Lady was left for dead on the side of the road for 24 hours until someone bothered to call for help!
Some of the neighborhoods here in Los Angeles are pretty rough and only thanks to your support we can save their lives. #TonyRobbins offered to match your donations, so please please please help us reach the goal... we are 67% there:
Special thanks to our rescue partners at L.A Animal Rescue for finding Lady such a perfect home! If you live in Southern California and you're looking to adopt a new family member, please check them out and all the cuties they have for adoption:
Thank you so much for sharing our rescue videos, for liking the videos and for subscribing - you are really helping us more than you know. #HopeForPaws
Thank you #Marshmello for inviting Lady over. If you missed Mello's song on our video, here is the link for you:

  • chihuahuabulldog

    Oh how wonderful it must have felt to have laid there for 24 hours and then feel loving hands touch and help her. Oh that precious face at 2:35. WONDERFUL! She was beautiful even when she was matted and dirty. What a gorgeous little girl once healed and groomed. I LOVE that flying leap she made (in slo-mo). Thank you so very much. This is a definite share!

    • Hey It’s Charlie
      Hey It’s Charlie

      She looks just like my Sophie... Makes me want to cry 😭

    • aspi rine
      aspi rine

      Those motherfuckers don't deserve to live.

    • Jessie Moreno
      Jessie Moreno

      Eldad ur amazing bless u,,

    • Helga Reichert
      Helga Reichert

      Wo gibt's hope for Paws für alte Menschen?

    • chihuahuabulldog

      @srsly? Go to their website, and that information ought to be on there. I apologize for not seeing your comment before now.

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    How can I adopt her. In Canada

  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    How many so called master race would be this understanding of the people. When it's people who did this in the first place .

  • Patty Wilczyk
    Patty Wilczyk

    Extremely glad to see Anthony Robbins donates to help and save these precious fur babies!🐾 Makes me admire him even more! He puts his money where his mouth is. I remembered him teaching us about the importants of giving back!🐾 🐾

  • FoxPlay

    Muito obrigado por lembrar que o mundo exsitem pessoas boas. Fico feliz por esses Vídeo que nos dá inspiração. Parabéns.

  • Ann Parr
    Ann Parr

    Aww poor little dog,she looked so sad and scared and was clearly kn alot of pain. So pleased she's ok. Hope she finds a loving home❤

  • Nancy Mcglinn
    Nancy Mcglinn


  • Jamie-lee Clay
    Jamie-lee Clay

    Bless her. She’s beautiful x

  • Jamie-lee Clay
    Jamie-lee Clay

    You are amazing. All of you x

  • rosa blanca valenzuela
    rosa blanca valenzuela

    srs muchassd gracias por resatarlo ok gracias tenia carita de mucho miedo ok

  • Lynn Kowalla
    Lynn Kowalla

    I have lived many places in Canada and have never found any initiative to save abandoned and injured pets...I tried in my younger days to start a movement but could not move people..So many generous kind Americans..still I coulfd never pass by a suffering animal. I wish Canada could pull this off

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    You guys are truly amazing!!

  • Alice

    What a brave little girl! I mean, Marshmello's mask freaks me out but Lady seemed didn't seem scared at all!

  • karron lane
    karron lane

    she had surgery, right?

  • Billard Danick
    Billard Danick


  • Valita Demarice Delacouvrier
    Valita Demarice Delacouvrier

    Deb This is just another horrible case of depraved indifference to all animal life.

  • Mahshid Irani
    Mahshid Irani


  • Kelly Dorey
    Kelly Dorey

    24 hours!! I'm sorry people just suck....

  • Wendy Nicklin
    Wendy Nicklin

    What are people blind no excuse

  • Susan Behring
    Susan Behring

    I had tears in my eyes when I first saw the video. Eldad you are amazing!

  • maria amelia franco
    maria amelia franco

    and the pelvis???????no special care??????

  • Cleuzimere Neves Alves Nestor
    Cleuzimere Neves Alves Nestor


  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    I love seeing them at the end of each video. I can't believe that's the same doggy.

  • Shirley Montano
    Shirley Montano

    How could people drive by and not do anything. Thank goodness for the person who did call.

  • Funda Cicek
    Funda Cicek


  • Anthony Winder
    Anthony Winder

    OMG a different dog

  • Shari Bigay
    Shari Bigay

    Sad to think that not only would people ignore her suffering and not help for 24 hours, but couldn't even be bothered to make a phone call to get her help.

  • dkarukas

    Love the cat at the end. He just looks at the dogs and says "Holy Crap these dogs are just goofy." LOL!

  • mrcherrytits

    I don’t believe in god... BUT GOD BLESS YOU! You are an absolute hero and we need more people like you on this earth. Thank you for everything you do for these dogs.

