Abandoned PitBull with multiple tumors was so scared, but look at her now!!!
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Acacia was so scared of humans, and even when JoAnn Wiltz from Hope For Paws and Jacqueline Artecona from Pitties and Pals approached her, she wasn't willing to surrender easily.
After the rescue was accomplished and the benign tumors were removed, Acacia completely changed and she is super happy, loving, and she now needs your help with finding a loving forever home.
Acacia is now in her foster home in San Diego with our friends at It's The Pits and if you would like to meet her and adopt her, please contact them directly: www.ItsThePits.org
Veterinary care is so expensive and we really need your help. Please make a small donation to Hope For Paws and help us save many more lives: www.HopeForPaws.org
Thanks :-)
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  • Uzalezniony Polus
    Uzalezniony Polus

    That ass

  • Gogo Sylvia
    Gogo Sylvia

    Everyone at Hope For Paws has their own special way with animals and they are all amazing. JoAnn seems to have a no-nonsense, let's get it done approach combined with tremendous compassion. She's like one of those friends you want to go to when life is as bad as it gets and you need to turn it around. Kudos, ladies, this was an awesome save.

  • ONLY CHEMISTRY By Deepalika
    ONLY CHEMISTRY By Deepalika

    Beautiful kind dog

  • JulyN78

    She is adorable. A hugger. My kind of dog. I hope she has already a forever gome by now.

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    She is precious !! Your staff is the very best.

  • Ahzariah Marcano
    Ahzariah Marcano


  • Reina de Grillos
    Reina de Grillos

    The dog is running because did not like your high pitch voice, lady. WHY in the world so many women use this awful high pitch voices that are not their normal tone of voice to adress animals? It's VERY annoying!

  • Shiny Joshy
    Shiny Joshy

    Awww that smile on her face ....😍😍

  • Jimmy Dominguez
    Jimmy Dominguez

    Such a gentle soul.

  • 田辺みゆ


  • FreshPrince On IPad
    FreshPrince On IPad

    The thumbnail brought me here

  • B.A.L.

    It often seems that "animal control" is contacted and seems to either do nothing or are totally ineffective. What's up with that? Their job is to help animals but it seems they couldn't care less so much of the time.

  • Bobbi Petty
    Bobbi Petty

    What a sweet gentle pittie!

  • gemelli


  • Juan Pablo Forero
    Juan Pablo Forero

    Can anyone explain me why pitbulls are SO SWEET??? they are just big babies, specially that breed. Beagles are bitter (at least my hairy son was, hahahaha. Well, he was alsow sweet, yes, but so bitter, hahahahahaha. I loved him SO much!!!), but this ones, oh dear, so sweet always. Unless there is a STUPID human that makes them dangerous.

  • Lora Gunning
    Lora Gunning

    You guys are my heroes!

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle

    Just in case Acacia's new owners stop by, I want to tell you that I envy you. What a sweet, gentle dog.

    • Paolo Flores
      Paolo Flores

      Thank you, that’s me :-)

  • Deborah Klingler
    Deborah Klingler

    Thank you for the much needed work your rescue performs. It is appreciated. What a sweet dog 🐕 ❤.

  • carrie rockwell
    carrie rockwell

    I would love to have a pitty that chill.

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    Thank God for people like you...

  • Nora Armenta
    Nora Armenta

    I love Joan . Her voice is so calming. And she's wonderful with the animals.

  • Love Dogs
    Love Dogs

    I love all dogs equally more than anything

  • Franca Cece
    Franca Cece

    She is beautiful thank you angel’s

  • Daniel Hartin
    Daniel Hartin

    There's nothing more satisfying than the dog's big smiles at the end.

  • A.T. Here
    A.T. Here

    I love watching your loving rescues. You're an Angel who walks the earth, JoAnn.

  • Carol Taylor
    Carol Taylor

    She's great went inside the crate and when the food shut she carried on eating

    • Daniel Hartin
      Daniel Hartin

      I know, it's as she thought, I'm in here now, may as well eat.

  • Maisie

    I want her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is extremely cute!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i had a house or an apartment ;-( I live in a dorm

  • Adam Lawler
    Adam Lawler

    Nice catch. But the dog is ugly AF.

  • yum yum
    yum yum

    You’re doing amazing work!

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero

    She's beautiful!!

  • Lucy Gubernat
    Lucy Gubernat


  • Ali Co
    Ali Co

    How come so many are pitbulls?

