Spooky rescue - watch until the end... or else!
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JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick rescued this family from and what happened at the hospital is something you have never seen before with special effects and music for Halloween :-)
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  • AnnemieM

    Such a fun video to watch, thank you.

  • Xanthe Delves
    Xanthe Delves

    I am sorry, but I think naming a cute fluffy kitten witch is abit mean...

  • Jazmyn Davidson
    Jazmyn Davidson

    I found a black kitten with no mama or siblings when she was 3 weeks old. She hated milk with a passion and prefered solid food but not kitten, she would only eat solid 1 year plus food, we tried so many times to feed her soft kitten food but it didnt work, so she ate adult food, she is now 1 year old 3 days ago and is a very happy healthy kitty

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    Please save the mom too.

  • Bentley Knotts
    Bentley Knotts


  • Princses angel and her friands lay sill
    Princses angel and her friands lay sill

    In sigay

  • T T O
    T T O

    Why didn’t you let mama cat take care of her babies for a little longer.... it’s so sad to separate them like that.

  • Miranda Marsden
    Miranda Marsden

    So sorry to have to say this, but I wholeheartedly agree with all of the other comments unhappy with this video. You have torn kittens away from their mother far too young, meaning they may well struggle as they grow. Their mother teaches them so many valuable lessons at their age: basically 'how to cat'. What worries me even more is the poor queen. I worked with feral cats for decades and she could have easily learned to trust humans and become a 'normal' cat with love, time, and patience. Instead, you have have ripped her away from her babies, terrified her, caused her pain, and then dumped her back on the street again to fend for herself. That's NOT rescue. Her life will be far too short (as it is with most feral's) and you have guaranteed she will never trust another human again, so has no hope of anyone else being able to save her.

  • Sarah Roxbrough
    Sarah Roxbrough

    The feral cats deserve a home too,

  • rick easton
    rick easton

    What happened to the mom cat????????? If they left her because she was Ferrel, that's just wrong. I don't believe in Ferrel cats. I have personally seen many "wild" cats that were taken in and became just fine house cats.

  • Shipra singh Bhadauria
    Shipra singh Bhadauria

    Proud of you from india

  • Barbara Burk
    Barbara Burk

    It’s so sad she had to be separated from her kittens. I hope you showed her they were safe. Thank you for your work.

  • Suzie cream cheese
    Suzie cream cheese

    I hope the mom got fixed.

  • ezriq ryan
    ezriq ryan

    Or else what

  • Barbara Poston
    Barbara Poston

    Why would you tell the mother cat back out there to have more babies that you might not find in time or no one else either that mother cat deeded help those babies is the sign that says help me you put a Band-Aid where it needed real surgery to prevent her from having kittens that will suffer if you want to be a rescuer you should do it right

  • Sandy Meillier
    Sandy Meillier

    ils etaient mieux dehors et la mere ele es ou

  • Shirley Rice
    Shirley Rice

    Feral cats can be tamed. Keep them in the house, feed them, be quiet around them, never try to touch them and eventually they will trust you and tame themselves.

  • Ivan Lewkov
    Ivan Lewkov

    😂😂😂😂🐥🐥🐥🌈🌈🌈😏🌈🐰🐰🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️ argentina 💙💙💙💙🌻🌺🌼☺️

  • tooshay

    The emotional trauma for the momma cat and kittens. Momma feels like her babies were stolen. I've seen other rescue channels rescue BOTH a feral momma cat & new borns and let momma cat take care of her babies in this crucial time. So sad.

  • Sarah Midday
    Sarah Midday

    I hate when you don't take the mom if elad would be there he would definitely take or At least try to

  • Miss Independent
    Miss Independent

    What a pretty Mama 😃 Tuna is yummy but stinky 😊 I can see how it drew her in so fast. Her babies were adorable as well.

  • Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim
    Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim


  • jack kim
    jack kim


  • daisy howard
    daisy howard

    My first HFP vid I didn't much like.

