A man thought he betrayed a dog and didn't realize he saved his life!
George and Irene lived on the streets for two years. A kind man helped JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick, but then broke down crying... feeling like he betrayed them. What he didn't know at that time is that George would have died if he didn't call Hope For Paws for help.
Everything we do for these animals costs a lot of money, and I am really hoping you will join us this year as a monthly donor so we can save many more lives: www.HopeForPaws.org
Just $5 a month (16 cents a day) and you can help us save even more lives. Please don't think "it's too little and it won't make a difference" - it all adds up and it really helps us prevent suffering and death.
If you would like to adopt George and Irene, please contact our friends at: GuardianAngelPets.com
Thank you so much for sharing our videos!

  • Jesus Ramos
    Jesus Ramos

    “I can’t help you like they will”😔😢

  • Alicia Scutellá
    Alicia Scutellá

    Por Dios, qué le pasó a su pata trasera. Es un deber ético explicar qué le pasó.

  • ccm800

    Irene is like CAR RIDE!!!!!!!!! YAY

  • ccm800

    Oh my gosh this guy is tearing me up

  • 森恵心

    It has been a year, how are these beautiful dogs???

  • Jesslin Ong
    Jesslin Ong

    So Cute and so smart

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    This world needs more MEN like this. Doing the right thing is never easy, but it sure does feel good.

  • Bro and The Chick
    Bro and The Chick

    The neighbors that tried to kill the pups, What the heck is wrong with there stupid rude dispicable heads?

  • James Baker
    James Baker

    omg, this man needs to win the lottery get an amazing life, and just keep being the best human ever the way he cared for the dogs was just incriduble.

  • Deborah incollingo
    Deborah incollingo

    Where are the puppies..did you rescue them as well

  • Alexa Yang
    Alexa Yang


  • Sam P.
    Sam P.

    My God, man. Ur not betraying him, bruh. U helping him out. Str8 up.

  • Alice Joeker
    Alice Joeker

    Blessed be this kindhearted man. May the life always be good to you as you’re to the dogs.

  • Blue Calla
    Blue Calla

    The selfless man who called Hope For Paws is a remarkable person, who - along with all those involved with this rescue and rehab - saved George’s life. 🙏🏼 So many people put their needs before their dog’s needs. It was very clear that he became so attached to these 2 beautiful dogs, but truly wanted what was best for them. And for that, he is a hero!

  • Kiwi Jello
    Kiwi Jello

    I just went through something similar, so I know how this guy feels. I found a kitten in my yard, covered with bugs and ants. Almost dead. I nursed her back to health, but my other cat was super jealous and wouldn't accept her, so I had to adopt her out. It was so hard, but it was the best thing for her. I want to say "Thank You" to this man. You did the exact right thing.

  • Fadeaway Shots
    Fadeaway Shots

    I really would like to know did they get adopted yet If not I'm interested just got a new big house.

  • V G
    V G


  • Lori Koenig
    Lori Koenig

    Omg! This man is wonderful. He did the most unselfish thing. Bless him.

  • Cassandra Miller
    Cassandra Miller

    they shouldve left the male out the cage and let the female comfort him :((

  • Mary Sutherland
    Mary Sutherland

    Why didn’t they name the male after the man?

  • wendy macmullen
    wendy macmullen

    That young man has the soul of a saint. I hope someday he is able to have his own dog. Gee whiz Irene is bossy!!!

  • Maldita Namnori
    Maldita Namnori

    I just cry 😭

  • Jerzisa Vy
    Jerzisa Vy


  • Chatterjee Sutopa
    Chatterjee Sutopa


  • June May Miranda
    June May Miranda

    any update for these dogs if theyre adopted???? Sweet girl Irene and handsome George???

  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

    They are so beautiful and sweet... I hope they found a loving home and care they deserve and they are not separated...😍😍😍😘😍😍😍 Men who can cry are much stronger and they don't need to hide their tears cause they show passion and sensibility...😘😘😘😍😘😘😘

  • Jeannette Loretta
    Jeannette Loretta

    By far your best video ever! Never have I cried so had for one of your videos but that man! OMFG! Don’t believe me read the comments!

  • nicole sterling
    nicole sterling

    I hope they let him know that he saved the dog. Guilt is hell i bet he would have taken both dogs in if he could. I cried for him

  • Roeland Verwilt
    Roeland Verwilt

    I like you man !! You're a good soul. I wish you all the luck !!!

  • Walter Stevens
    Walter Stevens

    God bless you sir! You are a true best friend to those dogs and they know it. I hope good things happen for him.

  • Elena Gava
    Elena Gava

    i never understood how people can do this to the poor dogs just let them go i could never have pace in my hart not seeing my best friend next to me

  • NY Latenite
    NY Latenite

    I hope that guy knows he didn't betray those dogs. In fact, he's the best friend those two pooches will probably ever have known.

