An easy rescue turns to be an emergency rescue - the end is not what you would expect.
We were not ready for a rescue that day... we were on our way home when one call after another to the #HopeForPaws line changed the whole evening.
I am glad Loreta Frankonyte and I happened to be in the area so we could respond as quickly and rush from one location to another.
We had to pay a lot of money to the emergency hospital for Catalina's surgery and we have so many cases like this every week.
If you can, please take 2 minutes to set up a $5 monthly donation. If many of you will participate, the Hope For Paws team will be able to keep going at full speed and help prevent pain and suffering:
As a thank you for your support, we have a gift for you that is worth quite a lot of money and will give you peace of mind. Please click here to read all about it:
To apply to adopt Sparkles, please visit our friends at:
Thank you so much for your support!
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    Ohh that's sad, but she was in loving care xxx RIP Catalina

  • Xander Caranto
    Xander Caranto

    God bless.



  • vincent vanWyk
    vincent vanWyk

    Poor girl

  • Daniele Courtes
    Daniele Courtes

    N'importe où, dans n'importent quels endroits, ils sont là pour le bien-être des animaux ,c'est génial, continuer à rendre possible la protection des animaux. Un énorme merci.

  • Fee


  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry

    I've never understood why these rescue teams don't try to give a bit of water as soon as they get them to the car. They are usually starving. Wow.

  • Naomi Takimoto
    Naomi Takimoto

    Oh no... I’m so sorry for the little baby girl passed away... I’m very sad. Cars are monsters. We humans are responsible for the safety of all little animals on the streets because we are the ones operating the monsters. Poor little baby girl... I feel devastated.

  • victor haros
    victor haros


  • Maysun Paffrath
    Maysun Paffrath

    im sorry to be sappy but i just wanna say thank you soooooooooooo sooooooooo much for rescueing these kittens and dogs and cats and puppys and birds and everything. yall are life saviors. also rip catalina. i hope sparkles is doing fine! bless you all

  • Bubbly Meloetta
    Bubbly Meloetta

    Poor Catalina 😢

  • winder zhao
    winder zhao

    RIP Catalina, sadly not all stories have a happy ending 😔

  • 猫Yukari

    Is Catalina okay? 😭 I want to know after her. 🙏🏻 I want to see how well I am. I always watch videos. And thank you for always helping the animals☺️

  • Star Breeze
    Star Breeze

    My cat that was 14 years old and has been with me since I was 2 was hit by a car the other week and died on the road. The driver felt so guilty he came and knocked on my door and asked me to come with him and see if this was my cat. The description he gave me was correct so I was already preparing myself for the worst. When I got there I just completely froze and couldn’t move. Loosing an animal is so heartbreaking and I will never forget her ❤️❤️❤️. Rip Catalina 💖 your in a better place now 💜

  • Ccatarina

    Rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Random Vids for Random Kids
    Random Vids for Random Kids

    Imagine if these people didn’t exist. Sparkles would probably be sent to a shelter or starve. And Catalina would die alone, cold, scared, and in pain. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for the sacrifices you make. Thank you Lord for giving us these heroes

  • Hasan Osmanagic
    Hasan Osmanagic


  • Game Sneaker
    Game Sneaker

    Pls save some other creatures that has a part of this world

  • Kaily The Gacha Wolf
    Kaily The Gacha Wolf

    I’m crying so much right now I feel so bad and the pain that BOTH of the cats felt was painful I just can’t I need to go hug my kitty 🥺

  • Stephen Mason-Gonzalez
    Stephen Mason-Gonzalez

    poor little kitty breaks my heart to see baby animals hurt :(

  • auttie

    P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make.

  • B Sanders
    B Sanders

    I am so sorry that this sweet little baby kitten didn't have a chance against a car. Rest in peace baby.

  • John Demont
    John Demont

    It's sad and heartbreaking when one of these animals die. At least there are people like you who are making a difference in so many ways. God bless you and your team for what you do.

  • A Ho
    A Ho

    So sad to hear kitty cat didn’t survive! May she lives happily over the rainbow 🌈

  • Nancy Robinson
    Nancy Robinson

    I'm so sorry that the little kitten died, but at least she died surrounded by love and care, and people trying to save her. I am so proud to send you monthly donations, because of the wonderful work that you do. Love to you Eldad, and all of the kind and compassionate people who work with you. From Brighton, Ontario, Canada

  • gamer assasin's creed
    gamer assasin's creed

    cat is dead ?

  • Carol Sydney
    Carol Sydney

    Catalina's spirit is now full now of love from all those who watched her, cared for her and rescued her. She'll come back next time with a heart full of love to give.

  • Teåł Åppłe
    Teåł Åppłe

    Do u guys sell any cats in Ontario?

