A cat with no ears, no teeth and no home needs your help.
Please help ARES find a loving forever home by liking and sharing his video. Also, if you love puppies, you will LOVE the video we posted here: www.HopeForPaws.org
If you would like to adopt Area, you can fill an adoption application also on our website.
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  • Shinju Inoue
    Shinju Inoue

    Such a sweetie pie when he was suffering from illness and no teeth and no ears, probably after being in fights when young before his tnr, wherever that was and they didn’t follow his life and he had to forage for himself...how difficult it must have been to look strange and dirty, chased away or worse, abused. I hope someday someone will have a big heart to adopt this orange ball of friendliness and give him a home where he can live out his life with happiness 🥺💝

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    Poor baby, he does seem sweet.

  • Julie

    Has anyone adopted him?

  • Christena Walker
    Christena Walker

    FYI- Nobody tortured this cat the males fight and then get MASSIVE infections from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funda Cicek
    Funda Cicek




  • addy adhav
    addy adhav

    I love you hope of paws and Ares 💕😍💕😍💕😍

  • Onsville Obeal
    Onsville Obeal

    He's a nice cat

  • Onsville Obeal
    Onsville Obeal

    I'd take him to


    chopped off ears thats animal abuse

  • Saptadji Barata
    Saptadji Barata

    Grand pa needs love and cozy home....:) thank you for rescuing him :)

  • Suzie cream cheese
    Suzie cream cheese

    I’m in love with him.

  • tyraelpl

    Not exactly your typical god of war :P

  • Dorian Mouzone
    Dorian Mouzone

    Well this would be the first cat I'd never have to fear, since he doesnt have any teeth to bite me.

  • Payom Panichagorn
    Payom Panichagorn


  • Shiny Joshy
    Shiny Joshy

    Poor lil one.glad to know she's safe n relaxed now.Every creature every race be scared of the bioweapon ..humans,😠😠

  • addy adhav
    addy adhav

    Arres is such a sweet heart❤💕❤💕

  • Holly Rawn
    Holly Rawn

    I wish I could rid the world of horrible people. And have only caring loving people. I have a cat colony in my backyard. I have fixed and adopted out almost 40 cats and kittens. We have TNR program here in Hamilton Ontario Canada. If caring is crazy, then I'm a crazy caring cat lady lol. I wouldn't have it any other way. It hurts my heart when I see this kinda stuff that happens to animals. I'm so glad that you do what you do too Thank you ;)

  • Luis Gaming Tv
    Luis Gaming Tv

    Keep your rescue mision but i have a question do you try rescue in Philippines

  • Everygame Among us
    Everygame Among us

    If someone did this to my cat thay better have a good hideing

  • Devel gacha life
    Devel gacha life

    did he get adopted and if he dident how much is he

  • Stevenson Timango
    Stevenson Timango

    Karma awaits those who cruelly treat animals. Animals are pure creations of God. God is their greatest avenger.

  • Cam Buckley
    Cam Buckley

    When it comes to haggling with animals in need of a home off the street, you are number 1.

  • red hollow
    red hollow


  • Stormcrow

    Up date please if you hadn't. Was he adopted? And if so, is he happy and healthy

  • Rebecca Torres
    Rebecca Torres

    Is there an update on this fella?

  • WORD

    Thanks for helping the kitty. 🥰

  • Whitney Connolly
    Whitney Connolly

    Ares loves having a home! Even a foster home.

  • silent prisoner
    silent prisoner

    Would adopt the poor little kitty if I lived in the USA

  • Monica De Leon
    Monica De Leon

    He’s so cute

  • Galactic Vlogging
    Galactic Vlogging

    Where do I look?!? I would foster her if I could right now

  • Graziela Gonzalez
    Graziela Gonzalez

    He has a fun life and those people that found him are so nice to help him

  • Graziela Gonzalez
    Graziela Gonzalez

    He is so cute wonder why would a person cut his ears he deserve to be a cute cat but TO SEE HIM AROUND THE WORLD SO NICE AND CUTE no matter what he is great 😄😊

  • Jackhandsley 10
    Jackhandsley 10

    Hope it hurt when it’s ears were cut off

  • S. P.
    S. P.

