Homeless, injured, scared to trust humans, but then things took a sharp turn!
We love what we do! Our work can be dangerous, unpredictable, but we do it for the love of animals. We almost made it to our fundraising goal for 2019 - will you please join us? There are just a few hours left until the end of this UZload campaign.
Lilac was scared of humans and she needed help. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick got the call for this one, and they headed out. JoAnn is the veteran here and Katie just joined our team, and together they managed to accomplish this rescue successfully.
At the hospital, they learned that Lilac was injured (it looks like she was shot by a pellet gun), she had many embedded foxtails that caused an abscess (you will see the staples on the side of her body in the X-Ray). The worst injury was to her spirit... she was so sad, she didn't want anyone to touch her, and we knew that the next step is training with someone who can help her come out of her shell.
Our friend and trainer, Farren Mahone, turned around many dogs for us, and we knew she was the one who will accomplish this job successfully: facebook.com/BoardNBehave/
I don't want to tell you how it looks when it's all over because it will take away all the fun and joy!
Please watch, share, like, subscribe, and donate if you can so we can open 2020 with many more rescues.
Thank you so much,

  • Lone Gunman63
    Lone Gunman63

    Such a gorgeous dog, how anyone could mistreat a beautiful animal like lilac is beyond me, thankfully a beautiful ending for a beautiful girl.

  • Fahad Al Ghafri
    Fahad Al Ghafri

    And in the end she show us that she batter than most of human.

  • Ashley Gallo
    Ashley Gallo

    Beautiful dog

  • Ira Goldman
    Ira Goldman

    Пусть все кто предал животных будут прокляты

  • Alhleigh Gardner
    Alhleigh Gardner

    her facing the wall is heartbreaking. its like shes saying that she knows they are trying to help her. but she can't trust them anymore.

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • Tom Commager
    Tom Commager

    Almost want to shoot whoever shot that dog with my pellet gun and see how they like it

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • the scarecrow walks at midnight
    the scarecrow walks at midnight

    She was yelping

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • the scarecrow walks at midnight
    the scarecrow walks at midnight

    She was helping cause they were pulling her how rude

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • the scarecrow walks at midnight
    the scarecrow walks at midnight

    When the dog tripped somehow they pushed her to the wall and hit he or she in the fence they were kinda hitting the dog wiches rude

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • the scarecrow walks at midnight
    the scarecrow walks at midnight

    When they got her or he with the net on the neck she was yelping and they were pushing her to the wall and he or she yelped when they also fliped

  • Shauna Anderson
    Shauna Anderson

    This one got me from jump!! The minute you placed the gentle snare on her and rolled yourself over and off the ground, was the breaking point for me. I lost my shit!!! Just when I thought I had gotten myself back together, they showed her turned in her cage straight at the wall. This precious dog has clearly been through some horrendous things and has ever right to be scared. My heart hurts for any animal that has been abused and neglected at the hands of a disgusting human. Super happy she is safe and can start her new life, she is so beautiful!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!

  • Stalowy Bolec
    Stalowy Bolec


    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • n0etic Fox
    n0etic Fox

    She was shot with a pellet gun! If you did this to a dog in front of me I would feed you to it but honestly, you are not worth it, my dogs deserve better.

    • n0etic Fox
      n0etic Fox

      @Virus IDK man human is better than dog

    • Virus

      @n0etic Fox Doesn't matter, as long as we get to eat them first..YUM YUM

    • n0etic Fox
      n0etic Fox

      @Virus Some of those animals they ate are other humans. They taste rather like pork Humans. They also don't own Earth and can easily go extinct by some causes in well under a second.

    • Virus

      @n0etic Fox rofl, did you know that human owned thr entire planet, we can plunder its resources, harvest all the animal on the surface of the planet, and eat them

    • n0etic Fox
      n0etic Fox

      @Virus You are... beyond insane. Like I can read your words and I know what they all mean but they have no managing. It like you are saying "If you give a snake an apple it will act like a Biologist" the dog does not act like a human. Mind you humans are food and commodities nothing more nothing less.

  • Paul Wagstaff
    Paul Wagstaff

    I love dogs especially dachshunds please do a dachshund video

  • Gothic Queen
    Gothic Queen

    Pretty husky 💜

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones

    I would hope that of all of the things going on on this planet, that just these kind of things give God something to smile about..

  • MooMoo

    Dreadful that some vile Coward hurt this beautiful wiggle.

  • dennyray21

    Good humans vs bad humans I hope good wins out.

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • Ryan Buckley
    Ryan Buckley

    Shot her with a pellet gun. Unreal.

