Scary rescue in a ghost town will keep you up all night!!! 👻
I counted more than TEN ghosts in this rescue video!!! It is best to watch this video on a large screen so you will see all of them.
This rescue took many hours to accomplish, but Loreta Frankonyte and I didn't give up on this blue-eyed beautiful husky. I'm so happy people know to call #HopeForPaws for these challenging rescues :-)
I am sure many of you are wondering about the gift I promised in this video. Let me just explain it briefly before handing it to you. As we're celebrating Halloween, I am thinking about all the people who passed away from this world and didn't make plans for their pets. This is a terribly sad situation and we would like to make sure this NEVER happens to your pets!!! The way to secure the future of your pets and other family members is of course to write your own will.
As a THANK YOU for supporting Hope For Paws, we would like to offer you this service of writing your personal will FOR FREE:
The whole process is very easy, it takes 20 minutes, and at the end of it, you will have a legal document and the peace of mind you deserve. I know that hundreds of you already completed your wills and it's amazing!!!
If you would like to read more about it, I created a blog post here:
Thank you Jennifer Gray for teaching Prince to do tricks in exchange for treats! If you need help with training, definitely talk to her:
Have a happy holiday, stay safe and healthy out there and let me know how many ghosts you found on this video.
#Halloween #DogRescue

  • Lee Ramos
    Lee Ramos

    The dog's eyes in the thumbnail is scary and it's 12:31 midnight here... Plus the room is dark. Hell naaaw I'm gonna watch this tomorrow. Goodnight!

    • Kevin V.B.
      Kevin V.B.

      @FranHunne I just watched this today Feb 16 2021 and noticed that too

    • Jaziyah Banks
      Jaziyah Banks

      I agree with the girl on this chat

    • Misty

      Did anyone see the ghost at 3:05? just before the train passed :P

    • Millie Mackie
      Millie Mackie

      at 12:31 timestamp there is a ghost following them lol

    • Purple__ __ luck*
      Purple__ __ luck*


  • John Raymond
    John Raymond

    The truthful felony phenomenologically comb because owner positionally happen failing a noisy cougar. guttural H habitual, defeated ox

  • Daisy Doo Daisy Doo
    Daisy Doo Daisy Doo

    There are Angels up above us and Angels that walk amongst us,These guys are proof of that,Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing work you do helping these poor souls ❤️❤️❤️

  • Janie Jones
    Janie Jones

    Whenever Eldad is bossing someone around all of his statements sound like questions. Love what you all do though and Loretta has the sweetest laugh. ❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️

  • madmann53

    That looks like a bad place to be at night🇨🇦😷

  • bee free
    bee free

    What's with the grim reaper that pops up at 3:06 behind the train? Creepy

  • Isabella Truman
    Isabella Truman

    List of all of the spooky edits that you guys put in! unlessthey are not edits.......o.0 (I love these) Spooky😱😱👻👻☠☠💀💀 2:36 (in the train window) 3:06 (in front of the train) 4:18 (in front of the camera) 6:52 (at the top of the tower) 9:52 (Behind the fence next to the dog) 12:33 (following behind them while they are on the train tracks with the dog in the cage) If I missed any feel free to reply them :D

  • Derial Dunn
    Derial Dunn

    Loretta is the best person you have to help you eldad. She is so patient n kind to the animals! Thank you guys so much for what you do. You're amazing!!!!

  • Samaghik Samurai
    Samaghik Samurai

    I am just thinking about the people who might have got scared from Loretas scream. @7:10 that's was straight out of the conjuring

  • Rubina Siddiqui
    Rubina Siddiqui

    Wait was the ghost inside the dog? Or was that a ghost dog-

    • Rubina Siddiqui
      Rubina Siddiqui

      Cuz i saw red eyes of the god when he was tryna catch the dog-

  • Darlene Ross
    Darlene Ross

    Saw 4 ghosts, same as the first time i watched. Watch without watching the actually rescue.

  • Kevin V.B.
    Kevin V.B.

    trick of the camera and lighting or did anyone else see another ghost like figure around the 12:30 mark ?

  • Jennifer Peace
    Jennifer Peace

    Does Eldad chew a lot of gum? I always hear him chewing on gum

  • Jennifer Peace
    Jennifer Peace

    Busiest ghost town I’ve ever seen

  • Linette Whitten
    Linette Whitten

    God bless u

  • Addicted to timelapse
    Addicted to timelapse

    What part of California is this?

  • The Ropes of Renovation
    The Ropes of Renovation

    Busy street for a ghost town.. =)

  • The Teleise Williams Experience
    The Teleise Williams Experience

    My dog is named Prince

  • Sherry Hillman
    Sherry Hillman

    LosAngles or parts of CA is really trashy. How did all that graffiti get on that train.