  • Jo McClellan
    Jo McClellan

    I love your channel , but they had a mum to feed them , they weren’t orphans. Should have found a place good to let mum be with them a bit longer

  • Anna Zeman
    Anna Zeman

    Isn't it interesting how beautiful kittens are. Then they grow up, develop an adult knowledge and personality, and are even more beautiful as adult cats. BTW, I have successfully caught and adopted adult feral cats. They are not the same as if they had never been feral, but they adjusted well. In my very small town (a village really) there are too many people with guns and nothing productive to do with their time. Not to mention having no respect for cats.

  • Thea Cordero
    Thea Cordero

    Very cute kittens💖💖💖

  • Valeria Parada
    Valeria Parada

    Hey, resquers Where is mama- cat? Why did you seperate her from her babues?

  • amy 29
    amy 29

    why would you release a feral cat!! people are doing their best to get rid of feral because of what they do to the native wildlife I know it sounds harsh but it would have been better either taming her or putting her down, I just found this video so disappointing You have just released a cat back into the streets to cause more trouble and she will be back in danger!! there are do many people that don't like cats in their yards so will do anything to harm them

  • Randall Slone
    Randall Slone

    God bless you all and tell Loretta i said hi

  • Dindin Private
    Dindin Private

    PLEASE, Please, Please keep the background music in the BACKGROUND! One has to understand that this rescue must have happened around Halloween - but still, those names! Glad that you were able to do a spay and release for the mom. Best method for helping feral cats.

  • Ziad Chowdhrey
    Ziad Chowdhrey

    I know that you were helping then but I think that its cruel to separate the kittens from their mom

  • Zoey Basha
    Zoey Basha

    I LOVE KITTENS! when I watched this it was so cute! cat's and kittens are so cute! Please keep saving animals!

  • Vic Laney
    Vic Laney

    Oops! Public, please disregard my initial text for reason of mishap with submit button while writing/editing my comment. My corrected/ edited comment is filed in "reply section".

  • Vic Laney
    Vic Laney

    These two women were not of the caliber the public has come to expect from Hope for Paws staff. As much as the public appreciates the cats' being spared the harsh life of ferals, I, for one feel the process of trapping of mother cat could/ should have been handled in a quieter, more thoughtful manner, I,e., sans the noisy chatter and laughter with immediate covering of trap and placement in vehicle, followed by the quiet, gentle picking up of each kitten by nape of neck and placement in pet carrier or covered trap placed next to mother cat's trap for reassuring of the latter as to their safety. Unless their being absolutely no foster care available, the kittens should have been allowed to remain with the mother. The vet'staff would have known the easiest way to defea/ de- worm and vaccinate the mom with minimum bother and risk to all. Had there been no option to immediate spaying, the keeping of mother cat in large cage with small carrier inside for sleeping along with small litter pan should have worked quite well. The usual anti-inflammatory/ analgesic could be placed in food each day. Should complication arise, a simple closing of carrier door (with further fastening of door to prevent iits inadvertent opening) for transport of cat to vet would work quite well. Each kitten could have been quietly, gently bathed, dried and fed with bottle before being placed in carrier which would have then been placed next to mother cat's cagehe allowing of mother cat' s witnessing each kitten's being quietly and gently bathed before placing in a carry all within the sa Furthermore each kitten feral cats in general, as too. Further, assuming, quite wrongly the morher cat's feral mentality to be permanent did her a the cage at lw separating 4 wk, old kittens from their mother unnecessarily is heartbreaking. Secondly, assuming the mother cat's

