Abandoned dog was starving..... for love and attention!!!
Months of loneliness could have been prevented if people had done the right thing. Luckily, her feeder finally discovered #HopeForPaws and the rest is history! We just posted more videos on our website: www.HopeForPaws.org
Both Maple and her best friend Scampi are looking for their loving forever homes! Please share their video so we can find them this home together. Our friends at Angel City Pit Bulls will handle their adoption and you can contact them directly here: www.AngelCityPits.org
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  • Msshadylady21

    When he walked into the yard and she just became so excited to have someone just give her affection, that broke my heart and made me cry. She seems so sweet. If her previous family had any kind of love for her, how could they just leave her like that?

    • Ahan Dubash
      Ahan Dubash

      Yeah ikr I have 3 dogs and they all look big and scary but inside there shy and sweet and so kind idk how people cant like these magnificent KIND cute creatures called dogs they are literally so much like us just a bit more dumb lol

    • Rumaan Farhan
      Rumaan Farhan

      I know RIGHT??????

    • Ignorance of the Law is no excuse
      Ignorance of the Law is no excuse

      Thank you for your kindness ... God be with you all :)

    • Shawn Barczak
      Shawn Barczak

      Sadly the way things are going people do not know what to do in regards to leaving what they love in regards to a pet. It kills me beyond belief to see these stories!!!! To people out there that are not able to keep your pets in the event of a move, PLEASE!!!!, Try and contact a rescue or a NO KILL shelter to try and rehome your beloved pet!!!! You may surprised as to what can happen. Give your beloved an extra chance. If circumstances change who knows you may even be lucky enough to get your beloved fur baby back...

    • Wawa Willegers
      Wawa Willegers

      The same questions I am asking!? Maple is a wonderful furbaby with a friendly soul. Wishing her a happy life till her last breath. Adopt don't shop. Please don't abonden your pets, no matter how harsh life treating you. And don't forget to spay or neuter them.

  • Florine Fuller
    Florine Fuller

    She is an beautiful pitbull

  • Matej Frece
    Matej Frece

    im soo into pitbulls.. also visited that pit bulls site and its awesome.. someone has another ideas like that to adopt or get pits ? thanks for answering! ☺️

  • Diane Crofoot
    Diane Crofoot

    Looks good for being abandoned for that long

  • Tiago Florensia
    Tiago Florensia

    fuck the previous owners. how could they have abandoned such a pure and kind animal

  • Brett Weltz
    Brett Weltz

    I think theres something wrong with you're pig mamm>XD

  • Joel Marble
    Joel Marble

    Maple's snorting is enough to melt your heart. Maple is proof positive how great Pit Bulls are even after neglect and abandonment.

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    That's me after 6 months in quarantine.

  • Stuart Cooper
    Stuart Cooper

    As much as i love seeing these beautiful dogs rescued and eventually placed in a loving home why is it that the general public take so bloody long to report these animals in such distress, what is wrong with these people not reporting an abandoned or suffering animal straight away as for me it makes them almost as bad as the initial abuser, then some dickhead on a bike making out he's a concerned neighbour "what not reporting a dog suffering makes the idiot a concerned neighbour" The mind boggles!!!!!!!!! People who harm animals should be strung up

    • Jake Lesser
      Jake Lesser

      Great post. The last video i watched a poor dog's hair had grew to the point it could no longer see. Residents was gathering round seeing be rescued like some big happy send off. Could not one of them have phoned a shelter?

  • jojo 2020
    jojo 2020

    What a beautiful dog so cute ❤️

  • Rajan Singh
    Rajan Singh

    Scripted video

  • paulo h
    paulo h

    Parabéns 👏👏👏👏 sigo os vídeos de vcs aqui do Brasil 👍👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍📴📴👏👏

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    Maple is just so beautiful. This time I cried happy tears for her rescue. I know that I say it all the time but you guys are just the BEST!!

  • Rooiku

    It baffels me that people have to be told it's not ok to abandon a dog. Sure it happens in my country too but VERY rarely since we have laws against it. And people who own a dog have to do a dog course and an exam as well as register the dog and pay taxes for him.

  • Jay Free
    Jay Free

    That snort is soooo cute

  • Gage Bagaso
    Gage Bagaso

    She is so adorable

  • Deena K
    Deena K


  • tamara Elijah
    tamara Elijah

    this was on my birthday june 6

  • Dog love
    Dog love

    She is lovely ♥️

  • Paul B
    Paul B

    Maple is such an amazing and sweet dog! I would have traveled across the country to adopt her. That snort tugs at your heart. Hope she is happy with her furever home now.

  • MS JAY
    MS JAY

    Ho can you jut abandon your pet, take it to a shelter. That dog is gorgeous.

