Christmas miracle rescue - don't blink or you'll miss it!
We had no chance of accomplishing this mission successfully, but all of a sudden, help arrived out of nowhere!!! The chance of this specific kind of help to present itself at the right moment has the same likelihood for getting stuck by lightning! Please watch until the end and share this video so we can find Beethoven a loving forever home!
If you haven't done so yet, please join our team with a $5 monthly donation so we can continue doing this work for these animals who would die without us:
Thank you so much!
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  • Junea McManus
    Junea McManus

    The cumbersome hippopotamus simplistically accept because corn spindly protect around a vacuous shame. innocent, aberrant banana

  • La Pitu kawaii
    La Pitu kawaii

    I love seeing this video one of things I want to do wen I grow up is this!!! I love animals!!! And special cats!!!

  • Priyanshi Rajput
    Priyanshi Rajput

    Those black eyes , oh my gosh....are sooo adorable😍😍

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed


  • Juliette Shepard
    Juliette Shepard

    For those that blinked 3:57

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    He clearly loves his foster sister. Such a sweet boy.

  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios

    omg poor cat

  • Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson

    Are you and Loretta married? I thought you were. Am I wrong. You guys make such a sweet union.

  • Briony Morgan
    Briony Morgan


  • Matt Mania CSR2
    Matt Mania CSR2

    I didn't blink! 😂😂

  • Kristine Munholland
    Kristine Munholland

    How could anyone dislike any of your rescues? Makes absolutely no sense!

    • TP015657

      Dont worry, its just those who wished they were the ones who saved him instead.

  • smiler

    There IS a God Eldad. He loves His creatures

  • Gooner KIRK FLETCH
    Gooner KIRK FLETCH

    Should of named him Jesus

  • Marie La Costa
    Marie La Costa

    This cat is so pretty

  • ccm800

    Looks like he got adopted. He is not on the site anymore.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Какие же вы замечательные!Дай Бог здоровья всем, спасавшим собачку! Низкий поклон и безмерное уважение!

  • MISTER Oliver
    MISTER Oliver

    Loreta is a legend

  • nomatch 6
    nomatch 6

    Ugh what's to dislike about happy endings ? Don't dislike just donate

  • Diane Teeuwsen
    Diane Teeuwsen

    they appeared to help you because you are an angel on earth Eldad...what you do for these animals is nothing short of angelic...and your good works come back to you help appearing exactly when you need it.

  • Chaos 9441
    Chaos 9441

    0:29 I know it unrelated but that is a cool car

  • Char0076

    Yes Praise the Lord

  • Tran The Cutest
    Tran The Cutest

    Imagine living in a world where everyone cared!

  • Dominica Matz
    Dominica Matz

    i reallly wish i can donate but my dad wont let me

  • LPS tomato
    LPS tomato

    His eyes are so cute

  • Susanne, Stuttgart
    Susanne, Stuttgart

    he is going to be so gorgeous after a little care

  • Kashvi

    His eyes are so cute

  • Hope Devine
    Hope Devine

    Keep making hopeforpaws rescue videos on UZload just like animal aid does love you hopeforpaws rescue team

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    So sweet beautiful kitten😻

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Only a happy ending because of you guys. I would hope the owner would give you a donation,since a neuter cost over a $100 at a vet. But thank goodness he has a home.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Sedat bey sizi can-ı gönülden tebrik ediyorum bu canlar için çok değerlisin

  • allisonlaceyburns

    so wonderful you saved this little life ... but it was not a tiger , you know ... it was a baby kitten ; no need to traumatize it .

  • TOP 7 KIDS
    TOP 7 KIDS

    Please, consider using the donate button to the right and below the video to support the important life saving work of Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue.

  • Annie McEwen
    Annie McEwen

    The higher forces are God, it's their creation! Thx for all you do 😊

  • patricia collet
    patricia collet

    The higher power is called God. That is one sweet kitty. I bet he was someone's pet.

  • Chow FY
    Chow FY

    Hi, pls also watch "老疯杨救助中心" on a group of young Chinese guys who tried to saved stray dogs in China. Pls help them by subscribe and share.