    • Vic Laney
      Vic Laney

      Dear Hope for Paws and public: Sorry for the confusion of just prior text. I was in process of both writing and editing the text up to the sentence ending in "quite well" when I inadvertently hit transmit button. I'm sure you all can sympathize. Following the sentence ending in "quite well", I would have stated that per years of working with feral cats, I've learned that inability to socialize the rescued feral cat being a rarity, hence, misperception, particularly regarding the nursing mother cat with high estrogen level predisposing her to a more tolerant disposition when in a non-threatening environment. Hence, in view of that, along with the mother cat's probably being hardly more than 6 mos- 1 year of age, sufficient socialization for re-evaluation would, in all likelihood, have transpired within a week or so, certainly by the time of the kittens' reaching 8 weeks of age. Had I been able to finish editing I would have stated that had immediate spaying of mother cat been unavoidable, the placing of the havahart trap containing her next to the carrier with the washed/fed/dried kittens, at least during the the mom's 48 hour post-op period, would have been, although not perfect, a more humane option. With the mother cat's post-op abdominal discomfort, commencing of drop in estrogen level and cessation of milk production, subsequent separation from kittens would have been far more easily tolerated. However, since fostering of kittens would have been required for approximately 4 weeks, there would have been ample opportunity to re-assess mother cat's progress with socialization, hence, her hopeful qualifying for adoption as well. Finally, I couldn't help but feel, from watching the video of this particular trapping, that the volunteers were young and, whether because of their youth or because of insufficient training, were, unfortunately, of rather cocky attitude. As a result, their handling of both the trapping of mother cat and handling of kittens having been, however unintended, a bit callous and non- productive. Hopefully, however, my critique will not be misinterpreted as a lack of appreciation for the otherwise fine work heretofore observed as being performed by Hope For Paws. Its services on behalf of those without voice being sorely needed and I, for one, as animal lover and longtime rescuer, being most grateful. Sincerely, Vic

  • janeth almaraz
    janeth almaraz

    did you know that mother cats takes care of their babies better than us humans why would you do that.BRO NOT COOL!

  • ขุนพลเพลงเก่า DJ อ๊อด
    ขุนพลเพลงเก่า DJ อ๊อด

    แล้วเอาแม่มันไปไว้ไหนล่ะ ทำไมไม่ถ่ายแม่มันด้วย

  • Carol Peterson
    Carol Peterson

    Just going by my own experience... ripping those kittens away before 12 weeks (8 absolutely) was bad. I'm not sure why fix the mom and then release her? I've had two "feral" cats - I have one now. Henry. He's indoors and has been since I brought him home 2 years ago. We put a harness on him when we're gardening and while it took a bit for him to understand he couldn't be outdoors any more - he has come around.

  • harry nac
    harry nac

    My first thumbs down on this channel :(

  • Laquanta Hobbs
    Laquanta Hobbs


    • Helga Frahmann
      Helga Frahmann

      No! Thanx, you care for them and i seek a new lover!!

  • Irysee

    Was this episode about kitties or titties ?

  • Anne Lotte Sandbæk
    Anne Lotte Sandbæk

    I love them

  • i & i
    i & i

    What did I miss? Why was this a spooky rescue? 💖

    • Helga Frahmann
      Helga Frahmann

      The names!

  • apaixonada pela natureza
    apaixonada pela natureza

    👋 👋 👋 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 obrigada por vocês existirem

  • dpurplefox

    i will never watch another video of yours after you let the mother cat go. I hate cats but you are suposed to be rescuing not spaying and releasing. the only good thing you did was spaying .

  • sinneadfert

    I admire these guys for all they do, but separating mum and babies so young is wrong. Surely mum could have been held onto for at least another 2-3 weeks.

  • DJ Tommy C. Colosi
    DJ Tommy C. Colosi

    2:37 such vicious kitties

  • CawAreYouDoin?

    I'm sad you didn't give the mother a chance. Oh well, other people have discussed it at length in the comments already. I don't know the procedure, so I won't have an opinion before I can research it.

  • j9andphoenix

    I have to agree with the comments for the most part about the mum -My sister has two cats - one is the previously feral little girl and one is one of her children - she is very wary of people but has a safe home with love and good food and does not have to worry about where to find food, or possibly just hit by a car. Ferals take time but it can work. And even the spaying can settle them a bit.

  • Animal Language
    Animal Language

    Yeah poor momma

  • alfred alfred
    alfred alfred

    why realeas the mom on the street????