    🥰😢🥰 !

  • Shay animatez
    Shay animatez

    Awww he or she’s so cute is it normal that I like animals with no ears more than animals with ears?

  • Hardz_Gaming

    So cruel who would cut a cat's ears of??????!!!!

  • Provocateur Astrology
    Provocateur Astrology

    Thank you for saving older cars. They have tremendous value.

  • Lavender Fl
    Lavender Fl

    I can only wish that the rescue center DID NOT put him back on the street, then Ares could have been saved from all the pain and abuse that he had gone through😪😪

  • Lavender Fl
    Lavender Fl

    I wish to hear an update about Sweet Ares😍

  • Lavender Fl
    Lavender Fl

    Heart breaking story of Ares😭, I pray that justice would be served to this cat. I hope he will be adopted soon and find a loving family. If I live in the US I will adopt him in a heartbeat😍 I wish Ares a long happy kitty life full of love😻

  • Laquanta Hobbs
    Laquanta Hobbs

    Me: why would someone do that to him cat: idk

  • Laquanta Hobbs
    Laquanta Hobbs

    Cat: can someone put my ears on and teeth

  • addy adhav
    addy adhav

    Hope for paws is the best 😍😘😍😘😍😘

  • Nemi Nem
    Nemi Nem


  • Comments I Guess
    Comments I Guess

    He looks like a lion.

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome


  • melzar 99
    melzar 99

    does Ares get retrovirals`?

  • Alderaan Crumbs
    Alderaan Crumbs

    Was he adopted? I just found this. What a sweetheart!

  • Craig E
    Craig E

    Hope he get a amazing home

  • Lucy lu B
    Lucy lu B

    Handsome boy cute

  • Nelson Reyes
    Nelson Reyes

    Did this cat ever get adopted?

  • Finopede

    Has Ares been adopted yet?

  • [GD] Storm
    [GD] Storm

    You little fat fuck, don’t ever touch a cat again YOU MONSTER

  • Priyanka Steele
    Priyanka Steele

    :( poor baby

  • Angeleena Dillion
    Angeleena Dillion

    Here in June 2020 did he get adopted 🥺

  • Christa Chambers
    Christa Chambers

    People who read Percy Jackson are quaking at Ares' name. Lol. Also I think it's pronounced Air-ees Idk if there's a proper pronunciation for it but that's how I pronounce it

  • Tess Tweed
    Tess Tweed

    He's sooooo cute!!!!! And sweet I love him I wish I could adopt but I am only 12 and I also wish I could donate!!

  • SierraD26

    I Love Cats And Kittens

  • Tser

    Ares sure loves tunnels! My partner was fostering an FIV+ cat, and fell in love and she became a foster failure (he adopted her!). She was an amazing girl and I hope someone gave this extra awesome boy a wonderful home, full of tunnels!

  • Biju Aliyar
    Biju Aliyar

    😭😭😭😭😭 I WANT TO DONATE $1 million. But im in india ... or else i would have donated..... 😭

  • Randolph Lawlor
    Randolph Lawlor

    It is so sad that Ferrell cats can't get homes. He's so lucky!

  • Madison Harrington
    Madison Harrington

    I wonder why people dislike these videos because who does not like animals being saved

    • Dylan Delmas
      Dylan Delmas

      And most of the times it's just misclick of phone user

    • Jenna Embers
      Jenna Embers

      People dislike videos for two reasons. 1. They are on a power trip or 2. They want to prove a point. When it comes to the second instance you could have someone that prefers seeing videos from Hope For Paws where the rescue is intense, and the person is trying to communicate that this video wasn’t sufficiently entertaining enough. But to your point, it’s still kind of crazy that they’re willing to dislike a video when an animal’s life is being saved.

  • Nikki Maxwell
    Nikki Maxwell

    He’s cute like monkey baby

  • Israel wero
    Israel wero

    This cat dont have a ears?? Thanks for rescue

  • diah ercha
    diah ercha

    Thank you team. Its wonderfull job... You are an angel...