  • Lulu Gooser
    Lulu Gooser

    You guys are heroes but the cat died why didn’t he make it?

  • Lulu Gooser
    Lulu Gooser

    You are heroes

  • Aksh Mude
    Aksh Mude

    I feel very very very very sad for the catilina 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • arda

    6:10 when he said he wanted to speak annabelle lol i was like :0 my name's annabelle

  • MrsTitti58

    😭😭😭Ogni tanto purtroppo ci scappa il morto, perché si arriva troppo tardi. Però almeno Sparkles sta bene ed è salvo 🍀🌈💖👍

  • Leticia Romero
    Leticia Romero


  • Kathleen Greeff
    Kathleen Greeff

    that's so sad

  • Kathleen Greeff
    Kathleen Greeff


  • Mariela Cruz
    Mariela Cruz

    Om sad that the black cat past away😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭 but at least she will be okay and safe❤

  • Allahu Akhbar
    Allahu Akhbar


  • Khalid Sheikh
    Khalid Sheikh

    Wait there 8s another kitten


    I want to donate u but UZload says "u can't donate from this Region"😢😢 I hate UZload😡😡

  • Nadia Poole
    Nadia Poole

    May Catalina Rest In Peace! What a sweet girl❤️🥺

  • Blitz-o-Byte

    gosh i knew something mustve happened to the other kitten when you showed sparkles playing with the toys rip lil girl :(

  • Arshana Siddiq
    Arshana Siddiq

    I need a cat please

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Cool 😎 they are so sweet

  • LJ Trains
    LJ Trains

    On a positive note: Sparkles is soo cute

  • Natashia Mack
    Natashia Mack

    😞😞😞 the ending made me so sad. Poor baby.

  • quinten putnam
    quinten putnam

    You guys are on a whole new level of amazing!!! Thank you

  • toki Popup
    toki Popup

    i think its not a car accident for catalina,look at how she's breathing,some mother fucker monster have poisoned the kitty,fucking monster,thank you guys for the help

  • Cata SE
    Cata SE

    Second baby also had my name!! So cute, Thank you guys if you ever come back to Costa Rica, and need a hand, I would love to be there, I have rescued dogs and cats as well. And would love to continue to help causes like this. At least she's now in a place where no other human can ever hurt again Auto correct 😫

  • sangay wangchuk
    sangay wangchuk

    19 seconds into this video and after seeing some of the comments I know I’m gonna bawl my eyes out. 😭

  • Bunbun Sooky
    Bunbun Sooky

    Thanks for saving kitty cat🐱🐈.

  • My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot
    My Gypsy Hermitish Tarot

    Catalina... 😥😪😭😭😭😢 rip

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon

    You guys are great.

  • John Shannon
    John Shannon

    RIP Catalina.

  • Daddy ACEZ
    Daddy ACEZ


  • Talia Mack
    Talia Mack

    Rest in peace Catalina we miss you dearly 😥

  • RandomRam

    Is eldad single?

  • subhash muley
    subhash muley

    RIP Catalina, she lived her last few minutes in hospital being taken care of, everyone please! Dive safely so none of these cute animals are injured 😢

  • Zaheera Gafoor
    Zaheera Gafoor

    I salute u for saving the kitten❤❤❤❤😚😚

  • Richie Ginger Official
    Richie Ginger Official

    Pity this cute cat. Hope he will have a happy life.

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young

    That breaks my heart. Especially since he reminds me of me losing mine a few weeks ago

  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen

    One like one pray for grey kitten

  • Milmil_x_Boba

    5:31 look at the sad/hurt look in the kittens eyes🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Nargon46

    Oh, wee lamb. Rip Catalina!

  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea

    She passed away on the operation table like a hero🦸‍♀️

  • Ren Feral
    Ren Feral

    My Chihuahua is currently in the vet hospital receiving oxygen. It's his heart. Don't know if he is going to make it. After watching this and knowing that one sweet kitty died, my soul feels broken. Thank you for making a difference. That is everything.

  • Maria Aranha
    Maria Aranha

    Como gostaria de ter ongs igual á esta aqui em Belém, Pará. Vcs são abençoados. Parabéns!

  • Gina Weiss
    Gina Weiss

    Cry time ! Ok ok

  • ANN Monica
    ANN Monica

    It breaks my heart to see animals living in all the filth we leave behind.

  • Adithya Anil
    Adithya Anil

    Heartbreaking 😭😭😭

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    That lil kitten knows at her last breath she was lastly Loved , thank you Hope For Paws 🐾 My 1st intuitive hit for any ...animal that's in stress is to Always offer Water .