  • Daktari

    Snort or Snork should be his name. Beautiful dog.

  • V G
    V G


  • Bandi XD
    Bandi XD

    Look like it was not starving after all so it was not abandoned.

  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

    All those evil people need to be kicked from the planet... How can someone be so cruel and heartless to dump or abuse animals ? All this bastards may rott in hell !!! Such a sweetheart she is so sweet and beautiful and kind. Thanks for saving this sweet souls every day you are the best !!!

  • María Guillen
    María Guillen

    I love pitbull thank you for help

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    Wish I was not allergic to animals. I will just have to donate.

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    What a sweet dog!

  • Helen Jackman
    Helen Jackman

    The horrible worthless unhuman creeps who do this should be found a put in prison for a while.

  • максим харитонов
    максим харитонов


  • Lexi R
    Lexi R

    Why would so one abandon her she so loving and cute

  • rebellion 1
    rebellion 1


  • Erik Pederson
    Erik Pederson

    She is a straight up, beauty 👑!

  • Ruth Tichy
    Ruth Tichy

    I love all the noises she makes!😂

  • heaven12345100

    Humans can be the worst people in the world

  • Hrithik Chatterjee
    Hrithik Chatterjee

    You people are hero , like God So animals trust you

  • Drew Earthling
    Drew Earthling

    That's a perfect dog. She shows no fears or insecurities. It doesn't matter where you touch her. She is positively happy and affectionate. She loves men, women and other dogs. Not any sign at all that would raise a red flag, or something that needs work. It's genetic. She is simply a loving, trusting and engaging animal. This is the kind of dog that Cesar (The Dog Whisperer) would use as a lead. Someone's gonna get a real prize.

  • Rocco Fitel
    Rocco Fitel

    Should name her Rexy or Hog Muffin. Cause that's about what she sounds like a hog or a trex...possibly a hybrid.

  • Knoedel Toni
    Knoedel Toni

    Dogs are the better humans...

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    I will never understand why people do things like this to such amazing animals! God Bless All Of You!!

  • nor dylan
    nor dylan

    May God Bless U all. I hope many ppl care about stray dog and animal..

  • Sophie Ferrand
    Sophie Ferrand

    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites et pour cette louloute

  • B Sanders
    B Sanders

    I will never understand how people can be so mean and cruel and vicious to abandon a beautiful sweet girl like Maple. She is such a gentle and loving PitBulls are all like Maple. Callie my Pitbull was a little girl that was at my side for 15 years when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss her so much.

  • Jxia Noma
    Jxia Noma

    what breed is she she looks like a pitbull but shes a giant so im not sure

  • Zed OHH
    Zed OHH

    she makes these cute piggy noises

  • Line Hedevang
    Line Hedevang

    People who thinks pitbulls are evil needs to watch some "It's me or the dog". You'll see It's about traning and giving love and affection

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green

    awwwwwww. i would take her if anyone would even abandon her i hope she is weii

  • Cory !
    Cory !

    What a beautiful dog

  • Navajo Auckland
    Navajo Auckland

    The struggle is real yal ... Do the good thing and surrender your pets please, don't abandon them. There is no shame if your finances are fucked and your struggling

  • daletwin1

    I'm glad someone fed the dog for MONTHS but I would have taken that dog out of there the milli-second I knew it was abandoned. Why do people wait so long to take action? I don't get it. MONTHS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad she didn't wait 10 years I guess. Man alive.

  • Lisa Mc10072
    Lisa Mc10072

    OMG she was so ready to just go!

  • Lauran Carter
    Lauran Carter

    I’m just wondering why it took someone a year to contact someone to get her?

  • Breanna sky
    Breanna sky

    God she is GORGEOUS her eyes r stunning!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ushataju lava
    Ushataju lava

    Thank you all! God bless you!!!

  • Tijah George
    Tijah George

    That dog near her looks like denis (rip :(

  • Vera Lúcia
    Vera Lúcia

    Que lindooooo 🙌🙏🇧🇷👏😀

  • Ahan Dubash
    Ahan Dubash

    I think this is my fav vid out of all of ur bids

  • Rosa Santos Pais
    Rosa Santos Pais

    Que bello es.

  • Todd Karrick
    Todd Karrick

    I know its a long shot but is Maple still looking for a home?

  • AshleyanM09

    If only i could adopt either one of your rescued animals... like maple, but i live in Philippines u guys live in LA😓

  • Jose Liborio
    Jose Liborio

    I´ll never, never understand why someone abandons an animal... so lovely dog...

  • bosanpisan

    Few second after taken out of that yard, already try to attack someone ?. This is not a good sign. Thank God that biker seems know how to face a stranded dog.

