Rescuer has a panic attack during a rescue - I had to get her out!
I didn't know Loreta was claustrophobic and only on the drive back I learned more about it. She was extremely brave to go back down there and help accomplish the mission and the result is amazing!
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  • lalalaula200

    Loreta is my Hero. She went back down there even if she was scared. She did it for the ducklings. Please give her a big hug from all of us!

    • Clifford Neil
      Clifford Neil

      Loreta did great. I will point out that I think she was duck walking...


      Loreto is an actual real life angel 😇 xxx

    • Apophis XO
      Apophis XO

      Seems like he's always getting Loreta to do the hard work!?!?!!?!

    • ujala mohsin
      ujala mohsin

      But where is the mama duck

    • Danielle Brunel
      Danielle Brunel

      Well done Loretta, for having overcome your claustrophobia, to rescue these ducklings.

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin


  • helmergk

    Loreta you are so brave I wish one day I would half as brave as you

  • Vicki Seaton
    Vicki Seaton


  • SkippyCat 41
    SkippyCat 41

    I know how loreta felt in that moment, and it's not fun. Having a panic attack of any sort is bad, but coming from a phobia is worse. This hit me in the feels, I would have bailed, but loreta showed courage for stray ducklings that were going deeper into a sewer. That right there, is a true hero and animal lover👏✊❤

  • Dave Hamilton
    Dave Hamilton

    Loreta is a Rockstar! He teammate seemed more concerned about the duckies than her, but she powered through it anyways.❤️❤️❤️

  • Ganga Rai
    Ganga Rai

    We are so selfish and we think this planet is only for us. God bless those who loves animals.

  • brendamj28

    Seriously do not like this guys attitude. He said he was in the military, so why did he not stop what he was doing and help his comrade??? Loretta, you are a strong trooper, a fighter, a survivor, an inspiration, and a true hero. You mental strength is incredible.

  • L-c_

    It's amazing to see how Loreta was fighting her anxiety just to save those babies She deserves a huge respect ❤️❤️

  • Sammy Hagar
    Sammy Hagar

    Between Loretta's anxiety and her wanting to save the ducklings must have drained every ounce of energy in her, she is so awesome!

  • Flapkatt

    I am in tears watching Loreta push her way through her fears and rescue these little kids. What a brave, strong, admirable woman! Kudos and love-you are so much more than your fears!

  • Lamar Vasquez
    Lamar Vasquez


  • Lynda Webster
    Lynda Webster

    Well done both of you. Hero Loretta 👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖

  • Chaosgremlin

    Loretta is having a panic attack, best stay here with the net and let her crawl a blocks worth of sewer. Smh. At least Christmas dinner in a few homes is sorted, duck is delicious.

  • Isabel Pereira
    Isabel Pereira

    Patinhos tão lindos e eles salvarão estes pobrezinhos parabéns que alegria que eles manifesta

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry

    Way to go Loretta you are a hero ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • T J
    T J

    Good going Loretta 👍🏻

  • Ella Arakelyan
    Ella Arakelyan

    Loretta is a hero. Fighting her fears to save some ducklings. What an amazing woman!

  • Freq Logic
    Freq Logic


  • Michelle Leslie
    Michelle Leslie

    Loreta, you are amazing. May good things happen to you always. ❤️ Love from 🇵🇭

  • Kiki Pokorná
    Kiki Pokorná

    Lol I feel Poor Loreta. I have a phobia of spiderwebs and Its horrible.

  • shiro ono
    shiro ono

    Olá adoro ver o bem que vcs fazem para os animais.PARABÉNS 😘

  • ML

    I want to speak to Eldad if he can help me please ?

  • Marie Ardolino
    Marie Ardolino

    Amazing rescue for the baby ducks and Loretta you are a hero you did this even though you had fear. God bless you all in a donor

  • 100tamarik

    Кто то уничтожает тысячами куриц и уток а кто то спасает 5 утят огромными усилиями .уважение вам и любовь

  • Lenka Dobanovacki
    Lenka Dobanovacki

    Loreta u are a hero!💖🦆 I love u guys so much and wht are u doing is so amazing! U should be proud! Loreta came there, even dough she was scared! I understand u Loreta! Only thing I am worry about is their mother🦆 Another win of Hope for paws!🐾🥳💕

  • Alexia Spiteri
    Alexia Spiteri

    The mother not only went through a traumatic experience but also lost all of her babies at once :( I really hope she's okay

  • Lynn Kowalla
    Lynn Kowalla

    Glad Loreta's so strong, the animals love her!

  • Mark Golvani
    Mark Golvani

    I like how everyone is talking about Loreta she does deserve the love and hero name :)

  • Graham Rankin
    Graham Rankin

    Eldad, what you do is amazing but you need to listen to what other people say. Loretta told you twice she was claustrophobic and you totally ignored her. She is the real hero of this rescue but honestly your attitude in this video disappointed me. I understand you can become very focused on the animals/birds you are rescuing, please remember that other humans get involved too.