    • Virus

      Lol, the dog just faking it, stupid dog try to imitate human emotion

  • archona54

    Honestly, I'm divided on your work. I dislike some things you do, but people who shoot animals for fun (to them)? Yeah, they need to be removed.

  • rinke willemse
    rinke willemse

    beside of the point doe, why is the dog flying on the tumbnail (??!?!!?) *so many questions*

  • louise cochrane
    louise cochrane

    Why on earth would you put food out and then do that to the poor dog? let her enjoy the food and gain her trust. the one with blue hair is a psychopath

  • Lynn Kowalla
    Lynn Kowalla

    Thank you Tanja, and of course all of you, I sure needed to see a happy ending as she was so heartbreaking

  • Oumar Diane
    Oumar Diane

    How are you find the dogs???

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley

    25,000 humans died today from starvation and related diseases???

  • Linda Leed
    Linda Leed

    Did her fur coat change color? why did it change color? huh? where is she in the end? I can't tell the differences lol

  • Amilton Ribeiro
    Amilton Ribeiro

    Vcs são maravilhosos obrigado 😻😻😘

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    The wicked P.O.S that shot her multiple times has a special place in Hell.

  • Kate RH
    Kate RH

    Why was she left outside for so long?, in my country the RSPCA would be contacted within hours if not a couple of days.

  • Elle Ga
    Elle Ga

    That's break my heart to see her when she was scared

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️

  • Jonas L
    Jonas L

    Its done. I want to help and work with dogs from now on. Bye

  • Kay

    Burgers as dog Food ???

  • Jacob Ellis
    Jacob Ellis

    Bird was quick to take that. I do have to say though i was not happy with this rescue. On coming cars and you chose that time to snag her. if that didnt get around her neck that car would of killed her

  • B Mac
    B Mac

    Love the idea of rescuing these animals...but that lady 'JoAnne (maybe)' is SO aggressive! It's not the other videos where you guys seem 'gentle'--she was angry and intrusive in the 'rescue'. Great outcome, but I couldn't up-vote b/c she seemed so hateful, sorry.

  • Krichna Revolte
    Krichna Revolte

    It had hurt me when I saw Lilac hesitate when Joann touches her

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    This one REALLY broke my heart! God bless all of you, THANK YOU!!

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    I had forgotten that I had seen this video before. When she turn towards the corner, I remembered. Your people did such a great job showering her with love.

  • Caio Ribeiro
    Caio Ribeiro

    what beaifull husky

  • NeuKids

    MILLIONS and BILLIONS of animals are killed for our little bit of taste. Save All Animals

  • NeuKids

    Felt bad for the chicken too, and ofcourse the beautiful dog. Go Vegetarian

  • rita prenga
    rita prenga

    Heartbreaking 😭😭 Why doing such horrible things to a dog Wish the hell in life to this kind of people

  • Cory !
    Cory !

    She's so gorgeous

  • kevin dobson
    kevin dobson

    It was like watching an episode of Pokémon lol im the beginning but the ending melted my heart its good to know good people exist

  • Bebeplays

    this is the most inspiring dog ever it made me cry and laugh i wish i could have adopted her but thank you for treating her well

  • april asbahr
    april asbahr

    Thank you from my heart to everyone who changed this beautiful dogs life

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    OMG, she looks so sad. I just want to hug her.

  • Jose Liborio
    Jose Liborio

    How she could believe any humans after been shoot.. Ammazing wht you all did... She´s alive again!

  • Shaina Issachar
    Shaina Issachar

    You guys are really a good rescuer of dogs

  • Juliette Shepard
    Juliette Shepard

    I like the channel but you cant shave dogs my dog got shaved and she died because to many bug bites

  • LuciferGodOfWar

    its ok because one day these people will stand before god then they will be the ones in the corner shaking

  • james perreault
    james perreault

    i wonder how many dogs figure they are dead and give up when captured

  • Raj Kumari
    Raj Kumari

    So many dogs are barking there when you are rescue this don't why don't you also take the rest of them and send them to their families :-) ps no hate just love for hope for paws

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • galaxy dragon
    galaxy dragon

    you shouldn't put the lead on her so quick and aggressively

  • Kelly Dorey
    Kelly Dorey

    Yes so sad to see her so broken in the beginning but then to see her so happy in the end...omg you guys are angels!!!! ❤❤❤

    • Kelly Dorey
      Kelly Dorey


  • Hyde Baloncio
    Hyde Baloncio

    She makes me cry 😭😭😭

  • prostě Domča
    prostě Domča

    5:06 this broke my heard♥️🐕😣

  • prostě Domča
    prostě Domča

    I love animals so so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🐕

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    It also broke my heart when she would face the wall but it was wonderful to see her come to life with the pack. Thank you all.