  • Tran The Clever
    Tran The Clever

    Once in the cage, she’s like-“Wait. This may not suck after all.” 💕

  • Pretty Girl
    Pretty Girl

    I love watching these videos about 2 months ago we adopted a kitten but didn’t know she was a special needs kitty who had a neurological disorder but once we brought her home she fit in as if she was here the entire time and now she’s got cat siblings 2 brothers and an older sister. All of our cats are rescues even with her disorder they accepted her into there bunch plus she loves kids mainly my nephew she goes to bother him or wants him to pet her. Please adopt it saves there lives and on top of that it gives them a loving home.

  • Trần Thế
    Trần Thế

    Thank you for saving this sweet little baby 💞

  • creative girl
    creative girl

    You could use a fish 🐠 to get her out

  • kroakie4

    It’s the nightmare before Christmas, kitty edition.

  • Eva H
    Eva H


  • Sharon Groom
    Sharon Groom

    Another incredible rescue! You're right Loreta, you do bring good things! 😁 Happy New Year to all at Hope for Paws!

  • lara26011982


  • Jameson Sechrist
    Jameson Sechrist

    There is a cat who lives in the sewers in my neighborhood every time I've seen her or him I want you to rescue it

  • Velvet & Toads
    Velvet & Toads

    A Christmas miracle indeed!

  • Fromandos I
    Fromandos I

    Симпотяга такой... глазёнки красивые...

  • Sara Barela
    Sara Barela


  • King of All Buttocks
    King of All Buttocks

    Look at this. From a terrible situation to his own winter wonderland. thanks to you guys and LA Cat Connection. He will have a beautiful loving home I am sure. I am about to become a donor NOW.

  • Georgi Iliev
    Georgi Iliev

    Thank you for your kindness, be blessed!

  • Hesa Thec
    Hesa Thec

    So beautiful and those eyes are so amazingly beautiful. It look like my girl I had to "go " by the rainbowbridge. Cancer for 5 months ago. But she was black.

  • Lallie Hayes
    Lallie Hayes

    Thanks to the utility workers!

  • Aurore Bremond
    Aurore Bremond

    Happy New Year 2021 🙏♥️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • My Life my work
    My Life my work

    Thanks Guys for saving cute friend🤗🤗🤗👌👌👌💖💖💖🌷🌷🌷🌺🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏

  • Martha Harnish
    Martha Harnish

    Every time I watch one of your videos, I'm so glad I make a small donation every month!

  • Elizabeth Turczyk
    Elizabeth Turczyk

    Yes; this is truly a miracle from Jehovah God and his Son. There is no other answer for it! Thank you rescuers; you will truly be rewarded by the Grand Creator; Jehovah God!

  • Rick Danner Guitar Player
    Rick Danner Guitar Player

    loretta is so pretty sorry

  • Hope Devine
    Hope Devine

    Keep making more hopeforpaws rescue videos love you hopeforpaws team

  • Lorraine Gatzke
    Lorraine Gatzke

    💖 beautiful little cat

  • Ivan Talijancic
    Ivan Talijancic

    omg...he's gorgeous!

  • Larry Ellison
    Larry Ellison

    I respect you guys so much. I made a donation last night & will again when I'm able. My best friend is my little dog. He has never missed a meal or faced any abuse at all. I had my pick of the litter from friends dog. But I feel for animal's who are not that lucky

  • Nicole Gillings
    Nicole Gillings

    I hope when there flushing the sewers the kittens don't drown

  • Zahara PL
    Zahara PL

    Merry Christmas Loretta and Eldad ❤️I wish you all the best ❤️You are beautiful people 🤗⛄

  • Al J
    Al J

    Whoever the Christmas Queen is the tree and Santa's village are beautiful. Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do.

  • Wallace Williams
    Wallace Williams

    The donation bar is ALMOST al the WAY up! Congratulation hope for paws. :D

  • Khristina Wilson
    Khristina Wilson


  • Worawuth

    He is so cute.

  • me ha
    me ha

    His angels were watching over him. God bless merry Christmas happy new year ❤️

  • Cherish Bayes
    Cherish Bayes

    A puzzle piece as the pic with the name alex in it.because it ties him into the crazy pieces. The name is hard tho... That would be a good merch pic for a shirt. Edit: for the name maybe A piece of alex. Or A crazy piece of Alex or Crazy pieces of alex or ???