  • CatatoxicRun

    Future tools for such sensitive operations: crowbar and head-lamps.

  • Hybrid Pg3D
    Hybrid Pg3D

    Where’s the mom?

  • wstajemy77

    Loreta ❤️👍

  • Emmanuel Buxin
    Emmanuel Buxin

    Félicitations à Lauretta pour son courage! En plus, je ne connais pas grand-chose de plus adorable qu'un caneton!


    Oh my gosh Loreta I thought she will go back but she is a hero

  • Karen Bernier
    Karen Bernier

    Loretta is an amazing person 🥰 ! She loves animals so much . I love you guys ❤️🥰❤️❤️


    so brave❤💚🤎🧡💙🖤💛💜🤍💕💗💖💟😥

  • williams caamaño
    williams caamaño

    You are a great team and you deliver all the passion in this job. I always cry with emotion when I see a happy ending. Animals always appreciate and enjoy their new life, all thanks to you.

  • williams caamaño
    williams caamaño

    You do a beautiful and admirable job. All my respect and admiration for this noble task, giving a new life to these little animals.

  • Gab P
    Gab P

    Good on you guys you all AMAZING

  • pen pen
    pen pen

    Lord please ban fireworks one of the worst human creations.

  • joonbloom

    "wait...i'm gonna find *DUCK MAMA* " omg

  • Rashid Khan
    Rashid Khan

    She is a lovely lady n brave

  • Steven Crawley
    Steven Crawley


  • Georgie Argie
    Georgie Argie

    Love you Loreta from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️❤️

  • Gaby

    God bless you all 🙏🏻🥰

  • FROSTY CHAN Robloxiano
    FROSTY CHAN Robloxiano

    Every Hero has a weakness Loreta... but you are one of a kind! The Lord is always protecting you. We love you and admire you. Keep doing your job in the earth. 💕

  • M.D.

    Go Girl‼️‼️🤗

  • Fábio Rockship
    Fábio Rockship

    Great Loretta and Eldad, you are true heroes. I simply admire them very much.

  • Gina Kenyon
    Gina Kenyon

    She better get new shoes. And dinner. And flowers. Maybe even jewelry.

  • Gina Kenyon
    Gina Kenyon

    Oh Loretta. You are amazing. I too am claustrophobic and agoraphobic. I almost had a panic attack watching this. What an inspiration you are. That was awesome.


    Oh my god, I love Loreta for her bravery.

  • Elizabeth Steinback
    Elizabeth Steinback

    Well done Loretta you're a true hero proud of you buddy

  • NathanPlayYT123

    Loreta is literally the saviour of the ducklings! Even though she knew she can't she still won't give up! For the ducklings she's the best!

  • John Demont
    John Demont

    I thought Loreta was a hero before just with regular rescues, now she's a superhero! Counting was a great idea. That and the ducks gave you something to focus on during your traumatic ordeal.

  • Becca Matlock
    Becca Matlock

    Loreta is so incredible for powering through this. I don’t think I could’ve done it. I’m glad she did the counting, that really helps to ground people during panic attacks. Fireworks are terrible for animals and for our environment. Please find an alternate way to celebrate!

  • Brendan larsen
    Brendan larsen


  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    I've never seen down one of these. But thx you for saving them babies. God sees you caring for his creations.

  • auttie

    I truly applaud you for all the things both of encounter to save these babies.

  • sweetwolf2012

    Loreta's love is stronger than her fear💪

  • Başarır İkizler
    Başarır İkizler

    Ben olsam o ördekler için kanalizasyona girmezdim valla helal olsun👏✌

  • Sol L
    Sol L

    Que trabalho lindo!

  • Carol Sydney
    Carol Sydney

    LORETA: YOU GO GIRL!!! I am extremely claustrophobic too and when you were down there I started crying just imagining being down there with you. Talk about BRAVE!!!! I have had panic attacks too. Watching you I found myself holding my breath. Talk about going above and beyond the call. You are so comforting to all the animals. God Bless you!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • louise cochrane
    louise cochrane

    He is a psychopath to put that lady through that Zero empathy.

  • Cleek Ranch
    Cleek Ranch

    Loretta is truly brave and a real hero to face her fear to help those ducklings. She is wonderful!

  • Leonardo Matsumoto
    Leonardo Matsumoto

    Congrats, Loreta!

  • Betty Paquette
    Betty Paquette

    Loreta...You proved that Love will conquer Fear. You go girl.

  • Irishbrneyes Riley
    Irishbrneyes Riley

    Yay Loretta🥳🥳

  • Starters Channel
    Starters Channel

    Omg! Thank God there are people like you. God bless you more and more! Luckily in my city here in the Philippines fireworks are banned.

