Rescuer has a panic attack during a rescue - I had to get her out!
I didn't know Loreta was claustrophobic and only on the drive back I learned more about it. She was extremely brave to go back down there and help accomplish the mission and the result is amazing!
If you haven't made a donation yet to Hope For Paws, I really hope you will join us today. Since COVID-19 started, we received so many calls for help with wild animals and without us, these ducklings and so many others would have been dead by now. It will take 2 minutes of your time, and with $5 a month (or 17 cents a day), you can help us save even more lives:
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  • lalalaula200

    Loreta is my Hero. She went back down there even if she was scared. She did it for the ducklings. Please give her a big hug from all of us!

    • Gacha_Softie 13
      Gacha_Softie 13


    • ShadowSonic ShadowSonic
      ShadowSonic ShadowSonic

      She is so brave! Braver than me! I can’t be in tight spaces either!

    • Jorge Gaming
      Jorge Gaming

      *hugs Loretta*

    • Mia W
      Mia W

      Yes go Loretta!!!

    • Kundurthi SRAVANA KUMAR
      Kundurthi SRAVANA KUMAR


  • Donna Geiler
    Donna Geiler

    Loreta- You are a hero, I think that to myself every rescue! You both are wonderful!

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    Young Ducks Rescued.

  • Gacha_Softie 13
    Gacha_Softie 13

    Poor Loreta, Loreta is my hero

  • Ivy Grace
    Ivy Grace


  • Leah Gierum
    Leah Gierum

    It’s amazing to see how Loreta fought her fears like that! Amazing job Loreta ;)

  • Laura Day
    Laura Day

    I love hopeforpaws!!

  • Bianca Champlain
    Bianca Champlain

    I so proud you did that and saved the ducks mostly because no animal innocent deserves that

  • turleyite

    Great job Loretta!

  • Mia Crei
    Mia Crei


  • Mary Akai
    Mary Akai

    Loretta you are a strong woman I have claustrophobia too you give me strength! I should fight that too! If you can do it I can do it too!!!

  • Thila M
    Thila M

    Both of you great. Angels that i can see

  • Thila M
    Thila M

    I never liked fireworks. It disturb animals and babies and our sleep as well. Dont understand why the authority dont ban it

  • Rainwing Heart
    Rainwing Heart

    Loretta :

  • Елена Ч
    Елена Ч

    It is too high risk for a girl.

  • Patrick Leigh
    Patrick Leigh

    She deserves the Medal of Freedom; if only us ordinary people could overcome our fears like her.

  • Kseniya Volkov
    Kseniya Volkov

    The things you guys do for animals you inspire me with everything you do I’m 9 about to be 10 soon in March 24 it has always been my dream to rescue animals were having a vacation in Florida and we rescued a bird that have a fishing line stuck in its mouth it was so sad someone was fishing and the bird ate the hook and my mom was brave enough to reach in and take it out I was so proud

  • Inayah Khan
    Inayah Khan

    I cant believe this i can never

  • Beverly Lucas
    Beverly Lucas

    Loretta is so so awesome. You broke through your biggest fear .... your sweet and adorable

  • tracey

    Never go into the sewer. Call the fire department. There are noxious gases in sewers, used needles, aggressive animals, disease (feces), and unexpected flash floods. Eldad and Loretta please don't do that again. You need to be alive to save animals.

  • Nina Taylor
    Nina Taylor

    My brothers frenchie will fight an active firework to the death shes relentless. Like the one on 2:37 (Obviously we stop her and keep her safe)

  • Mrs.Sheewolf !!!
    Mrs.Sheewolf !!!

    Did they have a mom

  • Jayme Pittroff
    Jayme Pittroff

    You guys needed head lamps- what an amazing rescue! Couldn't they be reunited with their mom and siblings?

  • Fine Nebula
    Fine Nebula

    Loreta did amazing. But the guy should have done better on this one. Loreta was doing the hard work. She should have stood at end of the tube and let him walk along. He should have made sure she was safe. Go an comfort the poor woman. I know we all love animals. But not at the expense of humans. You have to think of your own safety first. This one truly freaked me a bit thinking of her safety... in mind... not body. (But I'd not noticed either her claustrophobic before though - although saw a different woman crawl into a tight sewer pipe for a kitten that can then only back out of. That would be too much for me! )

  • Alpino Bernard
    Alpino Bernard

    Loretta you are a true hero.

  • St Timothy Youth Ministry
    St Timothy Youth Ministry

    Anyone else watching with claustrophobia (like me) must've been thinking How The HECK did she just do that?!?

  • annaj banana
    annaj banana

    My gosh i really never thought about fireworks that way before. That is devastating. I have known dogs to run away from fireworks or thunder but I didn't see the bigger picture like all the little animals in trees. That is so sad.

