Why would anyone throw animals into a trash can??? (mom and babies)
I am so happy someone knew to call #HopeForPaws for help and I'm glad JoAnn Wiltz was ready to quickly respond! Please join our team with a small donation here: www.HopeForPaws.org
I don't want to think what would have happened to this family if we didn't get there before the garbage truck did. When you're donating to our organization, you're helping us save so many families... we have so many more videos coming!
Thank you so much Pacific Wildlife Project for fostering them and caring for this family!

  • Purified State
    Purified State

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals

    • Zoanisious S
      Zoanisious S

      Why always we need like these people why don’t you try to be like them 😑 selfish world

    • Cherry Metha
      Cherry Metha

      M 40 You’re right about this channel (charity);! I just saw a vid on here with a story which was a big lie . Kerching ! I wondered why the girls on this channel always wear tight denim shorts . I’ve never seen charity workers dressed like that . It’s to attract men on to this channel. Kerching!

    • Sara Nightfire
      Sara Nightfire

      How you treat an animal is a reflection of yourself. That's what I always tell people, and if you see someone you're considering marrying abusing an animal, even if they treat you nicely. Rethink about even dating them, it doesn't take long to be transferred to people.

    • pinkElla

      @A T like cows and chickens **

    • pinkElla

      @A T oh stfu humans are meant to eat animals.

  • joeblackakareaper

    Possums often crawl into trash receptacles looking for food, chances are good that is what happened here. Often when they get in they can't get out so this is what happens. Possums like rats are disease carriers so saving them is counterproductive IMO. TheReaper!

  • Vicky McConnell
    Vicky McConnell

    God bless you all for your love and helping these precious gifts from heaven With love and up most respect From Grants Pass Oregon

  • Dr. Michael R. Foreman
    Dr. Michael R. Foreman

    They throw human babies in trash cans. What makes you think they would have any compassion for an animal.

  • Crazyredheadart

    thank you for realizing how important these creatures are..and giving them a chance!

  • Zelda Sharpe
    Zelda Sharpe

    People can be so cruel to animals. This Mum could have died in that bin along with babies, so thank you to the lady who phoned the rescuers, and thank you to the rescuers that helped this poor Mum out.

  • Patricia Taggart
    Patricia Taggart

    You guys are so awesome ! ! LOVE ! 💋🐾🐾✌

  • Jenifer Blausey
    Jenifer Blausey

    Possums can and do crawl into places such as non-sealing trashcans, meaning non-locking lids.

  • Laurie Marshall
    Laurie Marshall

    Because humans are the worst animal in the world. Thank you for being a good human.

  • Judy Hetrick
    Judy Hetrick

    These are just awesome animals, I would encourage them to be in my yard if I didn’t have a beagle

  • Marie Slabbert
    Marie Slabbert

    We do not have opposums where I live, so it was quite shoking for me to see that the poor injured mamma was lifted up by her tail and kept like that for some time. A baby almost fell out. Is that not painful to them?

  • Brenda Rand
    Brenda Rand

    It's possible the person that put it in the trash can thought it was dead. They do that

  • Gunslinger454

    Have you ever heard the saying, "playing possum," meaning to play dead? The reason that saying exists is that opossums when threatened will often play dead. Odds are that whoever put the opossum in the trash found it playing dead, thought it really was dead and put it into the trash to get rid of it. I highly doubt they knowingly put a live animal into the trash can to be killed.

  • im dumb Dai Siab
    im dumb Dai Siab

    Never ever drop a kitten/cat in a trsshcan!

    • im dumb Dai Siab
      im dumb Dai Siab

      Who would trash a animal in a trash TwT

  • Crystal D Arbogast
    Crystal D Arbogast

    Possums are our only marsupial here. They eat ticks as well as fleas. They are very beneficial to our environment. I live on 13 acres.....they are safe here. It’s astounding at the level of human ignorance and lack of compassion.

  • Peggy Ryan
    Peggy Ryan

    JoAnn you look great in your shorts. So cute. I appreciate how matter of fact you are. Thank you for being so hard working and game for most anything. You're a good woman.