  • DFS57 _
    DFS57 _

    Great rescue! Thank you!

  • DFS57 _
    DFS57 _

    'shot with a pellet gun'... there are some human males out there that need to be shot with a pellet gun

  • Mr. Hidden
    Mr. Hidden

    that is one gorgeous husky. i am sure she got adopted real quick.

  • Rhee Ken
    Rhee Ken

    허스키 겁나게 잘생겼다

  • Leeah Rathbone
    Leeah Rathbone

    This made me cry 🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😭😭😭

  • Soundwave OP
    Soundwave OP

    U shuld enable join button through that u can raise more money for these cuties

  • Lucian Alexander Villahermosa
    Lucian Alexander Villahermosa

    this what happen to somebody who abuse this dog (dog grabs a gun to somebody who shoot him) 5:01

  • DD TV
    DD TV

    Thank you angels...

  • Vivionna Henderson
    Vivionna Henderson

    I remember seeing her where my dad lives. She has a beautiful white husky and she had a baby. it's a boy but sadly it's a stay. But it's okay now because I take care of it. But I can't bring it into my dad's house because he's allergic to dogs. But he's okay.


    First feed it after catch plz

  • Ce'Ian

    how these dogs scared of ppl but the ones in my neighborhood would chase you until you pass out 😭😭💀

  • Provocateur Astrology
    Provocateur Astrology

    These 2 are awful. Where is Loretta and Eldar. No compassion here. Hard catch

  • DOGS LIVES MATTER Daniel Stancil
    DOGS LIVES MATTER Daniel Stancil

    Don't put her in a Cage there's no reason why you couldn't have put her in the back of the car or on the seat especially if she's been abused and you lock her up like a prisoner

  • elda elda
    elda elda

    Stin santorini exei pola adespot

  • crytex

    Dogs are the most loyal and trustable beings on this planet. When I saw Lailac facing a wall, I have never seen a dog doing that, I dont wanna think for a second what she's been trough, unimaginable. Thank you for rescuing her, she's very beautiful.

  • jjmonolo

    I had a cat that got shot by a pelet gun Two times in the ear.


    For these who can't speak u r the god for them👍

  • Tyla Barlow
    Tyla Barlow

    I cried when she kept facing the wall That hurt me 😭

  • brundag4

    Whoever shot her with that pellet gun, I’m gonna hurt you. You’re the cause for this dogs misery and you are the reason she broke my heart staring at that wall.

  • Piyush Wagh
    Piyush Wagh

    She is gorgeous ❤️ How could someone shoot such a sweet creature 😢

  • jeff leaf
    jeff leaf

    That broke my heart when she faced the wall and sat down.

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    Whoever hurt her like that, karma is real 🙏

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    She is right not to trust humans. That defense mechanism is there to protect her & ensure her survival 🙏💕🐕

  • Bradley Leacock
    Bradley Leacock

    Nice Jean's really lol

  • Mood øn
    Mood øn

    So pellet guns have bb bullets which actually hurt if y'all will try to shoot it on your skin, and I can actually tell that kids did that. Feels bad man, Can't believe humans can do such things like that. It's heart breaking.

  • Green Brain
    Green Brain

    Hmmm. Catching her was a bit too traumatic. Is there not a better way?

  • Fiona Jumu
    Fiona Jumu

    Those dogs really said “FREE MY HOMIE”

  • Malik rashid nazir
    Malik rashid nazir

    i love it can u send it to me

  • Feyd Rautha
    Feyd Rautha

    Such a beautiful dog.


    OMG she‘s a Husky. And thank you for saving animals.

  • Anonymous [112]
    Anonymous [112]

    wow first day of 2020 and a new dog was rescue....HOW AMAZING

  • Sinister Clouds
    Sinister Clouds

    *i'm only crying because of the music*

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    I wonder how the person who shot this dog multiple times would feel about being a target himself?

  • Ken Landon
    Ken Landon

    Why would she trust humas? Poor innocent soul.

  • Brett

    I know her heart is in the right place, but, worry for the blonde lady. Dont get me wrong she eventually got the snare on her, but it couldve easily went a different direction in that moment.

  • Sibapada Das
    Sibapada Das

    Good job guys

  • Gabriela Galescu
    Gabriela Galescu

    What a beautiful dog!

  • Softie Mint
    Softie Mint

    When she faced the wall I just felt that.

  • Selina Francesca
    Selina Francesca

    She's so beautiful... seeing her so sad broke me. How can people be so cruel? Thank you so much for giving her a chance at a better life.

  • ꧁༒Angela༒꧂

    Why would you guys trap her,and put her in that situation!?!? I’ve seen way better You barely awaited!

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