How a mother's love kept her babies alive - please share.
It’s a very tough world out there for WILD ANIMALS, and if you would like to see more of these rescues, please support us with a $5 donation here:
This video will take you on an emotional roller coaster... it's a very special video to me and I really hope you will help us raise awareness by sharing it so we can help teach more people about these amazing animals.
Thank you Pal Rescue for assisting us right away with keeping the babies alive: - they have many cute dogs for adoption, so please check them out.
And of course special thank to Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center for doing such an incredible job with this family, for letting us visit as the babies grew and for letting us join the last step where they got to go back home... out in the wild:
Loreta Frankonyte joined me on this rescue and I have seen her shed so many tears as this process was happening. She just posted a blog about it here:
Please, please, please share this special rescue story and please add #HopeForPawssum to your comments :-)
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  • Michelle

    I’m holding my 7 month old while crying my eyes out, poor mama died protecting her babies.

    • im dumb Dai Siab
      im dumb Dai Siab

      So sad TwT

    • Eileen Simpson
      Eileen Simpson

      @Crooked Smile thank you

    • Sophie Pires
      Sophie Pires

      @Lez Toot There are so many crazy hateful people and nutjobs that go after rescue organizations. So disappointing.

    • Sharon Schutt
      Sharon Schutt

      @Lez Toot God willing , truth and kindness won out. That is how our creator wants his children to behave. Evil is out there , in thought , word and deed, but so is good . And He is watching.

    • Lez Toot
      Lez Toot

      @Britt Britt Ortiz They were spreading rumors that all the donations they get doesnt go to the dogs and that some of the animals tgey rescue were filmed save but in reality they would just kill or let them go again and that videos saying that the animals were adopted were not the same animals that they rescued. There are tons of false accusations and rumors about eldad back then. But its really kudos for the organizations that they didnt let those people get to them. Now they get to save more ❤❤

  • AussieAnnie62

    RIP mumma possum.. your babies are ok

  • jean ross
    jean ross

    Poor Momma😢, but she saved her babies and they are so cute. 😄

  • Mar Tina
    Mar Tina


  • Diane Keilman
    Diane Keilman

    Every life matters!

  • Shannon Soprano
    Shannon Soprano

    All I could think about was Over The Hedge, anybody else remember that movie? Ozzie and Heather, 😢 thank y’all for what y’all do and did! You’re the reason this world goes round

  • Josephine Chang
    Josephine Chang


  • Ирина Муратова
    Ирина Муратова

    Сижу, реву

  • Laura Tapia Cruz
    Laura Tapia Cruz

    All that's really so sad

  • Laryssa Bentley
    Laryssa Bentley

    Poor mama💔😭 Opossums are So good they just want to coexist

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria

    Tears came out my eyes how increadible of her mother to do that thats why dont underastimate mother love

  • Ndelow Winb
    Ndelow Winb

    i'm glad this popped up on my recommended, i've been stressed this week and this has helped me. 4:57

  • Birdie Jeffers
    Birdie Jeffers

    The sadest thing to me is that I know others had to see her lying there in the middle of that nice neighborhood, so long that rigor mortis set in 🤦🏼‍♀️ The best news is Hope for Paws 🙌💗


    I have 2 babies and 2 adults that we feed very FRIENDLY possums.

  • Valeria Tszesnioski
    Valeria Tszesnioski


  • Valeria Tszesnioski
    Valeria Tszesnioski

    Gente que vídeo mais lindo,que lugar mais lindo,que pessoas mais lindas.simplimente anjos ajudando e salvando outros anjos

  • Nicky Wilks
    Nicky Wilks


  • coolmum47

    I'm crying for happiness and sadness all at the same time :) :'(

  • mrblanche

    Will they know instinctively how to find food?

  • Just me Just me
    Just me Just me

    You've never been shown where to find food and never shown what dangers are and how to avoid them. Here little ones, go off and be food for snakes and coyotes because we never taught you how to stay alive.

  • Xyrex Reyes
    Xyrex Reyes

    Ooh that made me cry😭thank you so much for your work❤Godblessyou all!

  • Steven Stone
    Steven Stone

    Strange creature

  • Renee Mathis
    Renee Mathis

    We had a possum that passed last daughter called him Chunky and he now rests under our apple tree...I don't understand why some made fun of me for doing this....

  • Monica Gutierrez
    Monica Gutierrez

    oh i just heard the lady at the end telling you guys about why its important to take them off of the teets as soon as possible.

  • Monica Gutierrez
    Monica Gutierrez

    Im so glad there are people like you in this sometimes cruel world. Thank you for sharing what you guys do with all of us.i was so stressed thinking omg they have to remove them from the teets before they ingest toxins from the dead mother

  • Katharina Novobacki
    Katharina Novobacki

    Thus ist Heart brocken thanks Form Safe them!