  • Sabitova Aizhan
    Sabitova Aizhan


  • jessica harling
    jessica harling

    poor things

  • jessica harling
    jessica harling

    even my dog is scared of fireworks, so imagine a little bird

  • Alisa Phillip
    Alisa Phillip

    Loreta did everything against her fear cholestrephobia (Idk how to spell it) she is a true hero. You still have too many ducks

  • Angie's At It Again!
    Angie's At It Again!

    Loretta, you are my hero

  • Phoenix Jones
    Phoenix Jones

    Great job Loretta. I can't believe you guys would risk your life for these ducklings.

  • Leona ChanYT
    Leona ChanYT

    She did everything she could for the ducks I’m ver proud of her

  • turtle normal
    turtle normal

    Holy, the comment section is full of loreta saving the ducklings

  • Maria Norton
    Maria Norton


  • Aubberfly JM
    Aubberfly JM

    Whoa. Loretta was SO heroic to crawl through human sewage to save some ducklings. I would not have had the heart to do that. Whoa.

  • Magno Barreto
    Magno Barreto

    Mulher maravilha!

  • Jeannette Loretta
    Jeannette Loretta

    I’m sorry it’s not funny but I kept expecting pennywise to pop out.

  • markusw1976

    I'm obviously impressed, but as an old firefighter I have to say that what they did was absolutely life threatening! Gas bubbles are always to be expected in these sewers. Putrefaction gases, but also carbon monoxide are quite conceivable! Without a fire brigade, without supervision by an expert who carries out an air measurement for pollutants and exhaust gases on site, something like this should simply not be done on your own. It's really too dangerous! In Deutsch meiner Heimatsprache. In german my motherspeak. Ich bin natürlich beeindruckt, aber als alter Feuerwehrmann muss ich sagen, dass das absolut lebensgefährlich war was die beiden da gemacht haben! In diesen Abwasserkanälen ist immer mit Gasblasen zu rechnen. Fäulnisgase, aber auch Kohlenmonoxid ist durchaus denkbar! Ohne Feuerwehr, ohne Begleitung mit einem Sachkundigen, der vor Ort eine Luftmessung auf Schadstoffe und Abgase vornimmt, sollte sowas einfach nicht auf eigene Faust gemacht werden. Das ist wirklich zu gefährlich!

  • Damia Alamin
    Damia Alamin

    You are amazing heros unbeatable great work god bless you all ♥️♥️♥️

  • Jose Santos
    Jose Santos

    I know that Loreta is claustrofobic! But a person got to fight their own fears! And Loreta fight them pretty well! God bless you!

  • wordreet

    Wonder Woman's true identity is revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doggy And Kitty
    Doggy And Kitty

    It’s always so hard to watch these videos but i just have to see pets being rescued

  • nikole Martin
    nikole Martin

    What happened to the mom

  • akheera meshal
    akheera meshal

    I would actually say Loreta is tone of my best rescuer, sorry Eldad

  • Ty UT
    Ty UT

    Trên cả tuyệt vời các bạn ơi ,

  • Ruth & i
    Ruth & i

    What happened to Mama??? 🦆

  • usha sridaran
    usha sridaran

    Loretta, you are a MARVEL

  • usha sridaran
    usha sridaran

    ,Oh! I've never seen anything like this before. You guys are wonderful!

  • • Wolfie3Clipse •
    • Wolfie3Clipse •

    This man and Loreta is such angels and heros they deserve hugs and love ❤ also Your so kind to help animals that are injured And i subbed

  • Wig Snatched
    Wig Snatched

    Well done Loreta! You are truly a hero. x

  • shirlena Patterson
    shirlena Patterson

    She should stop wearing nice shoes i know i should'nt be saying this cause she's freaking out but beleave it or not that helped with her freaking out!

  • shataka's world
    shataka's world

    these are the only kind of people i like

  • Patrice's Projects
    Patrice's Projects

    My husband is quite claustrophobic, so bad the even medium size elevators are difficult for him. I can't imagine what Loretta went through for those sweet ducklings. She is truly amazing. Your dedication to animals is a testament to what humans are capable of if we open our hearts and push ourselves to act instead of just being observers.

  • Malcolm Clements
    Malcolm Clements

    I had a feeling he was ex military because the way he just gets in to the job.

  • Brighton Bishop
    Brighton Bishop

    in this video i dont know if the puppy whining was in the video or just my dog

  • De j
    De j

    Good job Loreta and team. God bless you

  • Carlos Granada
    Carlos Granada

    Pobre Loreta, por rescatar a los Patitos ha quedado exhausta. Un besito Loreta. 😘

  • Liseth Y'all
    Liseth Y'all

    They are some hero saving puppies from danger people don't banned those puppy 😔

  • •Astro•

    make her a whole CAKE

  • Dee Webb
    Dee Webb

    You’re amazing Loretta! You rock. ❤️🌻🌻

  • Liv

    Loreta!!!! She's so brave and amazing for all the work she does. I'm so glad she was able to help the ducklings. I'm also so glad Loreta was okay after she was able to calm down. Again she is so brave.