  • Marie

    The mom definitely could’ve climbed in there & then someone ended up closing the lid at some point. One time there was a possum in my trash & it scared the crap out of me! Lol.

  • auttie

    God bless you for everything that you do! I was able to donate and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I highly encourage everyone to donate. Imagine if all the subscribers here would just donate five dollars! It would it do so much for this organization.

  • swissmaid

    What is wrong with people putting a live animal in the trash? May God forgive them!

  • Kirra Hanks
    Kirra Hanks

    I love animals your real heroes I have a dog god bless you 🙂

  • Rosa Marrero
    Rosa Marrero

    Thank you.:

  • gacha_moonlight wolf
    gacha_moonlight wolf

    Thank you for saveing it god bless you

  • Charlemagne Vielleux
    Charlemagne Vielleux

    poor baby

  • kris db
    kris db

    Shame on you, the person who dumps that animal in a waste container. You deserve to be thrown in there yourself !!!!!!

  • Sonja R
    Sonja R

    The opossum may not have been thrown in the garbage can, here, in New York, we found an opossum in our garbage can going to town on the garbage! We called a wildlife control company, who set a trap and got her.

  • Navajo Auckland
    Navajo Auckland

    Yeah . I doubt she was put in the trash . Those rats climb everywhere

  • Michelle Johns
    Michelle Johns

    Whoever put her in a trashcan if you see this you’re a bad person!!! we need more rescuers in this world even if there’s a lot going on Doesn’t mean you can stop helping animals never stop helping animals it’s important!!! Please become rescuer!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Cathy Scott
    Cathy Scott

    Once again you guys made it there just in the nick of time 🙏👍💪

  • Kitty And Wøłfy
    Kitty And Wøłfy

    Why would anyone want to do that!

  • Crona Kazame
    Crona Kazame

    Omg I'm surprised I didn't see this sooner i love possums poor mama. Thank you so much for helping her!

  • Kristi S
    Kristi S

    You guys are so AWESOME!

  • Elianys the piggy
    Elianys the piggy

    Yeah there's people that think they are ugly but its not fair to throw them in a trash can. THEY DO NOT DESERVE THAT!!!

  • Kavya Dev
    Kavya Dev


  • Bee's Camp
    Bee's Camp

    Did she throw it away or did it clime in it....????????

  • Hailey Price
    Hailey Price

    It was surprising that the mother opossum didn't growl or hiss, they usually do. She probably was in pain so that might have interfered. Also, it was funny how the rescuers picked all of them up by the tail. It didn't look like it hurt them, but it was kinda funny

  • Angie Joshi
    Angie Joshi

    Someone who does that with an animal with a living being cannot be called a person, it is not even garbage, because even garbage is useful for something, not even should someone exist that hurts an animal.

  • tyraelpl

    Why? Well it might have been playing dead and some got rid of what they thought to be a corpse... Or the animal got in there by itself.

  • Roblox mysteries
    Roblox mysteries

    and question why do you only reacue the adults only if there are pups you dont rescue adult dogs without pups

  • Roblox mysteries
    Roblox mysteries


  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas

    Kill ex owners

  • Angela

    I cried watching her in the trash can with her babies 💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭 All she was doing was protecting her babies, whoever threw her in there, I pray the worst karma imaginable upon you🙏 As for everyone involved in her rescue, GOD BLESS YOU🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Yabadabonboo

    I hope that the person who did that thought that she was dead. Possums are such beautiful necessary creatures. They do a lot for the environment and are so cute.

  • Ann Clark
    Ann Clark

    Awww they are so cute thanks Hope for paws for saving them 🙂

  • Larry D
    Larry D

    That's more than cruel.... that's criminal! Thank God for y'all.

  • bleakoutlook08

    got a bunch of scared mice in my attic and hungry rabbits in the backyard, pls come save them

  • noorzia kochi
    noorzia kochi

    Shameless people who did this crime

  • Ivan Lewkov
    Ivan Lewkov

    Son seres vivos también amigos 😓😓😓😓😓🐰🐰🐰🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️ argentina 💙💙💙💙💙🌻🌺🌸🌻🌼🏵️

  • Twiggy H.
    Twiggy H.