  • David Giles
    David Giles

    You should have named one Booby I mean Bobby

  • Casey Cassidy
    Casey Cassidy

    I love watching your rescues-however WHY, don't you drape a towel across the trap after trapping the cat? It helps to calm them down-helps them stop banging themselves against the trap. Just an FYI since I am a TNR volunteer.

  • Loretta Perrone
    Loretta Perrone

    Very upsetting to watch the way the mom was treated. First of all anyone that works with stray or feral cats knows that you cover the trap immediately after any cat is caught! I have worked with feral cats for 25 years and this is disgusting to watch! Also I have let the mother stay with her babies until the kittens were 3 months old. I use a huge dog crate to contain the mom while she continues to nurse! Abruptly taking her babies from her is inhumane! FYI...several times it turned out the mom was just very frightened and she was not feral. Your dog rescues are great, but you need to learn a lot more about cat rescue. :(

  • 461Jacque

    It's going to be a hard decision to make to donate again. It was cruel and unnecessary to take the mom from the babies immediately. I have see puppies rescued and the mother left with owners who didn't are for any of the dogs and now kittens taken from their mothers. I would rather donate to an organization that believes in rescuing families and not just babies. I have rescued several feral cats, It's not that difficult.

  • Comment McCommentFace
    Comment McCommentFace

    A lot of people are asking why Hope for Paws didn’t keep the mama cat but some cats can’t adapt to pet life.

  • Nani Wijaya Nasution
    Nani Wijaya Nasution

    For those who made negative comments on Hope For Paws' action, I am a homeless animal activist in my city (Jakarta, Indonesia). I’ll tell you that Hope For Paws has done the right thing to get the mother spayed and then release her because cats only breastfeed their kittens until the age of two months. I noticed from the video those kittens had reached the age of two months. The cycle of reproduction in cats is quite fast, three times in a year. If we we don't get them spayed soon, right after the kittens reach the age of two months (can even be sooner than this), the mother will soon be "in heat", she gets stressed to attract the male cats to mate, then she gets pregnant again. Another bunch of homeless and unwanted kittens are born again! I always do the TNR (Trap Neuter Release) to control the overpopulation of homeless and unwanted kittens in my neighborhood. FYI, based on my own experience, some feral cats can be domesticated through a lengthy process, some just cannot. And also you need to understand that Hope For Paws should handle many things.

  • Josmara Fittipaldi
    Josmara Fittipaldi

    Assisto outros canais que socializam as mães tbm. 💔

  • Abby Miller
    Abby Miller

    I might be Roxanne or max goof from a goofy movie for Halloween this year

  • Bulan Rinjani
    Bulan Rinjani

    Hmm...why u Separate the mom n the babies... 😢😢😥

  • paul von hindenburg
    paul von hindenburg

    Why would u rescue feral cat once yall know shes feral just let themgo somewhere else

  • Dan Watkins
    Dan Watkins

    nice boooo b shotz

  • dreamer beautiful
    dreamer beautiful

    I don't know why the mother cat released even if she is feral. She must be lonely without her cute kittens. That's not the usual way of Hope For Paws rescue video. They should've helped the mother cat. How do you think about this rescue video, Eldad Hagar?

  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride

    You might consider using some of your donations to buy the women some clothes. These episodes border on soft porn.

  • Mary Heagele
    Mary Heagele

    I love you guys but I don't understand why the feral cats that you fix them then release them. I know they're wild but doesn't the babies still need mom? I really love what you guys do but when release the ferals can't you try to work with them? Ive seen some ferals become the best house cats. Thank you

  • Chak Shian
    Chak Shian

    the video description said i was spooky but nothing was spooky expect from their names

  • Rosalie Draeger
    Rosalie Draeger

    Her voice reminds me of "big bang theory" ....HOWARD!

  • Ariela Hartley
    Ariela Hartley

    Love how you guys are always rescuing these poor animals. When I was small, i saw this white injured kitten on the road and we took her in. We nursed her back to help and named her Sofie. A few days later, she had tons of kittens. Love you all!

  • Chuamba Figueredo
    Chuamba Figueredo

    Só mostrou os filhotes e a mãe deles , pq vcs pegou , mas não mostrou ela .Pq?