    • Daniel Hartin
      Daniel Hartin

      Because so many of them are owned by irresponsible people, until they get tired of them and toss them out the door.

  • ToeBeans 4life
    ToeBeans 4life

    Can we all just appreciate McDonalds for supplying the cheezborgers and making so many rescues easy :3

  • Ednalyn Ahmad
    Ednalyn Ahmad

    The only thing i can help you is not skipping ads. Hopefully this will do. I enjoy watching your channel.

  • Ted Poland
    Ted Poland

    She is so beautiful n sweet people needs to understand that they are the sweetest dogs not mean at all

  • TifSC

    I'd have loved to have this lovely lady, but pitbulls are still banned in the UK. And I don't have the space to have a dog right now.

  • Tony Duncan
    Tony Duncan

    I always imagine Donald living out his life doing what you do - and no, it cannot be done. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    • Tony Duncan
      Tony Duncan

      @Daniel Hartin Donald Duck, of course.

    • Daniel Hartin
      Daniel Hartin

      Which Donald are you referring to?

  • Angelica Guzzo
    Angelica Guzzo


  • Tonya Mercer
    Tonya Mercer

    What a beautiful dog! Thanks so much rescuing her...

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed

    Aww, such a pretty, sweet dog! Almost as cute as my little mutt! Of course, Acacia's head weighs more than my whole mutt! But I'm happy with my little dog and wouldn't trade her for the world. Some people might think I'm joking, but I really would NOT trade her for anything, not money or houses or cars or anything. Some days, she quite literally keeps me sane, keeps me from doing stupid stuff like self-harm. She might be a tiny mutt that can't help but be cute, but she has heart enough to keep my universe going. (Yes, I keep calling her a mutt, but mutts make the best of friends; I know, I am one, too)

  • Makayla Beaver
    Makayla Beaver

    I cry during all of these kind of videos

  • don martin
    don martin

    Eldad Hagar took thousands of dollars that was meant to be for rescued dogs. He abandoned over 100 dogs as he took the money and ran. Check it out [ the good the bad and the unforgiveable]. He lied in court having his wife say he cannot understand english that well when thousands of people have heard him. Like i said check out the court records on this scumbag.

    • Daniel Hartin
      Daniel Hartin

      Strong accusation. Now back it up.

    • Isabella Buchanan
      Isabella Buchanan

      Give the links IF this is true. I've tried a search and nothing is coming up.

  • Risa Laughter
    Risa Laughter

    She so sweet! So grateful.......u can tell all she wants is love!

  • Sukanthy Ranjitkumar
    Sukanthy Ranjitkumar

    I'm seeing Acacia saying *Thanks* to the rescuers 🌷❣❤. Loving you all!!

  • Anjali Kashyap
    Anjali Kashyap

    God bless

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • Whistle Blower
    Whistle Blower

    *Thanks, Hope For Paws, and may God bless you for all you did, you does and you will do!* Best wishes and GOOD LUCK from Germany!

  • Tim Maguire
    Tim Maguire

    Hope for paws has a lot of fans you don’t have to subscribe to be a fan cause some people can’t

  • mary11976

    What a sweetie pie! 🐕🐕🐕

  • MissSmudge78

    Hi guys. Did Acacia get a forever home?

    • MissSmudge78

      @Paolo Flores Enjoy that cuddle bear, she's beautiful. Bless you man! :)

    • Paolo Flores
      Paolo Flores

      Yes she did, she’s with me now.

  • Amir Cheraghee
    Amir Cheraghee

    ما مستعد اونا مروج ما پی مد اونا رو استیج

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton

    I love you people so much Ill pop another $20 this payday

  • R. McBride
    R. McBride

    Poor girl was SO sick! The hopelessness and sadness in her eyes just made me want to wail. Such a relief to see that look change to happiness. Wow...

  • Patricia Ruelland
    Patricia Ruelland

    Don't you love it when they start to smile!!!!

  • mark simmons
    mark simmons

    such a sweet rescue !!


    Saluteeee😍 2:51



    • Paolo Flores
      Paolo Flores

      She’s been adopted by me :-)

  • StinkyButton

    Pit bulls are the most misunderstood breed. Every dog, no matter the breed, is a product of its environment, socialization, and lovins. I’ve known many, and they were all big mush balls of cuddle love. Please, consider adopting a bully. They will treat you right. And, have your pets spayed or neutered. There’s a reason they call it “fixing” your pet. Earth doesn’t need more litters. There are plenty waiting to be adopted.