    There are kinda ugly... but they live and feel and shouldn’t be treated bad. I hit a opossum once and it didn’t make it. I cried for the poor thing.

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha

    The creators of this vid should NOT have click baited people for such a serious subject . It is untruthful . It’s also irresponsible of them . I didn’t know that Possums play ‘dead ‘ and even smell awful . I just found out from some other commentators . So some innocent person thought that the possum was dead and so threw her into the rubbish bin . That person did not do it on purpose . Now I’m wondering how genuine this channel is if they can try to fool people to invoke sympathy .

  • Riyaislam Applehead29
    Riyaislam Applehead29

    Humans crossed all the limits of cruelty

  • Kaitlyn Franco
    Kaitlyn Franco

    This is sad the poor family got thrown away like that! Doesn’t their owner no that is just plain cruel I also used to have a dog named Leo he was 7 months old but he was pretty tall anyway he was a kelpie and katahoolu mix I think that’s how you spell it anyways he was so amazing and I loved him! But then one day he passed away which was sad but I guess it’s the circle of life I miss him along with my other passed dog he was a German Shepard named Sammy I miss both of them but they can’t stay alive forever.....

    • Kaitlyn Franco
      Kaitlyn Franco

      I meant person not owner

  • Angie Cox
    Angie Cox

    That tail and ass end grosses me out

  • Everygame Among us
    Everygame Among us

    Who ever did this should be treated like this

  • MR Zaccaro
    MR Zaccaro

    Humans who do not honor the sanctity of life do not deserve theirs.

  • Angie Cox
    Angie Cox

    It prob crawled into the trash can on its own looking for food. Whoever said these animals are "harmless" is dumb as a box of rocks! Look at the teeth and the claws they have! They are by no means harmless

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez

    omg, so unbelievable!!

  • Sparkfeather Of MoonClan
    Sparkfeather Of MoonClan

    I know what happened... the trash was tired of being there so it decided to replace itself hopefully the trash realizes it belongs there now.

  • Shannon F-PA
    Shannon F-PA

    How can a human not have compassion for another living, breathing creature? Who are humans to feel they are superior to a animal? This is their world too, theirs enough space for everyone. ♡

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    One day i was going through some trash cans looking for plants or cuttings to start, and I opened this can. There was a possum. If I had not come that day, she/he would have been crushed and ground up in the mayhem. I took her home and put her/him in a cage with some food and water for a couple hours then released her/him in my back yard after dark.

  • Ria Duckfoot
    Ria Duckfoot


  • Janine Wellman
    Janine Wellman

    I am so happy she and her babies are doing so well thanks to you HOP:))) I will never understand why some humans are soulless.

  • Black Bean Chicken
    Black Bean Chicken

    You guys are awesome!

  • nsav8

    Possums eat ticks and are a blessing to have in your garden. I treat the possum in my backyard like a king! Occassionally I'll throw treats like bananas out to him, and I don't allow my dog anywhere near his home under my shed. In the winter, I do feed him extra b/c it gets so cold here and it is harder for him to find food.

  • Ahmed Elleithy
    Ahmed Elleithy

    The one who threw those animals in the trash won't ever see heaven or even smell it. The hell will be his forever home

  • a. Bakker
    a. Bakker

    You ask why now because humans are monsters

  • Nicole Gillings
    Nicole Gillings

    You are all Amazing💖 how could some one be so horrible

  • Tracy Derry
    Tracy Derry

    Thank you so much for saving this family. So many people only see opossums as pests, think they're ugly, and assume they carry disease. They eat a lot of different pests, they clean up trash, and they're very handy to have around if you have fruit trees that often drop fruit. It's also very very rare for them to get rabies. I think they're adorable and love seeing them around my area.


    I wish there were more people like these I mean animal rights and I love your vids it’s amazing how you get to rescues and have time ti record and edit and talk care of every won and everything amazing we’re all very grateful!

