A spaniel with a heart-shaped mark on his forehead gets no love and dumped by his owner.
Dogs like Rufus are so lucky to have YOU as our supporter because thanks to you, he won't live on the streets this holiday season! Please help us get more animals off the streets with a small donation: www.HopeForPaws.org (or you can donate right here on UZload by using the donate button).
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Thank you Katie and JoAnn for saving him... it's pretty amazing to see his terrified at the beginning and so happy by the end :-)
If you would like to adopt Rufus, please contact our friends at: www.LAAnimalRescue.org
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  • Shinju Inoue
    Shinju Inoue

    Who would abandon such a sweet and gentle dog. Rufus was so quiet all during the rescue, he must have been so scared. But some time of fear and then feeling safe again 🤞💯❤️ A heart shaped on his forehead, I would love to have him because in these times to see a heart every time you see him would make my day 💯❤️ Living here in Japan, I’m sad I can’t adopt him, but I know he will be, with his heart ❤️ and his sweetness, a wonderful pet for anyone 💕

  • Lovespitbulls

    Such a cutie. I doubt that he had to wait very long for his forever home.

  • vida paz
    vida paz


  • Norman Allinson
    Norman Allinson

    What a beautiful dog

  • Rosalynne Sampson
    Rosalynne Sampson

    To all who would take Rufus if he was in their country...Pretty sure there are other pups in need of a home in all these places...sweden N Z Russia etc etc that you can also give a home to...9..even as cute as Rufus🐕🐩🐈🐶

  • David

    What gorgeous boy, last owner going to purgatory that’s for definite, where evil people go live there nightmares forever.

  • Shari Bigay
    Shari Bigay

    Love the difference in the eyes,body language from the beginning to the end. Such a difference, with that tail going and the bouncy walk with rpthe toy. Great job guys.

  • Blue Calla
    Blue Calla

    I just can’t comprehend how an owner can simply dump their own dog in the middle of a parking lot then leave (and worse, those who torture their dogs and try murdering them). How can they not find another owner/foster, or at least call a rescue or no-kill shelter, or even drop their dog off at a vet/hospital? It’s pure evil.

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    What a beautiful boy Rufus is. Thank you for rescuing him. You guys are the best.THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria

    Proud of you

  • 안재혁


  • Rick Mars
    Rick Mars

    I'm really getting to 'hate' watching your damned rescue videos. I tear up every time!! What a wonderful service you people provide to these animals. Great job!

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown


  • KAT MC
    KAT MC

    No duilt about it you get a call and your in your car like flash as you get there and do all you can to take this animal back with you thankyou so much and into loving arms bless you all so much .

  • Dop Ra
    Dop Ra

    What's up with the overkill!!! A Snare and a Leash and a Cage!!???? You're adding insult to injury here! It's like you hand picked everything a dog could have traumtic associations with and applied it! Result you enduce fear in a time where you shouldn't want to add any more important You don't have to!!! What if you went to your psychatrist for trauma consult and he was waiting in his office with a leash in one hand a Snare in the other and a Cage on his desk the size for you to fit how would that make you feel? And don't say exiting cause I know for a lot of you that sounds like any Saturdaynight at home without the kids!! These approaches are so prehistorically Cringeworthy and clumsy I feel vicouriously ashamed to call myself a human being. In all respect for the fact that your hearts are in the right place.

  • Daniel Stetson
    Daniel Stetson

    What a sweet little dog.

  • Jojobegood

    Sois enfin heureux TENDRE RUFUS 💔

  • Kiki Pokorná
    Kiki Pokorná

    Seems like a cavalier mix

    • Kiki Pokorná
      Kiki Pokorná

      Cavalier x Corgi/daschhund

  • Monlca Werner
    Monlca Werner

    Das sind die besten Helfer, die ich gesehen habe. Sie gehen so lieb mit den Hunden und anderen Tieren um. Einfach Klasse und ein grosses Lob. M. Lisa werner

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    Awe! 😢 My doggies have that toy at 4:19 & they love to play tug of war 😆😂 I pray Rufus finds a furever home where he gets LOTS & LOTS of L♥️VE🙏💞🐕

  • DogeGamerBRAH

    poor dog (⊙﹏⊙)

  • Lovely Dominguez
    Lovely Dominguez

    The owner is cruel how can they abandon their pet like that

  • Cameron Snoek
    Cameron Snoek

    Why does this dog remind me of a cavalier so much? You guys did a great job. Saved another life and countless more to come thank you so much!

  • annettealex1

    from so hurt and scared to happy dog wagging tails and belly rubs amazing how pups can just trust again and again

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer

    Did Rufus get adopted?