  • doglover&sunshine25

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Urmel Ausdemeis
    Urmel Ausdemeis

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you saved this little beautiful dog and that she found a forever home 😍!!!!!!!!!! And I will never understand why it took so long 😔 to call..... I even take runover animals to the side of the street because I cannot stand the thought cars driving over them 😔... My last cat rescue Rudi was sitting in the middle of a big road as a baby - so many people driving by or taking him in the middle (of the car) until he was finally picked up.... he has now been living with me a bit over a year and I am so happy that he entered my life! Even though he is not a Schmuser (German for a cuddler).... but he is still young and enjoying life so I will not give up 😻

  • Patti Simmons
    Patti Simmons

    The absolute indifference the human race has to the injured, weak and elderly animals is nothing short of breathtaking. And not in a good way. But then again, it's now October,2020 and look at the way we treat each other. IF it were not for HFP and others like them, I'd believe there is no hope for the human race. I still don't have a great deal of hope for us anyway but MAYBE we'll get lucky and the good will triumph over the evil of this place.

  • Sam P
    Sam P

    daayum heartless folks who did zilch to comfort, help an innocent beautiful life...wiping tears

  • John Downes
    John Downes

    Dogs are not animals they are COMPANIONS. Unfortunately my present status does not allow me to have one BUT are now changing .Now shortly I'm now looking forward to sharing with a pal the rest of my adventures.

  • Edita Aguirre
    Edita Aguirre

    Thank you guys for saving all those abandone animals w/o you they will not survive. God bless you all.

  • Opera Singer
    Opera Singer

    Thank you!

  • Jessie Thomas
    Jessie Thomas

    Kill ex owners

  • Ann Helen Andresen
    Ann Helen Andresen

    ❤️A womderful end for a sweet dog🙏🏻

  • Denise Owen
    Denise Owen

    God bless you guys for helping God's beautiful creatures

  • roddy christodoulou
    roddy christodoulou

    It's videos like these that restore my faith in humanity , hope for paws are national treasures .

  • Trinidad G
    Trinidad G

    Pena de muerte para quien maltrata un animal.

  • Wendy Nicklin
    Wendy Nicklin

    So trusting !! Beautiful 💖💐💖 girl

  • Rosa Couto
    Rosa Couto

    Oh God thank you so much for saving this beautiful angel so so nice god bless you all 😘🙏🐕👼

  • Deborah Northover
    Deborah Northover

    Thank you for saving Lady.

  • barbara smith
    barbara smith

    The more I observe what humans do 2 injure animals the more disgusting I become if u r NOT PREPARED 2 CARE4 YOUR PET""DONT GET ONE "DUH

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    4:13 healed my broken heart! 🐩🙌💓

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE DROVE BY & WALKED BY AND CHOSE TO DO NOTHING!!!! Just know that God 👁️ saw you, each and every one of you. There are far too few good hearted 💓 people left in this world & that's truly sad💔😢

  • Sgt Gaming
    Sgt Gaming

    Keep up the good work

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones

    Please. Please. Please. People they ask so little of us. Just sign up for 5 or 10 bucks a month. You will not miss the money I promise you. I am 66 living only on SS. Find it in your heart. It's there and in your bank account.

  • makerous

    what has the world come to that people could walk by this animal in need and leave it!

  • Wesley Bodine
    Wesley Bodine

    I hate those fucking dogs

  • María Leticia Ochoa Uranga
    María Leticia Ochoa Uranga

    Angels saving angels 🙏🙏🙏💕👏👏

  • Dianne Bernau
    Dianne Bernau

    What about the person driving the car that hit her? Surely they could have checked if she was ok? That poor baby lying in agony in the gutter for 24 hrs. Makes me wonder - if it was a person instead of a dog would circumstances had been different? So glad Lady healed well and found her forever home. PS - we had a white Maltese terrier named Lady who looked just like this one (until this Lady had her poodle clip). Stay safe and well, everyone. 😘🐶💕🇦🇺

  • Al Mathers
    Al Mathers


  • VidKid

    She should have been named Kirby.

  • Ghada Kandoly
    Ghada Kandoly

    You are kind hart people thank you GOD bless you

  • Jins Jj
    Jins Jj

    I love... This Sweety 😍

  • EvelynnAMD

    Bichons are the sweetest dogs ever. What kind of animal does this to a poor little one?

  • Dominique Bernes-Heuga
    Dominique Bernes-Heuga

    Pauvre chérie, elle a l'air si mignonne

  • Dianne Perry
    Dianne Perry

    Gd Bless you people at Hope for Paws for all you do to save these beautiful animals . I am on the east coast but donate only to your organization because of the love and caring you display ! We don't have abandoned animals where I live. I can't understand anyone leaving an injured animal in the street !

  • hippydippy

    The smile on her face when he first picked her up, says it all. You folks are the best of the best!!!

  • S Roy
    S Roy

    Poor doggie, she was happy to just to get a soft bed, she didn't know an angel had brought a miracle for her and the bed was just step .01

  • Dj Adilson Barros
    Dj Adilson Barros

    You're angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • noname


  • David Witney
    David Witney

    Another lovely story !and won't she make some lucky person a really great 🐕

  • Juciara Castro
    Juciara Castro

    VERY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liette Bowes
    Liette Bowes


  • Sarah Bass
    Sarah Bass

    So glad Lady was saved. Thank you Eldad from Australia

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    What a beauty she is even all dirty and matted up...Thank you Eldad...