  • Julia Montalvo
    Julia Montalvo

    I love when the animal realizes you're trying to help them and their attitude changes it's priceless

  • Julia Montalvo
    Julia Montalvo

    O.g the way Loretta screamed made me laugh. I was like omg it sounded like a horror movie she's good

  • koolkat

    Pretty busy for an abandoned town

  • Jacqueline Armijo
    Jacqueline Armijo


  • Louise Brielle Espinosa
    Louise Brielle Espinosa


  • nekopii

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t name him Casper xD But anyway, I love you guys! Thanks so much for all that you do for these animals ❤️


    Anyone realize the ghost that was caught on camera??

  • Ellie Kladar
    Ellie Kladar

    this little price is so sweet and playful, all he needed was to be rescued 🥺

  • Ellie Kladar
    Ellie Kladar

    look at 2:38 in the train window they added a face in the train on the left side

    • Ellie Kladar
      Ellie Kladar

      more like 2:37

  • Albe Sunim
    Albe Sunim

    I liked the addition of the dark and light spirits. Or did you not add them and they just showed up.

  • Kusum Bisht
    Kusum Bisht

    You noticed that some one in terrist

  • Kusum Bisht
    Kusum Bisht

    Hey noticed...present in the terris..

  • 얌이사랑

    감사합니다 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 💕💕💕💕

  • Odilia Reyes
    Odilia Reyes

    I saw a ghost 😳😱😨

  • Odilia Reyes
    Odilia Reyes

    I saw something black and I hear a deep scary voice-

  • twiggyjali

    This is certainly one of your more creatively-edited vids XD

  • Vilma Maria
    Vilma Maria

    Amo ver os resgates ,de vcs beijos

  • 高宝艾

    6:51, I see a ghost on the top of the building, and then it disappeared!!! Also, 12:32, theres somebody behind them at the back of the railroad track!!! A few others: 2:36 window. 3:05 black figure from the ground. 4:19 a figure in front of them. 4:37 a bat. 6:46 shadow on the building. 9:51 a little girl (she's gigling). 5:23 graffiti. 13:06 a shadow in the window. Those are all ten!!!

    • Remoc

      Ok so?

  • pudgy pierre
    pudgy pierre

    6 minutes and 57 seconds into it there is a clown holding a balloon that appears and disappears on the roof... idk if it’s edited but wtf 😳

  • Lois Folk
    Lois Folk

    Good job 👏

  • ZiZi's World
    ZiZi's World

    Look at 2:36 you can see one of the ghosts in the train

  • S Navillus
    S Navillus

    Beautiful dog ♥️🐾


    Did you guys see train the fornt glass black shodow dispere

  • Ricardo Sydney
    Ricardo Sydney

    6:48 what is it on roof :DDD

  • Jaziyah Banks
    Jaziyah Banks

    It ain’t gon keep me up all night it’s gonna scare me so your wrong

  • Shadai Smith
    Shadai Smith

    I saw two ghosts But I still watched it

  • Joshua Monk
    Joshua Monk

    Did you edit the noises and ghosts or was it real

  • Nathalia Santana
    Nathalia Santana

    Why were you walking on a track a second ago?

  • joyce cruz
    joyce cruz

    did you see the ghost . look agion

  • Valerie C.
    Valerie C.


  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith

    That is the busiest ghost town I’ve ever seen

  • Apoorv Parakh
    Apoorv Parakh

    Yoooo, wtf is Pennywise doing there😂😂 6:45 At top of the building

  • Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez
    Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez

    It has too many cars and pedestrians and trains to be a ghost town. LOL!

  • Phoenix Jones
    Phoenix Jones

    Im so impressed with how you were able to catch this dog and he stopped barking too. He probably knows he's being rescued.

  • Alex Prince
    Alex Prince

    Okay so please tell me they added the ghost in for the purpose of the video? Cause I saw two of them while they were in that ghost town

  • Alex Prince
    Alex Prince

    Grim reaper: watch from 3:01

  • Alex Prince
    Alex Prince

    So no one else saw the grim reaper right before the train passed?

  • Mucho Mucho
    Mucho Mucho

    very tough moves but they made it! love you guys..

  • Sierrah

    6:49 wa-was that a- a clown!!??!? 🤡😩 12:34 WAS THAT A GHOST TOO 👻 😩and 9:50 sounded like a little girl giggle 😧😩 7:11 it sounded like a scream not from your partner 💀🥱

  • Michelle Kirby
    Michelle Kirby

    Where is this? Where is there a ghost town near LA?