  • bonjie montaflor
    bonjie montaflor

    A mix emoticon on this one: 💔 when eldad confirmed the sad news 😃 knowing all babies are alive 🙁 when three didn't make it 😍 after some months at the rescue 🙏🙏🙏 hoping and praying they make it all out in the wild. Lastly 😘 that HFP is always there when needed.

  • Doppio&Okuyasu Fan
    Doppio&Okuyasu Fan

    Angels. You guys are angels.

  • Janice Murphy
    Janice Murphy

    What a beautiful beautiful amazing story, you have to love 💕 animals, thank you 😊

  • Auspicious Cloud
    Auspicious Cloud


  • Laura Metheny
    Laura Metheny

    Love you guys! Thank you all so much. We just had to take another possum away from our pittie last night. Idk why but he cannot resist bringing them in the house! He doesn't go after them to hurt them. He's besotted by them. He doesn't think they should be outside. We just shut off the lights and about 2 mins later he was gone under our porch again lol. We've fed them snacks and also had a rehab lady come get one. I want to keep one! We use to have raccoons and I miss them. But we would never just take one! If they needed help we would. They are so cute! Especially playing dead.🐾🙏🤗😍

  • Saulo Amadio
    Saulo Amadio

    I dont line that animal. It eats eggs of importantes birds around

  • Sam P
    Sam P

    RIP to Momma..wiping tears

  • Maura Braga Kanno
    Maura Braga Kanno

    Ficaram órfãs de mãe parabéns pelo resgate são tão fofos👏👍👼❤️

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh

    #1 Thing to remember everyone viewing this: *Stop and look inside the pouch* And if there are babies, remove them gently from momma and put them into soft, warm blankets, and take them to a wildlife rehabilitation center, or animal rescue (that won't immediately euthanize them if they can save them)

  • Kamikaze Tsunami
    Kamikaze Tsunami

    I hope this will teach people to always check out a possum if you've seen one that has been hit. Also it's a good idea to keep gloves and a bag to lift their little bodies off the side of the road so that other drivers don't continue to smash them into mush. I've seen people do that and it made me want to ram their cars from behind. Such a lack of respect and compassion for life. Opossums are such sweet, intelligent, and loving little souls. On my way home from work one night I saw a big truck ahead of me that was turning his wheel to try and hit a opossum that was walking away from a dumpster behind an alley. He was obviously trying to hit it. I started honking at him and screaming out my window while that little possum was trying to waddle away. I took down his license and tried to call the police but of course they would do nothing. If I had not been there he would have run that possum over because there was no place for that possum to hide. This happened in the city of Orange, in Orange county California. Animals are why I hate most humans. Thank you for saving these babies. I used to work at Woodbridge Animal hospital where the manager owned a cute and chubby possum that was litter box trained and was one of our hospital mascots. He thought owned the place. Lol

  • Monica García Monterrubio
    Monica García Monterrubio


  • Monica García Monterrubio
    Monica García Monterrubio

    Pobrecita y quien la atropelló no pudo llamar para avisar?? Que mala gente

  • Deborah Martin
    Deborah Martin

    Opossums are amazing! Not only do they eat all sorts of bad bugs, but they also have a very low body temperature which means that they don't get many of the diseases that other species get. I'm glad that people are starting to realize that they are good guys.💕

  • Ann M
    Ann M

    So many people came together to help this Mama's little family. I think she's very happy knowing that 💕🐾

  • C Casella
    C Casella

    I pray that the mommy didn't feel any pain and that she went to heaven right away. She deserves peace for the wonderful mother that she was. It was very sad but at the same time I know it is just a part of life. I think it was very thoughtful for Loretta to name the mommy and to give her a place of rest where her babies are. That was very touching and it meant a lot to see.

  • Matilde de Fátima Soares de Oliveira Lanche
    Matilde de Fátima Soares de Oliveira Lanche

    Que lindeza. Só amor Obrigada.

  • Melissa Wean
    Melissa Wean

    Bless you for doing what you do. I love Opossums, they are adorable, and a major part of our evolution of life. I have 4 that visit me every evening. Keep helping, what so many don’t. Fellow rescuer. ♥️💫

  • Lovespitbulls

    I used to be so afraid of opossums until I rescued a couple. One had been beaten and wired to a chain link fence. I got it down and took it to the Wetlands people but sadly he didn't make it. The next time it was a momma that had been hit by a car near my house killing her and all but one of her babies riding on her back. The one was thrown free and walking in the gutter by the curb. People were passing by without taking notice or not caring enough to do something. I got a warm towel and a box and again took her to the Wetlands Rescue and this time they were able to save her. This Rescue does amazing work and are always in need of donations.