  • Cyndi Foore
    Cyndi Foore

    What a sweet boy! I hope he has a loving home now.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey

    What kind of people doing this bad things to their pet bad owner doing this bad things to their pet no good very sad poor cat thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good life baby thank you for your help Bless you all have a good life thank you

  • Ruth & i
    Ruth & i

    Has he found a home yet??? He is sooo happy going in & out of those cat toys (don't know what they're called :) look at his Joy... He's in KitKat heaven...sooo precious

  • nymom 750
    nymom 750

    Why does he need a collar on. Very unusual for cats....

  • Good Morning Guardians
    Good Morning Guardians

    Cat wit' no ears is best cat

  • Kristi

    What happened to this poor kitty?

  • Mila Bi
    Mila Bi

    This is so sad...but at least he has a happily ever after!

  • Ross Regalado
    Ross Regalado

    No imagino la crueldad de la persona que le hizo esto a ares ..... pobrecito!!!🥺 gracias a Uds por amor

  • Cyan

    Cat: dosen't have teeth Video: oh dont worry it dosen't need it's teeth it uses it to shred its prey into tiny bits not to eat I just find it funny how calmly it says it

  • Prikolanlia

    не интересно

  • IM Boss
    IM Boss

    He's definitely part Siberian cat.

  • Asy Assuara Razak
    Asy Assuara Razak

    Even tho he lose his ears,he does not lose hope🥰

  • Mufasa

  • Ava Rani Hazarika
    Ava Rani Hazarika

    I think anyone cruel person did such condition to this soul . he did not have any minimum patience any little wrong from animals but he will be able to survive d most dangerous situation from his own . that female is one of d great who feed this helpless soul .

  • Randolph Lawlor
    Randolph Lawlor

    I have to join hope for paws 😭

  • Christine Kohlmeier
    Christine Kohlmeier

    Thank you... i have a stray kitty i took in no teeth or few teeth... she eats wet food well and likes small dry food.... have a great life dude

  • Neelen MCM
    Neelen MCM

    Give five minutes with the person who cut of his ears and my baseball bat... I just wanna talk in whacking form

  • Sugar Queen55
    Sugar Queen55

    can the cat even hear?

  • Cameron Buck
    Cameron Buck

    Poor cat

  • Umairah Farook
    Umairah Farook

    Is he heavy. He is so cute like my cat

  • Scoutpower1

    whoever did this to him is a monster!!

  • MsPopsit

    What a lovely little cat.

  • Li Wang
    Li Wang

    The worst "THING" on the planet is human being.. and the one who did the horrible thing is bastard monster.. Could hardly imagine what he has gone through. .. Be strong, kitty ! Thanks for all angles that have helped him. 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Awsome Productions
      Awsome Productions

      Whoever did that is beyond monster

  • Georgiaonyourmind

    This Is by far cat rescue I have a cat like him frostbite with cold water thrown outside in sub zero weather Please tell me is this Canada

  • Kimberly Potts
    Kimberly Potts

    Praying for kitty

  • Emilie May
    Emilie May

    he's so cute

  • Chris Nicholson
    Chris Nicholson

    He's lovely hope you find him a great home👍

  • Lucy Pioquinto
    Lucy Pioquinto

    What a beautiful cat. How old is the cat? Did someone adopted him yet?

  • UtopiAria

    Nooo teeth why not??? Someone must have cut the ears because both are cut not just one!!!

  • Doug Dolde
    Doug Dolde

    KIll it !

  • Manuela Tiefenbach
    Manuela Tiefenbach

    Such a good boy!

  • Steve Halpin
    Steve Halpin

    Even though Ares has no teeth and no ears, i highly doubt he is recieving no love, he is a beautiful creature

  • Lisa Y
    Lisa Y

    Thank you thank you!!!

  • Maurice Tucker
    Maurice Tucker

    Ares, is a survivor and will be fine ! God bless you Ares and your rescuers and those that cared ! All you need is a family ! And you'll get it !!