  • David Cadman
    David Cadman

    Don't know the doctor who saved her hips, but I'm betting his surname began with an F and ended with two Z's :D Thank you for saving this Lady's life and giving her the opportunity to have a loving home. Cheers everyone.

  • Gunslinger454

    A sad start, but I love a happy ending!

  • john cameron
    john cameron

    The poor little thing. 24 hours? At least someone finally called

  • Melissa Martin
    Melissa Martin

    I'd be a mess at every rescue, crying my eyes out.😭😭. What a beautiful lady 💖

  • シhayhay

    My mom donates to you and i think that y’all are amazing. Tysm for helping all these dogs it makes me cry so much :) ❤️

  • Biznesmenel

    👍 "MC Silk raps in 7 languages Rap Nobody faster than Rap God Eminem"

  • Judith Sebastian
    Judith Sebastian

    Awwwwww sooo beautiful! Makes me sooooo giggly happy...😁😁😁

  • VSM unofficial
    VSM unofficial

    Whoever dumped her must be jelly rn of her transformation

  • Оксана Кубасова
    Оксана Кубасова


  • pierre magnat
    pierre magnat

    Elle est magnifique ❤❤

  • Cyndi Foore
    Cyndi Foore

    I’m so glad I donate to your organization Eldad, especially after seeing transformations like this one. Please everyone, give up a cup of fancy coffee a month and help Eldad and his team save more sweet babies like Lady. You’ll feel so proud to be a part of what they do. I know I do.

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

    Nice very nice

  • Abbie Normals
    Abbie Normals

    She's so pretty!

  • M M
    M M

    Would have been interested to know what kind of treatment she was given for the broken pelvis. Too bad that info was skipped over.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle

    I want to share something that is going to be "Duh! So obvious!" to many of you but based on so many people's behavior is not. When you meet a dog for the first time, don't go straight to patting the top of his or her head. Do as you see here. Calmly place your hand in a position so that the animal can smell you before you attempt to touch.

  • Simaholic

    I cried and cried over this one.

  • tigers claw
    tigers claw

    For a sec their I thought that the after her was just a new friend the before her maid and what a suprise that marshmello was thier to witness her diffrience my favorite pet rescuers and my favorite Dj what a video

  • Shirley Lam Liu
    Shirley Lam Liu

    Rescuers you all are the hero's of the animals. Thank u.

  • Natalia Dos Anjos
    Natalia Dos Anjos

    Com o Carinho como sao tratados esses indefesos animais e impossivel nao gostar de Voce Senhor Eldad ter o maior respeito Tanto por esse trabalho como pela pessoa que o pratica obrigada assinome Natalia gouveia ,de Portugal Vivendo na Alemanha Wiesbaden

  • Elisa Sousa
    Elisa Sousa


  • Gloria Pacpaco
    Gloria Pacpaco

    In ELDAD ARMS you sure are now OK

    • Gloria Pacpaco
      Gloria Pacpaco

      See, you are such a happy doggie now. Thank you good people

  • Caroline Kavanagh
    Caroline Kavanagh

    Fantastic! Little beauty💗

  • Bluebell

    Just wonderful, what a sad story turned great. The work you do is so so fabulous.

  • Orante D'Elia
    Orante D'Elia

    I love

  • Amada Paz
    Amada Paz


  • E P Júnior
    E P Júnior

    Obrigado por cuidar dele! Deus lhe abençoe!

  • Lidia Lidia
    Lidia Lidia

    Bless you..bless you and bless you!!! Angels on earth!!

  • Esther Hoogeveen
    Esther Hoogeveen

    The same thing happened to my dog from Spain. She was badly injured and laid for over a day on the street before somebody decided to pick her up. She got medical treatment and when she was well enough, she travelled with the help of a aninal welfare org. to the Netherlands for a new future. I adopted her and now she is living a wonderful life with us. I wish more people will adopt dogs, they need us so badly.

  • Susie Huttenaier
    Susie Huttenaier

    In 24 hours you know many many people saw her. How can you walk by that and have a good day it just amazes me so many heartless people.

  • Jackson Tan
    Jackson Tan

    We can stop crying now the lady was saved and grown to be such a happy lively dog. God bless the rescuers and may you be rewarded richly in life !

  • Trace Williams
    Trace Williams

    I am not surprised the average asshole human left that sweet injured dog there to rot and not give a shit! I remember when I had my heart attack and was rushed to hospital. When I got out a week later, I had not taken my keys and my own neighbors who saw me outside let me wait it out in my car until the rains ended and I could somehow get myself indoors! The average person is crap...let’s all face takes a special person like these to show compassion and care to someone else’s lost and abandoned animals. Humans in general suck!