  • Michael Wade
    Michael Wade

    Opossums are wonderful, cute, little critters. This was a great video on many levels. I learned that when the mother dies her milk becomes toxic to her babies. Interesting stuff! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Carol Kristian
    Carol Kristian

    Opossums move very slowly when crossing roads. They are the only North American marsupials. They have limited vision. Please drive slowly at night and be ready to slow down or stop if necessary. This goes for tortoises, snakes, raccoons. Squirrels and domestic animals. Please slow down!

  • Bjay

    I was lucky enough to see a white possum once, I thought it was amazing 🙂


    Great mom!

  • Ian moseley
    Ian moseley

    Releasing them in pairs, could not help but think of one of them saying " What we going to do tonight, Brain"

  • magggie22

    Aww! this is so sad, poor mama possum....I am so glad it had a Happy ending, although was sad to hear that some of the babies sadly didn't make it, and at the end....ashes of the mother....the whole story tugged at my heart ....thank you so much for saving these cute little are a wonderful organisation, and you have the kindest hearts xxx I would gladly donate but unfortunately you don't have paypal .... Thank you again for what you are wonderful :) stay safe and well :) magz :)

  • sheila hammond
    sheila hammond

    What a wonderful job they are doing!

  • im dumb Dai Siab
    im dumb Dai Siab

    This is so sad poor the mom TwT

  • Elizabeth Turczyk
    Elizabeth Turczyk

    A Mother's Love- who in the universe could EVER give this a thumbs down? This is One of the most touching videos I have ever seen! A trillion thank yous for saving them!

  • Liza Karim
    Liza Karim

    Just sweet joy to see them being released back....hope all the best for them....their mommy will not die in vain protecting them.... Thank you everyone who helped! 🥰💖🥰

  • Maurice Tucker
    Maurice Tucker

    Kool, all God's creatures ! A second chance at life! Thanks for sharing !!

  • Brian Sowatzke
    Brian Sowatzke

    They could have used a box...need to dig a hole, sooner or later. Good job they are alot of work that young.

  • Eileen Simpson
    Eileen Simpson

    Life's true angels

  • CreateWithBarb BL
    CreateWithBarb BL

    Thank you.

  • Robert Eaton
    Robert Eaton

    Posums are awesome creatures they do so much good for this planet. They are also highly resistant to diseases like rabies. The coolest thing I have ever seen a possum do is play possum. One time I was out in the country working on a farm with my dog. Well I saw my dog carrying what I thought was a dead creature. I told her to drop and leave it and she did and then went off exploring the woods more. Then next thing I see is that supposedly dead creature get up and walk away and I was able to clearly tell it was a possum. It just amazed me how limp that possum was while in the jaws of my dog. I really thought it was dead.

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    How can they not know that it's not good to leave babies with their dead mom? Who knows how long the momma has been dead and them suckling on cold milk and rigor mortis has set in. I'm not animal expert but I know it's not right to leave any animal with their deceased mom. I think I heard them say "OMG" too many time's.

  • Sophie Pires
    Sophie Pires

    This was a very special rescue. Thank you for sharing! ❤

  • Phoenix Jay
    Phoenix Jay


  • Josh Wen
    Josh Wen

    Thank you

  • Miss Lillian
    Miss Lillian

    I will go to bed and cry myself to sleep now.

  • Rex Janko
    Rex Janko

    Biedny opis,a ten co go potrącił to kanalia największą pod słońcem!!! By zdechł jak najszybciej.

  • Kathy I
    Kathy I

    God bless the both of you, for having hearts, like Christ!

  • Maria Antonieta Silva
    Maria Antonieta Silva

    Tadinha da MÃE! Não pode ver seus ANJINHOS! Mas, todos estão sendo muoto bem cuidados! E, agora, MÃE AMOROSA, você, é uma ESTRELINHA a brilhar, sua LUZ ajudará a ILUMINAR, os CAMINHOS destes ANJINHOS, Todos muito bem Cuidados, PARABÉNS! E, a sua LUZ , mostrará pra ti, MÃE AMOROSA, os seus FILHOTINHOS Vivendo SAUDÁVEIS, LIVRES, e FELIZES! Que Emocionante o ABRAÇO deles! Não consegui conter minhas lágrimas. Obrigada, meu DEUS, por colocarem pessoas BOAS e HUMANAS, nos CAMINHOS onde tem uma VIDA precisando de SOCORRO. Campo Belo MG BRASIL 01 11 2020 Sunday.