    Thank you so much for saving this precious little baby and for saving all the precious little cats and dogs you go out and save to place in forever homes filled with love 💙♥️❤️ 3:32


    oooh so dinosaurs in the basement or something 5:16


    엄마 얘네 넘 무서워ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 순식간에 난장판ㅋㅋ 급이다르네 1:31

  • Animal Little Shelter
    Animal Little Shelter

    Realmente necesitamos ser mas humanos ,mas personas como estas por favor y felicidades al veterinario 4:56

  • Kawy Thowy
    Kawy Thowy

    Beautiful video. Especially at the end when everyone is 🥰 loving on her. Nice job team. I’m a monthly donor and proud.

  • Kassi Thomson
    Kassi Thomson

    She was like you are my pillow now! XD

  • Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures
    Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures

    Beautiful doggy and she looks so happy now.

  • Maurice Tucker
    Maurice Tucker

    Acacia is now LOVED and she has family ! God bless you Acacia and your rescuers and care givers !

  • Bronwyn Thompson
    Bronwyn Thompson

    I love her. I want her!

  • raja aseed
    raja aseed

    what about her childrens guys. she looks a newly mom

  • ss ss
    ss ss


  • christabell2002

    She is real Beauty

  • Markietrill Hernandez
    Markietrill Hernandez

    Nice rump

  • Nalini Chitkula
    Nalini Chitkula

    My age group is nine and I am a big fan of your channels and am going to donate soon.I love the animals you rescue! I am going to become a vet when I grow up too!

  • lucas machuca
    lucas machuca

    3:48 perfection

  • nadia ef
    nadia ef

    U mnie jest taki piesio brązowy jest niezadbaby proszę złapie go widać mu kości😭

  • artefact

    Here for the ass shot. Left loving animals.

  • javier torres
    javier torres

    I LOVE these. All of the "Thumbs down" people can kiss my ass.

  • LouLikestowatch

    Pitbulls have the best smiles. love these dogs


    Look at that smile, I honestly teared up watching her...


    She's "Beautiful!!!" Thank God for you guys!!!

  • anti uribestia anti petromula
    anti uribestia anti petromula

    Great and beautiful 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks for helping Amen

  • Ilaria Catini
    Ilaria Catini

    Sweet 😍😍😍 love her

  • lakerdude42

    If all I have to do is wander around aimlessly for a week then hide under a car to get Jacqueline Artecona to come get me, I'll go right now.

  • kimiwhoowhoos

    2:55 *blep* ^-^

  • Faycel Rezgui
    Faycel Rezgui

    Nice ass in 0.54mn😴

  • Faycel Rezgui
    Faycel Rezgui

    Nice ass in 0.54mn😴

  • Tâm Lê
    Tâm Lê


  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez

    That beautiful pit smile. Nothing like it. Good story

  • Elly Godelcra
    Elly Godelcra

    She is a beauty !! Thank you so much for saving her. Blessings.

  • Юзер Юзеро
    Юзер Юзеро

    Не в первый раз меня удивляет доброта ваших больших собак! Почему они не гавкают и не кусаются,? ....🤗🤔 🤔🤔🤔😇👍

  • zzzombie888

    I keep seeing "Animal Control couldn't catch yadda yadda.." Animal Control in LA must be filled with lazy quitters.

  • Linda Lopez
    Linda Lopez

    She is a sweetheart powerhouse and a happy camper!!!!!

  • Paolo Flores
    Paolo Flores

    I’m the owner of this beautiful pit :-) she’s exactly how she is on the video

  • Zinfollini Grazia
    Zinfollini Grazia

    What a terrible music

  • Ronja Antonia
    Ronja Antonia

    The people who did the dislikes had happynes tears in the eyes so they missed the👍

  • Ronja Antonia
    Ronja Antonia

    You can say what you want but dogs are the better humans. They really need love to so you guys are doing the best job evvveerrr

  • sophie wahidi
    sophie wahidi

    SO affectionate and grateful! I love what you do!!!!!!

  • danmar007

    I'd like to know at who she stuck out her tongue. :)

  • Alicia Sánchez
    Alicia Sánchez

    Gracias por ayudar a los perritos qué Dios los bendiga gracias

  • Smoky joosh
    Smoky joosh

    awwww she's soo sweet

  • lordvishnu

    McDonald's -- Dogs lovin' it™

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Down With the SICK
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