  • Ally Chanel
    Ally Chanel

    Why would anyone do that? You guys are the best can't wait to start donating!!

  • Rob Frye
    Rob Frye

    No one is a dog 'owner'! I hate that term! Do we 'own' our families? We are dog caretakers!

  • Elizabeth Brandon
    Elizabeth Brandon

    He is just a little darlin. Someone will get a great dog.

  • Ludovic Cardoso
    Ludovic Cardoso

    I'm a simple man. As always when I see a new Hope for Paws video, I like it ❤️ right away and then, I watch it 😊 !

  • Lola Campbell
    Lola Campbell

    Awww he's soo coot he looks like a cavalier King Charles spaniel and Beagle mix with a bit of Corgi and awww glad he's ok..

  • Elizabeth Emmens
    Elizabeth Emmens

    I marvel at how all the rescuers appear to not be scared when handling a terrified dog. Are you scared? If so, how do you over come it so the dog doesn’t feel your fear?

  • Learley Wells
    Learley Wells

    Awwww, this one is so sad. Made me cry because he is shaking and so scared.......poor baby. :'( :'(

  • carmel o'connell
    carmel o'connell

    Pure Bliss

  • Wendy Nicklin
    Wendy Nicklin

    An beautiful 💓 rescue

  • Friye Amen
    Friye Amen


  • W MA
    W MA

    Ahhhhhh his soooooo cute.

  • Justin Boyd
    Justin Boyd


  • Carol Steinfeld
    Carol Steinfeld

    Spaniel-Dachshund mix?

  • Gott ist Liebe
    Gott ist Liebe

    I love the scenes with the bubbles and the hearts! 🛀 💧 💛💚💙

  • Buck Early
    Buck Early

    Cute little pup!

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • gatewaytobeing

    After watching all these videos, I now realize how I started nicknaming my dog "Bubs" lol

  • kelley Masood
    kelley Masood

    Nice happy ending.

  • Ty Willinganz
    Ty Willinganz

    Who in hell's bells would be heartless enough to abandon a spaniel? They practically ask you not to do so with their face. Jeez

  • Lehana Fernando
    Lehana Fernando

    Soo cute

  • Charyl Liss
    Charyl Liss

    I love it when you do bubbles. Watching everyone have a bubble bath such happiness

  • Normi Sant
    Normi Sant

    Rufus is so beautiful!

  • Jocelyn Stephenson
    Jocelyn Stephenson

    I would take him

  • Vijaya Lakshmi
    Vijaya Lakshmi

    So cute god bless you cute doggy🙏🙏😊😊

  • john cameron
    john cameron

    What a cutie

  • Daniele Courtes
    Daniele Courtes

    Bravo, bravo pour tout votre courage, tout votre amour pour tous ces animaux rejetées par des gens sans scrupules, des gens qui devraient être condamnés pour tout le mal qu'ils font à leurs animaux, tous ces animaux n'ont pas à être maltraitées, ni battues ni torturées, ni abattues non plus. A tous les lâches, à tous les gens sans-coeur, à tous les gens sans amour, regardez vous dans une glace, vous ne mériter pas d'avoir un compagnon de route, vous ne mériter pas qu'un animal vous apporte de l'amour et de la tendresse, vous mériter seulement d'être un laisser pour compte. Vous mériteriez seulement la solitude.

  • Lydia Sanford
    Lydia Sanford

    Oh my god he’s so cute

  • Karen Wright
    Karen Wright

    How could anybody abandon this sweet dog i would give this chap a home in a heart beat

  • Sofia Danesi
    Sofia Danesi

    After the cuddles and bath Everything is fine 🐕🐶❤️

  • Jose Yorro
    Jose Yorro

    He feels very sad for himself.

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    How could someone be so heartless to dump such a beautiful dog. Shame on you...Bless you Hope For Paws...

  • MisterSirSir

    That dog has a bigger wiener than me.

  • dina113east

    Rufus is so sweet. How could anyone abandon him? It is difficult to watch these videos, the animals are so confused and frightened. I imagine they don't understand why they have been left. Anyway he looks like a spaniel and maybe beagle mix - update please, has he found a good home?

  • Jennifer Julien
    Jennifer Julien

    I love watching these stories God bless you all

  • AZIZ18691

    😌😌😌 he so precious. He’s so afraid to the point of shaking. Thank you for saving him. I know he’ll be adopted.

  • dIsCuS cRaZe
    dIsCuS cRaZe

    When i looked at those eyes. I cried. He was so scared and alone. How could anyone be so stone hearted to abandon these dogs?

  • The Duke Of Earl
    The Duke Of Earl

    There are needles on the ground to her right.

  • Crafty Crafter’s Place
    Crafty Crafter’s Place

    They always turn out so well behaved and wonderful, people can be just awful an selfish!