  • lindsay Caress
    lindsay Caress

    Well done Loretta I hope your panic attack subsided quickly. It is a day to day struggle trying to keep them under control .

  • InBaRo Katze
    InBaRo Katze

    Loreta and Eldad you did a great job!

  • C Yuki Lew Roch
    C Yuki Lew Roch

    Loretta u are so brave. Both of u do amazing rescue job as usual . Too bad I am from Singapore and not permitted to donate indicated

  • Александра Романова
    Александра Романова

    уткин рай)

  • Wendy Hedglin
    Wendy Hedglin

    Loretta you are a HERO!😘💜

  • Avery Kotter
    Avery Kotter

    ohhhhhhhh thanks for all you do

  • Martha Cadena
    Martha Cadena

    God bless you and your family Loretta and everyone else

  • Catherine Flores
    Catherine Flores

    Way to go team. Loreta you Rock!!

  • ณัฐธยาน์ เนติมงคลโรจน์
    ณัฐธยาน์ เนติมงคลโรจน์

    She is WONDER WOMEN""""""loveๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ

  • Alexis Diaz de Leon
    Alexis Diaz de Leon

    I LOVE DUCKS!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE!! Good job loreta!

  • Emily Busse
    Emily Busse

    People and their dumb fireworks.

  • Glyn Parker
    Glyn Parker

    That was so intense! I was crying for the ducklings and Loretta!!! 💖💖💖

  • Timber The Snow Leopard
    Timber The Snow Leopard

    I know what it’s like to have anxiety and I just have to say, good job to Loreta for saving those ducklings with you, good job to you to Eldad!! You guys are awesome!!

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    Rest In Peace mama duck🌷🕊🦢

  • Angelika Kot
    Angelika Kot

    Loreta is AMAZING everyone that's a part of hope for paws is amazing, I really hope Loreta felt better when she came out. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤❤❤

  • um

    Loretta is the bravest girl love her she is so strong and courageous I love her

  • um

    Ohh my god

  • Quiet One
    Quiet One

    I've never heard a bleep (swear) on one of their videos, and here there are several.

  • Amy Waters
    Amy Waters


  • scahuma Wilczyński
    scahuma Wilczyński

    Cute ducklings

  • Dino Boi
    Dino Boi


  • melanie sherman
    melanie sherman

    Whatever you are rescuing, with the exception of the possums, I want to adopt while I'm watching it. Today I wanted to adopt the five baby ducks, and Loreta. I always have to remind myself I really can't adopt right now.

  • Kundurthi SRAVANA KUMAR
    Kundurthi SRAVANA KUMAR

    so many of birds are dieing like this but this duclins are lucky

  • Linda Brewer
    Linda Brewer

    Loreta, like you, I am very claustrophobic too. I also am so afraid of spiders and webs and bugs!! I could never have done what you did. You are very brave! Eldad(spelling?), you are amazing too.,

  • Joanne Davis
    Joanne Davis

    Thank you Loretta I could not have done what you did! True hero.

  • Joanne Davis
    Joanne Davis

    I hate fireworks for just this reason.

  • Andrea Logan
    Andrea Logan

    Loretta you are a human embodiment of the word hero. You, if I may be so bold, risked your life for these precious and scared baby ducklings. You were so incredibly brave and strong, and me just sitting in my room almost having a panic attack because I was worried for you! Thank god you all got out safe and sound. ❤️

  • Lamen cage Watti
    Lamen cage Watti

    Loretta is the best cow girl

  • The Watchslinger
    The Watchslinger

    Loretta you are amazing 🥲

  • Sarina Webb
    Sarina Webb

    My dog loves fireworks

  • Trisha Lane
    Trisha Lane

    Loretta is a freaking BOSS!!! She is the definition of brave. And of course Eldad, you are simply amazing too🤩🤩

  • venus derama
    venus derama

    amazing job Loreta God bless you.both♥️♥️♥️🥰

  • JoAn McLean-Turner
    JoAn McLean-Turner

    YAY! Loretta 🌟👏🏼 you are a true hero 🦸🏽‍♀️

  • Ski Bunny22
    Ski Bunny22

    God bless you both. Loretta you did great. You were so brave. I would have felt the same way if it were me.

  • Verónica Venegas
    Verónica Venegas

    Loreta, you are such an amazing woman! you were able to overcome your fears out of the love you have for animals, and that's just so inspiring for so many people who suffer the same and could see you pursuing your goal!! congratulations!!! and thank you for being who you are!!!

  • Keepitsolid Keepitreal
    Keepitsolid Keepitreal

    Hope For Paws Are Heroics 🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆👏👏👏

  • karla bedolla
    karla bedolla

    The ducks are so cute