  • frankieboo702

    This is exactly how I found my dog, someone threw her in some apartments trash cans and my niece knew to call me asap. 1 look at my garbage puppy, I knew she was gunna by mine forever. 6yrs later, I love her more everyday

  • Stephanie Matos
    Stephanie Matos

    Tysm for saving the poor animal he deserved a better life 💝💝💝💝💝

  • Yvette kidd
    Yvette kidd

    They are actually very sweet, friends had one as a pet

  • Yvette kidd
    Yvette kidd

    I'm not the type to wait, I'd have gotten my gloves on

  • anna tzanetaki
    anna tzanetaki

    here in Greece it is an almost daily phenomenon for animal lovers to find newborn cats and dogs thrown in the garbage, sealed in nylon bags to die of suffocation, but also adult animals, tied up and muzzled ... some manage to save them, some ... great disappointment and shame

  • DJ Tommy C. Colosi
    DJ Tommy C. Colosi

    Do you know if a person did it and she crawled in? Or maybe they thought it was dead? Image to believe so someone would put a live possum like that .

  • Roy Bayona
    Roy Bayona

    Thank you so much people saving for saving these creatures.

  • Anasilvia Garcia
    Anasilvia Garcia

    The world need people like them

    • Mike S
      Mike S

      Become one then.

  • Connie Doan
    Connie Doan

    We have raised oppossums many times. We hid their food and taught them to forage for their food , and released by a creek in the woods.

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon

    The animal that did this should be thrown in jail cell with big bubba..

  • Feyd Rautha
    Feyd Rautha

    I think she was a pet. She was so docile

  • kewlade719

    Beautiful animals. Harmless and only marsupials to be found in the US and Canada! Take care of our planet folks!

  • Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX
    Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX


    • Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX
      Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX


    • Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX
      Xx_Sophia_Gacha _CookiexX

      By her I mean that Katy I’m so peeved

  • Sakshi Athwani
    Sakshi Athwani

    There are some angel on earth lije you guys who save so many lives😇😇😇😇

  • SB. Yours Truly
    SB. Yours Truly

    I love watching the opossum rescues! They’re so cute. I cant believe the audacity some ppl have to literally throw an animal in the garbage. Her and her poor babies. Great rescue!

  • Zrx900

    he said it blongs in to the trash the guy who throw the pigs but fr why would you do the its not nice its just sad :c

  • Mr. Mr
    Mr. Mr

    Probably mistaken for a big rat

  • greg romano
    greg romano

    I live in the country and it is not un common for opossums and raccoons to get in trash cans and dumpsters and not be able to get out . Put a stick ir board in and let them climb out and go back where they came from. If it keeps occurring use as bungie cord to secure the lid

  • V.Barath

    Those who put it into the bin I curse you 1000000000000000⁰0000times

  • Mary España
    Mary España

    Los admiro de verdad que uds son seres unicos muchas bendiciones

  • Payton Harle
    Payton Harle

    They remind me of rats❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicky Wilks
    Nicky Wilks

    This is a little living breathing creature. Who the hell threw this baby in the trash??..karma will get them!!!.

  • Shahanna Grey
    Shahanna Grey

    Human trash, only know how to treat other living things like trash!

  • Venzi Ro
    Venzi Ro

    I hope before the end comes i can hold one beautiful minpin in my laps😊

  • fernanda games
    fernanda games

    I cant beilieve theres mean people who can do that to animals who never did anything to them.😞

  • just an scp fan
    just an scp fan

    I donated 10 for the help

  • Tik Jantra
    Tik Jantra

    There's a woman almost throw 7 newborn kitten to a river at night YES TO A RIVER I took them and raised, feed , and give them home, but unfortunately 4 of them died I think it's because of feline calicivirus and 3 of them had find a good home forever and now 1 of them had 3 kittens 😄

  • salty_mango idiot
    salty_mango idiot

    i really hope this is a real rescue channel.

  • yeetbois e
    yeetbois e

    who the hell would throw cats dogs and others in the trash whoever did will burn in hell

  • Cindi Salvatore
    Cindi Salvatore

    How despicable can some people be? Opossums are harmless to humans and extremely useful as bug and small vermin control.

  • henry angeles
    henry angeles

    ohh can we adopt a dog pls we live in philipines can we adopt

  • Unknown

    If I found out who did that I would torture but keep them alive to feel pain I will put cuts and bruises all over there body’s never ever throw animals in the trash

    • Paik

      Jaguar that’s a bit... extreme.