  • Yong Wilson
    Yong Wilson

    Brada, you didn’t betray them at all my brada! The toughest man, are the men like you that was able to make the toughest decision of letting go of the ones you care/love most for their best benefit, n you did that! Thank you isn’t enough for what it took for you to do what you thought was a bad thing into a beautiful thing! Mahalo bro❤️ from Hawaii

  • Wafaa Sh
    Wafaa Sh

    You guy made me cry. Your tears reflect your clean and affectionate feelings and heart. God bless you you are a good man

  • Gerone Channel
    Gerone Channel

    Napaka sad Ng face ni doggie sa sinabi ni kuya😢

  • kitkat75

    What happened to the puppies? He said the neighbor wanted to sell the puppies! Never a word about them. What's up?

  • joawana antupar
    joawana antupar

    i cried a lot 😭 I Really feel you man 😭💔 i love dogs tooo 😭❤

  • jjf609

    I hope this guy gets some funding. This video is getting so many comments & views because of his good heart!

  • jjf609

    Did he get to visit George & Irene? We need more humans like him in the world. Please let him know to read our comments!

  • Vic161983

    Dam dude..you got tome

  • Marcella Leite da Silva Alves
    Marcella Leite da Silva Alves

    The world today is in need for that kind of love.

  • Sophia Bright
    Sophia Bright

    Oh how completely sweet. Thanks to you rescuing angels for everything you do!

  • Israel Davila
    Israel Davila

    i felt so bad for this guy i wish there was a was i could tell him he did the right thing for these dogs what a loving man

  • Kelly Standring Ragan
    Kelly Standring Ragan

    I LOVE that man who rescued them!! He saved George's life definitely! I wish he could have kept them. He would have been the best dog daddy and I bet he's an amazing human Daddy too! I'd love to be with a handsome caring man like him!

  • Phoenix Jay
    Phoenix Jay

    💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕💕Thank you guy for helping them by calling HFP!

  • Sabi

    This video really made my heart melt and just seeing the guy tear up is just priceless. I'm glad he called Hope for Paws to give those two angels a better life. Thank you❤️

  • Angelina Kiona
    Angelina Kiona


  • Patti Simmons
    Patti Simmons

    I really hope and pray the good folks at Hope for Paws not only contacted him and let him know all of this but also sees the potential in him to become a very valuable member of the HFP team! He literally broke my heart in a million pieces watching him with those 2 pups. That genuine emotion is palpable even through the video. You could feel that love and anguish through the screen. Eldad and Loretta, You might just save MORE than an animal's life here! You could change the life of more than one soul.

  • Claymann71

    2:26-3:20 (All dogs are kids. Even 'Big & Old' dogs) "Are... you sure about this woman, Dad? She smells like a lot of dogs & cheeseburgers... & my leg is getting more painful on cold nights... why are you crying Dad? This is weirding me out! Where are we going with this cheeseburger lady?" Dog logic. If pack leader (Edgar) is calm, he should be too. This Orphan Dog Dad just saved two little kids from a life of strife & debilitating cancer lingering. What an awesome man.

  • Ilaria Catini
    Ilaria Catini

    So cutee 😍 kisses from Italy!😘

  • Emily

    This guy's got a big heart and he absolutely saved those two dogs. Bless him, the rescue, and whoever takes them in.

  • Alberto Cano
    Alberto Cano

    I was waiting for the reunion.

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha

    It would have been fantastic if the charity from the donations , could have paid for both the dog’s food and vet care , so the man who’d looked after them , could have been able to adopt them .

  • notatechie

    I'm here for the hot girls.

  • Terence Dove
    Terence Dove

    Whoever this man is, he deserves a place in heaven. Both very human and sympathetically humane in one fine example of caring. He would would work well alongside Eldad, JoAnne and Lisa in Hope For Paws...

  • sarabpreet kaur
    sarabpreet kaur

    Handsome, brooding boy and a peppy, beautiful girl. Perfect love story.

  • Anuyswari Soetrisna
    Anuyswari Soetrisna

    This man are rare !!



  • Charlie Chuck
    Charlie Chuck

    That dude has a heart of gold!

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall

    Damm , my eyes are leaking again !

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall

    Guy that called has a heart of gold !

  • Loretta Perrone
    Loretta Perrone

    Hope for Paws>>>Did you ever let the man know that he actually saved the dogs life???

  • Tom Ooms
    Tom Ooms

    Oh, and the look George gave the guy when he got upset over giving them away! God Bless all of you.

  • Lady Mindkey
    Lady Mindkey

    Is there an update on George and Irene? Did those sweet babies find a loving home?

  • Maria Medrano
    Maria Medrano

    this man has the biggest ❤ of gold that any human being can possibly have and I hope that God takes care of him and. That he has a 👍 life because he deserves it

  • Hayden Johnson
    Hayden Johnson

    I hope they were able to be adopted together! ❤️

  • Feyd Rautha
    Feyd Rautha

    Irene is so sweet and beautiful.