  • Aлиса Постиг
    Aлиса Постиг

    Спасибо вам за вашу работу!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri Drollinger
    Terri Drollinger

    He looks like he's got a little long haired dashboard in him too. Soooooo cute 😍

  • Kristin Jones
    Kristin Jones

    I love him! What a sweet baby..I would want 5 mins with his owner that dropped him in garage! Just 5 mins

  • Nectere

    What the heck, is that a King Charles Spaniel?

  • LordStanley

    Gorgeous dog

  • Janet McGinty
    Janet McGinty

    He looks spaniel but his body suggests he might be part Nova Scotia Duck Toller.

  • Takuma95


  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip

    Hard to believe he didn’t find a family immediately

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

    Nice very nice

  • edward andrews
    edward andrews

    Rufus... such a handsome lad !!

  • Mystera

    I will never understand why people just dump pets like that. I’m glad that you were able to rescue Rufus and that he soon finds his forever home if he hasn’t already. Thank you for all that you do 💜

  • merry hunt
    merry hunt

    We don't know the dog was dumped by the owner.

  • Mornette Potgieter
    Mornette Potgieter

    Absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying how sick the human race has become. Devoid of love and compassion and it costs nothing and brings so much in return. Blessings to all out there who love and care for and about our animal's. 💜 And to those who abuse other beings ... know that that will be your Karma.

  • César Portugal
    César Portugal

    amazing, you are doing a incredible work but i think you could give more video time and info about the lovely dogs , about their past , the present and what the future reserve to them. i think it would be a great increment if you tell who adopted the dogs and what are their lives after.

  • apaixonada pela natureza
    apaixonada pela natureza

    👋 👋 👋 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 obrigada por vocês existirem

  • DJ Tommy C. Colosi
    DJ Tommy C. Colosi


  • Lidia Lidia
    Lidia Lidia

    Thank you all so much for what you do!!! God bless you!

  • FacheChanteDeux

    There is no excuse for dumping dogs in this day and age. It is so easy to find a good no kill rescue online who will easily rehome a sweet little dog like this no questions asked. Some people are just jerks.

  • Cleonice Rodrigues dos Anjos Mello
    Cleonice Rodrigues dos Anjos Mello

    Quando vejo vocês resgatando animais, vejo anjos em nome de Deus em nome de Jesus !🙏🤗

  • Esther Hoogeveen
    Esther Hoogeveen

    He is adorable, thank you for rescueing him.

  • Jackie Izzo
    Jackie Izzo

    My Chihuahua had a heart on her forehead, she was so beautiful. She passed last year and I miss her every day. Thank god this baby was rescued, so sweet.

  • TrailerTrash

    What a cutie 😩 I would have named him Cupid. This channel always makes me happy on gloomy days. Bless every one on you wonderful people who help these babies.

  • Normi Sant
    Normi Sant

    The poor thing was frightened to death, but he enjoyed the bubble bath.

  • RUTH Honaker
    RUTH Honaker

    Beautiful rescue! Cuddles to Rufus!!

  • Bill D
    Bill D

    I'm glad for Rufus and hope he got into a better home with Better people because I can't stand it when ppl do this cruel thing. If you can't handle taking care of a pet then don't get one smh.

  • Phoenixs Svjetlana
    Phoenixs Svjetlana


  • R D
    R D

    I like to fast forward to the end. Breaks my heart to see them frighten.

  • Patricia Bajcer
    Patricia Bajcer

    Nice job, JoAnn and Katie. How can people do this is a question I ask myself daily, Man’s inhumanity to man, Man’s inhumanity to his dependent animals and pets. , Man’s inhumanity to his children and those who depend on him. Humanity is broken but Hope for Paws let’s us know that someone, somewhere is trying to fix things, one rescue at a time.

  • Lusi Myer
    Lusi Myer

    Aww Rufus is so cute. He was so scared and shaking. I hope he gets a good home.

  • chilliesn pies
    chilliesn pies

    Cocker Spaniels are very intelligent dogs

  • polyprinz

    What a beautiful dog!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson

    You guy's are the best! Ty❤

  • pc3244

    my companions are individuals i don't own them & they don't own me.

  • Katia Sylvia do Valle
    Katia Sylvia do Valle

    Its lovely how they forgive us

  • vanko avitohol
    vanko avitohol


  • Tina Mädchen
    Tina Mädchen

    i cry.....sorry, my Englisch is bad. But Tears run and run and i saw his scared Eyes, now he is safe and i pray for him to have a very god Home and a friendly Family :) Blessed be little Rufus :)

  • pintera 79
    pintera 79

    He so cute, can't believe his owner abandon him, shitty human.