Blind kitten sits in a parking lot and wonders how will she survive in this world.
Luckily for Kenshi, Hope For Paws got a call about her, and things turned around quickly once JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick arrived. I really hope this will help convince you to join us with a small donation:
Two days after the rescue, the mom, dad and the two siblings were captured too. The mom and dad never had human contact, so Loreta Hernandez and Jessica Holguin got them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and released. They are fed daily, and they are happy. It is important to understand that there are THREE MILLION feral cats in Los Angeles and it's a real challenge. The best we can do is to try and get as many as possible fixed. Kitten season is almost here, and it's just a nightmare to be born to these conditions and I feel so sad for the ones we never hear about.
If you would like to see a longer version that includes the surgical procedure, you can see it here: - it's not for everybody... the surgery shows the removal of the eyes, but it really brings you closer to the things they have to deal with.
Kenshi was adopted to the most amazing home - you just have to see this kitten with the dogs at the end!
Kung Lao and Raiden are still looking for a home, and if you would like to adopt them, please contact our friends at:
Thanks for sharing our videos with your friends who LOVE cats :-)

  • Ekatarina vi
    Ekatarina vi

    If u look closely you can see this is not a cat,its a Lion,brave and strong,thank you so much for saving her

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    Ray Chan

    The blind kitties can see, trust me guys, they really can, when someone looses their eye sight, the brain can make u see through senses, especially for animals, we humans can also do it but it’s difficult for adults, but for kids age from 5-9 yrs, it’s easier

  • Liah Campos
    Liah Campos


  • satnav1980

    If the general public wasn't so selfish and had of acted quicker and moved in faster to help, or call people to help this one could have avoided having its eyes removed. But it is what it is. And I'm joyed that at least the cat is alive, healthy and happy.

  • m Johnson
    m Johnson

    This just made my whole year! God bless people like this and this organization.

  • Carol Goerke
    Carol Goerke

    What a sweetheart. Thanks HFP for rescuing that whole family! Question. Wasn’t there any way to save her eyes? Would have the infection been to painful? I am asking because I don’t understand why her eyes couldn’t be saved.

  • Rodney Daub
    Rodney Daub

    I deal with a lot of kittens, the eye infection thing is their worst enemy. If it goes untreated it can spread to upper respiratory and secondary infection etc.

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    gülçin karadağ

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  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf

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    Percy Harry Hotspur

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  • Caroline Harris
    Caroline Harris

    Wonderful to see Kenshi & another blind kitty in good home. Have seen disabled cats before on Quest Red and amazing how they sense and manage

  • D. L. R.
    D. L. R.

    So sad, because many lose their eyes from that infection, it hits especially kittens so hard, and it's so devastating and terrible!! I feel for the little one having to go through that, and so thankful you were there to save her!!

  • starburst98

    Recently saved a kitten with eye infection, got to them in time to drain the pus and their pupils were still black so I hope they can heal.

  • Will Brittan
    Will Brittan

    It makes me so happy to know that 3ven though the world is in an awful place right now. There are still people put there willing to adopt a blind cat, and give them a home. It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that.

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  • Linda Phillips
    Linda Phillips

    I read a fabulous book called Homer about a blind kitten. They adapt very well if they lose eyesight because their whiskers detect vibrations of sounds off of walls etc. and are almost as effective as eyes.

  • Mari Almz
    Mari Almz

    im wondering why did the mom and dad were release? happy they found kitty such a loving forever home

  • little nan
    little nan

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  • Brad Carss
    Brad Carss

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  • Sandra N
    Sandra N

    She is such a sweet baby, so sad... i am happy she was adopted and will be loved. There is nothing more important than saving these little lives.

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    Karla Schroeder

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  • Charles Burroughs
    Charles Burroughs

    I'm a 64 year old man and couldn't help crying a little. I'm a devout cat lover.💕

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    Patricia Negroni

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    Patricia Negroni

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    Галина Лиева

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    Sherry Roberts

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    Ella Animations UwU

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    Carolyn Rombardo

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  • Hannah V Man
    Hannah V Man

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    Phyllis Brown

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    liaquat ali

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    liaquat ali

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  • Asma Ahmed
    Asma Ahmed

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  • alright then
    alright then

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  • The Only Tschud
    The Only Tschud

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