  • Noemi Napoles-Gnad
    Noemi Napoles-Gnad


  • Condeza Fisher
    Condeza Fisher

    Happy New Year to all of you and have more blessing 2021. Greetings from Ottawa Canada.😻❤️❤️❤️

  • Carin Wiseman
    Carin Wiseman

    Might be a good idea to keep some cans of stinky cat food in the car. No doubt she is starving and might come out for that.

  • Neville Ross
    Neville Ross

    Welding gloves are really good to catch cat's. Beautiful decorations

  • Milena run
    Milena run

    is loreta from Lituhania?

    • Milena run
      Milena run

      her name and .. i dont now how its coled is lituhanian

  • Shadowbear001

    Should have named him Dwayne.

  • Jen Scheibner
    Jen Scheibner

    God is good all the time...

  • Angie Ariza
    Angie Ariza

    Happy New Year 2021 God blessed you abundantly

  • Laurie Greenhow
    Laurie Greenhow

    Beautiful 😻

  • Danette Hartsock
    Danette Hartsock

    Just goes to show that Jesus LOVES even tiny little kittens! How much more do you think He loves you! God bless you all!

  • Ossiecar C
    Ossiecar C

    Awesome job guys!! Merry Christmas and happy new year 🥳

  • anoniem moet
    anoniem moet

    When luck is on your side 💖💖💖💖

  • That One Asassin
    That One Asassin

    I love your videos so, so much! I watch like 20 of your videos every day. You have an amazing team i literally love you so much! In all of your videos i cry of happines because you are saving so many animals and you guys put so much love in the animals that you save and you guys are lifesavers for those animals! I love your channel!! 🙂🙂🙂 ♥️♥️♥️

  • Deborah Cole
    Deborah Cole

    ......all of God's creatures, great and small. The rescuers are the great ones helping the small ones in need. The way it should always be....💞

  • Angela Florschütz Camplin
    Angela Florschütz Camplin

    Persistence PAYS!!! He is going to be a lovely cat. Too damn bad we live in Germany, i would be more than willing, to bring him together with our 5🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  • Josie Schulz
    Josie Schulz

    Wish all Hope for Paws Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year stay safe..thanks for helping Beethoven he is safe now..

  • esmae Delaney
    esmae Delaney

    The cat looks like my cat his names tucker but that not him bc mine is right here with me

  • John Storez
    John Storez

    His eyes when he is licking :p

  • Rockabilli

    Aber ansonsten finde ich diese Sendung 👍 👍 8

  • Rockabilli

    MERI Christmas der untertitel ist so groß das man das Bild kaum sieht. So ein Schwachsinn .Es wird in Englisch gesprochen und anstatt in Deutsch in Englisch untertitelt

  • Tulio Viloria
    Tulio Viloria

    Merry Christmas

  • mikeifyouplease

    Eldad, I think it was more than just fate that brought that crew to you!!

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf

    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and happy New Years to all of these wonderful rescuers and what a Christmas miracle indeed! I thought that the kitty would never get out, that he could of got lost and died. So, so happy that the sewer guys intervened at just the right time! What a sweet little angel and blessing right for Christmas! 😊😀🐾🐾🐱🐈🐈

  • Rohan

    He's so beautiful xx

  • H L
    H L

    Jaime and Victor thank you so much for helping the Hope For Paws crew!!! You guys rock!!

  • Martha Collier Moseley
    Martha Collier Moseley

    I'm a believer! Thank you Loretta and Eldad!!

  • Leo 9
    Leo 9

    Merry Christmas!

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    You All At Paws are Miracle Rescuers and Yes The Benevolent Forces are with You ! Much Love and gratitude to Hope for Paws .

  • дмитрий рейсфельд
    дмитрий рейсфельд


  • Naya Polanco
    Naya Polanco

    Beethoven's eyes are just so precious

  • Antonia Lacruz Fenollosa
    Antonia Lacruz Fenollosa

    Una criaturita tan pequeña : y estáis ¡¡luchando por ella ¡¡ me ah negra el corazón ¡¡ q quede gente maravillosa ¡¡¡ 🌹😍🥀

  • Alfa & Omega
    Alfa & Omega

    babay angel