  • Rebekah Paul
    Rebekah Paul

    I hate that people just left them in the road!

  • Annie Hall
    Annie Hall

    Can the babies survive in the wild? They are used to humans.

  • Annie Hall
    Annie Hall

    I am just crying. What a wonderful Mama. I am so sorry she died. So sad. You brave loving Mama. Rest In Peace, little Mama.

  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    Awwwww poor mumma

  • Liselotte Andersson
    Liselotte Andersson

    God bless you all for saving these animals🙏🏻❤️

  • usmcusausaf

    life is good.

  • v a s
    v a s

    All babies are precious! What wonderful and compassionate people you all are! May you all be richly blessed by our Grand Creator for these deeds of kindness and generosity.

  • Susan

    The vet should have given them antibiotics....because they fed off a dead mom 😩

  • M. Garcia
    M. Garcia

    Sin las enseñanzas de su madre, como saben buscar comida, refugiarse, huir de depredadores, etc?

  • Amy Arlotta
    Amy Arlotta

    I have several Opposums that visit my House Every Night. I feed feral Cats outside and the Opposums, Racoons, Squirrels, Voles, and Moles eat the Cat's Leftovers. Two of the Opposums are Twins. The Twins are Lots of Fun to Watch. They are Young, but Definitely Old Enough to Be on their Own. I call one Rerun and the other one is named Runre!!! 🐾💖

  • Mate Ova
    Mate Ova

    Most & Definitely AVERAGE PEOPLE DO NOT VARE AT ALL ABOUT 💗Opossum💗 And This Short Span Lifetime makes "This poor BEAUTIFUL CREATURES extremely vulnerable when it comes to be KILLED & ELIMINATED FROM Most average peoples Backyards & Patios"!! PLEASE!! Try to Do some VERY NEED IT 💗Research💗 ABOUT 🎀Opossum🎀 They are Delicate CREATURES & DO NOT DESERVE TO BE KILLED & POISONED They belong to the CATEGORY of Kangaroos!! And are VERY HARMLESS & GENTLE AND VERY SCARED OF PEOPLE!!

  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown

    Beautiful rescue rehab and the best part of it all the release. A happy ending to a tragic beginning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story

  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown

    What I hate most about these tragedies is that some people seem to speed up to kill them it’s disgraceful. Possums are amazing mothers they carry their babies on their person to keep them safe

  • Vic Laney
    Vic Laney

    Thank-you, not only for rescuing those vulnerable and unable to help themselves, but, for spurring us to do that which is right and kind and for teaching us how better to do it.

  • Rosanne Coffman
    Rosanne Coffman

    Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are never adopted SPA AND NEUTER IS SO VERY IMPORTANT

  • Sunshine Gover
    Sunshine Gover

    One of the most beautiful and caring videos I have seen in my lifetime. Bless you all for what you do. You are truly amazing people.

  • Ludmila 2020
    Ludmila 2020

    Rest in peace sweet and best mother Possum!!!😓😓😓your babies is now safe!

  • Ana M. O.Schröder
    Ana M. O.Schröder

    Good for the snakes😋

  • Anabel Vargas
    Anabel Vargas


  • Catherine Morris
    Catherine Morris


  • Barb Wagner
    Barb Wagner

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • karine dickau
    karine dickau

    Too sad-could people be a little more careful when driving!!?? Guess that's too much to ask. Heartache-I love possums.


    bless you guys for all that you do ❤❤❤

  • diana dowie
    diana dowie

    Awesome save!

  • Charlemagne Vielleux
    Charlemagne Vielleux

    this is sad but the mom gets BEST MOM OF THE YEAR who protected her babies and died in the process, May she be remembered

  • dimitra karavidopoulou
    dimitra karavidopoulou


  • The Pearl
    The Pearl

    These are wonderful animals - God bless all who rescue and protect them.

  • Heidi M
    Heidi M

    This is just as sad as can be that these babies lost there momma so young. Glad the babies made it. So when you see a possum please stop and let it go across the street peacefully. Thank you Hope For Paws for caring we love ya.

  • Celsa victoria Rojas fernandez
    Celsa victoria Rojas fernandez

    Le dejaron ir y si las serpientes aparecen.

  • Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas
    Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas

    So heartbreaking, how could you not cry! 😭😭😭💔🙏🏼

  • Nancy Davis
    Nancy Davis

    You are amazing, resccing a NY yv ge akikap8o oppo⅞_

  • Davide Zappa
    Davide Zappa

    Power of life, power of our Earth and nature.

  • Snow Pea
    Snow Pea

    Dear dear Mommy. Tears are running down my face. Two of those little babies so much and protected them even to our own death.