  • andrew may
    andrew may


  • ashy

    pumpkin is the cutest cat there

  • Shreya Shinde
    Shreya Shinde

    You should've kept the mom with them

  • rick easton
    rick easton

    I don't get why you released the feral mother. What is different about her vs any other cat?? That feral cat is just going to have many more kittens that will probably die if not rescued. If you are going to do stuff like that at least explain why in the video.

  • EddieByword

    One of my cats is called Cobweb - she was named after one of the fairies in Shakespeare's 'Midsummer night's dream'.............................One day when was really young she bit me, later that day I was cleaning a shed and got bitten by a spider.........Bitten by a spider and a cobweb on the same day..............oh well.........

    • Helga Frahmann
      Helga Frahmann

      Was a bad day!!

  • Dragon Lover
    Dragon Lover

    Mama’s pretty

  • A.T. Here
    A.T. Here

    It makes me sad to think of how traumatized the mom must be not knowing what happened to her babies...

  • Mufasa

  • Necromancer Sloth
    Necromancer Sloth

    Cobweb and Witch? ...Really?

  • Toxic_wolf33

    Cats name: Boo Me: *OH GOD*

  • Daylin Barrios
    Daylin Barrios

    I feel so bad for the momma😭

  • Jacyntha Kaur
    Jacyntha Kaur

    the kittens were soooooooooo cute

  • PaulaSB12

    Fancy calling big grey. tigers cute

  • Pink circle thing
    Pink circle thing


  • DogAndCat36

    Oh! Are these the same people from the video "Sick homeless family of kittens"? At around 4:40 in the other video and 1:27 from this video. It's the same porch! Aren't they nice! ❤️

  • S Bhimji
    S Bhimji

    The feral mother could have been saved, and also had more time with her kittens. I love HopeForPaws, but this was not the right thing to do!

  • Just Jenna
    Just Jenna

    I was a poodle skirt girl for halloween!

  • Ely Sa
    Ely Sa

    And the mom?

  • Huawei Huawei
    Huawei Huawei

    I can't donate

  • Carole Walker
    Carole Walker

    I have had my formerly feral Mama cat for 7 years. Her kittens all went to good homes and my sweet Mrs. Parsley is delightful. I can kiss and pet her but she will panic at being picked up. She sleeps by my pillow at night. Best decision I ever made.

  • Prisha Attrey
    Prisha Attrey

    How was this spooky

  • Glen Chase
    Glen Chase

    Cause it's real fish

  • BojiGirl

    I adopted two feral cats and they became my loving indoor babies. The separation of mom from babies at this stage was cruel. I am so upset that this will be the last video I will watch and I will no longer contribute.

  • caleb lucas
    caleb lucas

    heart melting contect💜❤💚💜💛👌😳😔😔🙏😸

  • TimeforThinkers

    I would have loved to taken them all, but with 14 already calling this home . . . Thank you guys so much for doing all that you do for all these precious fur babies.

  • Ashlee Wang
    Ashlee Wang

    My Halloween costume is a witch

    • Helga Frahmann
      Helga Frahmann

      I feel sorry for you!! It is so dangerous, but i can not hold you away from danger! Halloween is warship to satan ! Soooo sorry !!

  • Scoutpower1

    They're too cute for such names

  • Scoutpower1

    What's with the spooky music? Ruins the moment

  • Scoutpower1

    "let me out of here!! I want my babies!!"

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    TAKE IT DOWN! I’ve donated more than necessary to Hope For Paws. Now I’m reconsidering how “humane” this organization is.these “rescuers” had no compassion for cats!!!

  • Ali A
    Ali A

    I read a comment 3 minutes in and I can’t watch any more. Not if the momma cat doesn’t get to wean her babies. That was a monstrous decision!!! Her hormones would have taken her to a happy conclusion; with her babies leaving the “nest”. I’m just appalled. Feral kitties might not fit in for you, but her kittens would have still been fine with people and you could still spay-and-release. There is NO “good reason” (as people are apt to claim) for this.