  • Aayush Sharma
    Aayush Sharma

    Imma Indian from Jaipur I've been watching your clips from a long time , i love what you doin guys ❤️🌼🐾

  • Rose Seward
    Rose Seward

    I didn't see any ghosts, but that train didn't have an engineer that I could see on it lol.

  • Rose Seward
    Rose Seward

    Loreta's scream sounded like a ghost though lol!

  • Music

    Did I see a ghost?

  • Christophe Lacroix
    Christophe Lacroix

    The clown on the roof 6:54

  • Dmitry Alipov
    Dmitry Alipov


  • Sennie White
    Sennie White

    *Good Boy! He doesn't know why he is so happy to be civilized again.*

  • hoghead

    Looks like it's in the middle of the hood. Has to be very scary.

  • Felicia Carroll
    Felicia Carroll

    It laughed and screamed

  • Felicia Carroll
    Felicia Carroll

    Omg did you see on that building someone was on it.

  • Just Ho
    Just Ho

    The dog is so happy, thanks to you guys for the hard work 🙏🙏🙏

  • Peter2017

    Loreta shes my barroom girl, wears her sevens on her sleeve, dances like a diamond shines, tells me lies I love to believe

  • Margaret Nelson
    Margaret Nelson

    are these real ghosts

  • MCBroGamer 666
    MCBroGamer 666

    I thought that hope for paws are or is nice but not "scary" right?

  • Amalia Emirova
    Amalia Emirova

    Wow ! So beautiful

  • Dee Webb
    Dee Webb

    Amazing rescue! Love the spooky stuff! You guys are awesome. 😎🌻🌻

  • LAVA833Live

    An easy way to see if the railways are operational is if the railheads hare silver, if they are silver it means that trains do go over that section, if they are rusty then no trains run on that section

  • sunny boo
    sunny boo

    anyone else see the ghost in the train window appear then dissapear-

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl


  • AJ

    did anybody notice all the edits of ghosts and things popping up like in the window of the train and when the train moved across the road?

  • Tracey Moore
    Tracey Moore


  • Silly Saturdays
    Silly Saturdays

    The train driver waving in the window creeped me out

  • Silly Saturdays
    Silly Saturdays

    Oh my dear lord that place looked very dangerous indeed !!

  • victoria noble
    victoria noble

    Hes a beautiful pup. What breed is he??

  • Beth Green
    Beth Green

    Awesome how the puppy just melted when Loretta offers her hand. And by the her screaming needs to be in horror movies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,

  • trek gaming
    trek gaming

    I saw three creepy things first I saw a ghost then I saw a c!own on top of the building and then disappeared and when you were taking him in to the car I saw a ghost following you so watch out

  • Scarletttigers AJ
    Scarletttigers AJ

    At 4:19 you can see a person fade away idk if it was a ghost but Man U guys should’ve went with more ppl 👻

  • waynegraffiti

    THumps up, if u r also enjoing the pieces in this Vid!!!^^°°°

  • Sue Kwisses -Organically Kwisses
    Sue Kwisses -Organically Kwisses

    I seen ghost in background. Did you?

  • ณัฐธยาน์ เนติมงคลโรจน์
    ณัฐธยาน์ เนติมงคลโรจน์

    น่ากลัว...น่ารัก....น่าติดตาม ไลท์ๆๆๆๆๆๆ

  • Lovelikeu Hearts
    Lovelikeu Hearts

    He looks so precious! I am so happy that he found an amazing forever home ❤

  • Olivia Grabowska
    Olivia Grabowska

    3:04 scared me ;-; U n U

  • Carol Kristian
    Carol Kristian

    Thank you Loretta and Eldad!❤❤❤❤❤❤🐕🙏🐕‍🦺👍

  • Jannine Gannon
    Jannine Gannon

    What did the scratchy voice say as the train came out from between the buildings. I couldn't make it out but it was a perfect effect for this video. Poor dog, great rescue guys. Thanks for all you do. Just noticed the added apparitions too. Cool.

  • Timber The Snow Leopard
    Timber The Snow Leopard

    “ Cmon good boy! Sit! “ Dog: “ *NO* “

  • Timber The Snow Leopard
    Timber The Snow Leopard

    Finally found an actual rescue channel and not some staged one. Been looking since I used to watch these people, lost em, then I found them again :)

  • Louise Parker
    Louise Parker

    7:10 . Proffessional screamer Loreta! I sleep in a lot so this should help as my alarm.

  • Louise Parker
    Louise Parker

    "Dog tracks, looks fresh." Theory: Eldad is a former private detective

  • Louise Parker
    Louise Parker

    "Let's see how he reacts. Oop, he almost got hit by a car." O-O

  • pTaQ476

    Ghost on the train at the window 2:35. Have you seen him?

  • Nathan K
    Nathan K

    I saw one ghost in the video