    • Amber Collins
      Amber Collins

      Even when birds stun themselves into glass or buildings Water is Nature's Hydration if Healing .

  • Al Lopez
    Al Lopez

    I stopped watching the video around 8 minutes thinking the kitty would fully recover. I started to read the comments and my heart sank when I learned that she didn't make it.

  • Tatiana López
    Tatiana López


  • rockybudgeboa

    RIP dear Catalina

  • DonCamillo

    'the end is not what you would expect'? That's ugly, bad taste clickbait.

  • lovelyjasmine4ever 2004
    lovelyjasmine4ever 2004


  • Sigridovski

    Sparkles has such a cute, big, round nose. I hope he will not have to take a vaccine. IT is so harmful to animals, even more than to humans. They get our diseases since this began.

  • Bethany Howington
    Bethany Howington

    2:27 are you serious really putting a moment to sub in a middle of a rescue

  • Karina Arklie
    Karina Arklie

    I feel so sad and heart broken for the one poor baby that died . x

  • Karina Arklie
    Karina Arklie

    I love these people who try to help poor little pussy cats , may god bless u all . Xxxxxxx

  • Karina Arklie
    Karina Arklie

    What happened to all the other babies , I wish we new , such a sweet little kitten , were i s her poor mum also , she would not leave her babies , so sad , but the lovely people do the best they can . X

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha

    ⭐️Nice Catalina was rescued and passed away under anaesthetic and not alone and in pain . 🧚🏼💕🧚🏼💕 🙏🙏G-D BLESS CATALINA AND ALL THOSE WHO HELPED HER 🙏🙏

  • Megan Jackson
    Megan Jackson

    Ya know, I don't know how many times I've watched this but I do know it always ends the same. Eldad, Loreta, Catalina, the staff that did their best to help little Catalina, and myself (and like an award many others you can't think of) ALWAYS stay the same! Thank you to the people who reported Catalina. You actually saved her life. She was able to go calmly, not full of fear and pain. 🤗 Thank the hospital for that also 🤗 Just, thank all of you for all the help you could give! On a lighter note, I'm in love with Sparkles. Reminds me of a cat I had. Too adorable to be alone. Not that any animal deserves to be alone. You know what I mean 😉. Thank you all for being you. We need more of that! I'm going to go cry now 💚🤗💚🤗💚🤗💚

  • dterrence

    Any update on Sparkles? is it still possible to adopt her? thank you

  • Gabriella

    What happened to the other kittens with sparkles in the video???

    • Gabriella

      at 1:17!!!

  • M N
    M N

    Impossible not to cry reading about sweet Catalina...I hope she is happy now being on the rainbow...

  • Ashley Arney
    Ashley Arney

    I immediately clicked off the video because I would’ve cried

  • Ashley Arney
    Ashley Arney

    After I read comment that said trying for the Kitty who didn’t make it at least she didn’t die alone and in pain thank you for that you do

  • kitty's world
    kitty's world

    7:13 sparkles be like AHHHHHH

  • Lisa Dee
    Lisa Dee

    the last poor kitty died :( but y'all did your best

  • bahlee100

    Im always grateful animals do t understand whats happening futurewise. They live in the now

  • Sandra :3
    Sandra :3

    😢 Poor baby

  • tripti baroi
    tripti baroi

    😩m crying and I feel very bad for her, why this is happened💔



  • Allen Aji George
    Allen Aji George

    R. I. P catalina 🥺😞😞😞

  • Linda NWFirefighter
    Linda NWFirefighter

    She has a hemothorax by the way she is breathing. 😫😫😫

  • CyberNinjaKat

    That made me cry. Poor Catalina. That is how I lost one of my babies... my cats are now indoor only. I can’t bear losing another one to someone speeding through the neighborhood. Kinda wishing I’d read the comments first, this was too soon... too fresh.

  • Marlene Smith
    Marlene Smith

    It’s like family to you when you don’t know the cat and it just feels like you knew that cat and it just crazy because I’m sitting here crying 😿 🥺 R.I.P Little kitten you will be remembered

  • Voffka Raccoon
    Voffka Raccoon

    I really like your channel, thank you. I'm from Russia. A year ago, a small kitten was dropped off in my village. I had to leave and I couldn't leave him there to die, but it cost me my strength to catch him. Now this fat man lives with me, and I would rather have my hand cut off than harm him. Rather, I will cut off the hands of those who abuse animals, throw them out on the street, torment them..This is not a joke. We have a lot of people here who love animals sincerely, there are a lot of people who make money on them and there are sadists.I broke one of them's arm, and the other one's jaw serves him right, you scum..The first was a dog hunter, the scum, it was necessary to kill and bury..

  • Naman Shrivastava
    Naman Shrivastava