  • MrsStrawberryLuv1

    How sweet but be careful that Pitt bull bite your face

  • Toni Daniels
    Toni Daniels

    I wish I can adopt them both :-( Awww...cuties

  • María Leticia Ochoa Uranga
    María Leticia Ochoa Uranga

    Good people! 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕

  • nsav8

    I trap feral cats to get them off of the streets and, if they can be socialized, I find homes for them. Those that cannot be socialized are spayed/neutered, given vaccines, and released back to their outside home. Everytime I hear that steel trap close, I feel like I've betrayed that cat. I know exactly how Edgar feels. I hope he can see the doggies in their forever home--it will make him feel so much better. The world needs more Edgars!

  • Jennifer H
    Jennifer H

    "She is his emotional support animal" :)

  • SirenSavage

    O.O i need to know if they found a home for George and Irene. I am a sucker for Pitt Babies. I will take them both if they dont already have a loving forever home. I know this is almost a year later, but just in case I'm putting this out there.

  • DaFiresMen

    Can we start a go fund me for this guy? He needs rewarded.

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas

    I love that man's heart!!! This world needs more people like him!

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    5:46 Irene is saying thank you for saving George Awe! 🙌🐕💞🐕

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    3:13 😢😭😭😭💔🐕🐕 I'm crying harder than the man😭

  • bohemoth1

    Oh I must simply stop cutting those onions. My eyes are tearing up.

  • Lumière Brigitte
    Lumière Brigitte

    hope the man could be "rescued" too because I don't understand if he's at shelter too;

  • 2112Nightshift

    The pain and love in that guys voice...wow. Good guy. Hell of a good guy.

  • Sharon Felicien
    Sharon Felicien

    What a beautiful man so much love why aren't more people like him bless you beautiful

  • Mary España
    Mary España

    No me pierdo ni un solo video uds me hacen creer que existe gente buena pero uds son los seres mas lindos que econosido un ejenplo aseguir en el mundo entero Dios los bendiga

  • Steve Kelley
    Steve Kelley

    Watching these rescues have totally changed my mind about pit bulls

  • Steve Kelley
    Steve Kelley

    What a GOOD man

  • Midnight Mechanic
    Midnight Mechanic

    how beautiful is Irene! sorry George had to lose his leg :( I hope they are both doing well and got or get adopted together :) well done everyone involved

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stephanie Haak
    Stephanie Haak

    The girl one has zoommies!

  • Stephanie Haak
    Stephanie Haak

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i can not stand it the man loves them.

  • Lola Campbell
    Lola Campbell

    Awww and God bless that man you can tell he loved them..and dude you didn't betray them their owner did by being such a jackass to them.and that sweet boy would've died if you didn't call the rescuers..awww good names for good dogs.

  • Rosa Mimmino
    Rosa Mimmino

    Someone knows if they have been adopted together? Don't find anything on GuardianAngelPets

  • Erika Shears
    Erika Shears

    Great job thank u

  • Code Tagz
    Code Tagz

    What you mean we don’t want that you are gonna sell the puppies too🚫🧢🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Rob Frye
    Rob Frye

    That sweet man! What compassion and love he showed for these doggies! He has absolutely no reason to feel badly because he did a very good thing here! He did NOT betray them, he helped save them, and they will now be taken care of and loved by their new adopters. Bless this young man for his kindness and humanity!

  • justyoureverydayemu

    this man is so great, i love how nice he is

  • uwu uwu
    uwu uwu

    i was sobbing when man was crying and if someone tries to adopt this dog but not with other one i will personally go there and kill him/her cause those dogs deserve happy life together and that man deserves whole world and at least tos ee them once a month/week.

  • Jim Dunlop
    Jim Dunlop

    Wouldn't actual dog food work better and be better for them? Plus it may be less expensive...

    • Stella Burnell
      Stella Burnell

      Burgers seem perfect to me - the people need to offer something warm and juicy which dogs would want to eat . "Real " dog food might be better for them but this is a treat - not a lifetime diet.

    • Rob Frye
      Rob Frye

      For what they're trying to do, catch a wary dog, a cheeseburger is pretty hard for any dog to turn down. That little bite of human food will not harm them one bit.



  • Scott Stonham
    Scott Stonham

    Sweet guy. what a great heart he has. Props to you my man.

  • Its Lyssa
    Its Lyssa

    Bless this man... had me welling up in tears! Had this similar experience finding a friendly pregnant stray cat. My neighbour wanted them and I couldn't keep them with my little dogguu... so i gave her and her 3 kitties to a similar foundation and they're in their forever home.

  • Jesus Arellano
    Jesus Arellano

    you guys R so Rad!! I love you guys.