  • Niki Gagliardi
    Niki Gagliardi


  • Paloma Vllng
    Paloma Vllng

    I still can’t understand how there are people in this world able to leave animals behind, it’s heartbreaking and scary how some people have no heart

  • HazelBrown Eyez
    HazelBrown Eyez

    This dog isn’t starving she looks like someone just put her in there. She looks very healthy.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    What a sweetheart!! Gives me anxiety knowing she spent a year nearly by herself.. that is Cruel beyond words!! No excuse for that..

  • Deidre Brown
    Deidre Brown

    Maple is what I need in my life, she's a sweetie & I'm Canadian 😉💗

  • joawana antupar
    joawana antupar

    sweet pitbulll 😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • joawana antupar
    joawana antupar

    can i adopt her 😍❤

  • blackattackcat

    Are you using "Nudges treats"??

  • Gaurang Parmar
    Gaurang Parmar

    If some one had adopted this pretty girl then it's ok if not then I would love to adopt him I am from india and I want all detials what cost it takes to adopt

  • Twisted Mr.
    Twisted Mr.

    That dog was not starving. I’ll buy neglected but not starving.

  • Yvonne Creekbaum
    Yvonne Creekbaum

    omg, those eyes and that smile...she is beautiful. Wish I lived in California, I would put in to adopt her in a minute. I sure hope she finds a wonderful home, she certainly deserves some love, she also has plenty of love to give.


    Still says that the PitBull is a dangerous breed my god

  • Richard Law
    Richard Law

    Some people in the world are just crap. It’s never okay to abandon a dog. I could never imagine doing that to my baby

  • Jan Copeland
    Jan Copeland

    These dogs are so helpless,left to fend for themselves...you are so amazing to seek out & help..i commend you...🇦🇺


    I love her! Such a sweet gentle girl & soooo beautiful that my fingers ache!

  • MrPeaceDragon

    When i grow up iam buying 2 dogs But NEVER ABANDING THEM!😌🥺

  • Rita Untitled
    Rita Untitled

    De onde tiraram que esse cão estava abandonado? Saudável, de coleira, em um terreno com portão, onde ele tinha abrigo?

  • Joanna Brennan
    Joanna Brennan

    The dog wanted the food, not "love and affection."

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly

    Great job

  • SuperExtreme


  • Kathleen

    For all those who are afraid of pities...Maple is genuinely the demeanour of a pit bull, loving, gentle, playful and just a great dog, even after being abandoned she was sweet.

  • Tessa

    I didn't plan to cry today -- yet here we are :(

  • Monique Gibson.
    Monique Gibson.

    I just love the way JoAnn says "hello" to the animals, and her infectious laugh! Second favorite rescuer (Eldad, of course, is King)

  • Blayze smith
    Blayze smith

    Such a gorgeous dog im glad that people fed her

  • Trellen Russey
    Trellen Russey

    She was SO happy to go with them out of that yard!...

  • Trellen Russey
    Trellen Russey

    Sorry it took someone SO long to call for help for her!!

  • DFS57 _
    DFS57 _

    Abandoned pit bull... trash-filled streets... the usual suspects, of course.

  • Bruce Hemsworth
    Bruce Hemsworth

    Not every dog can be saved/rescued but for you to after the one & still show compassion, I am speechless & blessed.

  • Mikola Poltavskiy
    Mikola Poltavskiy

    Какой добродушный питбульчик. Приютили в зрелом возрасте и он еще никого не сьел :)

  • Bonesidedowngoof

    Everybody knew Maple and yet she was abandoned for a year!!!

  • flyback 2me
    flyback 2me

    😂. Why are yas wearing those ridiculous masks outside? Like little slaves.

  • jkid323

    awww she got no cheeseburgers :(

  • Karin Tolbert
    Karin Tolbert

    My Father God, you've created such beautiful creatures that just want someone to love💗💗💗💗💗

  • Ria Duckfoot
    Ria Duckfoot

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO EVIL, AFTER A ANIMAL BUILD TRUST AND LOVE IN THEM THEY JUST ABANDONED HER, there should be a law for this ...the poor dog was so confused and lonely and starving omg ❤️ thank u too the neighbor God will not forget the owners,u will get punished God sees everything but people don't God bless that Animal 🙏 and the rescuer's amen there is no excuses for abandoneing Animals and abusing them

  • Karel Marx
    Karel Marx

    Nice video ,loud and bad music

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones

    Wow she is so beautiful! If i could i would try and get her for our new house. Im sure she will find a forever home tho!

  • Stella Burnell
    Stella Burnell

    Bless you for caring for these lovely animals xxx

  • Melvin Hernandez
    Melvin Hernandez

    Right those nice white cristlie eyes and that nice face oh it made me cry

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