  • Ma. Reyn Triño
    Ma. Reyn Triño

    Thnkyou for your hardships just to save these cute ducklings 😘 godbless you more and your shelter 😊

  • Diana Montes
    Diana Montes

    Mad respect to you loreta. I have had a lot of respect for you before in your past videos but now, my respect has gone up for you. I suffer from claustrophobia as well, so after watching this, i can over come my phobia too. Thanks :D

  • Kumar Pawan
    Kumar Pawan

    You guys are superhero for the pets. IT is very hard work to did!

  • Hlimhlimi Ralte
    Hlimhlimi Ralte

    Loreta fighting

  • Demon RBX
    Demon RBX

    😭😭😭😭 So sad, but I love it1

  • Michelle Tanner
    Michelle Tanner

    I really felt for you, Loreta. I would have felt exactly the same in that situation. You were amazing. A huge thank you 💞

  • Julia Harris
    Julia Harris

    Wow! Fantastic job!❤️🦆

  • Aussie 1968
    Aussie 1968

    Dear Loretta.... YOU ARE ABSOLUTE PROOF.... ~ That we DO have the strength to overcover our deepest fears! Now if only we as a whole could do the same... Just imagine what we could accomplish!! Loretta you are an AWESOME human being!!! And one bonza shelia ♡ As we say Down Under!!

  • Maria Luisa Castro
    Maria Luisa Castro

    I love is like duck

  • Jag Singh
    Jag Singh

    When the Passion overrides Profession, people become Loretta. Kudos for this very special girl 👧!!! A very special round of applause for the team Hope for Paws and helping neighbours.

  • Apophis XO
    Apophis XO

    I fall in love with Loreta more and more each episode! OMG...I was getting so worried....My heart starting racing!!!!

  • stevehbrnd

    Way to go Loreta. Kudos to you

  • Oscar Sanchez
    Oscar Sanchez

    Bravo Loreta!! You are amazing! all of you are amazing!

  • nayanjyoti sharma
    nayanjyoti sharma

    Loreta is

  • Leah Elam
    Leah Elam

    Was there no way to get the people to stop the fireworks just until the rescue is complete? That's crazy, like a war zone. Humans! Sometimes, they don't think right.

  • Chay Taylor
    Chay Taylor

    What a fricking super star

  • حر فة
    حر فة


  • Laura

    Loretta, you are such a brave and amazing woman. I was having my own panic attack just watching you be so brave in that gross sewer. Thank you for what you do, many many years from now, when you and Eldad cross the pearly gates, think of all the thankful, loving and sweet animals that will be waiting for you and giving back all the love you have shown them. Loretta, you give me strength in dealing with the things in life that frighten me, you and Eldad have so much love for each other, all the animals and your life’s work. Thank you! You both are amazing with compassionate hearts and love for all and every animal. May you both continue to be safe and protected through your amazing journeys of rescues! 🙏🏻 Thank you

  • Duran Duranie
    Duran Duranie

    This is exactly what Xanax is for. Trust me...

  • Lucy Lee
    Lucy Lee

    Loreta is the best hero, she went back in even though she was scared. BIG HUGS FOR LORETA

  • Mia Wittman
    Mia Wittman

    Bless her soul

  • aliarynsar Diaz
    aliarynsar Diaz

    loreta is a hero your amazing 😘

  • Annie Been
    Annie Been

    𝓛𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓪, how very brave. I’m sure some of your rescues have been difficult but this one.. 💭OUF💨. The 4 legged ones look easy now 😃🙏🏻

  • Jayne Luke
    Jayne Luke

    So brave Loreta!! Congrats on pulling through for the ducklings ❤️

  • Seong Lee
    Seong Lee

    People really should be more considerate when they do fireworks. A lot of veterans, PTSD patients as well as all the animals get extremely affected by the sound. My neighbor's dog got scared and jumped out of the house when the neighbor's daughter was coming into the house; and got hit by a car and died on July 4th. My dog gets an anxiety attack which lasts for months.

  • casper poggers
    casper poggers

    i’ve had anxiety/panic attacks myself and a good way, at least for me, to fight through it is to focus on something else, like your breathing, counting or other comforting sounds like music or someone’s voice. loreta did an amazing job here!

  • remmy mills
    remmy mills

    Loretta deserves a raise !

  • B BG
    B BG

    How lucky is the person who has Loreta as a life partner.

  • Joy Andrus
    Joy Andrus

    Loretta there is no way that would have been successful without you. I have no words for your courage. Well done!!!🐤🐥

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    I did not know that you do all animals. Sorry for you panic attack. Loretta you are so brave.

  • Taraz Zakup
    Taraz Zakup

    Loreta is Wonderwomen 👌👌👌