💗

  • ItzRoseBuds

    the cat watching her baby on yt: 👁👄👁

  • YourSuperDuperGay !
    YourSuperDuperGay !

    These poor babies can't help themselves, I'm so happy you people do what you do.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Thank you for your kindness and efforts You’re saints

  • エリー・センパイ

    Even the dogs loved her ! :3

  • Blue & Bear
    Blue & Bear

    Has Wallter been adopted yet? I would love to take him, but I doubt you would adopt to the UK x

  • Prophetic End Times
    Prophetic End Times

    One thing Ill say about you guys , you sure keep the animals clean hehehehe . Bubble baths for everyone hehehe

  • EpikZerr

    My dad made that dog house 4:12

  • Tiffany Seehafer
    Tiffany Seehafer

    Thank you so much hope for paws u saved an angel thank you for all that you do god bless

  • Johnson Crack
    Johnson Crack

    Dear org I wana become apart of ur team but sadly I am in Pakistan

  • Amanda Stout
    Amanda Stout

    Woof-I mean, hello, my name is Blu--I mean Bob. I am wondering if you still have that kitten from the wall up for adoption? I am totally not a pit bull on my master's phone. Oh, who am I fooling? I love the kitten! Woof!

  • jason335777

    did you really need the camera to know theres a kitten in there Lol

  • JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
    JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen

    WALLter is very funny but also pretty cute

  • 우리집너머

    good job

  • alexleanh

    Loreta... "The" Angel of all needed animals. Eldad... "The" Saint of all rescued animals. What team!

  • Marco Guzman
    Marco Guzman

    OMG I think we have the brother of the cat u save cause the fur and the color but it in a better home now we try to call u guys but nobwon anser

  • Daenerys_1410


  • ana alatorre
    ana alatorre

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  • Shaidur Rahman
    Shaidur Rahman

    I love how u guys get excited every time u rescue a animal

  • missfloflowers

    Please stop hissing at cats during rescue. Its like growling at a dog, as a greeting. You can do soft meows, or click with your tongue, or do sweet talking. Thanks for your good work.

  • Lashonay Wiley
    Lashonay Wiley

    WALLter is so adorable and pittie didn't want to see him leave so sweet💕💕

  • Patty McLane
    Patty McLane

    WALLter is a great name 😂

  • Pandaplayz Gaming
    Pandaplayz Gaming

    Wallter was really enjoying that bath!!! 😁

  • Vigilante Jake
    Vigilante Jake

    The name is Wall term or even Wall smart !

  • H.B Castillo
    H.B Castillo

    *I love you Loreta for me you are a heroine!* ♥️♥️

  • Michael Biluan
    Michael Biluan

    Aww that nice and kind of you guys

  • Kayla Wolfe
    Kayla Wolfe

    AWWWWEEE thank you guys so much for everything you do for these animals. Poor kitten must have been so scared!!

  • Idk what my username should be
    Idk what my username should be

    Blue is sooooooooooo cute

  • Kiri Katana
    Kiri Katana

    That poor Kitten!! He’s so cute tho!!!! 🥺🥺

  • YuTse음모

    I feel like the mother cat did a oopsies Edit: The bubbly bath :)

  • Gucci Boy .
    Gucci Boy .

    A cat getting stuck on something ...... again ..... wow cats are really good at this ....

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar

    Can we get him in India cause i want to adopt her

  • Maralic26

    I'm sure I'm not the only one but I click "like" no even in 1 minute video, I know I'll always love it anyway

  • Thea Cordero
    Thea Cordero

    Amazing rescue!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Priscilla Lazzari
    Priscilla Lazzari

    Thank you guys with all my heart. From Brazil ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Zaylee Booth
    Zaylee Booth


  • Zaylee Booth
    Zaylee Booth


  • glvssxfairy

    Dear Eldad and Loreta your work is amazing. Every single time I see a video of you guys it lifts my spirits. You spend so much time and effort into saving animals every day. You don’t just do it, you do it with love compassion and care. That is why I am writing this. You need some recognition for all the amazing work you do. You are most likely not going to see this and some may say I am wasting my time writing this. But the small percentage that this note might make your day better is worth every single word. Dear anyone reading this: By subscribing to them and making their channel will grow you are also saving a animal life :)